REVEALED: the cars Elon, Clarkson and other celebrities actually own!
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Let's face it, if you're a world-famous celebrity, chances are you're going to have a bit of cash to splash on a nice set of wheels, right? But have you ever wondered what the rich and famous like to use as their daily drivers?
Well wonder no more! We've pulled together a list of what some of the worlds most famous car loving celebrities love to drive! From Lady Gaga's pick-up truck to Beyonce's Rolls-Royce, join Mat for this run-down of some of the best (and weirdest!) celebrity garages!
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  • carwow

    Which of these awesome celebrity cars would you love to own? Let us know below!

    • Décio S. Jr.
      Décio S. Jr.

      J Kay's car collection PLEASE, I would like an update on that

    • Jadie Codd
      Jadie Codd

      A hindi Tucson

    • Coyote Trou
      Coyote Trou

      Rob Wool ij

    • lightningboy80

      Bentley bentayga

    • Gabriel Mitchell
      Gabriel Mitchell

      VW beetle

  • dazzaburger

    Clint Eastwood drives a Fiat 500e Also forgot to mention he is 90 years old

  • The Word Plane Simchapter
    The Word Plane Simchapter

    Mat burning out Lady Gaga 😂😂😂 he surely wants that meat 🥩 cooked.

  • Den4ik 5694
    Den4ik 5694

    Putin car !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • []

    Gordon Ramsay’s energy adds any car 1000+ horse power

  • Jeffy Achmad
    Jeffy Achmad

    Kylie be like: 👁👄👁

  • Ram s
    Ram s

    Jay Leno lol

  • gavcooney

    Best car is def the ‘56 Corvette

  • JULIAN playes
    JULIAN playes

    John McCain

  • Ali-Can Sarikaya
    Ali-Can Sarikaya

    The maybach

  • Ormiga

    Matt Watson from supermega?

  • legomaster 1005
    legomaster 1005

    fiat is the best lol

  • Abhijai Vikramsingh
    Abhijai Vikramsingh

    why are you so jealous of the United states

  • Wytsuhh

    Kendal jenner is pretty but her cars tho😶🤩


    I freaking love the 68 Mustang

  • Ahmed Idris Jaber
    Ahmed Idris Jaber

    Jay Leno's Garage Matt.

  • Tandolethu qangiso
    Tandolethu qangiso


  • serendipity

    g560 landaulet hammer einfach

  • Brothers of lord jesus
    Brothers of lord jesus

    This was a cool video. Bless you Matt

  • Patrick Pires
    Patrick Pires

    Lewis Hamilton with his Pagani Zonda 760 LH or his Blue Mclaren P1

  • Zeeshan Alam
    Zeeshan Alam

    Cristiano Ronaldo's Bugatti

  • Dylan

    theres a video of post malone driving a wrx

  • parakh nayal
    parakh nayal

    Drake's car of course

  • Larzo.

    I really like Lil Uzi Vert's car collection

  • Adrenaline and madness
    Adrenaline and madness

    Jason Statham's cars

  • Ahmed El Moukhtari Koubaa
    Ahmed El Moukhtari Koubaa

    Eminem has a lot of great cars

  • Fowaz Ash
    Fowaz Ash

    Matt you are a top man ,love your stuff

  • Jasmun Singh
    Jasmun Singh


  • Zenande Sishuba
    Zenande Sishuba

    Mat Watson

  • Gabriel Mitchell
    Gabriel Mitchell

    Jay Leno he owns heps of cars

  • Mariss

    Where was uzi's r8

  • Ho Lee Fuk
    Ho Lee Fuk

    You really picked the wrong skin tone for ur makeup

  • Caspar Eksteen
    Caspar Eksteen

    Bill Gates?

  • RedBullBeats

    i have the answer for you why cardi b has these cars. Cardi: i only use them for my outfit to match it in insragram pictures. i hope i could help you to find the answer.

  • András Pajor dr.
    András Pajor dr.

    by the last third of the list i wasn’t even aware of any of those “celebrities “ ! But for me it’s a virtue!😉😂

  • José Ramón García Hernández
    José Ramón García Hernández

    Cardi b also has a roll royce cullinan

  • Maks

    You forgot Lil Uzi Vert

  • Gaurav Thakur
    Gaurav Thakur

    I love drake's merc. And ya u missed Messi. Guy owns exotic cars

  • Modern Rocker
    Modern Rocker

    Ferrari Monza

  • Guilherme Fernandes
    Guilherme Fernandes

    Me: has a Mitsubishi Pajero from 2000's Cristiano Ronaldo: *hAs tHrEe BuGatTiS, McLaReN AnD mOrE 200 sUpEr CaRs Força Portugal 🇵🇹 🤣

  • Max J
    Max J


  • Max J
    Max J


  • ndali mushe
    ndali mushe


  • Remedios Howard
    Remedios Howard

    Dobre brothers There’s got some epic cars

  • Begijon Mirzakarimov
    Begijon Mirzakarimov

    U forgot messi. He has auctioned for 36 m and it's a ferrari

  • Emerallance

    My Dream car: 59 cadillac eldorado biarritz red with white top

  • Jesus Lopez
    Jesus Lopez

    travis scott cars are wayy better

  • Basit Mir
    Basit Mir

    "A very disorganized response to global pandemic"

  • Surya Karigar
    Surya Karigar

    You forgot Iron Man

  • Cliff Tao
    Cliff Tao

    Kendall’s cars are fire

  • Tommy Wilson
    Tommy Wilson

    Kendall has the best taste in my opinion

  • Realist

    We dont need to see your face bro just get to the point of the video with a list

  • Elke Decoster
    Elke Decoster

    de buggati

  • Muhammad Umar Iqbal Malik
    Muhammad Umar Iqbal Malik

    Ramsey's collection is the best

  • Sudipto Kumar
    Sudipto Kumar

    Neither Taylor Swift nor selena gomez ... 😭

  • Hedi Nait
    Hedi Nait

    i love the cadillac

  • Mcleod 184
    Mcleod 184

    would need all day to get through all the sultan of Brunei’s 7000+ collection worth over $5billion

  • Brody Oikle
    Brody Oikle

    Cardi B has all those cars but doesn’t have a license

  • Jake Howie
    Jake Howie

    Kendall has got the best style...great classic cars. Jeremy going safe with a Volvo

  • AwesomeCarGuy


  • Nuke Canada
    Nuke Canada

    I didn't even know a 1965 VW Beetle still existed!

  • Emad Bin Imran
    Emad Bin Imran

    Taylor swift car

  • Donna Goude
    Donna Goude

    You forgot about James and Hammond!

  • Ghevorg Shacarean
    Ghevorg Shacarean

    My favorite car in this is the ferarri monza

  • Angela Brown
    Angela Brown

    This video has less views than any of your other style of videos, hmmmmm i wonder why ? Who cares about celebrities, couldnt care less what shitey car they drive tbh

  • Blodershade Donald productions
    Blodershade Donald productions

    If I were a rapper I would own super expensive cars and only drive a super rare crappy car. Like an R32.

  • William Gabriel
    William Gabriel

    Actually Ronaldo also owns the Bugatti La Voiture Noire.

  • SANDZ#1

    Normal cr7 bugatti

  • Austin Dylan
    Austin Dylan

    You missed Daywne Johnson

  • Evan B
    Evan B

    What about any of Jay Lenos cars?

  • Rajay Francis
    Rajay Francis

    Chris Brown

  • Hassan Yakubu
    Hassan Yakubu

    A trader with so much ambitious goal towards his clients, a man with love and care for others.You're magnificent when it comes to investments,contact this great Manager at instagram @Charles_forex09

  • miamimo

    3:36 what did you say 🤬😂😂😂😂

  • flon faurillo
    flon faurillo

    What about Matt Watson's then?

  • Samuel Pierre
    Samuel Pierre

    Bruh swear you forgot LeBron

  • Syafiq Mienomi
    Syafiq Mienomi

    David beckham.

  • Valkyreightzer0

    Colour is doesn't mater, if you like that colour then like it, not every girl like pink & not every boys like pink

  • Bogdan Capanu
    Bogdan Capanu

    None of this cars is my favorite... Porsche Targa 911 is the most beautiful car ever made!

  • _DireTheWolf _
    _DireTheWolf _

    Tha Bugatti

  • Ivan Gaćinović
    Ivan Gaćinović

    7:38 is that Sebastian Vettel in that f12

  • reb00table

    6:11 The Clarkson break at the middle of the sentence followed by "in the world".

  • Speed Freak
    Speed Freak

    Jay Leno 😂


    How wants to see Mr Rowan Atkinson's aka Mr bean's cars...

  • Zubair Desai
    Zubair Desai

    James May!!!

  • Anupam S. Nimgulkar
    Anupam S. Nimgulkar

    Was really intrigued by Boris Johnson's reference of " Really disorganised response to global pandemics"😂😂

  • Kleinwater College
    Kleinwater College


  • Adem Tas
    Adem Tas

    I’ll add one on the list. Brad Pitt drives Escalade. I randomly saw him in traffic while he was driving around in Beverly Hills. His car is not special but his plate number was. It was “BPITT” and I’m not kidding!!

  • Hazazi Anouar
    Hazazi Anouar

    Sp2 monza without exeption

  • Augustus Day
    Augustus Day

    Timestamps 0:33 Beyoncé 1:02 Chris Pratt 1:28 Cardi B ? 2:07 Clint Eastwood 2:35 Cristiano Ronaldo 3:16 No 3:54 The Pope 4:35 Elon Musk 5:08 Gordon Ramsay 5:42 Prince Charles 6:09 Jeremy Clarkson 6:45 Lady Gaga 7:30 Michael Fassbender 7:59 Drake 8:26 No

    • Giovanni I
      Giovanni I

      Kendall Jenner is lowkey the best of them

  • DankiusWankius

    Jackie chan has some crazy cars

  • serendipityuk

    Matt you sound like a sad guardian reading snowflake who’s consumed too much fake news. Leave politics alone and stick to cars. You can’t stop the Trump train 🚂

  • Yadeen kabir
    Yadeen kabir

    Mr. Bean (Rowan Atkinson) bought 3 mclaren f1's and crashed every single one of them

  • Shisui ϟ
    Shisui ϟ


  • Rohan Dhotre
    Rohan Dhotre

    Christiano Ronaldo now: orders a Bugatti Centodieci Rumors: Oh, thats rubbish! We thought he was buying a Bugatti LaVoiture Noire!

  • sadra zadimani
    sadra zadimani

    you didn't mention one thing about Clarkson... VW Golf!

  • Riaad Ally
    Riaad Ally

    The weeknd

  • Alben George
    Alben George

    I guess we all missed Mats Fiat 126.....

  • kalm dwn
    kalm dwn

    Bugatti cheer on 😁

  • Hasanali Akhmedov
    Hasanali Akhmedov

    James may had a dacia sandero

  • Duy Nguyen
    Duy Nguyen

    Well, Leonardo DiCaprio drives around in a Toyota Prius.

143 tis.