AMG GT S 4-Door vs E63 S: DRAG RACE
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This one’s for you, Mercedes fanboys!
We’ve brought together a Mercedes-AMG E63 S to show down against an AMG GT 4-Door S!
Under the skin, both cars are amazing similar. You’ll find a 4-litre twin-turbo V8 under both their bonnets, and while the E63 can put down 612hp and 850Nm, the GT 4-Door slightly surpasses it, with 639hp and 900Nm.
However, when you consider the GT is almost 200kg heavier than the E63, will it prove to be its downfall? What’s more, when the GT will cost you an extra £45K, should you really even consider it?! There’s only one way to find out… LET’S RACE!
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  • carwow

    It's an AMG Sunday showdown! But if you could pick ONE other car to join the E63 & GT 4-Door for this race, which would it be?!

    • Shafi Aziz
      Shafi Aziz

      GT 4 door 100%

    • Greg S
      Greg S

      E63 all day every day

    • 7fire12

      M8 competition

    • Hongxiao Xu
      Hongxiao Xu

      I'd like to watch lc500 vs rcf

  • Habibur Rahman
    Habibur Rahman

    Yeah he started quicker then yours

  • Noopur Dangui
    Noopur Dangui

    That GT63 s looks like blue whale


    Who saw that gt 4 dr was about to have a wheelie

  • Andraous Hadad
    Andraous Hadad

    Each time I friken look at this race...I get so pissed off of the stupid WAGON. Why not a sedan🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Devil Gaming
    Devil Gaming

    Hacker Kill Me // First Match New Hacker // Hacker Gameplay

  • Andraous Hadad
    Andraous Hadad

    Recommended race: E63 amg SEDAN vs. m8 competition or idk

  • Andraous Hadad
    Andraous Hadad

    Matt, not to be rude or anything I love this channel iv subribed to it. BUT WHY WOULD YOU BUT THE e63 WAGON. THE WAGON ISNT EVEN THAT GOOD. YOU SHOULD BE OF PUT THE SEDAN THE E63 AMG SEDAN. Do you not know how many people have been waiting for a race with the gt63s.... This could of been better

  • XpertBoost Gaming
    XpertBoost Gaming

    nice content keep up with another video. subscribe your channel

  • Raveen George Thomas
    Raveen George Thomas

    How come the same result in rolling race with the cars in their sporty settings?? There is a quite lot of difference...

  • לוי ש יוסף
    לוי ש יוסף

    If you are rich and like benz cars Buy the wagon to the wife and take the gt for your self Evenly matched Btw all will agree that the e63 is great performance car wolf in sheep body

  • M 0077
    M 0077

    Carwow is really pissing people off with all the adverts...

  • Ahmad Husseini
    Ahmad Husseini

    Here's your comment interaction Mat!

  • Andraous Hadad
    Andraous Hadad

    Why not the E63 amg sedan

  • AwesomeCarGuy

    Thumbnail: Says GT63S Video title and description: Mentions AMG GT S 4-Door

  • FUKU

    @3:34 you failed the kickdown... if you kick down that thing it will immediately shift into the highest gear - it won't shift twice unless you mess up the kickdown and go 100% first then kickdown.

  • Tj Lovin
    Tj Lovin

    I'll take the wagon please

  • James Keya
    James Keya


  • Ivan Rodriguez
    Ivan Rodriguez

    Carwow=amazing site /Mat=boring kid.

  • bilol xayrullayev
    bilol xayrullayev

    go Bmw m5 competition vs Mersedes gt63s

  • Emit Remmus
    Emit Remmus

    E63 looks better.

  • ali qaisar
    ali qaisar

    in the drag race the AMG got a better start

  • Pierluigi Zappacosta
    Pierluigi Zappacosta


  • SiroccoOsuofia

    BMW M8 Competition vs Mercedes AMG GT S 4-Door

  • MyKonaBoy

    The difference between those two cars at the stripe was not 0.1 seconds.

  • Dan Whitaker
    Dan Whitaker

    I drive an m235i but if I needed bigger/more boot space I'd skip hatchbacks and go for an E63 think they look fabulous.

  • Siya Naysion
    Siya Naysion

    Please do a A45- GLA45- CLA45

  • Marco Vanni
    Marco Vanni

    Mamas wagon any day 💪

  • devillVideos

    Next time use a E63s sedan

  • Rocky.A

    Hey carwow !!! Can we get 60fps please !

  • spousalnine2699

    Do a Kia stinger

  • Umma God
    Umma God

    anyone else miss the polls that you used to be able to do before the races?

  • Dark RAFT
    Dark RAFT

    Man....these car are exaclty the same :))) only that one is a bit more "tuned" from stick, but with 200kilos havier

  • alizierny

    It doesn't matter if you win by an inch or by a mile, winning is winning! :))

  • Fernando peguero lopez
    Fernando peguero lopez


  • Jonas T
    Jonas T

    They are so even, I don't see any reason to pay +50.000€ (germany) to get the gt63 instead of the e63...

  • Manica Eduard
    Manica Eduard

    More amg

  • Andy Holliday
    Andy Holliday

    Matt this is the old car why have you not got the face-lift with an upgraded engine map?

  • han meyer
    han meyer

    I would see the c63s vs w204 c63 performance 487.

  • Mk8 Miller
    Mk8 Miller

    When your housemate asks if there's any bread in 2:53

  • Hit Patel
    Hit Patel

    Blue car driver started early in every each race..

  • GT_R Guy
    GT_R Guy

    We are pleased as Merc Fan Boys thanks.

  • Zakariyah Shan
    Zakariyah Shan

    I have an angel gt63s edition one and it’s INSANE

  • Pas Rodav
    Pas Rodav

    RSQ8-R Abt vs the Urus

  • Car Reviews by Mohammed Aryan
    Car Reviews by Mohammed Aryan

  • Dax Maverick
    Dax Maverick

    6:01very enthusiastic Watson, you had one job.

  • Dr. TC.
    Dr. TC.

    Station wagons must be a European thing because I think they’re incredibly ugly lol. Don’t see them too much here in the US and don’t know anyone that would select a wagon over a sedan here.

  • Benzinio

    E class all the way... a saloon for me please!

  • TheEagleDynamite

    Why do a lot of reviews don’t do the sedan version? This e63s version back is weird

  • Tony Cashman
    Tony Cashman

    Mat. Everyone start better than you do. Ha ha


    Well the AMG GT is madison beer as a car

  • Carlo Gori
    Carlo Gori

    That wagon is absolutely crazy.

  • Kolibri

    Does anyone know the outro song at 7:00?

  • Qaqaş Mehdiyev
    Qaqaş Mehdiyev


  • Mitra Boga
    Mitra Boga

    I think that this world needs a lot of people that are like him. Humble kind and gay

  • 992 TURBO S
    992 TURBO S

    Still not a fan of Mercedes

  • christian brandt
    christian brandt

    And why they even made this ugly car .Why not Cls 63 amg ,what is 5 times more beautiful. THIS IX THE STUPIDEST CAR WHAT MERCEDES MAKE .

  • christian brandt
    christian brandt

    Why for God sake they made Amg gt s 4 door heavier then E class estate .What is this joke .And not by 30 kilos, but by 150 kilos .What a stupid pointless car this gt s 4 is .Bmw 8 series grand coupe is 5 times more beautiful as well .

  • Moses Bagumira Bwengye
    Moses Bagumira Bwengye

    Why is the "bigger car" lighter?

  • Rushil Raja
    Rushil Raja

    Ummmm that AMG 4 door almost wheelied of the line Jesus

  • Chris Perry
    Chris Perry

    I'm not a wagon (estate) guy but I happen to not think that the AMG gt looks better...And Matt Watson listens to bay music! He said "Ghost ride the whip" Ayyyyeee!

  • Adriyan Azlan
    Adriyan Azlan

    How about The ferrari 812 superfast against the Ferrari 488 pista

  • Just Ben
    Just Ben

    I'd have the estate all day long.. 👍

  • Gone Postal
    Gone Postal

    I read once that the E63 Estate is the rarest car sold in America. Audi finally saw fit to send us Yanks the RS7 Avant. You must do a side by side of these two!

  • Haralabos Giannoulis
    Haralabos Giannoulis

    race the gtr against one of those

  • Adilet Zhanabaev
    Adilet Zhanabaev


  • Robert Gaming23
    Robert Gaming23

    do one with a McLaren speed tail and the fastest car of your series

  • JoKoasd

    Hey Matt! You should test the GT with the new E63 not this one. Might be difference in softwares between this one and the GT so do it : )

  • Ryan Verwey
    Ryan Verwey

    Do more races with that E63s

  • Focal Nicko
    Focal Nicko

    The Gts 4door almost did a wheelie just look at it ... it jumps like a fukin dodge demon

  • motheo akim
    motheo akim

    Matt looks bored of his job

  • Francis Unigwe
    Francis Unigwe

    Ho Carlow if you see this please do the Mercedes mag 63s vs BMW X6 m both 2020

    • Francis Unigwe
      Francis Unigwe

      Sorry I meant Hi carwow

  • cichy999

    Still waiting for Dodge Demon drag race...

  • Sportlich

    GERMANS ARE THE BEST 🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪💯💯💯💯💯💯💯🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪💙💙💙💙🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪❤️❤️❤️❤️💯💯💯💯

  • новый блогер
    новый блогер

    GT63 vs Lamborghini Aventador


    Someone needs a haircut?

  • Joshua Storm
    Joshua Storm

    You should do an "oh shit" we are racing drag race. So, at the traffic lights, then just as they go green you realise the person next to you wants to race. Basically no launch control, not fannying around on the break. Just "Green" foot down.

  • Maurício Gobervilds
    Maurício Gobervilds

    Meca 🇩🇪

  • Musa Amannepesov
    Musa Amannepesov

    M8 v GT S 4-Door

  • Lonely Wolf
    Lonely Wolf

    New RS6 vs Old RS6

  • Jason Meyer
    Jason Meyer

    Who wants a mom's van?

  • Gladiator Al Mousa
    Gladiator Al Mousa

    AMG power 🔥

  • MusicDj

    Can u do more of a realistic race, like something a normal average paying person would buy, a race between bmw g20 330i vs 330d vs 330e, battle between hybrid, Petrol and diesel

  • fireoil

    The amg gt wins because the class e second rear mounted go pro is mounted higher

  • fireoil

    63 were before the acronym for the engine cylinder capacity . It's now the acronym for the horsepower. Still relevant not like the new audi's

  • Robinho's Left Foot
    Robinho's Left Foot

    No Matt he didn't start a bit quicker, he just went on the signal like you usually do!😜

  • sia lei fang
    sia lei fang


  • Vianney S
    Vianney S

    Where goes my sound check before the race ?????

  • Allen Bency
    Allen Bency

    Show the specifications also as in split screen

  • DarkzTrys

    The gts look better though

  • Diego Martinez
    Diego Martinez

    Why a wagon for the e63? The sedan version probably would of won.

  • Penn Diehl
    Penn Diehl

    I would LOVE to see a Porsche 911 Turbo S vs 911 GT2 RS vs 918 Spyder.

  • PoleRuss

    Mat learn ur reactions

  • keith slimdunkin
    keith slimdunkin


  • Angron13

    Most powerful and lighter but seconde ... stranger thing ...

  • Joe Sansone
    Joe Sansone

    Idk why Mercedes doesn’t put the nice grill that’s on the GT on the E 63s, it looks way fucking better

  • Johnny Dickshot
    Johnny Dickshot

    All these German cars are starting to look the same.

  • Luke Gürtler
    Luke Gürtler

    love ya mat i love both cars and its awesome

  • Senna Cosemans
    Senna Cosemans

    Love AMG

  • Senna Cosemans
    Senna Cosemans