New AMG GT Black Series - the most powerful Mercedes road car ever!
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This is the all-new Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series, and it’s the most powerful Mercedes road car EVER! Borrowing aero elements from the Mercedes GT3 racing car, so it already looks more aggressive than the regular GT… and that’s before you check out the massive front grille and multiple air intakes!
When it comes to performance, the new GT Black Series is absolutely off the charts! It may use a similar 4-litre twin-turbo V8 as found in the regular GT, but it’s been given loads of upgrades, meaning it can now put down 730hp and 800Nm of torque! This makes it the most powerful V8 engine AMG has ever put in a road car, helping it launch to 60mph in just 3.2 seconds, with a top speed of 202mph!
But is it the ultimate AMG? You’ll have to keep watching to find out!
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  • carwow

    We think this is the greatest AMG EVER! But what do you think? LIKE this comment if you agree, or COMMENT with what you'd choose instead!

    • Tony A
      Tony A

      The best Black Series with the most powerful V8 flat crankshaft engine. According to a racing driver pal the handling is just on another level. The price is high but given the low production number it'll be a safe bet for those lucky buyers in my opinion.

    • med comanti
      med comanti

      the best amg ever

    • MC MC
      MC MC

      @Ezra Houssian Throw ZR1 in there to....leave them both

    • Ezra Houssian
      Ezra Houssian

      This is the most greatest AMG ever and the MOST MENACING. Race it against a Lamborghini Aventador S because the HP is the same as one but the AMG has more Torque with 800 Nm.

    • MC MC
      MC MC

      @Jamison Z hhmmm prob not

  • godly ii
    godly ii

    Gt63s vs m8 gran coupe 2021 competition? Which is faster !

  • L D
    L D

    It looks gross. Not got the Mercedes look that it should have

  • Jerome p
    Jerome p

    I love this car but when they say it’s ultra exclusive I slightly disagree because I love the sir sterling moss edition they should have made a black series of that car

  • tylerthenormal

    I’d rather just get the regular GT

  • AstonGoesOut

    Orange stitching only available for this car or only that color available is like telling a kid could have only one scoop of ice cream... Mom ! Merc treating people like kids again...

  • noobie44

    its amazing 😍😍😍

  • Francois Greybe
    Francois Greybe

    I love it. I love the classic exhausts!


    Omg I see world best V8🤩🤩🤩

  • Orlando Osorio
    Orlando Osorio

    Spanish please

  • Charles Koushik
    Charles Koushik

    Looks like its from need for speed universe

  • Matthew Daniels
    Matthew Daniels

    How many conversations did it take for Merc to put G.M. names on it's motors .. . LS2 .. I HEAR YOU MERC. LOL


    CATASTROPHY. Looks like the Frankenstein version of the gt. Scary

  • Alen Ibričić
    Alen Ibričić

    Why they cant put all wheel drive on this car???

  • The mack
    The mack

    BMW M8 competition : Who are you ? Benz GT AMG Black series : I'm Vengeance

  • Luka Muzumara
    Luka Muzumara

    This vehicle is sick...😎😎😎

  • Charbel Gharyos
    Charbel Gharyos

    This AMG GT Black Series is a monster they will kill many supercars and hypercars

  • Ezra Houssian
    Ezra Houssian

    This Car looks so Menacing it could eat other cars with that angry grille.

  • Abram Muzhafara Alam
    Abram Muzhafara Alam

    This is so crazy

  • YourMoms SideNiggah
    YourMoms SideNiggah

    This gives me viper vibes

  • Demolisher

    Square tips would have completed the look, Quad round exhausts are M car signatures, AMGs should stick to square tips like RS with two large Ovals. But now all the fake AMGs + this use 4 quad round tips, weird looking on AMG, belongs on a BMW M

  • OthmanRh

    We need a drag race bitween this car and the GT 4door coupe 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  • Gm_K

    Yes of course its amazing

  • PDKbros EpicDudes
    PDKbros EpicDudes

    The Black Series looks so good

  • DAM Caliskan
    DAM Caliskan

    How big do you want the spoiler? Engineer: Yes!

  • Skidmore International
    Skidmore International

    Should make for an exciting drag race against the F8 Tributo and 992 Turbo S

  • Cardinal

    That grille looks so mean i love it

  • Albert シ
    Albert シ

    This car vs M8 comp pls

  • Ochion Aarons
    Ochion Aarons

    Matt listen to me sir BMW think the M8 competition is the fastest things in the world can you get a m8 competition and a gtr pro please...

  • Chaplin

    Great bit of engineering but I have to imagine it won't be coveted like the sls black series. The design on this is too meh for most people with 400k burning a hole in their pocket.

  • Shan Mirza
    Shan Mirza

    Absolute Beauty!

  • hhdjdjdjdj YyhhddjYyhhddjd
    hhdjdjdjdj YyhhddjYyhhddjd

    Elle a un rare option du par choke , l'amortissement et l'airbag qui sort au sous du par choke sur la GT R👍

  • emre ergen
    emre ergen

    For some reason it resembles the gt2 rs

  • andy lau
    andy lau

    How about the engine life counted by hours

  • Crank Jazz
    Crank Jazz

    did they use crane to shoot this film?

  • Luke Mendoza
    Luke Mendoza

    AMG: We are going to make the powerful GT Black Series. Everyone: OMG we love it!!!

  • Nuwantha Panangala Gamage
    Nuwantha Panangala Gamage

    AMG GT Black Series VS GT2RS vs Chiron!!!!! Can you do this carwow/Mat?!

  • Andrew Wizard15
    Andrew Wizard15

    What ever happened to the Project One?


    if you fancy to save 2or3k from the price - check our carwowo website xD

  • Travis Quartz
    Travis Quartz

    LOVE IT!!! Mercedes, the best or whatever POS you drive! I wonder why BMW and Toyota exited F1 when Mercedes entered??????

  • Clive Thomas
    Clive Thomas

    What a ridiculous car. Do they not realise technology has moved on. There are electric cars now that represent the future.

  • meep 1478
    meep 1478

    OK how many wings yall want from other AMGs AMG: All of them

  • Muaaz khan khan
    Muaaz khan khan

    What is the fastest car you know else than the porshe Matt?

  • Beast Laser
    Beast Laser

    I wanna see this vs a trackhawk

  • Beast Laser
    Beast Laser

    Did he mod it to be 730?

  • engin glny
    engin glny

    Merc absolutely lost the look. 👎🏻

  • Dinosaur Boi
    Dinosaur Boi

    This cars just destroyed by the Tesla model s p100d lol

  • G7 -
    G7 -

    Amg gt black series vs 720s

  • 1 Minute Video Highlights
    1 Minute Video Highlights

    Love this bodystyle

  • Web crawler
    Web crawler

    that thing looks sick!

  • The fishy Peely
    The fishy Peely

    How much is it

  • J-Lee Official
    J-Lee Official

    There’s also the Project One edition of this car. This version got a livery based on the color of the AMG Project One, there’s only 275 example availble exclusively to AMG ONE buyers.

  • Gospel700

    I actually love the round exhaust pipes!

  • Luke

    Please drag race one of these vs 720s vs GTR.

  • Mark Mcfadden
    Mark Mcfadden

    You should drag race this thing as soon as you can

    • Dre Park
      Dre Park

      It’s a track car ... it’s not a drag car. Usually the best drag race cars are 4 wheel drive etc. this car is meant for track times.

  • Sqweeky Badger
    Sqweeky Badger

    All that work and it's still not faster than a family suv lol

    • Dre Park
      Dre Park

      Around a track it is and that’s the purpose of this car.

  • L J
    L J

    😱 RACIST!

  • Alexander S
    Alexander S


  • jabhip

    So not as fast as a Tesla model 3

    • Dre Park
      Dre Park

      Around a track it’s way quicker. Why do you guys only care about a straight line I’ll never understand. You can make any cat quick in a straight line. Smh look on SLtoos there are Honda’s quicker than Bugatti’s.

  • Lil stretcher
    Lil stretcher


  • Purujit Pradhan
    Purujit Pradhan

    Designers: What kind of wing do your want? Mercedes: YES

  • giliy 18
    giliy 18

    Gt63s is better Change my mind

  • Azeem-Ud-Din A.U
    Azeem-Ud-Din A.U

    How many times he say's AMG GT?

  • vanvij n
    vanvij n

    This is awesome 👏 and where do you live.....

  • Christian Urban
    Christian Urban

    The electric version of the SLS actually had more power.


    lost the plot

  • Yusuf Abdulrahman
    Yusuf Abdulrahman

    Mercedes are creating good machines, but since SLR, Im not really impressed by anything they make, this is just me, they dont have a vision, they killed the SL, replace it with completely new car SLS, and now the GT was supposed to be compared with Carrera, so what they will do next, not very clear, they must be aware that they can't wipe Carrera history and performance in 3 or 5 years time.

  • André Lavezzi
    André Lavezzi

    I'll be honest!! I'm the biggest Nissan GTR fan ever!!! But... I'll take this AMG over any Nissan GTR over and over again! It's just so f*cking beautiful and cool, and incredibly powerful. Sorry Nissan, I've betrayed you. But it's your fault!!! As cool and amazing as the R35 is, we're done with it! We need a R36 ASAP! We need the new Generation Nissan GTR, the almighty godzilla. PD: WTF with that GTR 50? I don´t get it

  • The HR Family
    The HR Family

    I love Mercedes Benz AMG

  • twincammike83 16v
    twincammike83 16v

    I like it a lot...this will give the nurbergring lap record ago..

  • Angus Uchiha
    Angus Uchiha

    Looks sporty

  • Meezo

    That wing is awful

  • Kahmad

    this is literally a german viper acr

  • Feher Alshareif
    Feher Alshareif

    Lost the plot on the looks, but that engine make up for it

  • Peter Cavellini
    Peter Cavellini

    I think Mercedes have built a Porsche!😎

  • Whips & Vids
    Whips & Vids

    It scares me that it maybe able to compete with a 720S

  • TRWgaming 147
    TRWgaming 147

    If this is only the GT black series... can we only imagine the GTR black series

  • Robert Scoular
    Robert Scoular

    i think some sex wee just escaped

  • Andy Nischen
    Andy Nischen

    Bye bye AUDI r8..😎🤣🤘

  • Bruno Begic
    Bruno Begic

    "AMG, how big do you want the rear wing to be?" AMG: "yes"

  • Darko FlyFF
    Darko FlyFF

    Hört sich nicht gut an, wie ein vier Zylinder.

  • OG Bliss
    OG Bliss

    no more plastic on the hood finally😌

  • Oni-Wan Kenobi
    Oni-Wan Kenobi


  • Eugen Prinz
    Eugen Prinz

    well I think analogue is much better......

  • Daniel Cook
    Daniel Cook

    AMG CLK GTR and CLK LM shit on both

  • Cisco Network Designer/Engineer
    Cisco Network Designer/Engineer

    Very ugly, I will go for Porsche 911 Turbo S without a second thought, and if I have more money then I will have the maclaren 720S.

  • Nadim Suba
    Nadim Suba

    I call this kind of cars as 3D car Why if you ask The answer is simple I can see this car but never touch or drive or sit or smell etc, etc

  • Bill Carson
    Bill Carson

    Where is the car.

  • Salman Sharbatly
    Salman Sharbatly

    50/50 I find it to be all over the place as a look wise

  • AMG /BMW
    AMG /BMW

    Mercedes Benz: The Mercedes Benz GT Black series is our most powerful road car. Brabus:'s not. Watch out!!

  • Jay Warrisan
    Jay Warrisan

    Not happy with the air intakes

  • Ezekiel Ochieng
    Ezekiel Ochieng

    I wonder if the car sold out before they even showed it

  • 1993supercoupe

    It’s an insult to the gts.... that cat is fugly

  • Marco Vanni
    Marco Vanni

    Looks wicked sick; well done AMG :))

  • Sydney Mathuka
    Sydney Mathuka

    Nice it's beautiful fast for makhota

  • Zaf Khan
    Zaf Khan

    How much discount on Car wow app?

  • Aswin Prasad
    Aswin Prasad

    Make this race happen; MERCEDES AMG BLACK SERIES vs PORSCHE 911 TURBO S!!

  • Aswin Prasad
    Aswin Prasad


  • Aaron Brown
    Aaron Brown

    Sweet ride

  • Sizolwethu Mkhwanazi
    Sizolwethu Mkhwanazi

    Just buy a Porsche 911 Turbo S. Once. The end.