AMG G63 Drag Race: my GIRLFRIEND vs Yianni's
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It’s time for a G63 showdown… With a twist! First up, we have Mat and Yianni going head-to-head to truly see who has the ultimate reaction times. Yianni’s G63 may come with the Urban bodykit, but underneath the bonnet both cars are the same, packing a 4-litre twin-turbo V8 that’ll produce 585hp & 850Nm of torque!
But that’s only part one of this challenge! Once Mat and Yianni are done, Mat’s girlfriend and Yianni’s wife will be joining them and going up against each other, too! The question is, who’s your money on - Team Mat, or Team Yianni? Let us know in the comments!
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  • Mat Watson Cars
    Mat Watson Cars

    So who do you think WON overall? VOTE by liking my comment below VOTE: JO or VOTE: STEFF to decide. The girl with the most votes win! BTW head to my personal channel and subscribe as I'll be doing some more videos with Jo there in future with my own cars.

    • Anita Malik
      Anita Malik


    • NotNitro

      @Mat Watson Cars I am gonna go by the stats I am gonna go yanny

    • Ali Jawad
      Ali Jawad

      @yeet YuuY? wtf

    • Polo


    • Felix Jansz
      Felix Jansz

      Jo 100%

  • Sathyapriya Subbarayan
    Sathyapriya Subbarayan

    Vote for Steff and jo

  • Joba Das
    Joba Das

    Yianni was trying to blame on the brakes not her girlfriend even though it was his girlfriend's fault

  • Mamo

    Jo won and maybe because he was trying to self promote

  • Steve Sambu Jr
    Steve Sambu Jr

    Matt made sure 'girlfriend' on the title was all on CAPS. LOL!

  • Raymond Keanu Dipoyono
    Raymond Keanu Dipoyono

    Joe win

  • meetraj aghara
    meetraj aghara

    6:29 the which mat got😂😂😂

  • AIF Ant Farm
    AIF Ant Farm

    It was entertaining until I saw the masks...

  • Anvar Batirov
    Anvar Batirov


  • 쭌이Park

    I’m korean fan of yours. I think Yianni is the best boyfriend over. 12:55 if I were yianni I would said Nooooo go faster!!

  • chloe may
    chloe may

    Mat Watson girlfriend definitely beat yiannis in the race where yianni wore a mask

  • Brightwell M
    Brightwell M

    Lol, i found myself smiling alone!

  • Israr Mohi
    Israr Mohi

    That's Valtteri bottas and Lewis Hamilton at the start of the race 😅

  • Terry Wang
    Terry Wang

    awsome vid!!!

  • The Race Engineer
    The Race Engineer

    Matt, your girlfriend is a keeper. Marry her and be her man forever. GOD bless

  • Alin Nistor
    Alin Nistor

    06:13 Once you go black, you never go back ;)

  • 7B_AARON

    Look at that suspension

  • Erman Kar
    Erman Kar

    Why Matt and his gf looks Like a typical Britain family. And yani hand his WIFE. Like an Arabian with an American blonde 😂😂😂

  • Patrick Otango
    Patrick Otango

    Matt gets dumped: So what exactly happened

  • Capt. George
    Capt. George

    Little girl on girl action. LOL

  • estoof223

    mat team is winner in this race

  • Kirby Dan
    Kirby Dan

    Duchess of carwow

  • San PDrew
    San PDrew

    "Bloody boost!"

  • Denny C
    Denny C

    we want more of this!! :)

  • Stephen Muir
    Stephen Muir

    Jo looks like Laurie strode from Halloween lol

  • Altered State
    Altered State

    yanni always cheats haha


    Its so cool that Steff says C'mon like Yianni does, or maybe he says it like that because of her who knows either way thats goals.

  • Siddharth Pillai
    Siddharth Pillai

    Mats girl friend looks a lot like kate Middleton... Is it just me ???

    • Colgate Toothpaste
      Colgate Toothpaste

      Just you

  • Loyal Lion
    Loyal Lion

    Steph and yianni sound like when they will have it in the bed while they drive off 😂 9:14

  • dogo

    LaFerrari vs 911 turbo s on Porsche

  • MrGogania

    Yanni's wife is like Barbie

  • Madridista703 Roberto
    Madridista703 Roberto


  • be driven
    be driven

    G Wagon exhaust reminds me of a juicy ribeye

  • Polico Paul
    Polico Paul

    matt you have a beautiful girl friend ..take care of her

  • CT gaming bro's
    CT gaming bro's

    7:23 kee gowea ?

  • Randall Wagner
    Randall Wagner

    Joe won the last one

  • hot video
    hot video

    I think we won as viewers

  • Kim T
    Kim T

    So all that money spent was just for look

  • Imperial Plays
    Imperial Plays

    mat ur GF won the brake test

  • Imperial Plays
    Imperial Plays

    matt its a tie

  • Tapiwa


  • Holly Sauls
    Holly Sauls

    I hate yannimize

  • Bob Carlson
    Bob Carlson

    Yanni's wife...unenthusiastic "yay", measured against his enthusiasm- feel sorry for the dude. Matt's GF expressions say, '"I'm just doing this to maintain a relationship with a guy who has them means to have a G63...." Clearly you are both not their first choices....

  • Da BJ
    Da BJ

    Drag racing automatic cars is so incredibly pointless

  • Paul Rowley
    Paul Rowley

    Oh Steph 🤮

  • Nicholas E Trujillo II
    Nicholas E Trujillo II


  • Jef Biggs
    Jef Biggs

    Yiannis girl jumped the start

  • greg heffely
    greg heffely

    Jo deffo won

  • Zlobni Kotlet
    Zlobni Kotlet

    haha awesome! great girls and great cars :D

  • Matty Sea
    Matty Sea

    Looks like 2 speedboats on the drag race

  • Alphabet 7
    Alphabet 7

    This is your best video ever

  • Madi Zecho
    Madi Zecho

    Interesting 😆 😆

  • Bl Xs Farmer
    Bl Xs Farmer


  • VoltShockYT

    5:45 this is what lag looks like in real life. "How it feels to chew 5 gum"

  • Adeleke Adeyemi
    Adeleke Adeyemi

    This is my probably favorite SLtoos video of all time! 🤣🤣

  • Harry Caple
    Harry Caple

    Yanni should have just bought a brabus, rather than try to make his look like one


    the more they cheat, the better the fun ......

  • Nalini bhat
    Nalini bhat


  • Dr Snaps
    Dr Snaps

    Whyd they put masks on all of a sudden

  • The Bold Hairspring
    The Bold Hairspring

    Haha brilliant

  • Noob_Driver

    3:33 should be a meme

  • kamatmehbro

    yianny is so whipped haha

  • kamatmehbro

    Matt is punching hard

  • huds1600 huds1600
    huds1600 huds1600

    Matt your girl looks like your mom

  • UnquantifiableQuest

    Seems like a reaction time of a ninety year old

  • Et Cetera
    Et Cetera

    VTEC kicked in yo

  • W Cassiano
    W Cassiano


  • Mridu Gogoi
    Mridu Gogoi

    By the time we watch this Matt has moved on

  • gmds44

    Who the f.... dislikes this video. Get a life ffs xD

  • Kevin Byington
    Kevin Byington

    I hate to be that guy, But I dislike a yanni's smug face and smile.

  • N. Ademi
    N. Ademi

    Do you still have the girls 🤣😋🤣

  • Amaan Uddin
    Amaan Uddin


  • Muhammad Fezan Riaz
    Muhammad Fezan Riaz

    I’m mean yanni

  • Muhammad Fezan Riaz
    Muhammad Fezan Riaz

    Yank cause I think his turbo and power is much higher than your yours

  • GOD himself
    GOD himself

    Yianni all day everyday

  • Xenon Xerox
    Xenon Xerox


  • Junior Magagula
    Junior Magagula


  • Tik tok Videos
    Tik tok Videos

    Both were tie

  • Dhruv Bhattacharya
    Dhruv Bhattacharya

    "bloody boost!" 😂

  • Taycan Turbo S
    Taycan Turbo S

    We need another one of these LMAO Most fun drag race(s) to watch ever

  • Piyush Ram Kimidi
    Piyush Ram Kimidi

    He was happy when his fiancee was beating him ... What a man

  • Arya Gurjar
    Arya Gurjar

    What is yianni doing at 3:04 😂

  • Mr strucid goat Boi
    Mr strucid goat Boi


  • madhopsz


  • Elisa Johnson
    Elisa Johnson


  • Khaya Nyikana
    Khaya Nyikana

    🤣🤣🤣 Matt's gal says she like the black one

  • NOOBx HaMzA
    NOOBx HaMzA

    mat is a mood

  • CharlesG_YT

    Steph jumped the line twice

  • Allen Thain
    Allen Thain

    Mats punching 🤣

  • Amuserr

    I would rather watch matt's mom and his gf race


    Imagine putting them into tesla

  • simeon sharpe
    simeon sharpe

    She did lol

  • subeesh reghu
    subeesh reghu


  • Customer Support
    Customer Support

    2020 Bentley continental W12 / want to see this race


    joes won big time


    yianni be driving like a grama😂🤣

  • maxime myre
    maxime myre

    That was good! Lol do you prefer the red or black? Her: black . Him: WHAT? 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Bernard Garrett
    Bernard Garrett

    So basically buying body kit makes you look like a prick and shows that money can't buy you functional style. ?

  • Abdulrahman Alsayed
    Abdulrahman Alsayed

    jo won

  • Ludwig Vaseur
    Ludwig Vaseur

    Your girl is beuti