Porsche 911 Turbo S vs 716hp Audi RS3: DRAG RACE
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The king of carwow drag races, the Porsche 911 Turbo S, is BACK! And it's got some new competition to take on... An Audi RS3 saloon?!
No, your eyes don't deceive you - the owner of this Audi believes it can run the quarter-mile in under 10 seconds, and beat our drag race champion! As you can imagine, it's been tuned, so its 2.5-litre 5-cylinder engine can reportedly put down 716hp and 760Nm!
But will that be enough? And will they be able to launch well enough to take on the 3.8-litre flat-six twin-turbo that's powering the 911 Turbo? There's only one way to find out... LET'S RACE!
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  • Mat Watson Cars
    Mat Watson Cars

    Hope you enjoyed this. Would you like to see more of this tuned cheaper car vs expensive but standard sports car match up. Let me know by liking this comment. Oh and once you've done that please click on my beautiful little face to got to my personal channel Matwatsoncars to follow me there too 😉.

    • Walid AZIZ
      Walid AZIZ

      @Mudit soni дщж9

    • Walid AZIZ
      Walid AZIZ

      @Mudit soni дщж

    • okitoi george
      okitoi george

      We want to see a bugatti versus that porsche

    • PredatorR32

      I would love to see an Golf tuned by HGP against a Porsche www.hgp-turbo.de/golf-vii-sonderumbau.html

    • Katleho Mokoena
      Katleho Mokoena

      Please do the dodge SRT with the fastest carwow drag racing car

  • Dento/Wappoking

    I want to see a drag race 992 turbo s against 917 spyder 😍 i think we would have a new record then.

  • garethininverness

    ...car wow...yes......presenter is a wanker

  • Christopher Veilleux
    Christopher Veilleux

    Plenty of RS3's doing 9 second 1/4 mile times.. not sure why this guy didn't launch the car..

  • hoiy vinosa
    hoiy vinosa

    Nothing like a Porsche, would buy one in a heart beat if I would have the money.

  • Mr John
    Mr John


  • 666jaxson

    911 turbo s vs 1000bhp mk4 supra

    • hoiy vinosa
      hoiy vinosa

      That underneath his audi is his feet paddling

  • Slasheerr

    So basically a RS3 with the performance of Aventador SVJ?? Not bad, not bad at all!

  • Misty Horizxn
    Misty Horizxn

    Can we just appreciate how INSANE That RS3 is

  • Patryk Kwas
    Patryk Kwas

    I WANT TO SE the RS3 with 1200 HP here :D The proshe would be wrecked :D

  • Bohlokoa Shelile
    Bohlokoa Shelile

    Get a doge demon

  • Seb Fitness Notts
    Seb Fitness Notts

    That Porches is madd! 💨 Get DMO DJ on your channel with his tuned e63 that will be nuts.

  • James Morrissey
    James Morrissey

    I'm a Mercedes Benz guy.... But NO ONE messes with the 911 off the line. *No one in the 700bhp zone

  • Faisal Almakhzom
    Faisal Almakhzom

    please C32 AMG W203 VS BMW 550i e60 2009 and BMW M3 e46

  • mohamed syria
    mohamed syria

    Yanni should drove it because he has a very good reaction time

  • Plaid Shirt Guy
    Plaid Shirt Guy

    I hate Porsche period

  • Dark Man
    Dark Man

    Did he honestly think he was gonna beat a Porsche!! - LOOOOL!

  • Pipka Rulka
    Pipka Rulka

    Nope, audi is actually faster in quarter mile, bcus it launched like half of seconds later in second race as well

  • batchick87

    Can we all appreciate the fact that Mat has Ninja like reactions. He has mastered the art of Launching a car off the line to perfection.

  • Dávid Macko
    Dávid Macko

    Please do some old cars! Diesel!

  • Ates Aydiner
    Ates Aydiner

    I didnt like your behavior to the S3's driver. I like your show but because of your sarcastic attitude to a tuned car, my opinions about to change. 😕

  • Bruce Hart
    Bruce Hart

    That underneath his audi is his feet paddling

  • DJ josh
    DJ josh

    I don't like tuned races.... rather see stock vs stock

  • Nilson Ortiz
    Nilson Ortiz

    Español alberga

  • Wesley Mavila
    Wesley Mavila

    His living a Dream🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣Matson you crazy 🔥🔥🔥

  • Sa_ power_
    Sa_ power_

    I've seen bigger brakes on a airport trolley than on the RS3🤣 yes I know it's for drag racing

  • Rob Toogood
    Rob Toogood

    That 911 is unreal, wonder how they map :D

  • Team Spintop
    Team Spintop

    Why isnt the RS3 sitting on the 2 step to build boost for the launch? he just revs it off boost...

  • Khaldoun Hamed
    Khaldoun Hamed

    Audi driver 👎🏼

  • Keanu Peres Gomes
    Keanu Peres Gomes

    Can we please see this Porsche go up against a Huracan Evo or a Koenigsegg?

  • top travel
    top travel

    Porsche 911 turbo s vs dodge challenger demon 👌🏻🙏

  • Enzo Defran
    Enzo Defran

    Petition for porsche 911 turbo s vs the dodge demon

  • T Money
    T Money

    maybe if the Audi driver had a decent reaction time🙄

  • kK'S CHanneL
    kK'S CHanneL

    Mat should get that Dodge demon and then that will be the drag race King

  • Tyler Luther
    Tyler Luther

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  • NarpsHD

    The porche is better than the RS3 in more than two ways(braking and launching).If this was a track race it wouldn't even be a race.

  • hanbaek kang
    hanbaek kang

    i knew poshe victory. 650hp is not real. maybe about 750hp

  • Tyson KING
    Tyson KING

    I need this fuckin 992 turbo S

  • okitoi george
    okitoi george

    When will carwow drag race a bugatti or is that too conclusive to get into

  • Super One
    Super One

    That RS3 has really soft rear suspension..

  • mikea hiooi
    mikea hiooi

    This Porsche has just made me want a Porsche now

    • mikea hiooi
      mikea hiooi

      Mat you should drive his RS3 and see what happens. Your reaction time of the line is good.

  • Chris Green
    Chris Green

    Omg Dan Jacobs!! His car is a beast!


    No way that RS3 got 716hp ..... BS!

  • Oliver Iván Treviño López
    Oliver Iván Treviño López

    The problem of that RS3 is simple to find, they are an acronym that says APR hahaha

  • Mac steven Kynjing
    Mac steven Kynjing

    Matt watsonnnnnnnnn we Love you

  • Shaiheim McRae
    Shaiheim McRae

    Bro the turbo s is stupid quick lmao

  • LosBarrel

    So in other words but a fast car built on a fast car platform instead of a fast car built on a small family car.

  • Tosin N
    Tosin N

    991=baby Bugatti 992= Bugatti

  • Keith Etheridge
    Keith Etheridge

    Silly challenge obvious winner

  • Eddy Grant
    Eddy Grant

    I knew that Audi looked familiar

  • Pardeep Jalaf
    Pardeep Jalaf

    Audi what a waste of money🤣

  • Herman The German
    Herman The German

    Great. Now put them on a racetrack where sports cars are ACTUALLY supposed to be and watch the Porsche destroying the shit out of that Audi by an even longer shot. :-)

  • Josh Hopkins
    Josh Hopkins


  • Jake Mate
    Jake Mate

    I'd love to see you race something against DMO dejay E63s

  • Asad Butt
    Asad Butt

    Now get the Wrench RS3 on here !!

  • kei norton
    kei norton

    Mclaren 765lt pleassseeee!!

  • Thendo Mudau
    Thendo Mudau

    Who wants to see a TurboS vs GT2RS ? like if you want to see that !

  • Alpha Olaniran
    Alpha Olaniran

    Mat you should drive his RS3 and see what happens. Your reaction time of the line is good.

  • Hulk Hulk
    Hulk Hulk

    Race a tuned m240 against the turbo s

  • Bulelani Tshabalala
    Bulelani Tshabalala

    The undisputed 911 turbo s, I would like to see it against the Dodge demon 🙏 please!!!

  • jibraeel Yacoob
    jibraeel Yacoob

    More m8 races

  • Gordon McCartney
    Gordon McCartney

    The Porsche was designed to Launch like a Supercar.

  • Jasim Hasnat
    Jasim Hasnat

    Great work. keep it up. And yeah we love yianni in your videos

  • Valerio Vorswyk
    Valerio Vorswyk

    Matt i hope yanni beat the porsche with you driving it 😂😂

  • Cris

    I'm gonna have to make an OnlyFans to fund my new Porsche 911 Turbo S :D

  • Ambar Kashyap
    Ambar Kashyap

    Matt burned down the Audi owner😂

  • name

    Can we see the RS3 interior ? I'm sure there isn't even a second seat inside.

  • Ismail Ar
    Ismail Ar

    The porsche go first you have to repeat

  • kane Webb
    kane Webb

    I’m not being funny but even if the Audi could launch properly it probably would not break that magic 9/10 second barrier

  • Abraham Thundiyil
    Abraham Thundiyil

    You should have let Yianni race the audi!

  • Alejandro Ezquivel
    Alejandro Ezquivel

    Now I wanna see what a tuned Turbo 911 S can do!!

  • Tyrone

    That Audi is nuts

  • Tyrone

    When Yianni is not on his steering wheel he's on his phone or both

  • Tyrone

    I would love to see Yianni in that Audi

  • Just Chilling
    Just Chilling

    Who would love to see the Porche 918 vs the Turbo S??? Let's make this happen 👏🏻😊

  • den525

    Typical audi fan boys right...? my car can do this, this and that.

  • Sanjay Patel,MD
    Sanjay Patel,MD

    Just bought 2021 992 porsche turbo S

  • TechMyLifeVideo

    Them’s the brakes, stupid brakes on the Audi. What’s a lighter 992 GT2RS MR gonna be like?

  • HBolus

    Mmmmmm these cars are so slow, Kawasaki zzr1400 does the same in 6.99 seconds

  • Tsias100

    He needs to launch that thing better I would smash that Porsche with mine 🇩🇪💪🏻

  • Rhoneil Wallace
    Rhoneil Wallace

    Wanna see how that Porsche matches up against a 765 LT aka mini Senna

  • Hector Cabrera
    Hector Cabrera

    1:09 I’ve never seen brakes like that.

    • dolita windo
      dolita windo

      Too bad for Audi launch, but have to admit porsche 911 just better in all ways!

  • Ricardo Carneiro
    Ricardo Carneiro

    Tuned Audi: "If I get the launch right and dont bog down I will be really fast! Porsche: yes.

  • ShinjukuSensei

    Everyone knows updated brakes don't improve stopping distance, esp when they're cold. But they will stop you properly more times before fade then stock

    • Team Spintop
      Team Spintop

      That's not true at all...

  • David Sparkle
    David Sparkle

    Mat should of jumped in the RS3 bet he would of beat Danial

  • Imran Tahir
    Imran Tahir

    Yianni's reaction is much better than the RS3 drivers'. Can you recreate the video with Yianni driving the rs3

  • Luke Scarpa
    Luke Scarpa

    Can you try and get a dodge demon or Shelby 500 for us American boys😂

  • Rossrful

    What’s the point? The Porsche has a warranty. Nothing more to say.

  • 1k Subscribers Without Videos Challenge
    1k Subscribers Without Videos Challenge

    911 comes from another planet

  • 11Maha11

    What about Porsche turbo S vs. Porsche GT2RS

  • Jay H
    Jay H

    Don't matter what you do to that Audi. It's still an Audi. Porsche is Porsche nuff said.

  • Brandon Moore
    Brandon Moore

    NOTHING gets off the line like a Porsche.


    We love to see tuned porsche turbo s:)

  • Doom Father TM
    Doom Father TM

    The guy gave a smug laugh at upgraded brakes before a brake test although his upgraded brakes were for going faster in sacrifice of stopping power lol what an idiot

  • Lesetja Molefe
    Lesetja Molefe

    The Raging Bull and The Prancing Horse failed to beat the 911 Turbo S. What makes the Audi think it'll beat it with its mods?

  • immortalscience

    U talking more than my mother in law

  • Ali Robinson
    Ali Robinson

    M3 vs CLA45 drag

  • Carlos Lewis
    Carlos Lewis

    Mat you have to give that Audi some props!!! It is awesome for a tuned car especially considering what it’s competing against 👍🏾💪

  • Diftonez

    Too bad for Audi launch, but have to admit porsche 911 just better in all ways!

  • Shuang Shuang
    Shuang Shuang

    Audi, king of the straight, dead in the corner