Mercedes SLR McLaren vs Ferrari GTC4 vs Aston DBS: DRAG RACE
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What a lineup we have for this all-new supercar drag race! Mat’s in the legendary Mercedes SLR McLaren, and he’s lining up against the Ferrari GTC4 Lusso and the Aston Martin DBS! Combined, these incredible machines put down over 2,000hp! What’s more, when new these three cars would have cost a combined £890,000 - so this might be our most expensive drag race EVER! The SLR may be the oldest contender here, but can it still take the challenge to the Ferrari and Aston? There’s only one way to find out… LET’S RACE!
Thanks to Phil for bringing his DBS:
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  • carwow

    So which of these marvellous machines would you choose?! Let us know in the COMMENTS!

    • m Joshi
      m Joshi

      Aston Martin

    • GK GK
      GK GK

      Aston DBS

    • CPDutch


    • Mr.Anonymous


    • Jasim Hasnat
      Jasim Hasnat


  • Vladimir Kalabek
    Vladimir Kalabek

    Hi, please do a drag race between mercedes SLS VS SLR...

  • Kiran Burra
    Kiran Burra

    I mat don’t listen to Yanni he thinks the SLR is the best car there but think they all are good cars

  • Yama Man
    Yama Man

    I remember the SLR coming out but definitely looking old skool at the side of modern counterparts but 350k new 👀👀 might have seemed the dogs dangles in 2004 but not today I'm sure 100k counterparts could take that nowadays 🤔

  • Noel Dalányi
    Noel Dalányi

    Dbs driver cant launch the bloody car

  • Mthobisi Sibisi
    Mthobisi Sibisi

    That DBS sounds incredibly good


    Aston superligera

  • Gani Reksa
    Gani Reksa

    Driver Aston Martin bad.. car best

  • Edward Prokopchuk
    Edward Prokopchuk

    Every mercedes owner of the supercharged motor knows that the SLR had a bad intercooler pump... That’s why the supercharger was disengaging. Would have been nice to see what would happen if it was running properly. Great race!

  • The DarkSoul
    The DarkSoul

    One word...FERRARI ❤️❤️❤️

  • Brad Buckley
    Brad Buckley

    Gt4clusso 😂😂😂😂

  • Dreamy

    McLaren-Mercedes and Aston Martin are so beautiful

  • Dodo M
    Dodo M

    Wow, that SLR is so old now. It used to be a spaceship back in the day

  • fra tex
    fra tex

    Aston guy’s reaction time off the line is as fast as an out of battery electric moppet

  • Laz_416

    The aston martin driver sucks...

  • Youssef Ouardani
    Youssef Ouardani

    What’s the name of the music at 2:58

  • Liam Brooks
    Liam Brooks

    astin martin definatley sounded the best

  • Car Tech
    Car Tech

    Why drag queen though hahahaha

  • William (Bex) Cranston
    William (Bex) Cranston


  • Zeeshan Yousef
    Zeeshan Yousef

    DBS is the best

  • Harry Mamokgere
    Harry Mamokgere

    Tha GTC4 sounds EPIC

  • Gentinis Bytyqi
    Gentinis Bytyqi

    Next race, SLS AMG vs SLR vs AMG GT R please

  • Giui Stefan Jr
    Giui Stefan Jr

    SLR has a problem because limits power ,that supercharger means instant power all the way up. Would have to be no problem keeping up with the others even though has rubbish gearchanges.

  • Aaliiyaa Jariwwala
    Aaliiyaa Jariwwala

    ferrari sounds the best

  • mahima sapru
    mahima sapru

    If the SLR had an 8 dual speed automatic clutch box and a good launch control it wouldve literally embarassed the aston and ferrari

  • Sam Davis
    Sam Davis

    Not bad to say the merc had less power outdated technology and still was able to hold its own

  • One Issue Voter
    One Issue Voter

    The problem with the McSLR is that, from the same year, a 575M with a 6-speed gated manual exists, and is cheaper. And EVERYBODY knows Murray wanted to build a 1400kg mid-engined v8 car with a manual, and not this ugly overweight mess of a car.

  • Danny Oo
    Danny Oo

    1:07 😂😂

  • Shota Gogichashvili
    Shota Gogichashvili

    Here is your new playlist! 💖 Subscribe & like

  • Activelense

    Left hand drive? Where TF are you Matt ?

  • Auto Streams
    Auto Streams

    a race where a Aston martin dominates that/s a rare sight

  • ItzGKgaming

    the tokyo drift soundtrack just made my day today

  • Andrew Cahill
    Andrew Cahill

    The Aston best looking by far

  • sophea Teng
    sophea Teng

    I love the Aston Martin

  • cfmatias

    The gearchanges seem to be worse in the SLR because, due to it only having five ratios, there is a much bigger rev drop than in the closely stacked ratios of the others.

  • Mark X
    Mark X

    Aston really need to sort out the calibration on the dbs

  • Francesco D'amore
    Francesco D'amore

    Sound ferrari is unique symphony!!!! 3 great different car!

  • Ho Lii Fuk
    Ho Lii Fuk

    The Aston driver had horrible launches

  • SydneyPhotography2019

    😂😂 The Tokyo drift music. YES FERRARI

  • Ray Zhang
    Ray Zhang

    When Mat, announced the cars, he said GT4C Lusso.

  • Amogh Hampiholi
    Amogh Hampiholi

    CLARKSON:-"Nobody in history has donuted an Aston Martin" MATT WATSON:-"Oh yeah,lemme show you!" Clarkson shocks,Matt rocks!😝😝

  • Ali Anshasi
    Ali Anshasi

    The ancient SLR did well, AMG GTR BS would make MINCEMEAT out of the Ferrari and the Aston Martin. I reckon a non BS AMG GTR would at least keep up with them.

  • CPDutch

    Wow! How many times do you need to rerun a drag race? I hope you finally got the result you were after 😂

  • mario vrieze
    mario vrieze

    that moment when he slips... and they put that fast song by his face! hahaha i laugh so hard hahah

  • Shival Ramkelawan
    Shival Ramkelawan

    Aston sounds like M340i

  • Bounty Hunter
    Bounty Hunter

    Slr showing its age. For me the Aston on looks and sound does it for me.

  • Bobby Rainey
    Bobby Rainey

    gtc lusso sounds the best

  • I am Iron Man
    I am Iron Man

    Aston is ❤️❤️❤️

  • Костя Пак
    Костя Пак

    I would just say: "pizdec" and that's it...

  • bat man
    bat man

    That ulgy looking SLR

  • Mustafa Kerem Ertem
    Mustafa Kerem Ertem

    aston sounds awesome

  • Victor Gallo
    Victor Gallo

    Let's redo this video with the SLR 722!!!

  • noobie44

    with a good launch the SLR is the best... its the oldest but still smashes and we have to remember the SLR is from 2003..

  • Freddie G.
    Freddie G.

    GTC4 Lusso.

  • Nicolas Bocchino
    Nicolas Bocchino

    “Better to keep going than lose” Lol words to live by


    rubbish ! aston fucking won!

  • Ak creations😎💜😍
    Ak creations😎💜😍

    One more video on Mercedes Benz SLR mclaren 722

  • Sam Ghali
    Sam Ghali


  • Storm Morken Wold
    Storm Morken Wold

    The Ferrari sounds best

  • tish vasques
    tish vasques

    Ferrari sounds the best ;)

  • John Lim
    John Lim

    The DBs is my favorite

  • Kiin Ok
    Kiin Ok

    I mean ..just how impressive is that Merc.. it being more than 10 years older then the Ferrari and Aston Martin.. it held up danmmm well.. like amazing..Even tho it didn't beatt the other two ..That merc is based on the old technology and engine statistics.. compared to the Aston and Ferrari .. But damm it didn't just keep up ..But it pulled on. I mean ..for a 17 year old car ..against some of the newest cars that's impressive .. But yes ..,( that's Mercedes for you ) !!

  • Rishu Sinha
    Rishu Sinha

    Can someone help me by telling me that from which song did mat take the tune when he was doing skids please

  • CJ

    Matt cheats whenever possible. When his car has the limiter, the race is over when it reaches it. When another car has the limiter, the race is over only when Matt passes them. #cheater #dragrace

  • Kalrav Limbachiya
    Kalrav Limbachiya

    aston is best

  • Johnny Haynes
    Johnny Haynes

    I'm a fan of the Aston Martin exhaust sound.

  • علی غفاری
    علی غفاری

    Slr best super.super super cars 17 years

  • sameer khan offical
    sameer khan offical

    austin martin sound better

  • Sipho Mkhonta
    Sipho Mkhonta

    Ashto Martin sounded better

  • Meera Upadhyay
    Meera Upadhyay

    I loved the dbs

  • OofMaster 360
    OofMaster 360

    That Ferrari Took Off Like I expected

  • amur amur
    amur amur

    The Aston Martin i think was the sport car

  • Lucas Pukas
    Lucas Pukas

    I love how the person who does 75% of carwow races is in the comments

  • Ilyaas Omar
    Ilyaas Omar

    Probably should've used the V10 version of the SLR

  • Calla Botha
    Calla Botha

    6 ads in one video?? Goodbye carwow....

  • Junior Carrillo
    Junior Carrillo

    Aston Martin driver needs to be replaced 🤦‍♂️ put good drivers behind the wheel

  • Brandon Nicholls
    Brandon Nicholls

    I love the slr but it's not as quick as the ferrari but I still pefer the slr

  • Wenky Innocent
    Wenky Innocent

    Dragqueen? Nahhh

  • Mario Gutiérrez
    Mario Gutiérrez

    I think the guy who drives the Aston it isn't the best driver

  • Radim Tichý
    Radim Tichý

    I don't know the Aston driver, but for some reason it seriously underperforms.

  • Hyemin Ju
    Hyemin Ju

    The fast n furious music killed me lol bring me me back to my high school days

  • Stefanos Gkinis
    Stefanos Gkinis

    mercedes benz SLR

  • Adam Sargeson
    Adam Sargeson

    It’s old in comparison that merc

  • Danny Reyes
    Danny Reyes

    Please do more of 9:29 !!!!!! I love being able to compare the numbers

  • Akash gaming
    Akash gaming

    The Ferrari sounds loud 😯😯😯

  • Romit Leo
    Romit Leo

    i am bmw

  • Romit Leo
    Romit Leo

    i hate mecrc

  • Nicole Kennedy
    Nicole Kennedy

    I'm so happy I'm not the only one who thinks that the SLR is one of the most beautiful cars ever designed.

  • RudeBoy DaGenius
    RudeBoy DaGenius

    The sound on that Ferrari is just music!

  • Nick Haralampopoulos
    Nick Haralampopoulos

    Before they race: Ferrari wins! Let's see. Also Matt, hp is the best criteria not torque. So no matter the torque the most hp will always win! After they race: That Ferrari flies!

  • TheAllSh1t Channel
    TheAllSh1t Channel


  • Bongani Bong'z
    Bongani Bong'z

    The Ferrari sounds extremely good. It sounds more like the Porsche GT

  • Hugo Sequeira
    Hugo Sequeira

    when the Aston almost got past the Ferrari on the 1st run and came 3rd in the last one seems like there's some cheating involved...For not making Ferrari look bad...

  • Mpho Masemola
    Mpho Masemola

    The aston martin

  • Hugo Sequeira
    Hugo Sequeira

    Nothing like a V12 from Lamborghini...That V12 from Ferrari sounds like some Asmathic coughing...

  • Harshal Patil
    Harshal Patil

    Ferrari sounded light but with the Aston Martin, you can feel the power.

  • Christian

    That supercharger noise never ever gets boring or old 🤤

  • Kenneth Stevenson
    Kenneth Stevenson

    Why in the heck does that Ferrari look like that lol. If I'm gonna buy a supercar, I want it to look like a supercar.

  • Alexander Meyer
    Alexander Meyer

    The guy on the Aston Martin sucks

  • Magomedbeg Magomedov
    Magomedbeg Magomedov

    Почему ты постоянно садишься в мерседес и постоянно проигрываешь ...