AMG CLA 45 S review - see how quick it REALLY is to 60mph!
This is the absolutely gorgeous Mercedes-AMG CLA45 S! Under the skin, it’s effectively an A45 S, including the same 2-litre turbocharged 4-cylinder as found in the hot hatch! It’ll put down 421hp and 500Nm, but if you’re not in the market for the boy racer vibes of the hot hatch, should you choose the CLA? Stick with Mat and find out!
00:00 Intro
00:36 Engine
01:09 0-60mph
01:52 Brakes
02:47 Chassis
03:19 Suspension
03:33 Drifting
04:52 Twisty Road Driving
05:55 Styling
08:20 Interior
09:46 Back Seats
10:11 Boot
10:33 Annoying Features
11:36 Good Features
13:13 Daily Driving
14:23 Infotainment
14:58 Trims
15:31 Verdict
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  • CrimsonRider

    The wing of the A45 is ridiculous

  • Tyler Luther
    Tyler Luther

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  • Robert Makaryan
    Robert Makaryan

    Please do C43 bro

  • Inspiration Unlimited Ltd
    Inspiration Unlimited Ltd

    those fake exhausts😂🤣😂 I almost rather have a punto



  • Gorrilazshock LoL
    Gorrilazshock LoL

    How much does this car cost?

  • Jack Daniels
    Jack Daniels

    How much is this??

  • O O
    O O

    Hi mat, can you the a drag race with a45s vs cla45, pls🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  • TheGomezIndustries

    Dominant Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 technology trickling down the pipeline is the greatest thing ever.

  • Mark X
    Mark X

    Could you drive it permanently in drift mode? Seems like a haldex system and it would overheat the clutches?

  • Adam

    If Alan Partridge did car reviews

  • Muthukumaran Vijayakumaar
    Muthukumaran Vijayakumaar

    I am not affordable to buy the car but I can hit the like button ☺️🙂

  • Lubasi Mubita
    Lubasi Mubita

    Lol carnards reminds you of ducks 😂😂😂😂😂

  • hockeymann88

    This engine is intriguing. That is 3.7 to 62! From a 4 cylinder turbo! Very cool. I sure wish we got the hatchback version of this in the US.

  • 김준회

    EBD - AWC - C.DIFF - RWD 😉

  • Pipka Rulka
    Pipka Rulka

    It could be really great car if it wouldn't have so much fake shit in it

  • Nabil M
    Nabil M

    Placed my order 3 weeks ago for one of these...super pumped

  • Emir khani
    Emir khani


  • Werner Federmayer
    Werner Federmayer

    Wtf is this my add was unskippable and it was almost 20 sec?!?!?!?

  • Fuxy

    ai ba mai ai freo unu an minus?

  • seAn Ma
    seAn Ma

    Alright ! The car as the picture (NEW CLA) really happen at Mercedes Benz Because. It really tune in white to yellow From engine room to out side, if you want that too buy it and i wish you luck

  • Michael Steiner
    Michael Steiner

    whats up with the fuckin 4 zylinders wtf

  • Hassan Yakubu
    Hassan Yakubu

    A trader with so much ambitious goal towards his clients, a man with love and care for others.You're magnificent when it comes to investments,contact this great Manager at instagram @Charles_forex09

  • Salt & Pepper
    Salt & Pepper

    Dealer knows 4:31 but says "this demo? barely left the show room. Untouched. Just used for a 3 minute test drive I tells ya".

  • bla blub
    bla blub

    First: sorry for my english, I'm german, the home of Mercedes 😊 got a "normal" cla just with a few extras (orange art edition, amg line, sport pack...) and I can tell you: No one with a normal job can finance a car like it's shown in the video. It's not the price when you buy it, it's just that the taxes and insurance are expensive and every year you have to do the service check and my last was about 816€-and nothing was out of order. Just for keeping it like that. I don't want to know what new brakes will cost... all the car components are expensive, for example original Mercedes aluminium Rims, fitting to my car, will cost about 3000€ - plus tyres... so you should thinke twice whether you can keep up. And again: I got a quite normal CLA, not a AMG...

  • Zachariah Naidoo
    Zachariah Naidoo

    Pls view a cla 45 amg 2016 I have one but I'm in south africa

  • Nate M
    Nate M

    Looks much better than the previous CLA45!

  • Rajoo Samy
    Rajoo Samy

    Love all your videos but this the most coz of Duran Duran reference 🥰

  • ilkin huseynli
    ilkin huseynli

    Mat pleaseeeee make video on Mercedes glc 300

  • aabdi

    Jes jes jes this is itt i love it

  • Medy

    I wonder how much can these sporty seats be comfy on longer 3+ hour rides?

  • EUGENE _Eugene
    EUGENE _Eugene

    That's literally the best sounding 4 cylinder...“IMO”

  • Milesh Anand
    Milesh Anand

    This is my dream car

  • Pedro Lopes
    Pedro Lopes

    Massive front! What a BOmb! Exhaust pipes..... look good but don't match "details"

  • SuperAbbid

    Asking why it needs more cylinders in the C63, so from experience and a bit of engineering education id say first of all, more cylinders really makes a difference with torque at higher speeds, going from 120 to 160 in a 4 cylinder is really hard but eases out on a v8. Secondly, smaller engines are prone to shorter lives due to the demand on them, they barely get the job done using turbocharger combos and it makes them wear out alot more than a v8.

  • Kevin Sosa
    Kevin Sosa

    a 4 cylinder 0-60 in 3.7 seconds? jesus christ, and I thought my c43 was fast at 4.3

  • kartell 66
    kartell 66

    I want it but not as a race car but as a casual everyday car I can drive to the movies and etc

  • Hustle Humbly
    Hustle Humbly

    this or e400 coupe?

  • TheMontegonian

    That's the "Digital White" colour?

  • The Novice Gamer
    The Novice Gamer

    I never knew a 4 cylinder could produce more than 400 horse power.

  • Rugera Brian
    Rugera Brian

    hey can you do a drag race btwn the rolls culinun the bently bentiga and smth else that would be fun yani can help get the cars his loaded lol

  • Mystic Knight
    Mystic Knight

    2.0L but 400++ bhp, Madnesss

  • BBC Yup
    BBC Yup

    Anyone remember back in the day how AMGs used to get negative reviews on how’d they drift now it gets positive reviews for it?

  • Juan camilo Miranda
    Juan camilo Miranda


  • BudgetEskay -
    BudgetEskay -

    if you really think about it, if this does 0-60 in 3.7 then the a45s would be .1 second faster lmfao

  • Karim Kassim
    Karim Kassim

    Hi Sorry I need to lexus 570 I want to seen specification Lexus 570

  • Erik

    Somebody Wanna buy me this thing?

  • noobie44

    a45s review? pls

  • noobie44

    faking vents and exhausts does it matter?? the car looks awesome do i dont mind it and im a fan of mercedes but also on audi

  • Mercedes W169 A150
    Mercedes W169 A150

    Good video, thank You!!!

  • Avinash Patel
    Avinash Patel

    The AMG GT 63s has fake exhausts too😒

  • Vitek Smrkovsky
    Vitek Smrkovsky

    I wonder who jabbed Mat through the chair holes because it left an impact on him :(

  • Doug Maverick
    Doug Maverick

    I really wish we got the A45 S hatchback in North America, better looking and more practical.

  • andres kashani
    andres kashani

    This is the first Mercedes I would actually consider buying.

  • Brandon Butler
    Brandon Butler

    What is that abrasive under the camera infront of the dashboard

  • sunkoj sadguna
    sunkoj sadguna

    Can we have a drag race of gls and x7 pls

  • If you know...
    If you know...

    “Money don’t make you happy” This car: “Hello it’s me Mercedes”

  • Alex K.
    Alex K.

    You don't get a manual gearbox unfortunately.

  • Frank Mbala
    Frank Mbala

    Damn I love the sound. Try use some quality headphones 🎧. I love Benz

  • bigcmlg

    Drifting an AWD cla45 = mind blown 🤯

  • Taiyo J
    Taiyo J

    Dyson CLA 45

  • make money online
    make money online

    Matwatson you are the only youtuber that i realy enjoy watching

  • Mubin Vali
    Mubin Vali

    Drove this for a weekend. What a car 🔥

  • Hanz Kranz
    Hanz Kranz

    I am sad that 4 Cylinders are so quick today.

  • Patrick Ryan
    Patrick Ryan

    this man needs to be on top gear and then i will start watching it again

  • Юрий Дерюгин
    Юрий Дерюгин

    Member brak and criminals!..

  • onewithsix onewithsix
    onewithsix onewithsix

    2 liters 4 cyl ! 400+ hp ?

    • onewithsix onewithsix
      onewithsix onewithsix

      @Ben Walsh This is why they are bagging F1 poles most of the times. It is extraordinary . Inline 4 and 400 hp damn. This is ridiculous.

    • Ben Walsh
      Ben Walsh

      onewithsix onewithsix go to the Mercedes Benz website and go to the configuration and go on the a45s or the cla45s they both have 421 hp can do 0-60 in 3.8 seconds (which is faster that a Ferrari f430😱 and come fully speced at £52k or around that area

    • Ben Walsh
      Ben Walsh

      onewithsix onewithsix the s and e class have basically the same engine both v8s same hp

    • onewithsix onewithsix
      onewithsix onewithsix

      ​@Ben Walsh I am just checking S and E class engines vs hp rating. If these numbers are true and 4cyl is really a magic prices would drop and other brands have problems. I am still checking some info on this engine . If you have any link do the honors :)

    • Ben Walsh
      Ben Walsh

      onewithsix onewithsix I know it doesn’t make sense it’s actually insane the amount of performance they have go out of the engine it’s actually the worlds most powerful four cylinder engine ever made

  • Krish Patel
    Krish Patel

    9:19 Good lord, that shit wobbly! Wth Mercedes?

  • Ben Cole
    Ben Cole

    Drag Race It!!!

  • Aaron P
    Aaron P

    I wanted One of these so bad but I could not afford it so I got a 2018 A3 S-line and did an intake, downpipe and APR stage 1 tune and TCU. Thing pulls hard now and im happy with it. Should be about 320hp and 360tq

  • Marcus The STARLORD
    Marcus The STARLORD

    Like in f1 merx are superior nowadays

  • TalhaTabPlayz

    Yes no soft limiter

  • Abhiram Kwaza KIDDO
    Abhiram Kwaza KIDDO

    If you had bloody tarmac you could have made that drift part of the video much much more entertaining, since the wheels would smoke

  • John isaac Balili
    John isaac Balili

    Its even quicker than the c63s off the line.

  • Kevin James
    Kevin James

    Man thats a badass car

  • 666demonknight666

    This fake tail pipes thing need to stop. Seriously

  • Neo

    Audi learn something here 3:30!!!

  • 666demonknight666

    AMG should just ditch the non S models of their lineup. Who the hell is going to buy an AMG and not select the S model? C63s, E63s etc. except the GT of course.

  • 666demonknight666

    C63 is a different beast. The sound itself beats anything, the sound of money exploding! Can’t tell me this 4 pot sounds better than the v8 no way.

    • Ben Walsh
      Ben Walsh

      The c63 sounds bad when compared the the n/a model of it so the c63 is pointless the a45s is all round better

  • 666demonknight666

    Bloody huge for a mid size car. I hope this model is more reliable than the previous model years CLA45.

  • Commanderikillu

    This car is awesome but I’m pretty sure I won’t fit in it being 6’2.

  • yusuf kajee
    yusuf kajee

    one of the flaws was the 0-60 being 0.1 seconds slower than the a45s...still does a 3.7 😂

  • frank callaghan
    frank callaghan

    This is a great car but it’s the same price as the c43, I’ll take a 6 cylinder engine and proper size car thanks

    • Nick Ng
      Nick Ng

      Enjoy being slower

    • Zed Bot
      Zed Bot

      C43 has less power and what do you understand under "proper sice care"?

  • Billal mabuza
    Billal mabuza

    Hold on a second.. the CLA 45s has a proper exhaust than the A45 s?

  • Anmol J
    Anmol J

    Love the way you explain man top notch 🏁 love from india 🇮🇳

  • Sean L
    Sean L

    So what exactly happened???????

  • Car1itosWAY93 CC
    Car1itosWAY93 CC

    I still Love my 16 CLA 45 fact sounds better lol.

    • Nick Ng
      Nick Ng

      Bit slower

  • Kyphong Nguyen
    Kyphong Nguyen

    thank goodness for the michelin pilot sport 4s.

  • Ross Brown
    Ross Brown

    Crum crevis. Honestly matts reviews are amazing. Should be on topgear

  • KRY S
    KRY S

    old steering wheel?

    • Ben Walsh
      Ben Walsh

      New actually

  • HecticZenon

    Can’t get enough of this car stunning on all sides interior is to die for

  • Rick2010100

    Fake exhaust - imagine what it would cost to replace it if it was done. In the case of a rear crash, even the exhaust manifold would be broken as the impact force moves straight foreward.

  • walruss

    This as EV. Please AMG 🙏

  • Aid A
    Aid A

    8:23 normal interior whith amg stering wheel ????

    • Luke Beaston
      Luke Beaston

      It’s a CLA35 interior that is shown

  • Elwin Bu
    Elwin Bu

    this is literally the most handsome car ever made.... especially this shot right her 5:48

  • Rahan Ullah
    Rahan Ullah

    I really love the interior

  • Nayeem An-noor
    Nayeem An-noor

    Ford: 5L mustang BMW: 4.4L m5 Mercedes: heres our little cute 2.0l 4 door that's goes basically same speed as your bigger saloons and is half price new

  • skr team
    skr team

    can you do drag race between buggati chiron VS henessy venom

    • Seb C
      Seb C

      One of those cars doesn't exist xD

  • Frustrate

    This is the type of car for those who want a quick and at the same time fuel efficient car

  • Fierce DEVIL
    Fierce DEVIL

    Mercedes blocked off the front left intake because they didn’t want rocks to go into the intakes and damage it.

    • Gottlieb Dee
      Gottlieb Dee

      Exactly that. This guy reviews cars to get an audience. Car manufacturers don’t do things unless they need to. That need may be practical or aesthetic or both.