Stupid tuning modifications that actually make your car WORSE!
We all know a lot of people like to modify their cars, and most of the time, they do it to improve performance or to add their own personal touch to their car. But at the same time, there are some modified cars out there that either look absolutely ridiculous and can be down-right dangerous! But what are they? Well, wonder no more! We’ve pulled together our list of the 11 most pointless mods out there! But are you guilty of any of these? Or do you disagree with something we’ve added to our list? Let us know in the comments below!
00:00 Intro
00:25 Wheels
01:56 Camber
03:11 Air Filter
05:49 Springs
06:54 ECU
08:27 Spark Plugs
09:06 Spoilers
10:08 De-cat Exhausts
10:42 Spacers
12:02 Fuel Additives
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  • Fábio

    00:15 Sir, it isn't "pointless". It is just ineffective.

  • John William
    John William

    Adding some fact to the huge amount of Bullshit doesn't make it useful and true information.

  • Sam Court
    Sam Court

    Stances cars look stupid especially when you add in stretched tyres.

  • Cid Dax
    Cid Dax

    In fact some performance cars or third party ECU have a fuel sensor and can switch to a fitting mapping with more power, when they get better fuel. When tuning older cars bigger wheels often mean bigger disc brakes, which is a nice thing.

  • Jonathan Palmer
    Jonathan Palmer

    You missed out "bonnet bras": while they may keep the bonnet leading-edge paint stone chip-free, on colours like red, it also means it hides it from UV fading the paint too. So take off the bra and you'll have an extra dark band of paint at the very front - looking just like the bonnet has been touched-up at the front to repair stone-chips...

  • jpogi gtxcr1
    jpogi gtxcr1

    Some engines are sensitive to spark plug gaps. Just run with whit the stock plugs. You think your "specialty" plugs have better build quality that factory platinum and iridium NGK that lasts 100K miles? I don't think so.

  • Formula E And extreme E
    Formula E And extreme E

    2:03 aaaahhhhgghhhah my eyes.

  • Andys Racing Adventure
    Andys Racing Adventure

    The bit where you said a wing can cause more lift (as if that was a bad thing) you should clarify that its negative lift you want and not positive lift.

    • Andys Racing Adventure
      Andys Racing Adventure

      @Fred Jansen there some good sources to learn about aerodynamics. Downforce is only described one way since the force is pushing downwards. Lift can however be described as positive or negative.

    • Fred Jansen
      Fred Jansen

      huh you have lift and downforce according to you there is also negative lift and upforce?

  • George Davey
    George Davey

    This guy only half knows his stuff. Spring clamps are'nt for lowering your car dont do this. they are for safely removing the compressed spring from the coilovers. Anyone who would even consider driving around with spring clamps on their coilovers is a new level of stupid and should not be driving.

  • Ali Emirmahmutoğlu
    Ali Emirmahmutoğlu

    In conclusion car manufacterers know what the doing dont think youll get a better performance than a mercedes after you put a ferrari engine ina dacia

  • HDAspen

    ....I hate it when people always use videos of Donks when bringing up the topic of wheels. bro. WE KNOW.

  • dedik purwanto
    dedik purwanto

    My car only have 83 hp. Just enough power to cope with my crappy driving skill.

  • Spiked Clown
    Spiked Clown

    Love the content but my gawd your face is shiny

  • JohnnyWishbone85

    12:03 -- As others have said, it is not necessarily true that higher octane fuel doesn't help. Most vehicles do use knock sensors to manage spark advance real time, and using a higher octane fuel will mean that the computer will advance the timing more. However, this system is markedly less aggressive with spark advance in ordinary and economy cars than it is with performance-oriented cars, so it will generally only do you any noticable good if your car is pretty pokey to begin with.

  • Beaux Guidry
    Beaux Guidry

    SLtoos, You can't handle the truth about EVs can you?

  • Benjamin Kamben
    Benjamin Kamben

    Mistake at 4:19 not all aftermarket air intake filters have to be oiled. In fact most of them these days are synthetic sub-straight that does not require oiling. The reason for the switch: 1. the oil would become dislodged and ruin the MAF sensor. 2. The filters would get dirty faster and were harder to clean.

  • Phuckitsthephantom

    About time all this was said. Modifying cars so that significant improvements in performance are made takes planning, research, experience and cubic dollars. Not sure they sell any of that at Supercheap.

  • Jacob Sattler
    Jacob Sattler

    This dude made this video because his Porsche was beat by a ricer

  • Alan Martinez
    Alan Martinez

    wrong on contact patch: wide, skinny same patch... it's like a boat in water... wide boat, skinny boat, it displaces the same. You WILL have a different shape patch...

  • Ss X
    Ss X

    aftermarket air filters are dumb... buy some aluminum and silicone tubing and put the intakes outside the engine bay in the bumper for cold ram air effect

  • WickedTRX

    12:23 Earlier!

  • Dre Cool
    Dre Cool

    Very informative vid.....Thank you

  • Damtsis Aggelos
    Damtsis Aggelos

    The stupid is to tune your car. With only 2.000 or 2.500cc and 250bhp you won’t be fast. real fast cars are fast STOCK.

  • Kash SRT
    Kash SRT

    Did he just called A B T, ABT wow Matt just wow

  • John Hughes
    John Hughes

    Dude pretty good information but clean up take a bath and shave you look disgusting

  • Lou Lopez
    Lou Lopez

    Adding considerably more horsepower to a stock engine also adds more stress and wear and tear on all the components including the transmission and shortens the life of the entire car. Duh.

  • Cyclone Bravo
    Cyclone Bravo

    you do not need airflow resistance from your air filter for your car to work properly. it's called tuning. when you mod the car, tune the car.

  • boneman1960

    The old Internal Combustion engine will be a thing of the past, the Electric cars at the moment are in its model T Ford stage , it will get better, like the cel phone....N.Z.

    • Enzo 1965
      Enzo 1965

      Stop drooling

  • boneman1960

    What about Tesla air

  • Ryzen Division
    Ryzen Division

    no but obd1 honda ecus chips are re-programed base maps (with custom tuning options) for cai. turbo itbs ect... and fuel mapping injector tuning and such, i had a jdm b18b chipped ecu adn had 182hp at the crank, it was as a STOCK ENGINE!!! only supposed to be 130hp 140 max

  • S1 Sequential
    S1 Sequential

    The aero and offset often work out well and I definitely wouldn't call them pointless mods.

  • DJ DeciBellz
    DJ DeciBellz

    Could've made the video 1min max by just saying "keep it factory STANDARD"

  • 1Cichfishy

    You just crushed the hopes and dreams of so many Chad "tuners" out there. Love it!

  • Juan Fiscina
    Juan Fiscina

    2:19 camber also increases the lateral load that the tyre produces

  • Camm GTR
    Camm GTR

    Dude get your stuff right. That Audi suv has larger diameter wheels than 23”s fool. My Audi 2012 A4 has 26” diameter tires.

  • Dave

    What was that wheel that was in the pot hole clip? Took the bend and sprung back?

  • Copperhead Mtrsprts Park
    Copperhead Mtrsprts Park

    The safest mod you can do is to put on a few performance oriented stickers. They will boost your curbside HP by at least 10% or more (depending on how many you slap on) and are the only mod that won't negatively affect your vehicle warranty.

  • Mark DiSilvestro
    Mark DiSilvestro

    I added a modest trunk-spoiler, factory alloy rims and factory strut-tower brace to my '98 Altima. Does it go faster & hold the road better? Probably not! But the mods all came dirt cheap from my local wrecker's yard. And it fixed the sloped 'droopy-trunk' styling, disposed of the world's ugliest plastic hubcaps, and now the car looks great. (Or at least a whole lot better!) Unexpected safety and functional spoiler benefits include it being visible through the rear window to assist while backing up, and it provides a level area on the trunk to set large boxes or packages while I'm unlocking the doors!

  • Bob Nob
    Bob Nob

    camber makes them look gay

  • Paul van Lieshout
    Paul van Lieshout

    All true. But I'm sure most will disagree.

  • vince King
    vince King

    I believe performance spark plugs can help in certain situations??? The air filter helped my mums Suzuki’s swift a lot. If that car is mapped for the filter it will help, right?

  • Michael

    Even if that huge spoiler creates downforce, if you put it on a front-wheel-drive car, then you'll lose performance, as the front wheels won't have as much road grip anymore.

  • The Dube
    The Dube

    According to Henry Ford, no one will ever need to mod their car away from black.

  • Dave Dave
    Dave Dave

    No sense in any of these things. If the manufacturer spent hundreds of thousands of hours designing and developing a car do you think that changing things will make it better? If by better means you are just faster lets say I hope you get picked up as we don't need more speeding idiots.

  • Spiro Varelis
    Spiro Varelis

    Here's the thing, you can cut your stock springs, but you need to know how much to cut, if you do the proper calculation and/or also get separate dampeners, you can make a decent ride out of it, in fact even professional teams cut their springs.

  • Brian Brigg
    Brian Brigg

    Aftermarket alloy wheels with the wrong offset should be mentioned. They can change the steering geometry just like wheel spacers.

  • Jean Arenas
    Jean Arenas

    It is a well known fact that sticking a TURBO emblem onto your car will instantly increase horsepower and performance. For maximum gains, the installation should be located along the same height and location as other factory emblems.

  • Tom

    I stopped after 1:30. All these points are easily to break down. Everything has ups and downs. Everything can have a purpose. But offcourse everything together its smart to keep everything stock 99,99% of times. Maybebi just heard everything to much times:)

  • Jakub Kujawa
    Jakub Kujawa

    Adding performance air filter works when the car is tuned. There are many types of aftermarket filters and materials they are made of.

  • Ronald Redface
    Ronald Redface

    My first car was a black ford capri with red go faster stripes. It would prob be worth a fair amount of money now.. Back in the day they were worth peanuts.

  • BazCambs

    Furry dice hanging from the rear view mirror turns any car into a fanny magnet 🧲

  • Frank'n'4skeen

    About spark plugs. A better iridium spark plug will only improve the LONGEVITY of the spark plug, not the performance.

  • lgwappo

    I've seen guys remove cold air ducting to the air filter & replace it with a long aluminum tube which sucks hot air from the engine bay & down the hot aluminum tube, sitting above the exhaust manifold.


    well yeah but if ur car pings and knocks a cheaper way of extending the damn things use just for a little while would be to use high oct gas...if it was made to run on 87 and you pour in 91 well for a difference of 60 cents a gallon well it cheaper than rebuilding the damn thing for a lot of dumb mofos ive ever come across...

  • B F
    B F

    add really good brake system, lower weight of car, lightweight rims, and hi performance grippy tires and proper alignment will overall give you a faster car.

  • ᚾᚨᚦᚨᚾ:

    Too many ads

  • Thomas Groover
    Thomas Groover

    Bro, those fucking wheel spacers tho

  • William Lagasse
    William Lagasse

    Higher Octane doesn't burn more efficiently in any engine not designed to burn it doesn't improve fuel mileage , or power...

  • Quarkhammer

    on every car i had i immediately put on a performance air filter because: 49% sound 1% hope (that it makes power/torque) 50% feeling like i have modified it so its basically a racecar now.

  • Adam Hovelson
    Adam Hovelson

    Modern cars come with a stock cold air intake and because they are made of plastic instead of metal they won't heat the air flowing through them like the CAI kits you can buy at your local parts stores also they don't draw the hot air from the engine bay like most aftermarket kits do.

  • Alex Gulewich
    Alex Gulewich

    Nani? A proper aftermarket wing that's appropriately sized for your car for the power your pushing will increase your speed by increasing downforce increasing your speed, but an oversized wing will give you extra drag decreasing your speed. Same with a front splitter, if it's a proper splitter, and it's used properly, it'll give you gains. Where you lose performance is where you A) Oversize a wing and B) Get a cheap wing either poorly designed or B) that just breaks and falls off.

    • Alex Gulewich
      Alex Gulewich

      @Brandon S If they're ALWAYS useless from a performance standpoint for street use then why do some cars come with them? Is drag racing the only form of street racing that you've ever heard of? You've never heard of canyon racing? Running from the cops? You've never heard of a drag race on anything but a straight road? You've never seen any vehicle that air could get under? You don't know what vehicle squat is? Or have you just never heard of FWD? Yes, there's specific circumstances where a spoiler/splitter is useless. And I never said that a wing doesn't always increase drag, just that going with an excessively sized wing would give you excessive drag with no extra benefits.

    • Brandon S
      Brandon S

      Wings/splitters ALWAYS induce drag thereby slowing the car. There is no wing/splitter design that increases speed in mph or kph. However the increase in downforce can improve lap times by increasing traction during cornering allowing the car to corner faster. An increase in downforce will ALWAYS hurt the cars top speed. On the street wings/splitters are both equally useless from a performance stand point and are purely for looks.

    • Alex Gulewich
      Alex Gulewich

      There's too many holes in this guy's argument. Decatting your exhaust will give you freer air flow, but won't give you any performance gains unless your engine's already had some work done to it, like a turbo, cam, etc, and now it pushes more exhaust. The only benefit you get from it is that it helps from burning valves.

  • Andréa Richardson
    Andréa Richardson

    You should k & n filters. And intake and you see the difference like i did on my audi s4. But always remember on the weather for a BETTER performance. Try it on your Porsche. Let me know

  • Shaolin master
    Shaolin master

    towards the end you proved you don't know much about vehicle setups first off when it comes aerodynamics there are old school methods you can use that will give you decent results but its best to get a fluid dynamics testing program and 3d scan your vehicle for the best results. secondly suspension set up if you want better handling all you have to do is make sure your suspension arms are level and this might end up being a big project because there is a lot of variables when it comes to suspension set up but you can do it its not that hard. Third you can not tune your car to take a higher octane fuel unless its turbo charged or super charged and in a N/A application you would need to change your compression ratio by installing things like domed pistons ext....

  • R A
    R A

    what happened to your face?

  • TheVideoMakerDude

    Jesus what up with your face? Is that cheap tanning? :-D

  • Legion Red
    Legion Red

    The only issue I take with this video is this: Claiming that you can't notice 1-2 HP, is false. If you drive that car all of the time, and you're very comfortable with that car. You will notice. I notice the weight and performance difference in my car with a passenger in the other seat. I notice the performance differences in different brands of gasoline. I notice the difference between old oil and freshly changed oil. I even notice the power differences at different times of the year based on temperature and humidity. The differences are extremely minor in most of these cases, but it's very clearly there Because I drive that car all of the time. If you're paying attention to your car. You will notice when things change.

  • The Legendary Red X
    The Legendary Red X

    Rattle canning your interior red adds 300hp as they teach this only in advance classes

  • andrew clough
    andrew clough

    this is funny...the ppl you are addressing will not listen to you at all... they are going "oh man see those spacers, i want them" "what on a Cortina"..."yeah man sick"

  • Gorilla UMP
    Gorilla UMP

    Does taking out your resonator, ripping out your catalytic converter and adding a 6" fart can give you more horse power along the power band?...asking for a friend.

  • Gorilla UMP
    Gorilla UMP

    I put a red Type-R bage on my 88 prelude and got an additional 12 HP- this guy doesn't know what he talks about.

  • English 101
    English 101

    No bigger wheels make your cars slower.

  • Larry Shaw
    Larry Shaw

    The negative camber thing is the stupidest thing going today. The cars look dumb and they're all a joke among my circle.

  • Cameron Fatemi
    Cameron Fatemi

    I've been considering putting in a cold air filter into my BMW e36 for awhile now. Thanks for confirming that that's a good idea! She's a standard 2.8L so runs on 87 octane. Thanks to your video, I now know a "simple" ECU remapping (by a professional) would allow me to SAFELY boost the permissible octane level, factor in the increased air taken in w/ the cold air filter, and generally increase overall horsepower. Have to shop around for going rates but ~US$800 for an extra 50hp (38kW) is a tenth the price of a full engine rebuild necessary to handle a supercharger (don't like turbos), which may not even be legal in California. BMW's already have a 3° camber, so good to know I should stick to manufacturer specs. I do want to get larger tires and know my model can handle up to 245/17Y45 as well as add Bilstein shocks/struts. Not sure the source--probably another SLtoos video--but that would also require an ECU remapping for at least the speedometer to account for the change in overall wheel diameter. I'd always heard spacers were a bad idea, but now I know 10-20mm MIGHT be okay. That'll require more research to see if that's a good choice or not for my car. This was REALLY informative. Thanks again! Cheers!

    • fancy fox
      fancy fox

      @Cameron Fatemi Great to hear I wish you luck and farewellness with your car experience and here's a friend tip. Try to know to some extend to fix engines beacuse for me an engine fix costed around 4000 euro for just the belt being trash and stuff like that so try to remove issues on your engine by your own if you know how which is useful skill and saves alot of money

    • Cameron Fatemi
      Cameron Fatemi

      @fancy fox Thanks for the input. You're probably right about (most of) that. My engine is factory rated at 190hp, so +50hp would only be a 26% increase. But, honestly, If I'm gonna pull the engine to do a rebuild or swap out, I'd rather just convert it to electric. You can get a ~200hp electric motor for about $2k, then spend the rest on batteries, gradually adding more over time to boost range. Apparently, the hardest/most expensive part about converting to electric is designing and fabricating the battery mounts. That's just a matter of measuring carefully, drilling/threading screw holes, using an angle grinder to cut or smooth out as necessary, and weld the rest. From when I hired a contractor to do some home repairs, they were using a 110v arc welder, and it didn't look that hard. I can take a couple welding courses at my local college and build the battery frame myself. Not saying it's gonna be easy or cheap, per se, but completely eliminating maintenance costs (except for tires) will be seriously worth it in the long run. And, if further down the road, I want to boost HP, I can always swap in a 400hp Tesla motor.

    • fancy fox
      fancy fox

      Dont belive that 50 HP shit cuz you will blast yo engine heavily play it safe if you dont fully understand ECU calibration and remapping with a OBD 2 chip. Me and my father placed one of those and it gives you 30% boost to the engine for slight acceleration and hp like. I highly suggest you to speak with many professionals about topic ECU cuz that thing can either fuck up your car or not fuck it up is 50/50 chance Regarding superchargers if you want a powerful and relient car do a whole engine rebuilt with either v8 or v10 it will take alot of fuel but the power will be something as +200 hp considering the fact ive seen and drove ford escorts with engines handling things like 500 hp or something powerful engines for 50,000 or so In conclussion use a OBD2 chip to your car it wont fuck up anything and the power is 30% differencial which is more senseiable than a fucking 50 hp bullcrap that he said cuz 50 hp= 60% and 60% can fuck up car under 3.0 cubics


    Very nice video.

  • Sparkey Jones
    Sparkey Jones

    I really hope the "slammed" look with ridiculous camber goes away soon. On the other hand, my classic stock BMW is becoming more valuable because so many have been put into the hands of guys who end up destroying them. It's still heartbreaking to watch.

  • Eddy Rejserbil
    Eddy Rejserbil

    Wunderbaums make wonders on the racetrack

  • Satchmo freed
    Satchmo freed

    If you want ur car 2 go faster or use less fuel dont give ur fat friends a lift

  • xx executr xx
    xx executr xx

    wings, non-standalone-ecu tunes, higher octane fuel, decats etc can all work, you've mixed wheel sizes and tire width a little as well. What you've done is mostly covered mods that might not work, and entirely aestethic mods. You've also ignored that cars are engineered to compromise between a lot of things, and hence shifting the compromise toward performance can be valid. So the engineer excuse doesn't work

  • Ilham


  • Reykureiry2

    As we all know pink Paint doubles the engine Power and every sticker gives you 5hp extra

  • Rob Disco
    Rob Disco

    can we keep the big wheels pertained to cars that can handle big wheels thats why we put them on box chevy trucks and box caprices and box impalas and not only do we put the big rims onwe also upgrade the engine and trans so lets tell it right b4 you go bashing our culture most of those cars you show in your sneak diss have those main upgrades its no diff than the big ass trucks with the swampers on them those cars have the same suspension and rear ends as those trucks so whats the diff? you arr not good at research at all you throw blind fake facts in place of true facts and call it a vid un subbbbgod as fast as i can

  • 4Kandlez

    "Racing" alloy wheel nuts/studs save a massive amount of unsprung mass, especially when a wheel goes missing. They do come in pretty colours though.

  • CATO

    Makes me feel like a freakin idiot when I was younger Jesus. I used to put octane booster all the time in my ES 300 sedan which also had an aftermarket wing. ....on a Lexus ES 300... a wing...

    • s snerd
      s snerd

      ....d000000000d....i usta make my own octane booster!! lol but then, again, i was running 24-25psi on a 20G didnt blow

    • Gorilla UMP
      Gorilla UMP

      I put a giant wing on my 88 prelude help it sell. I was having no luck selling it, stuck the wing on and a for sale sign- took it for a drive, sold later that same day.

  • Meshach Nicholas
    Meshach Nicholas

    Ok so I know everything you said here but I still did everything you said dont and I did it to my betsy love that car

  • Michael Orabona
    Michael Orabona

    Spring clamps aren't a mod, at least not the ones shown in the video. They're a tool for spring removal and installation.

  • mobile legends: zero
    mobile legends: zero

    The 933 dislikes are from stancenation.

  • Steven Foley
    Steven Foley

    I always keep my car factory standard . If i want more power then i would buy a more powerful factory built car . Im not taking chances with my expensive car with some guy in a Unit on a industrial estate .

  • Max Mason
    Max Mason

    yall should be calling them high flow intakes for Ex if i put a "cold air intake" on my car and its 100 degrees out its not gonna be sucking in cold air lol so why not call it a high flow intake lmfao

  • Photo Hope
    Photo Hope

    Yellow cars are the fastest ever to go from point A to B 🤣

  • styleyk

    Good video, very informative. 👍🏿

  • firefox5926

    6:53 or you could just by a citroen 2cv...

  • A Melody Of Love
    A Melody Of Love

    He literally used Pulsar 200NS triple spark video yo explain during octane rating.

  • ChopStickZero

    Great video. This video should be mandatory part of classes when youre going for your driving license. Its well presented and not boring. And covers the most common blunders :)

  • Marinus Antonius
    Marinus Antonius

    One also looks like a complete git with all that Tupperware, negative camber and "performance" stickers on the car.

  • qtpatrol

    0:16 that looks like a time attack ek to me???

  • Zion Hoffman
    Zion Hoffman

    Adding a brembo sticker will add AT LEAST 75 hp

  • Limie

    932 people that watched this video are Honda owners

  • Jonathan Ulmer
    Jonathan Ulmer

    You mentioned spark plugs, but not coils and wires.

  • Laszlo Kaponya
    Laszlo Kaponya

    do you realize that ram-air intake actually means that you are getting the air to your filter as a direct stream of air, outside of the chassis - thus it cannot really be much hotter than ambient? Ram-air therefore is inheritently is a cold-air intake.

  • goatmonkey2112

    You don't increase the car's ride height with larger wheels if tire's total diameter doesn't change. You just can't get the same ratio tires.