Subaru Impreza WRX STi Prodrive 2004 - see why it's the best Scooby ever!
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When it comes to road-worthy rally cars, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better alternative than the Subaru Impreza WRX STi!
It may have first been released way back in 2004, but let’s be honest, given the latest Subarus have been pretty boring, you need to travel this far back to find one that’s worth reviewing!
But does it still stand the test of time? Mat drove one of these when it was first released, but will he still be as impressed as he was 16 years ago? Stick with him for his latest review to find out!
00:00 Intro
00:29 History
02:07 Engine
03:07 0 - 60mph
03:56 Brakes
05:01 Drivetrain
06:10 Driving
07:58 Exterior Design
09:38 Interior Design
10:42 Back Seats
11:57 Boot
12:29 Price
13:15 Five Annoying Features
15:15 Five Cool Features
16:44 Daily Driving
18:50 Verdict
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  • carwow

    It may be 16 years old, but does this Impreza WRX STi still stand the test of time?! Let us know what you think below!

    • Mark Guest
      Mark Guest

      Agreed have the 04 Forester Sti. Old school fun!

    • xr7 cars
      xr7 cars

      Subaro imbreza type ra is the best handling sedan in the world

    • xr7 cars
      xr7 cars

      Go test the 2018 sti s208

    • xr7 cars
      xr7 cars

      No super car can play with it because you can't know how match horses she have

    • xr7 cars
      xr7 cars

      Its icon that's no car can be like it because its offroading reliability is good this car can live along

  • fkylw

    This guy has the same speaking inflection as Uncle Roger.

  • totalynotfunny guy
    totalynotfunny guy

    Who tf calls subarus “scoobys” wtf

  • Ghevorg Shacarean
    Ghevorg Shacarean

    Mat I want you to review a honda city 2012 please

  • sonor prolite
    sonor prolite

    I daily drive a 2004 stage two protune STi Nothing like it out there

  • Jace’s Own World
    Jace’s Own World

    Best STI design period!

  • Konstantin Ridaya
    Konstantin Ridaya

    Awesome car. I sure understand, why people would still buy it. However, to say, that Colin McRae were the best rally driver ever, might be stretching it. He sure were very good and in a class on his own in his time and even outside UK all rally fans were in shock, when he crashed and died. Also because he was known as a genuine gentleman. But, if you ask any rally enthusiast, who the best rally driver were ever, you most likely will receive a long list of names of great Finish drivers and also a sure mention of Carlos Sainz. Colin McRae were not even the only great Subaru driver, Peter Solberg from Norway for instance were the top driver on the WRC circuit for even longer time than Colin McRae and also won the 2003 championship. However, one man stands out to me, though he is maybe so contemporary still, that he has not moved into the list of rally legends and that just has to be Sebastien Loeb. He actually dominated the sport for more than a decade, winning 9 straight championships from 2004 to 2012. Essentially, all those years everyone else in the WRC drove for the second place in the championship, just like everyone else in the hay days of Michael Schumacher drove for second place in F1; that dominant Sebastien Loeb were! In my book he just have to be the best rally driver ever and on top he have had success in other motorsports as well. By the way, I'm a Dane, so I have no stake in this that way; I can't remember a single great Danish rally driver even.

  • sanjeev gangaram
    sanjeev gangaram

    why does he look like mario mandzukic

  • tHe ReAL DEal
    tHe ReAL DEal

    I’d have one on my drive if it wasn’t for the ridiculous car crime in Birmingham ,

  • Nick T
    Nick T

    i’ve got a wrx wagon and my favorite thing by far is the simplicity of the interior and the rawness of the driving experience

  • xr7 cars
    xr7 cars

    Bay it

  • xr7 cars
    xr7 cars

    Don't forget that you can 360 angle easy

  • ektek69

    Matt you need to review some 80's hot hatches - R5 GTT, 205 GTI, XR2 etc etc. Would be hilarious checking out the build quality in some of them! Head to head against the latest crop of hot hatches would be pretty interesting as well, not as quick, but perhaps more fun? MAKE IT HAPPEN!!

  • Andreas A
    Andreas A

    Why don't u test Subaru Levorg and Subaru WRX STI 2020?

    • Mark Bundy
      Mark Bundy

      It’s junk

  • Syah Rixky
    Syah Rixky

    Never say rubbish to Japan engineers

  • Syah Rixky
    Syah Rixky

    Please review S209

  • Im Fat
    Im Fat

    its more expensive then an amg and some can more then an r35

  • William Dawber
    William Dawber

    my smart roadster has pillar less doors and the list price of that was £13,000 😂😂

  • -

    Finally! A Subaru! This example is a cherry, too. 15+ grand for one of these is pretty typical. I'd love to see you review a Megane 225 RS next!

  • Aiden Cameron
    Aiden Cameron

    This was a fantastic era to be 12-13 and be into rallying.

  • DemonicSamahir

    I have this car in red colour too I love the quality and design of the interior, I dont know what is the matter with matt, he hates every car I love

  • Rick Lima
    Rick Lima

    i think it's still bit worse than the wrx sti japanese spec, making about 300hp and 420nm or so, and revving up too 8000rpm. If you want a sti even better, you can get a type ra or even a s204

  • Martin Knowles
    Martin Knowles

    Have a listen to Chris Harris' Collecting Cars Podcast episode with Richard Tuthill...all the Prodrive machines were done in a shed by Richard Tuthill, just a badge, seat & wheels!

  • MrWick

    you wont destory an sti 6 speed, those things will handle 700 hp

  • Aidan Kreltszheim
    Aidan Kreltszheim

    Matt, please don’t call this car old... it hurts me ☹️

    • -

      Same here! To me cars like this are still relatively current!

  • Mayuresh Patil
    Mayuresh Patil

    Matt please make more jdm car review vedios please I love it

  • Russelle Wannell
    Russelle Wannell

    Do a Lexus 2011 ISF test Matt.

  • Mr Dave
    Mr Dave

    These ads are becoming a real pain

  • imi hussain
    imi hussain

    The battle between Subi Vs Evo is like in mortal combat terms scorpion Vs sub-zero

  • AwesomeCarGuy


  • AwesomeCarGuy


  • Alin Frunza
    Alin Frunza

    Hey Mat. Please review and old Mazda also

  • 김병석

    framless window!

  • 김병석

    so cool

  • Shahzad Mahmood
    Shahzad Mahmood

    I would love to put this car on a test track against the cars of today, handling awesome..i know it can chase a ferrari on the corners...😂😂😂

  • Jeremy Laurence Amadé Hill Edwards
    Jeremy Laurence Amadé Hill Edwards

    Honestly, probably my dream car.

  • John Thodos
    John Thodos

    Mitsubishi EVO ????

    • Mark Bundy
      Mark Bundy


  • nikee rulz
    nikee rulz

    Run Mat, run!

  • wax333

    These are becoming more expensive everyday in NZ to the point where its almost cheaper to buy a current model.

  • Ngũgĩ Ngũgĩ
    Ngũgĩ Ngũgĩ

    So Sam is a girl, nice

  • C R
    C R

    Need a review of one of the classic Imprezas! :)

  • C R
    C R

    Can't beat older cars. (pre 2006) Pure raw driving. No fancy driving "aids". Subarus are amazing once you look after them. The drive makes up for the plastics. I've a 1996 1.6 and it's the basic model but still so much fun! And loud. Watch the heavy boot lid though. Not fun when it falls and tries to chop your head off when you're rooting in the boot.

  • Keshawn Ricketts
    Keshawn Ricketts

    That car is kicking

  • MrBeans

    I want one so bad!!!!!! I have an '18 and I want an 04-06 model for a project car.

  • Nishanth Uppalapati
    Nishanth Uppalapati

    Please do a video on Legacy sti.

  • Bill ManagerBunson
    Bill ManagerBunson

    hehe watching this with a lifted offroad wrx wagon with gutted rear sure is uh interesting

  • Lowie Vanderheeren
    Lowie Vanderheeren

    now we need an evo video!!

  • Bobby Mircevski
    Bobby Mircevski

    Great review and to the point. Australia got the same version as in the UK and im lucky to own one in WR Blue with the last of the EJ207.

  • Zak Mall
    Zak Mall

    Drag jdm cars plzzz

  • Steeky

    Say what you want, the Subaru Impreza will always be my dream car

  • Shariq Mirzaa
    Shariq Mirzaa

    Boot opening having a key in those days were normal also having a latch inside was better...

  • Meera Upadhyay
    Meera Upadhyay

    Haha sam

  • Hunter

    I would buy this car

  • Dimpet Ferrari1925
    Dimpet Ferrari1925

    The blue Subaru Impreza WRC(2003-2004) with the golden wheels and the yellow-green stars is just legendary

  • Hunter

    I would buy that

  • Ori Asaraf
    Ori Asaraf

    Can you make a tutorial on how to lunch a manual car please??

  • Uday Gian Sharma
    Uday Gian Sharma

    You should have crashed this as previously Sam dented your RS4 when he borrowed it from you

  • HamSi

    You should review a Toyota Landcruiser 80 series.

  • Xriiston Xriistoff
    Xriiston Xriistoff

    we should get rally race

  • Xriiston Xriistoff
    Xriiston Xriistoff

    Love the frameless windows.......

  • Unlimited Clips
    Unlimited Clips

    maybe a lancer evo video?

  • stopspin

    Each variation model over the decades also was available in an RA model. No fancy stuff roll up windows, roof scoop much lighter than the sti models. Earlier models had no airbags. Better limited slip differentials. Basically an entry level model for rallying. Just stick a roll cage in it. WRX STI RA.

  • James Taylor
    James Taylor

    Matt, why do Poms call them ImpreTza? There isn’t a T in the name :/

  • Scoot Films
    Scoot Films

    do a new WRX plezzzz

  • Paul Taylor
    Paul Taylor

    Love to see you review a fiat coupe 20v turbo.

  • TurboTV

    A minute in and this is the funniest car review I’ve ever seen🤣🤣🤣

  • Just some dude who can't play games
    Just some dude who can't play games

    A scoobaru wrx sti

  • desperado73397

    In my country that car new was 50 000 eur

  • Nuno Real
    Nuno Real

    You should review some pocket rockets like my former Mini Cooper S R53, It was a fantastic car to drive!!

  • Yuwindu Pathirage
    Yuwindu Pathirage

    Land cruiser 200 with a diesel v8

  • Paul Mitchell
    Paul Mitchell

    7:43 That exhaust.

  • Paul Mitchell
    Paul Mitchell

    The sound

  • Livi70590

    The centre diff clocking at low speeds, high lock is the first sign that it's going. Keep an eye on that Sam.

  • Dickie Price
    Dickie Price

    Bulletproof engine I love mine so much

  • Amaan Ashiq
    Amaan Ashiq

    Front grill isn’t standard, front spoiler ain’t standard

  • DaddyHokage

    first car? or no

  • shucky ducky
    shucky ducky

    Who owns one of these cars and are in the 200000+ mile club and dailys smash a like!

    • YungRetroGamer

      It amazes me how reliable these things are

  • Al

    12:48 oh I didn't realize that Sam is Samantha his daughter.

  • Matthew Allcock
    Matthew Allcock

    Matt, is there any chance that you could do a review on the old Land Rover Defender, Would LOVE to see it.

  • Mantazini : Circuit_Devotees
    Mantazini : Circuit_Devotees

    Please find someone who has imported Spec c or Type RA R or S204 , basically any jdm twin scroll car with specific STI bits . You'll be gobsmacked how shit UK/US cars feel against them.

  • Jon hjfofs
    Jon hjfofs

    everyone else knows not to sit on a alloy bonnet Mr Watson !

  • Stuart Hunter
    Stuart Hunter

    Never appealed to me due to sheer ugliness. Same with the new civic. The EVO was better

  • niovids

    Matt , why u always driving on the wrong side of the road? It's dangerous :P

  • Up the villa
    Up the villa

    I want another one they still look modern today!

  • Mr Jones
    Mr Jones

    You can't honestly sit there and say someone who only won the WRC only once in their lifetime is the greatest rally driver of all time??? As magnificent as McRae was, it was a one off success which he never repeated. Unlike the real greatest rally driver Sébastien Loeb who won 9 WRC titles in a row. You either don't know the sport or you're incredibly biased? Either pick isn't a great look on you.

  • T C
    T C

    We want more videos like this japan beauty... MORE JAPAN BEAUTIES!!! 🇯🇵

  • Brian Grant
    Brian Grant

    Race this against some newer vehicles Battle of the ages

  • Legacy RS Sweden
    Legacy RS Sweden

    It is a 2005 model not a 2004. The problem with the EJ257 is not headgaskets its the thin cylinder liners (because of the bigger bore) that cracks.

  • John Smith
    John Smith

    Please review the Forester STI

  • Nikoll Gjini
    Nikoll Gjini

    Review Mercedes Benz E500 w124 please

  • Sula Kasolo
    Sula Kasolo

    It's just nice

  • peterBGWrh

    Hello Mat, it would be nice of you to test old sport's car. Good job by the way 👏🏽 Pierre from France

  • Shahid Hajee
    Shahid Hajee

    Hi Mat Please, can you do a drag video on Subaru Wrx sti and Mitsubish Evo

  • MS

    What is the benefit of frameless door? Besides looking "cool" though?

    • Mark Bundy
      Mark Bundy

      Less weight people can’t bend the door out to break in

  • Mc Allister Nunis
    Mc Allister Nunis

    Wish i had that money now😭. I cant wait to own one. Its been my dream car since i was 6 or 7.Just turned 22 today. Watching this as a motivation to own it someday

  • tri wahyu utomo
    tri wahyu utomo


  • Tareq Saleem
    Tareq Saleem

    Hey Mat and carwow, some suggestions for some older cars: BMW E46 M3 BMW E63 M6 BMW E85 Z4 M Coupe Honda NSX 90s Toyota Supra 90s Nissan Skyline 90s

  • k s
    k s

    Can you test the BMW E90 330i from 2005 with the last proper NA engine (N52) ;). I own one and I'm preparing it for amateur racing.

  • Oli Wilson
    Oli Wilson

    How you gonna skip v1-6 and say this is a second gen? Did the 90s not happen...

  • Ian Njoroge
    Ian Njoroge

    its only natural that you then have to do an evo review

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