The MOST DANGEROUS ROADS in the world!
From Brazil to China, Mat's back to share with you a list of the 13 most dangerous roads in the world! Working out the average deaths each year per ten miles, these are thirteen roads which you should definitely avoid, no matter what car you're driving! But can you guess which will come in at number one? And have you driven on any of them before?! Let us know in the comments below!
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  • kabob21

    What the... my parents live off I-45 in Dallas. What a weird, random thing to come up on a UK car-buying channel.

  • Lance Whynzel David
    Lance Whynzel David

    Oh wait my country is on top 4, top 3

  • Muhammad Huzaifa
    Muhammad Huzaifa

    Google karakoram highway,pakistan 🙂

  • 24 Miguel Carlo Rivera
    24 Miguel Carlo Rivera

    yeah i live in Philippines

  • LabGorilla

    Time to travel to Bolivia

  • RUDYG21X

    And I thought the M25 or the M40 would be up here.

  • Stephanie Salvio
    Stephanie Salvio

    In the Philippines there is a dangerous road in quezon province it is called “bitukang manok” it's more dangerous there in night

  • Stephanie Salvio
    Stephanie Salvio


  • juanabanana81

    in 2:20 jeremy clarcson, capitan slow and richard hammond would be sooo happy beacuse a caravan crashed

  • Argal von Bregev
    Argal von Bregev

    As a cyclist, I'd say the Yungas Road looks reasonably safe for cycling as long as you're going uphill. Or, in general, really slow. Just stick to the mountain side of the road. Judging from what I've seen of it (mostly Top Gear), the view is amazing... I'd never ever go anywhere near it in a car though.

  • Roy Brown
    Roy Brown


  • David Bernard Sawchong
    David Bernard Sawchong

    The other dangerous road here in the Philippines is the c3 road which is used for lorrys,busses,mini trucks, vans,cars, & motorcycles

  • Arnold Clarke
    Arnold Clarke

    Counting deaths on the roads. Such fun, yet I still watched to the end!

  • Asuncion mini travels and more
    Asuncion mini travels and more

    hiya matt we really like your reviews on cars very informative and funny. but why not you and your team travel around the world with a sponsored car in the worlds most dangerous road to test cars just a suggestion

  • Gayatri Patel
    Gayatri Patel

    India has already built the tunnel

  • Amir Karimi
    Amir Karimi

    There's a road in Lorestan province, Iran, which is named "Gardane Fanni". The road goes goes up Zagros mountains and gets down and ends in Khuzestan province. It's a very very twisty mountain road and I've been there! You literally can't shift from 2 to 3 when you're going up because hairpins are very close and you better pray you don't get stuck behing a trailer or truck. It's not used that much because there's a highway built instead of that but my grandfather, who was a truck driver, told me back in the day on that twisty mountain road, there was at least two deaths a day.

  • Dan A
    Dan A

    All roads in the mountainous north of Pakistani

  • Ned Sevrin Festin
    Ned Sevrin Festin

    Why is these roads dangerous? There should be sign says DANGER ROAD IT'S DANGER

  • Nushirwan Ab. Rahim
    Nushirwan Ab. Rahim

    What about karakoram highway Pakistan?

  • Ezekiel Villangca
    Ezekiel Villangca

    Philippines in 3rd and 4th im quite surprised

  • syed yousuf Shah
    syed yousuf Shah

    5:08 First the name is just "ZojiLa" not "ZojiLa pass" cuz "La" itself means pass in the local Ladakhi language. Sorry for the bad English. I am from Ladakh and i wanna say ZojiLa shouldn't be in this list at all, 11 deaths per year? I am not sure that data is correct, Now i am not saying accidents not happens at all, yes it does but not that much. Its only dangerous beacuse of its height, drivers drive very slow as the road is not macadmized. In fact accidents happens more often at the national highway between Drass and Kargil because vehicles runs at a speed of 60-70 km/h sometimes more than that. ZojiLa used to be a narrow road 4 years ago now two trucks can pass each other very easily. Just check out SLtoos vedios of ZojiLa and tell me if it's dangerous or adventurous. Believe me. I am a local 😉

  • Tristan Acosta
    Tristan Acosta

    Would love to see mat test driving a car in EDSA in Manila.

  • Fajar Perdana Nurullah
    Fajar Perdana Nurullah

    try "sitinjau lauik", in west Sumatera, Indonesia. Accident happened everyday in there, especially for unexperienced drivers.

  • PadmaNaidu Payavula
    PadmaNaidu Payavula

    Pikes Peak is the best road atleast compared with these 13 roads

  • Ali Mohamed
    Ali Mohamed

    Wow I didn't know the 1-4 was that dangerous. I live like 10 minutes away and use it a lot. I haven't seen many crashes on it though 🤔

  • TrlSrf

    For all interested, there is a site I found a year ago about dangerous roads:

  • Akhil Pillay
    Akhil Pillay

    Ah yes can’t leave out South Africa when talking about danger

  • Sardar Khan
    Sardar Khan

    Kashmir has a scary roads as well

  • Indranil Chakrabarty
    Indranil Chakrabarty

    That road in a Ladhak is a death trap. And roads deaths are under reported in India. Thousands die on Indian Highways each year, and the Indian Government" especially the current one " hushes things up.

  • Stephen Kinyanjui
    Stephen Kinyanjui

    😅hohoho Kenya😅

  • Harshdeep Sandhu
    Harshdeep Sandhu

    probably matt does not heard of florida man

  • Rosaan khadka
    Rosaan khadka

    You forget about Nepalese highways.

  • Messe Tjituri
    Messe Tjituri

    I wonder how, the B1 which is known as the death stretch in Namibia, did not make in the list

  • Qasim Ali
    Qasim Ali

    Korakoram highway would like to know your location

  • king of free -fire
    king of free -fire

    He missed the roads of Pakistan lol😂😂

  • Lesetja Molefe
    Lesetja Molefe

    I love the way you pronounced Ermelo. Despite that, SA drivers, especially taxi drivers, are the most impatient and the most disrespectful 🙂

  • Israr Mastoi
    Israr Mastoi

    You should have mentioned fort minro in Pakistan as well, as it is the dangerous road I've ever traveled through.. You can google.. Well thanks

  • Wangiha Mwangi
    Wangiha Mwangi

    This would be incomplete without Kenya

  • Mixedbag Collection
    Mixedbag Collection

    Matt hasn't seen or experienced any roads in Nepal!

  • Vyn Solina
    Vyn Solina

    My question is how many people watching this video that In Philippines.

  • Karl Sandigan
    Karl Sandigan

    it shoud not be happend in the phillipines it becouse of the coraption all the road project dont have budget to lessen this harm

  • Dhruv Singh Pal
    Dhruv Singh Pal

    What about yamuna expressway in india ??

  • melvin the best
    melvin the best

    All of my my south Africans motse mat o tagile

  • Promit Hazra
    Promit Hazra

    Ever heard of "ma" flyover?

    • Rajarshi Singh
      Rajarshi Singh

      You mean 4km drag strip above ground surface ?!

  • Pukhtoon Gaming
    Pukhtoon Gaming

    Google it again matt u forget pakistan

  • Pepple Michel
    Pepple Michel

    You forgot about Nigerian roads😂

  • Bilal Samsudeen
    Bilal Samsudeen

    Fun fact: The A1 in England has annual death toll of 4.2 per 10 miles despite the fact that 172 people die on it per year!! Most deaths are caused by accidents!

  • Karanveer Singh
    Karanveer Singh

    In Kenya, if you are on a major road with a high speed limit, always beware of morons in land cruiser prados, they always seem to think they're fast and cause accidents leaving the area unscathed.

  • Najma

    i have been in this road in ladakh

  • Erastus Reinhold
    Erastus Reinhold

    What about B1 road in Namibia

  • Juron Changmha
    Juron Changmha

    Indians are great drivers european and Americans including aussies and new Zealander are not so good drivers

  • Ferrential

    The M6 has an annual death toll of 160 so Matt forgot one

  • Niko gabunia -
    Niko gabunia -

    You guys don’t need to Shetty it’s in it’s in Georgia and everyone falls off of it if you’re not a very good driver it’s very good chance you for off the mountain and you’ll die

  • Yuki NYAA
    Yuki NYAA

    Carwow top tip: AVOID

  • Aleem Dadkhan
    Aleem Dadkhan

    You need do some research on Karakorum high way in the north of Pakistan. This road will beat all, including all the deaths happened in all those 13roads. But the data is hidden

  • Rawlings Mbai
    Rawlings Mbai

    Hehe good to know Mat recognizes my country Kenya for the bad roads😂. I basically drive over 110km in every road here

  • Xavier Cox
    Xavier Cox

    Good pronunciation of cairns

  • Stewie Griffin
    Stewie Griffin

    Where are my Extreme Trucker 2 gang at? Yungas Drivers anywhere

  • Rishi kumar S
    Rishi kumar S

    Each and every Indian road is dangerous because nobody follows traffic rules, and a lot of teens drive two wheelers with no helmet or driving licence( they overtake everyone on the road and jump the signal ).

  • Ian Muriuki
    Ian Muriuki

    😂😂😂 I'm not sure where you get your data from but there's no such road in Kenya

  • AS

    Lol he hasnt visited india-pakistan

  • Nismo Republic of Gamers
    Nismo Republic of Gamers

    I'm from Kenya, people die here like seriously more than you can imagine. It's insane

  • Marc Gabriel Gonzales
    Marc Gabriel Gonzales

    There's a lot of dangerous of roads here at Philippines because of the worst drivers. Some driver don't follow road signs.

  • B Nagesh Prabhu
    B Nagesh Prabhu

    Who thinks that Indian roads are really dangerous Lol Proud to be Indian.

  • Philippe Je Suis From The Future
    Philippe Je Suis From The Future

    Great Bumblebee limo has landed in Australia

  • Fahad Rehman
    Fahad Rehman

    This is how my parents went to school

  • Malsha Sandaru
    Malsha Sandaru

    Hey 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🔥🔥

  • Abedaben Masu
    Abedaben Masu

    Most dangers road.

  • Ariyan Khan
    Ariyan Khan

    Just any highway from Bangladesh u always see a ton of crashed vehicles on the side mostly bc of bus and truck drivers they try to cut u off if ur trying to overtake them and u want to overtake them bc they are literally doing 60kmph and for some reason they dont like people overtaking them while they are driving way below the speed limit and also there are no highway patrol meaning most people just speed and also bus and truck drivers race each other and dont give a shit if they run u over and also people jaywalk into the highway and we have problem with underage people driving and also biker drive on the highway and in Bangladesh most people ride around 125cc bikes which arnt fast enough on the highway so sometimes people accidentally run them over its just a huge mess and also did i mention 1 lane highways these in my opinion are the worst bc traffic is slow bc of trucks and buses so people constantly try to overtake others by going into the other side into incoming vehicles

  • Mohamed Fathy
    Mohamed Fathy

    you should check Egypt's ring road 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Shanese virtually
    Shanese virtually

    I live in kenya and let me tell u every road in kenya is dangerous.drunk drivers, speeders,impatient people,crazy pedestrians,oh and don't forget matatus(buses and vans psv)na tuk tuk

    • Shanese virtually
      Shanese virtually

      I've also been on road no 5.all that is true and even more

  • mala pandey
    mala pandey

    Oh Fantastic Video. Thanks for Uploading a wonderful video , I suggested to you also one more fantastic video-


    I will never get used to Europeans pronouncing Kenyan names.

  • oscar goodger-mcgrath
    oscar goodger-mcgrath

    im aussie ive never heard high way of shame

  • Talha Asad
    Talha Asad

    Most dangerous roads in the world are the roads of Pakistan 😂😂

    • Talha Asad
      Talha Asad

      Only Pakistani's can understand😜

  • Nazmul Hussain
    Nazmul Hussain

    Mat Watson: presenting the most dengerours roads. Bangladesh Dhaka Chittagong Highway: Am I a joke to you??

  • Muhammad Mahad
    Muhammad Mahad

    There are more dangerous road more than you can dream in Pakistan specially (KKH) karakoram highway. To torture someone you can take take him to fairy meadows in Nothern Pakistan.

  • William Hahs
    William Hahs

    Currently running a load from Houston to Dallas on 45....yall pray for me lol jk. I run this way multiple times a week

  • Kolawole Isaac
    Kolawole Isaac

    Most roads in Nigeria are dangerous 😂😂😂😂

  • ashfaqueibne awal
    ashfaqueibne awal

    Litrelly All the Roads In Bangladesh

  • Shah Ji
    Shah Ji

    Roads in pakistan known by less people are crazy dangerous and only local drivers can drive

  • Githua J.N.
    Githua J.N.

    In Kenya, the A104 is not called Chiromo road.

  • Diazepamo

    next time please step 2 m to left or right when filming.

  • Bjørn H. Hovde
    Bjørn H. Hovde

    I would rather see the roads than your face. You take up all the screen.

  • alfred kik
    alfred kik

    The tittle should be like this "some of the most dangerous roads in the world".

  • Arnav Chinchankar
    Arnav Chinchankar

    It depends on type of drivers,

  • mr puginton
    mr puginton

    Wait. Wrong place. Its called the brisbane terror

  • mr puginton
    mr puginton

    Australian here. Its called the highway of death in NSW

  • Crayzi Mixed
    Crayzi Mixed

    2 roads in 1 video. That's my country 🤣🤣🤣

  • yordaman1

    Fact check! I seriously doubt that the worst part of I-4 is around Disneyland........considering Disneyland is in California, not Florida. I assume you mean Disney World? I think it’s disgusting that people can post any incorrect tripe on I’m about to rectify that by adding something about me being the best driver in the whole world, which is obviously true. Probably. (Great content, keep it going!).....

  • Fluffy Beast
    Fluffy Beast

    You really need to stay to the side of the screen

  • Rishabh Chatterjee
    Rishabh Chatterjee

    I don't think drink driving makes the road unsafe, its just people being stupid.

  • johndaniel credo
    johndaniel credo

    Yup the Philippines

  • Ivan Kuzin
    Ivan Kuzin

    No Russian roads? I'm really surprised. I have a feeling 90 percents of car crash videos in youtube belong to Russia

  • Usama Ejaz
    Usama Ejaz

    Seriously? Wasn't expecting such a poor list from you.

  • Hassan Abanur
    Hassan Abanur

    One of the worst roads in the world: Eglinton Ave East, live nearby and probably the worst road by far. ( It's in Toronto, Canada if you're wondering )

  • Minesh Nissanka
    Minesh Nissanka

    Mat Watson's virtual background in calls be like 😂😂😂

  • Kadir Yilmaz
    Kadir Yilmaz

    Did you see D95 Çaykara road

  • Dr. Nitro
    Dr. Nitro

    I am happy that india made it .

  • suvir Maharaj
    suvir Maharaj

    Hey I am from south Africa it is true