New Bentley Bentayga 2021 - better than a Rolls-Royce Cullinan?
Introducing the new Bentley Bentayga! It may only be a facelift, but this new Bentaya shows that Bentley firmly has the Cullinan in its sights as it aims to retake the crown of the poshest SUV EVER! Of course, this opulence will come at a rather big price, but if you could afford it, would you choose this new Bentayga over the Rolls Royce? Keep watching and let us know in the comments!
00:00 - Intro
00:29 - Styling
01:32 - Interior
02:26 - Headlights
03:07 - Infotainment
04:00 - Chassis
04:44 - Engines
05:36 - Seats
06:32 - Driving
07:11 - Upgrades
08:02 - Price
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  • Grace Franklin
    Grace Franklin

    i love the the way how they breakdown the video into chapters

  • Man Bear Pig
    Man Bear Pig

    Wonder if they'll park exchange my Ford ka

  • K T
    K T

    So everyone makes fun of BMW big grille but not Bentley or Rolls-Royce

  • Dean Ambrose
    Dean Ambrose

    Not better than Cullinan

  • shopwithaaron

    Not loving the rear redesign...something missing...Rest is OK!

  • Nsofwa Chanda
    Nsofwa Chanda

    Can't wait for Mansory to put their hands on this one, though I can't afford it 🤣

  • Thomas Wright
    Thomas Wright

    gimmie this onn some 24's and im good

  • Elite .Bulu
    Elite .Bulu

    8:21 did he say get ready to f** out ?

  • Horny Sloth
    Horny Sloth

    Honestly it looks so much better than the old one without making a lot of changes

  • wozza77able

    Spreading the wheels out 20mm made all the difference now they look like Alan off roader

  • D M
    D M

    Definitely prefer this over the Rolls Royce Cullinan.

  • Steve King
    Steve King

    Anyone know the colour at around 01:10 as the configurator is just presenting me with variations of bogey?

  • peti sirellio
    peti sirellio

    Its an ugly audi, for the russian tayga

  • peti sirellio
    peti sirellio

    Both the cullinan( a cadilac copy cat) and the bentayga ( audi 7 ) are utterly UGLY

  • Miki R
    Miki R

    Beautiful redesign, actually makes this truck likable. Always found it a design fail 😛

  • ike s
    ike s

    The rear lights used to be great wtf

  • Ahmed Tanveer
    Ahmed Tanveer

    Background music 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Justin Miller
    Justin Miller

    It’s beautiful and yes, Trump is an idiot and hard on the ears.

  • saddiq mohd
    saddiq mohd

    Who all like the car 🚗 ???

  • phil driver
    phil driver

    it is great , but not better than rolls royce .

  • Joost Brouwer
    Joost Brouwer

    there is only one thing i need to know it is still one of the ugliest cars on earth,tied with the cullinan

  • Ghulam Dastgeer
    Ghulam Dastgeer


  • Ali Ali
    Ali Ali

    How much is this car?

  • David Davidsonn
    David Davidsonn

    what's wrong with the sound???

  • Michael Hall
    Michael Hall

    Please stop the ads interrupting the video, they are just so annoying and may well stop me watching in future.

  • KøkøS Kæsten
    KøkøS Kæsten

    This is old Audi Q7 with new Bentley makeup

  • Thokozani Gabela
    Thokozani Gabela

    Bentley, making a great car greater But seriously though look at it, just gorgeous🔥

  • Lazzy J
    Lazzy J

    drag race the new c8 corvette!!!!

  • Sean Coleman
    Sean Coleman

    I plead guilty! As in pleasure ... the Bentayga should repulse me but it doesn't. I confess fantasizing about winning the lottery and wafting around in the plug-in hybrid (to get Mom safely to her Dr. appointments, don't you know?). On the other hand, I've no problem detesting the RR Cullinan. It's ugly. The Cullinan design succeeds in one respect: it has the same aggressive, oppressive hostility as its saloon siblings. These 21st century Rolls Royces are ponced up Panzers.

  • Kevin Niemi
    Kevin Niemi


  • Rei Gashi
    Rei Gashi

    Why’s every car manufacturer using “dynamic” signals?... most of them are crap compared to Audi’s.


    I don’t like the car but I’m in love with those orbed tail lights, ir goes very well with Bentley style

  • Fahad Siddiqui
    Fahad Siddiqui

    Bentley is part of VWAG and it looks like a Tuareg, urus, q8 as it’s part of the same chassis

  • Single malt
    Single malt

    The front end on the old car was absolutely awful - all droopy and just terrible. This new front end is a big improvement. But, the car is still very obviously based on a Q7 platform- which is a big problem for me.

  • Rodrigo MF
    Rodrigo MF

    better? I don't know, more beautiful, of course

  • Paramjeet Rajan
    Paramjeet Rajan

    well you are just telling a lies actually the rolls Royce is expensive than new Bently bentayga 2021

  • Wondering Wanderer
    Wondering Wanderer

    I had always thought than when you introduce a new version of any kind of thing, it has to look better than the older version. With Bentayga, the opposite is happening. The new version looks uglier. What's wrong within Bentley?

  • Our Pakistan
    Our Pakistan

    Are you in washroom Mate ?

  • Jay Pea
    Jay Pea

    It looks like an updated Audi Q7 from the back... I wouldn't say no though.

  • Casper the Ghost
    Casper the Ghost

    Please leave politics out of your reviews,,, better to be thought a fool, than to open thy mouth & leave no doubt !

  • Organic Me
    Organic Me


  • Bhaumik Shukla
    Bhaumik Shukla

    Hey Matt, greetings from Canada! I love your videos please do a luxury car comparison between Phantom and Mulsanne and cullinan vs Bentayga

  • Silk Cut Livery Jaguar XJR-9
    Silk Cut Livery Jaguar XJR-9

    To be honest, from the front, it looks good, but from the back, it could look a little better.

  • Thabang Lebopa
    Thabang Lebopa

    Looks like a super glorified Tiguan


    ഈ വീഡിയോ എന്റെ ചാനലിൽ ഉടൻ കോപ്പി അടിച്ചില്ലെങ്കിൽ ഒരു സമാധാനവും ഇല്ല 😂

  • Jens Rappholdt
    Jens Rappholdt

    Interior is a joke...

  • Souhaj

    Excellent Design I love it

  • Souhaj

    **Cullinan is such an ugly car*...

  • Hare Hemopo
    Hare Hemopo

    although this car has caught up with the RR there is something special about being in a rolls it sets you apart the fact that it doesn't have to be so shiny to make a statement

  • IT return Scribbles
    IT return Scribbles


  • arielkatana

    Lampu blkg tak brape ngam la. Elok lampu lama lg. Ni nak senang keje la ni guna lampu blkg continental gt..

  • Tuan Anh Pham
    Tuan Anh Pham

    If it’s not hybrid then it negates everything

  • Rudolf Rohn
    Rudolf Rohn

    Love the rear flashing light...

  • Fri Geston
    Fri Geston

    Do you even know that Land Rover will make something incredible, they will fit all budget that they have 0£. S wait for the magic, not magic its furios and buy it. release 22 in january.

  • Bootz_The_Cat

    This video called me broke

  • Rory Wheeldon
    Rory Wheeldon

    naaaa If you cant get one for real, dont try to fob us off with a selection of pictures from bentleys promo stuff, Get one and give it a good poking..its what we want! Lazy journo stuff we can do without.

  • Matt

    I don’t like the brake lights

  • Sundar C-G
    Sundar C-G

    That fucking music lol

  • Kishan Kish
    Kishan Kish

    At the end, both are the ugliest looking SUV, i mean CUV!!! A SUV has a Body on Frame , while a CUV is a Unibody!!

  • TrackHawk_707

    jeep trackhawk is the fastest suv in the world

  • T P
    T P

    Previous gen’s rear taillights looked awful looks much better now

  • Dan kny
    Dan kny

    Cullinan somehow looks like a new London taxi

  • Kleon Cars
    Kleon Cars

    The old one never really got my attention but this new one is dropdead gorgeus

  • Nana Kwaku
    Nana Kwaku

    Waiting for the comparison video of the Bentayga and the Cullinan - I know Carwow won't disappoint :)

  • Minnie's World
    Minnie's World

    such an ugly car...

  • L Trübi
    L Trübi

    Drag Race vs the urus of yanni please

  • Ajay Mathew
    Ajay Mathew

    And didyou guys wathe mats moms viedio

  • Ajay Mathew
    Ajay Mathew

    Mat is so cool

  • Jd_2Funny _
    Jd_2Funny _

    All I see is a Yacht on wheels lol😅

  • Himesh Ranasinghe
    Himesh Ranasinghe

    It looks way better than a RR 💯

  • PlatinumBlackOut

    Why do you mention Trump? You don’t even live in the USA 🇺🇸

    • andrew kennedy
      andrew kennedy

      Its for cheap shots at him. Sad really.

  • Javid Nabiyev
    Javid Nabiyev

    Cybertruck numbers guys @

  • Arcus Puffious
    Arcus Puffious

    Looks waaay better!

  • Moaath MAS
    Moaath MAS


  • Basil Nadeem
    Basil Nadeem

    Who in their right mind would choose a Bentley over a rolls

  • St Elswhere
    St Elswhere

    Quite like the back but there is a whiff of Jag X Type around the headlights and grill.

  • Edward Kang
    Edward Kang

    Thanks for no likes :)

  • Alex R
    Alex R

    That thing is ugly no matter what badge it’s has

  • Deepti Agarwal
    Deepti Agarwal

    Bentayga is not better than rolls Royce cullinan

  • fredrik samuelssin
    fredrik samuelssin

    being the least cancerous car channel, keep it that way and stay out of politics

  • Ibrahim Akhtar
    Ibrahim Akhtar

    6:23 best script 😂

  • Carlos Trecan
    Carlos Trecan

    lamvolksauschey xDDD

  • sc0or

    The bolder design is a mistake. A previous one equally matched to male or female buyers. But not this new one. An annual report will unveil everything I expected more changes inside. Nobody cried about an old exterior.

  • snowboard1805

    Looks better than the previous!

  • TL


  • Paranormal Rock Radio.
    Paranormal Rock Radio.

    A nip n tuck version of a fugly car. #Fuglier

  • 113

    man imagine owning this and some karen with her fiat 500 smashes yo rear end lmfaooooo

  • Mike C
    Mike C

    353 dislikers are trump supporters

  • pasullica

    Who would have guessed, that the most expensive SUVs (Rolls, Bentley) would be also the ugliest.

  • mark dark
    mark dark

    problem with this car is it doesn't have any presence! I mean it doesn't look exclusive at all, there is no finesse, beauty or elegance what so ever! simply this car looks outdated already and very fugly so question is why bother to even mention it?!? on the other hand it siblings are very very nice cars.....

  • Boukas Floukas
    Boukas Floukas

    A V6 bentley?!

  • jimbob2bob

    It looks chavy and not classy at all.

  • Greenwalt Ella
    Greenwalt Ella

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  • Mets


  • All# Crazy*
    All# Crazy*

    Worst back light ever, Specially on the sedan/supercar like models

  • Zack

    Matt, did you record this in a closet?

  • User166437 Gffg
    User166437 Gffg

    New one is much better looking. Old model was Lil ugly.

  • 李雪峰

    Me: Give us another video, Mat! Mat: enjoying my three-day break.

  • I am The one
    I am The one

    It’s beautiful I’ll be buying one soon

  • Mark B
    Mark B

    I can't wait for you to drive this car.