Audi RS7 vs AMG GT 63S 4-Door: DRAG RACE
It’s time for a 4-litre twin-turbo V8 showdown! The Mercedes-AMG GT 4-Door is a favourite of ours when it comes to drag races, and it’s easy to see why, given it can put down 639hp & 900Nm of torque! As for the RS7? It’s got the same engine, but the power stats are lower! So will the weight advantage push it across the line first? There’s only one way to find out… LET’S RACE!
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  • John Jerrehian
    John Jerrehian

    No question MB is quicker. Not sure I would want to spend 50,000 more for this as I really like the looks of the RS7, (then spend a little for a software upgrade if you want some extra kick).

  • Hunter Biden's Crackpipe
    Hunter Biden's Crackpipe

    New Audis are trash all round, shiit sound, shiit performance

  • Ewan McCulloch
    Ewan McCulloch

    That Merc is stunning!

  • Billygoat gruff
    Billygoat gruff

    The Merc is quicker but the Audi is................. yeah na the Merc is bomb!

  • bebeto

    that Benz model is impressive

  • Seeperson Niharsingh
    Seeperson Niharsingh

    Nest race ,gt63s vs m5comp

  • Unknown S
    Unknown S

    Audi messed up the rs7

  • Mella Style
    Mella Style

    AMG For Life! Mi Say! Don!👌💪❤🔥💫💯


    Rs7 ist besser


    The looks of Audi are 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • sweatyrule stw
    sweatyrule stw


  • Larry The lobster
    Larry The lobster

    Merc better be quicker with a 50k + price tag.

  • Blue Jackets
    Blue Jackets

    AMG GT sounded the best it’s sound like the popcorn machine at the movies

  • Aadesh Gavali
    Aadesh Gavali

    Whatever happens still love rs7 ❤️

  • Andrew Stoffel
    Andrew Stoffel

    Why would you spend an extra 50k on the Mercedes? So you can tell people you did.

  • David Lockhart
    David Lockhart

    Both cars are fantastic but Mercedes have been making extremely attractive cars in the last few years !!

  • Erik G
    Erik G

    Denmark: RS7: £ 272,230 MB AMG: £ 285,265

  • Kailen Reddy
    Kailen Reddy


  • Kailen Reddy
    Kailen Reddy


  • dan tsy
    dan tsy

    Dislike because you didn't consider us American narcs when putting up kg only for the weight.

  • Krithik cs
    Krithik cs

    Love the look of that RS6

  • BenjaminPuipuiTonise

    Even though the Mercury was way more expensive, the Audi could still keep ip

  • tigreblanco

    Poderoso AMG GT 63.....

  • Bradley Yung
    Bradley Yung

    i think the M8 comp gran coupe can beat this AMG

  • Daniel Oceans
    Daniel Oceans

    The Benz doesn’t justify enough that 50k extra

    • xXEatYourDogXx

      I think it does. It's a million times more luxurious and the interior is just so much more superior. There's more to cars than just the performance

  • Marcel Keklikci
    Marcel Keklikci


  • atharv deo
    atharv deo

    I love the Audi more than the Merc

  • Menzi Hlatshwayo
    Menzi Hlatshwayo

    team rs7

  • Roro Nono
    Roro Nono

    No excuses but for 45k difference I would want to hope the Merc beats it.

  • Mohau Simon
    Mohau Simon

    AMG GT sounds better

  • Caleb Segoe
    Caleb Segoe

    Mercedes will always win ❤❤🌈🔥

  • Sipho Khoza
    Sipho Khoza

    LOL! Audi haha


    Mercedes GT63S 4.346.123. million in Turkey ,Geopraphy is destiny

  • Stephan Lazarz
    Stephan Lazarz


  • Otahon Rahimboyev
    Otahon Rahimboyev

    I love BMW

  • One Life
    One Life

    Audi is not even accelerating

  • Mohammed Abolhija
    Mohammed Abolhija

    the back of the Mercedes is really ugly how could someone like this car it's ugly and expansiv but it's fast but there are many cars that are fast as well

  • Mohammed Abolhija
    Mohammed Abolhija

    the back of the Mercedes is really ugly how could someone like this car it's ugly and expansiv but it's fast but there are many cars that are fast as well

  • MD CYF
    MD CYF

    BMW tryhard fan boi Comments: M8 will beat all AMG and Audi Nur time: Audi and Mercedes are faster and the AMG was the fastest 4seater in Nur tho it's beaten by Porsche now Pagani: Use Mercedes AMG Engine and reached 236MPH So BMW tryhard BMW isn't the best. Nothing could be the best. There is just better and better. Please be polite and do more research 😜 Mat is one of my respected BMW fan. Cause he rarely tryhard.

  • akarim pathan
    akarim pathan

    Lets Go Merc!!!!!

  • Shaheryar Khan
    Shaheryar Khan

    What a ugly looking Mercedes

  • valera

    Rs7 performance will be out soon

  • AbdelRahman K
    AbdelRahman K

    Fake race

  • Ahmed Sohail
    Ahmed Sohail

    amg all day every day

  • Douglas Watt
    Douglas Watt

    Matt definitely jumped on the second drag race. Yellowcard

  • Wage Project
    Wage Project

    Different HP

  • j rex
    j rex

    Merc is 50k more so it better outperform.. ahh but RS7 can get APR tune and a few bits for 5k and different outcome

  • Rémon Silvester Janisse
    Rémon Silvester Janisse

    Can tolerate the advertisement in the start of the video but repeating that in the end is a bit much. Great video through! The Audi didn't even get close. A video of the Audi S8 V10 D3 vs the BMW M5 V10 E60 would be awesome!

  • Stefan Duscher
    Stefan Duscher

    Audi always Slow .... 😂😂😂😂😂

  • durexx

    Mercedes makes audi slow

  • RuG Bii Fun
    RuG Bii Fun

    Whenever you drive the car you win the race if u drive corolla and u have race with audi you will win on corolla Totally fake races you insult the cars thats why i didnot subscribe you channel

  • Hielke de Bruin
    Hielke de Bruin

    still would go for the Audi, but yeah im an Audi fan

  • Jaison Sibanda
    Jaison Sibanda

    Do a race with gti vs bmw


    Mercedes pop

  • Muhammad Danyal Satti
    Muhammad Danyal Satti

    RS7 sounds better

  • Ashwinii Parwatkar
    Ashwinii Parwatkar

    a mercedes amg gt 63s 4 door coupe vs the e63 that would be a cool drag race

  • Ilhan Arten
    Ilhan Arten

    Mat needs a trim

  • k

    That was not half a meter

  • TheGameReview

    amg gt 63s win

  • Wrecked

    2:33 he did beat that😂

  • Eliel Moreira da silva
    Eliel Moreira da silva

    Algum brasileiro aí curte

  • junior minott
    junior minott

    audi needs to step shit up in every way on every s and rs model

  • Alwaleed Althani
    Alwaleed Althani

    I just love the Audi

  • Adi Kuru
    Adi Kuru

    Both sound shit. REMOVE SOFT LIMITERS

  • Nvbil

    Mercedes Benz winner

  • Thej rampul
    Thej rampul

    Merc all day everyday

  • The OVO Challengers
    The OVO Challengers

    This has to be one of my favourite benz ever made.

  • Amatul azeez Fathima
    Amatul azeez Fathima

    Yainnimize did comment

  • manen wan
    manen wan

    honestly i was hoping the new rs6/7 would be faster but yea, ended up only less than a second faster than the rs3

  • Uchiha

    I would still prefer the Audi.

  • Dave Brown
    Dave Brown

    On the break test set the cruise control to the speed you want before the line, then its just breaking not watching your speed?

  • Lars Verlinden
    Lars Verlinden

    /////AMG power

  • JJ Is A Fatneek
    JJ Is A Fatneek

    amg all the way

  • Diogo Reis
    Diogo Reis

    I'd still pick the audi and with the price difference it can easily smoke the merc with a few performance upgrades...

  • LWM

    top 3 german cars porsche mercedes bmw

    • Jay M
      Jay M

      Hb Audi

  • Yakup Aydemir
    Yakup Aydemir

    Mercedes ön planda tutmak için Audi öldürmeyin bilerek hız yapmıyor

  • Rock Broker
    Rock Broker

    Still would take the Audi invest 20k in Mods... destroy the Merc and still have 27k left 💁🏽‍♂️

    • Wrecked

      @Tech Razer i wonder when the rs6 and rs7 performance will be out,including the rs6 coming to usa,we are entering 2021 in 3 months !

    • Tech Razer
      Tech Razer

      thats what im saying but the race is unfair because they get the S model that adds like 40 horsepower get the gt63 amg vs audi rs7 thats fair they both have the same amount of horsepower and it will be a good comparison

  • Igor Baptista
    Igor Baptista

    Lets see with an Rs7 R with akrapovic

  • toney Clayton
    toney Clayton

    Second race, Merc left early.

  • Greyskyy

    I drove both of these cars within a day of each other. The RS7 is WAY more fun. The AMG is faster, but looser and less confidence inspriring. For me the RS7 but if you want comfort and a monster go with the AMG.

  • Night Ninja
    Night Ninja

    Mercedes is better obviously and im a merc fanboy anyway

  • Gustaf Svensson
    Gustaf Svensson

    Das beste oder nichts ⭐️ GT63s is just above Audi and Bmw

  • designanddirection

    More like that w_nker Yani. Don't Mat.

    • Jay M
      Jay M

      designanddirection why don’t u like yani

  • Gaming Ghost
    Gaming Ghost

    So whats exactly happend

  • Youssef Mohamed
    Youssef Mohamed

    Hmmmm, i think it should be m5cp vs gt63 s not the audi rs7 at all

  • Sujal Yadav
    Sujal Yadav

    1. Buy the Audi. 2. Get mods worth 50k. 3. Smoke the merc. Here you go!

  • Florida Hotboy
    Florida Hotboy

    Fire vs. Ice

  • G0ddEity

    Interior Mercedes wins. exterior Audi wins

  • KP Nuts
    KP Nuts


  • Anurag Kumar
    Anurag Kumar


  • Benjamin Gillon
    Benjamin Gillon

    Benz sound the best and I would rather have benz

  • Yunus Orhan
    Yunus Orhan


  • tiago brito
    tiago brito

    serious better if it had been with the audi rs7 sportback

    • tiago brito
      tiago brito

      and fairer too

  • Aikhaa

    If we compared the height of the car the mercedes wasn't Bad on brake test

  • מור יותם
    מור יותם

    The audi started before

  • Alexandru Marius Hinteoar
    Alexandru Marius Hinteoar

    Hi, for Check Sound try in N-gear no in P. It should work without software limit😁

  • Aiman Jate
    Aiman Jate

    Man that Merc look really good exterior neither interior compared to Audi. For me at least

  • Thakur Tarang Chauhan
    Thakur Tarang Chauhan

    Audi please don't Crash our expectations. Please Please. You are my dream car.

  • jyexe525

    I really don’t like the new style of Mercedes

  • Mr Perfectionist
    Mr Perfectionist

    Back when it was hard for Ferrari & lambo to beat old Rs7