The only car you really need: Skoda Octavia 2021 review
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This is the new Skoda Octavia! Now we know that the Czech manufacturer may not be held in such high regard as its German rivals, and they’re not exactly known for being the most exciting cars. But when you consider just how much car you get for a relatively low price, along with a huge choice of engines and trims to choose from so you can spec the car just to your liking, is it time the Octavia hatchback and estate are considered alongside the class leaders? Stick with Mat and find out in his latest in-depth review!
00:00 Intro
00:24 Price
00:49 Exterior Style
02:27 Engines
03:28 0-60mph
04:05 Interior Style
05:30 Back Seats
06:22 Boot
08:17 Practicality
09:35 Annoying Features
10:58 Good Features
11:56 Town Driving
13:25 Motorway Driving
14:26 Twisty Road Driving
15:10 Trims
17:17 Verdict
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  • carwow

    Would you pick the Octavia over the Golf? LIKE this comment if you would, COMMENT if you'd go for the Golf!

    • Levent özen
      Levent özen

      Octavia design is more beautiful .

    • Vishal Gupta
      Vishal Gupta

      The Octavia is more practical and cheaper.

    • Fun things weekly
      Fun things weekly

      Octavia. I am #typespace not #typeperfomance.

    • Nayyar Sultana
      Nayyar Sultana


    • Mark Heywood
      Mark Heywood

      @Add - J I have had both and a Leon Xperience wagon. You are wrong.

  • Jason Teen
    Jason Teen

    Have they fixed the leaky sunroof issues in this new design?

  • Rajvosa97

    Love how you still review everyday cars

  • Ambar Singh
    Ambar Singh

    He should have done review for the sedan one

  • Sandeep Sureshbabu
    Sandeep Sureshbabu

    I keep wondering when will the pop out banner pop out!!

  • Johannes B
    Johannes B

    Octavias little brother, Scala, is just as good as his bigger brother

  • H. Clausen AS +47 64923730
    H. Clausen AS +47 64923730

    I have 2019 L&K with everything, and the RS Diesel engine (187BHP). My last car was a BMW X1 last generation. I would pick my Skoda over and over again :-)

  • Oleg

    kinda looks basic, not sure would I want to update my current version

  • Mike5

    Expect the 245bhp version in a nice discreet dark colour in your rear view mirror very soon with a sunvisor ECILOP sign maybe?

  • Bushmills Presbyterian Church
    Bushmills Presbyterian Church

    Your tests are good but please drop the numerous attempts to be funny

  • Filip Velimirovic
    Filip Velimirovic

    On this occasion, I want to say that the channel is very interested in its variety of cars that are on the tests, but I honestly do not like this version of the tests by the tester. There are too many ironic jokes and for no reason the car is condemned just because it is not something special. I get the impression that Mat is somehow used to their powerful special cars and has got a fashion line. Well, in relation to that, not everything that Škoda has is appreciated.

  • Tim Jefferson
    Tim Jefferson

    Dimensions of the boot-space (iV) would be useful. Thanks.

    • Umbakarna SK
      Umbakarna SK

      According to what I was able to find out, it should be 600 litres for liftback version and 640 litres for combi. That are some mammoth sized dimensions in my opinion and rivals the previous generation Škoda Superb.

  • CommentsCar

    Got an Aygo, paid £995. Never needed another car :)

  • David Thompson
    David Thompson

    11:57 with the filler cap... LOL

  • Catalin Amariutei
    Catalin Amariutei

    The beeping while the door is open is for Hybrid version probably.

  • Howard Messias
    Howard Messias

    What you hear is some kind of unlocking actuator for either gearshift or steering.

  • Marek209SK

    Oh wow, another FWD Škoda. Can't wait to see at least 3 of them crashed every day. The people who drive these cars are the worst. They for some reason always want to race, in this freaking 1.0 liter. Bruh, a 30 ton truck accelerates faster on a hill than this shit. And they want to race my e91 320D... Yeah... I don't understand, it's almost like they are irritated that I have a BMW and they want prove something? Like wtf... This comes from a Slovak guy too, Škodas are more common than rat shit here.

  • Paul Sullivan
    Paul Sullivan

    Too many irritating adverts makes this almost unwatchable.

  • mark totton
    mark totton

    How can you say this when it is an ICE car?

  • Ondra Jaroš
    Ondra Jaroš

    Řekni Škoda, žádný Skouda :D :D

  • S-B

    Yo Carwow, you have the deadist merch ever

  • Oscar David Rodriguez Ruiz
    Oscar David Rodriguez Ruiz

    It's a 2021 golf wagon/variant? .....

  • jetaimemina

    I just can't get myself to like how the climate controls buttons are getting moved to the touchscreen in every new car...

  • Lucian Grig
    Lucian Grig

    i've heard the same thing some time ago ( ) about the old New VW Golf 7 :) , i've had it, was a nice car, but with big reliability issues that wasted my time in service.

  • Sendit Sunday
    Sendit Sunday

    I think all reviewers should stop reviewing Skoda's. They are a cheap vw and more boring. We get it.

  • Mekuso8

    Is it really that cheap though? Gasoline is expensive. I did the math based on my driving habits and the Enyaq ends up being cheaper in the long run.

  • CercatO J
    CercatO J

    getting a bit too much of idiotism. Not funny after 5 minutes....

  • Prateek Ojha
    Prateek Ojha

    We in India get the 1.8L TSI/ 2L TSI-VRS saloon versions, I really wish they bring the Estate.

  • Wings 99
    Wings 99

    A built-in SheWee for your washer bottle. Handy!

  • Tvrle Z
    Tvrle Z

    ok, you hate skoda and love wv, we got that

  • Mr11ESSE111

    problem of this channel are that he tests only cars for which he is paying !! but that is generally problem of all bigger channels

  • Laurentiu Vasile
    Laurentiu Vasile

  • Steve_Gazza_Gascoigne

    Gear selector lock.. seen often in eastern europe.

  • Henry Discipline
    Henry Discipline

    Will it do 200,000 trouble free miles like the Passat?

  • Karolis

    Hi my name's Matt click on my pop up banner!!! If you want to watch Matt measuring his pp please click on the banner again ffs

  • Ernest Fletcher
    Ernest Fletcher

    He is a prize prat

  • Rob Klaassen
    Rob Klaassen

    What is the name of this color? What version of the Skoda Octavia Combi are we looking at?

  • Darryl of Sussex
    Darryl of Sussex

    How does it handle with a full load?

  • yooser naime
    yooser naime

    This presenter is a perfect match for a vehicle considered to be bland.

  • Mário Podolan
    Mário Podolan

    This guy is just so wrong. The octavia is the car you learn how to drift on here in Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

  • Alexander Anaya Zambrano
    Alexander Anaya Zambrano

    Carwow though It shows you that you are not by taste an admirer of the Skoda brand, criticizing nonsense, for me and for many the Skoda and in this case the Octavia is a very good saloon or combi to take into account when purchasing a car of a great quality, which offers you high security, and a very special permomance for a reasonable price.


    Spare wheel in all cars is essential 👌

  • Akseli W
    Akseli W

    Please do video from the rs version

  • Daniel _
    Daniel _

    So many ads 🙄

  • MValentin Florian
    MValentin Florian

    Hi Matt. When are you going to do a material on Skoda Enyaq?

  • TSN Talks
    TSN Talks

    Octavia or bmw 2series coupe? What do you recommend

  • Dutch M
    Dutch M

    Looks too much like a Focus to me

  • Daniel I.
    Daniel I.

    Is the best car if you are at border medium class, after that line, on the market is more cars who are not so ANOST !

  • Edward Valivonis
    Edward Valivonis

    Lovely car

  • Tomáš Kroupa KK Foto
    Tomáš Kroupa KK Foto

    It’s boring and ugly as hell

  • olddn kinobi
    olddn kinobi

    Alan Partridge & Alan Titchmarsh's love child 😜

  • Terence Jay
    Terence Jay

    I've never driven anywhere with both hands at the bottom of the steering wheel.

  • Julia JV
    Julia JV

    great video! But awful sound(((

  • Andrew Bettles
    Andrew Bettles

    You lost me at skoda

  • Kristián Kopáčik
    Kristián Kopáčik

    easy peasy you could park a BUS in that gap man

  • Alexis

    A bit tired of Matt being so cliche all the time. So we learned that an Octavia is boring once again...

  • C As
    C As

    You can have all of that plus some excitement with the Octavia RS series :D

  • Sander Deryckere
    Sander Deryckere

    11:47 damn, in the 2016 model, the washer fluid has a small hole with a cap that doesn't want to stay open, and the stand to keep the engine lid up is right next to it. Filling the washer fluid is pretty annoying, but fixing only one of those problems would make it possible with just two hands. Apparently they've fixed all those problems.

  • donna welsh
    donna welsh

    Neck?????? Blue

  • John Bradshaw
    John Bradshaw

    Skoda are now more VW than VW. They are cleverly designed and with excellent interiors, given that they share the same engines and tech as VW and Audi and have excellent design and quality I really see no reason to spend more on the more expensive cars. I would take this over a Golf.

  • Alastair Wilson
    Alastair Wilson

    In the Octavia 3 the rear headrests get in the way of them folding completely flat, but if you raise them up it does, giving you a flat bed of 6 feet. Is it the same in this one?

  • B

    The asda ad is horrendous on here.. worst actor i have ever seen. 🤢

  • Tim Rogers
    Tim Rogers

    Good video - full of useful info and well presented. Shane it was ruined by stupid ads.

  • Vaclav Sulista
    Vaclav Sulista

    Great car Made in Czechia 🇨🇿

  • Arthur Blundell
    Arthur Blundell

    needed DSG and gave up as I lease and they wanted 5,500 up front - even for a factory order - but even tho I wanted it I gave up and ordered a VW golf 8 where lease price was much better without the huge initial 12-14 week wait but the DSG for the Octavia seemed less certain on build time. Shame as love my current octavia

  • Snoopmasta

    Hm, sadly it looks too much like a FIAT Tipo now. Liked the former design better.

  • user77 anonymous
    user77 anonymous

    I don't care if its not exciting, I still love it because its just so reliable

  • Laurence Harrison
    Laurence Harrison

    I love Skoda. Out do the rest of the cars in the VW group. And Im a Walsall boy

  • Kaleid KaleidPL
    Kaleid KaleidPL

    Ordered mine Liftback style 2.0 DSG - pick up the car this week! Very exciting

  • Stergio Srts
    Stergio Srts

    LOL😄! The car made for taxi! I agree!!!

  • Jiesz Daniel Portem
    Jiesz Daniel Portem

    Tittle:The only car you really need Me:I need an van for my business

  • zemos777

    If this car had an Audi badge, everyone would have been drooling over it ... Actually I like the interior over the the Audi A3

    • Brandon Ho
      Brandon Ho

      Osk ar it’s probably just an opinion....l

    • Osk ar
      Osk ar

      Then buy it?

  • Bali Horvath
    Bali Horvath

    I Love this guy

  • Edu Media Tube
    Edu Media Tube

    I wish to get british accent

  • Edu Media Tube
    Edu Media Tube

    I need SKODA

  • madvada

    HOLD ON MATT, so you can say Ibitha instead of Ibiza but you cant bother to say SHKODA?! Cmon mate, thats just ignorant

  • Henry Discipline
    Henry Discipline

    Mondeo dead

  • Elvis Božič
    Elvis Božič

    the smartest car in class. point

  • Yanuchi Uchiha: Anime, Games and Ramdomness
    Yanuchi Uchiha: Anime, Games and Ramdomness

    A spare Wheel? Impossible!

  • JoeyLovesTrains

    The Octavia sedan (saloon?) is the only modern car (that I can think of) that comes with a rear wiper that also has a trunk (boot) yet technically isn’t a hatchback. Idk why other sedans/saloons don’t have a rear wiper.

  • Jindrich Spivak
    Jindrich Spivak

    I have 2013 Skoda Octavia 2.0 diesel Elegance and it's on of the most reliable car ever.. I have done with the car 3 trips from Cardiff to Prague with no problems.. love my škoda simple clever 😁

  • hardhoofdful

    This car is so ugly

  • Rob V
    Rob V

    Don't open the open with the engine running then. Love touches like the brolly and washer funnel etc.

  • Robloxian gamer girls
    Robloxian gamer girls

    What’s with the sound? Or is my phone on its way out already.


    I'm czech and you can say škoda you are really good

  • AnalogueRules

    lovely Kia

  • constantin

    not a very good review

  • craig brooke
    craig brooke

    Does it also have 6 fingers and webbed feet? And its father also its cousin?

  • Max Zak
    Max Zak

    Isn't it on levels of a Mondeo, why comparing to a Focus?

  • HM

    Looks like this was a video audition for Top Gear with the innuendo! 🤣🤣

  • Chee Hao Lim
    Chee Hao Lim

    I really love carwow reviews by Matt Watson but something has to be done to the audio levelling, at least for it to be the same level as the pesky advertisements please.

  • Alexander Anaya Zambrano
    Alexander Anaya Zambrano

    An excellent saloon,,,,,,, better than many ...... just like others ..... Thanks Skoda

  • Hermann Parkhomenko
    Hermann Parkhomenko

    Comments under this videos, is way more interesting, than the car!

  • Aryrix 1
    Aryrix 1

    150hp for a car that size? Oh lord. You poor savages. At least you can option up.

  • szamanistic realistic
    szamanistic realistic

    Thanks. I'll pick the new VW... Skodas are the ugliest designed cars. Wonder why do they even exist...

  • Stephen Mukwevho
    Stephen Mukwevho

    Covid covid 💉😷 Take the pills>>💊💊

  • John Spanishh
    John Spanishh

    Bad light mate and poor performance from your microphone

  • sdfvsd

    poor people's choice. Ugly, cheap, roomy, borring to drive, cheap to own etc. Its a fucking Skoda!

  • PePyy

    I really like your Škoda pronunciation :) Hello, from czech republic :D

  • Elio Decolli
    Elio Decolli

    Your reviews are awesome man, funny and informative