Aston Martin DBX review: see how quick it is ON & OFF-ROAD!
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Here it is - our in-depth Aston Martin DBX review! It’s the first SUV Aston Martin has ever produced, and as you can imagine, it doesn’t come cheap - starting at £158,000!
So what do you get for that ludicrously big price tag? Well under the bonnet, you’ll find a 4-litre twin-turbo V8 (‘borrowed’ from Mercedes, no less), that’ll produce 550hp and 700Nm of torque. The DBX will also shoot you to 60mph in just 4.3 seconds, and it has a top speed of 181mph!!
The only question left is… If you could, should you spend this much on an SUV?! You’ll have to stick with Mat and find out!
00:00 Intro
00:43 Off-roading
04:42 0 - 60mph & Quarter Mile
05:45 Braking
06:14 Exterior Design
07:24 Interior Design
09:29 Back Seats
10:46 Boot
11:22 Five Annoying Features
12:48 Five Good Features
14:29 Town Driving
17:14 Motorway Driving
18:18 Twisty Road Driving
20:05 Drifting
20:53 Verdict
Aston Martin DBX Specifications:
- Engine: 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8
- Power: 550hp
- Torque: 700Nm
- 0-60mph: 4.3 sec
- Top speed: 181mph
- Kerbweight 2245kg
- Towing capacity: Up to 2.7 tonnes
- Fuel Economy: 20 mpg combined
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  • carwow

    The DBX costs just £2k LESS than a Lamborghini Urus... So which are you picking? Let us know in the COMMENTS!

    • VLL

      You should race the dbx against urus!

    • Gaming Norwegian
      Gaming Norwegian

      If i where to spend 160 000 on a car, id get a car which screams "im fuckin loaded". While this Aston looks great, it looks like a Ford Crossover, only way to tell this isnt a Ford is to look twice at the grille and the taillights. So id choose the Urus for sure.

    • potato

      Lada Niva

    • Joke Assasin
      Joke Assasin

      2 Range Rovers

    • ilham riyadi
      ilham riyadi

      For the price it has to have atleast 600 hp

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    So many ads 🤦🏻‍♂️

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    CRYPTO 420

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    Valentino Banks

    Oh’s a must... I’m noticing though...some colors take away from the beauty and uniqueness of the DBX...

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    Matingpa Mathew

    Can i test drive or borrow for a decade😀

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    Ni Niwae

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  • Ollie Lappage
    Ollie Lappage

    Looks like a Ford Focus from the front

  • Yama Man
    Yama Man

    Aston Martin controlling things not wanting to embarrass its against cheaper 4x4s no wading in water very mediocre off road a tad cringe.

  • Chris Morris
    Chris Morris

    In the pre production model it came with the new Mercedes infotainment system 😢

  • Nelson Whaley
    Nelson Whaley

    Wipes the floor, frankly. Sheer British class, minus the Herman the German engine!

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    Makka Pakka

    The front looks like a Ford Fiesta.

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    The worst Scottish accent by a British person ever!

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    Telefon Serviciu

    This is a very expensive Ford Kuga. :)


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  • lildoc

    That SC impression was decent, mate! However, have to say if I see any soccer mom use this SUV to drop her kids off at school (which most likely I will), I would lose all respect for Aston Martin. Not being sexist or anything. Aston Martin has always been synonymous with the sophistication and suaveness associated with James Bond and l refuse to see it as a family car...ever! Also, I can't afford to buy it.

  • Gordon Green
    Gordon Green

    That tan interior...gushing 😍

  • Gregg Walmsley
    Gregg Walmsley

    Matt, that’s rubber slot isn’t for a key. It’s a wireless cell charger. 🤣🤣🤣

  • Abdo AlG0hary
    Abdo AlG0hary

    lamborgeni win straight

  • Gaming Norwegian
    Gaming Norwegian

    Gonna be deadly honest here... This looks like a Ford from the front, it looks good! from the rear its obvious its an Aston, but from the front not so much even tho the Aston grille is a bit different than the Ford grill.

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    GIGA AL We R All Titled M.U.D...


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    Video Clips

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    adeeb's playing and gaming channel

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