New BMW M2 CS vs AMG A45 S vs Audi RS3: DRAG RACE!
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We know you’ve been waiting for this one!!
We’ve finally got our hands on the all-new BMW M2 CS! This absolute beast of an M2 comes equipped with the same 3-litre twin-turbo as found in the M4, and as a result, it can put down 450hp & 550Nm of torque!
As for the competition? Well it’s lining up against Mat’s latest long-termer, the AMG A45, and a 2016 RS3! The A45 may only have a 2-litre twin-turbo, but it can still produce 421hp & 500Nm! And as for the RS3, well that’s been tuned so it now produces an awesome 450hp & 750Nm!!
We’ve been waiting for this one for so long, but we couldn’t pick a winner beforehand… Can you?! Let us know what you think in the COMMENTS!
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  • carwow

    This BMW M2 CS is worth £83,000!!! But is it worth it? LIKE this post if you'd buy it, or COMMENT with what you'd buy with that money instead!

    • Billie Bleach
      Billie Bleach

      Definitely not worth it. I’d spend it on coke, champagne and Albanian hookers.

    • K.C.E.

      @jaq q no it wont like the M4 cs not!

    • Steven Foley
      Steven Foley

      Buy a RS 4 . 80k is a lot of Money for a M2 . Only think that will get you is points on your license and empty pockets 😂

    • Richard

      @Jayden L and spend another 80k fixing it?

    • Aboudi Ghazi
      Aboudi Ghazi

      I’ll buy an s class

  • Ruppert Productions
    Ruppert Productions

    Mat, for the carbon ceramic brakes to work properly, you have to get proper heat in them. I’m not sure how much breaking you guys did before the break test and if it was enough to put proper heat into them. But good race, go BMW👍🏻👍🏻

  • fashion everytin
    fashion everytin

    M2 such a bully 😂😂😂

  • Crim3 Pays
    Crim3 Pays

    So the BMW is an N55 not a B58?

  • BERKPerformance

    Hi @Carwow , please check our stage 1 tuned RS3 times. I think the RS3 in your vid is not really making the best out of it. Our stock RS3 did 12.0 on the 1-4 (dragy).. nevertheless, BMW’s rock :) Vid:

  • Titan Dream
    Titan Dream

    I love the videos !!! I would love to see the 2016 Audi S7 vs the 2020 Audi S7 in a drag race!

  • Nick Ng
    Nick Ng

    The a45s gets to 500hp and 0-100 in 3.3sec with just a stage 1 tune. Would destroy the other two

  • K.C.E.

    The RS3 is very slow for so much mods... 0.1 sec faster than the 45s bone stock... compare stock cars in the same price class. You get a good new A45s for 70k, a M2 costs about 100k. Compare a A45s, a M2 Comp. and and a stock RS3. And the A45s will win ;) believe me

  • jaime medina
    jaime medina

    The A45 sounds like a vacuum cleaner🤢💩

  • Trump Ameri
    Trump Ameri

    This cars roaring like a big male lions

  • Strixxiy YT
    Strixxiy YT

    Like always bmw’s for skilled drivers

  • aaron gundersen
    aaron gundersen

    In 2017 car and driver had a stock RS3 do the quarter mile in 11.9... How is this tuned one slower??

  • Aaron P
    Aaron P

    A45s is such a beautiful car. Im an Audi fan with a stage 2 2017 A3. That RS3 is an absolute beast. Just intake,intercooler and tune made 100hp more than stock.

  • Mr Anonym
    Mr Anonym

    AUDI RS 💪🏻💪🏻❤️❤️

  • Dinnzz

    it dosent matter if the mercedes won drag race or roling race as it is my favourite car in the world :)

  • John Crazy
    John Crazy

    the S55's power is underrated for sure!! and quick for sure as well!!

  • Abe

    Bruh the rs’s aren’t considered as hatchbacks. They are y’all wagons

  • Sham Maharaj
    Sham Maharaj

    Merc disappointing...

  • jhlaxbro27

    Every time they race a mercedes they put it against a "tuned" car. I guess you have to make it fair somehow 🤷

  • Joe Phillips
    Joe Phillips

    Racing the most powerful version of the m2 and a tuned rs3 against a STOCK car, seems really fair that does

  • Matt

    That’s the power of Haldex AWD for you

  • Ashoraya Oatly eqara
    Ashoraya Oatly eqara

    340 vs a45 amg

  • Andrew Muscat
    Andrew Muscat

    I need help bad! someone please, I want to buy one of the following cars, rs3 2017 or the a35 amg, I want the rs3 for its power and tuning potential but I can get past how good the a35 interior looks

  • dave jones
    dave jones

    RS3 sounds the best but the M2 is just insane. Wasnt impressed with the A45 at all. I am not an Audi fan but I'd take the RS3 over the A45 any day. The M2 is the car for me though, but I drive a BMW so slightly biased.

  • Dave Perry
    Dave Perry

    Matt you stated that Audi no longer make an RS3, I think you need to look at the Audi website, where you can buy a new one. !!!!!!!

  • Uday Gian Sharma
    Uday Gian Sharma

    0:03 I love Mat’s expression

  • sicelo gumede
    sicelo gumede

    lol these cars are working very hard to beat the MERC.

    • Hadi Aveiro
      Hadi Aveiro


  • Mopar Master04
    Mopar Master04

    Audi’s 5 cylinder is basically the baby version of the Audi R8 v10

  • Gentinis Bytyqi
    Gentinis Bytyqi

    So it took b*w three versions of m2 to beat a45s, what a joke brand😂😂😂😂

  • Daniel Howe
    Daniel Howe

    Great vids but...the number of adds is just getting ridiculous.

  • Carsten kristensen
    Carsten kristensen

    The normal M2 costs around 120.000£ in Denmark so you shouldn't complain.

  • Michael A
    Michael A

    If the BMW & A45 are stock cars then why race a tuned Audi that is tuned. Either all cars should be tuned or they should be stock MATT

  • Simon Buster
    Simon Buster

    Where's all that RS3 torque going? I'm not convinced that remap figure is accurate. It should be faster.

  • Niko

    Audi = most affordable Mercedes = Would not buy Bmw = Stupid, expencive, but fun.

  • Deni Medo
    Deni Medo

    This RS3 with this option and good remap minimum 500hp and 800nm

  • Tyler Alli
    Tyler Alli

    Why not use a a63s

  • Pedro Ratatouille Ferraz
    Pedro Ratatouille Ferraz

    Would go for a manual M2 for sure! If auto was the only option, RS3!

  • رجـ,ـل مـــِْن الماس
    رجـ,ـل مـــِْن الماس

    5:14 You are the most beautiful drifting. 🤣😂😂🤣😆

  • active tv boxing
    active tv boxing

    He talks to much shit

  • Spongebob Schwanzkopf
    Spongebob Schwanzkopf

    BMW packt einfach immer mehr Leistung in seine Motoren, aber was beweist das? Als ob Mercedes oder Audi nicht auch in der Lage wären, einfach irgendwelche "Competition" Versionen mit veränderten Zündwinkel, etwas mehr Ladedruck und dadurch mehr PS herauszubringen, die dann locker gleich schnell wären... also ist der einzige Beweis den BMW erbringt, dass mehr PS bessere Fahrleistungen bedeuten. Bevor ich mir aber solch eine 🤮 Marke kaufe und und mich in ein Döner Taxi setze, fahre ich lieber Straßenbahn. Andererseits müssen sich Audi und die Frage gefallen lassen, warum bringt ihr nicht auch einfach Sondereditionen mit extra PS auf den Markt?

  • Smokey Wings
    Smokey Wings

    Am I the only one thinking that RS sounded like R8? 🤔

  • Joel Joel
    Joel Joel

    This guy really just like making bmw look good compare cars that are in the same price range...and to make it worse that bmw wasnt even stock

  • Joel Joel
    Joel Joel

    Thats embarrassing on bmw part...that bmw is 30k more then that benz and barely beat it in the 1/4 mile

  • Brandon

    Since when does a tuned bolt on rs3 run 12s

  • Flip Olivier
    Flip Olivier

    The Audi do not needs to warm its tires

  • s f
    s f

    Hey Matt you been on the face dye lol 😂😂😂

  • kkrriiss unikkatil
    kkrriiss unikkatil

    Do a m2 cs vs m4 cs vs m5

  • Hamdan Ali
    Hamdan Ali

    goes to show how underpowered BMWs are. 3.0 vs 2.0, 6cyl vs 4cyl... and only 30more bhp.. the fuck?

  • Lee_262

    Race start 05:47 👍🏻

  • VS Instinct
    VS Instinct

    Where's Yiannie? We love seeing him get beaten

  • Katlego Mokena
    Katlego Mokena

    Why does Mat always win


    Brazil hir 👍🏻

  • Projjwal Ray-6
    Projjwal Ray-6

    Audi is quite pathetic when it comes to rolling races. I have NEVER seen an Audi win a rolling race against BMW and Merc.

  • Denis Naumov
    Denis Naumov

    I don't know if its just me but the way the cars are mic'd up for the rev sounds is horrible. Please get that fixed up.

    • Sense Cars
      Sense Cars

      Denis Naumov its weird, i hear the sound like its real life idk

    • Denis Naumov
      Denis Naumov

      @Sense Cars it just sounds like entire frequency ranges are missing or at minimum lowered significantly. I have heard many cars in real life that are here and they sound nothing like this. Also I have tried listening on headphones (good quality ones), my car, and my full jbl sound system at home. In all the scenarios the sounds are too tinny Missy that mud range level and sound missing.

    • Sense Cars
      Sense Cars


  • Sloppy Kid02
    Sloppy Kid02

    Yanni should drive the m8c

  • Matt

    since MB started using Reanult engines... its been a slippery slope

  • Jose Yepez
    Jose Yepez

    Next time Toyota M2😀😂

  • MrTheonlysane1left

    I drove my cousins M2 for the first time, incredible car plenty of power!!

  • anna zamora
    anna zamora

    M power

  • Owen

    LOL, a BMW that looks like a Ford ST

    • Sense Cars
      Sense Cars


  • Marcus Casagrande
    Marcus Casagrande

    So.. that Audi was tuned up... by the factory, or the driver? I didnt get that exactly

  • Its Frank You Dumbass
    Its Frank You Dumbass

    Still prefer the Audi

  • D V
    D V

    BMW by far the nicest, best sounding, most exciting car

  • A P
    A P

    Suspect there's something wrong with the RS3 or the owner's fibbing. A stock RS3 will do a low 12s 1/4 mile, where one with a tune/downpipe/intercooler/decat will easily do a flat 11.

  • Nille R
    Nille R

    Love your videos! But It´s kind of funny that you say the original M2 ( with NOT the "propper" M engine , the N55) is to slow according to you. But i have one, and i do a quarter mile in 12,39 sec, and the M2 CS did a 12.00 sec?? Mine is original at the moment, and i just cant see this car, even if it is a really cool car, being worth double the price of mine.. Bring out a M2 N55, a M2 Comp S55, and a M2 CS on the line and lets see the difference live! Would love to see that.

  • I love JBL
    I love JBL

    That M2 is a gun

  • Issa Mohsen
    Issa Mohsen

    I will be interested in the results between an m4 competition and the m2 cs

  • Liger King
    Liger King

    The Mercedes is the best-looking. But, my apple sauce got so much tastier.

  • Astrit Astrit
    Astrit Astrit

    Also der typ hat ganz klar was gegen audi! Was meint ihr?

    • Sense Cars
      Sense Cars

      Wie denn?

  • just emandleni
    just emandleni


  • Elving Lindqvist
    Elving Lindqvist

    Imagine if they put that M4 Competition engine in a TRD version of the A90 Supra :) (yes yes, BMW Z4 yata yata)

    • Sense Cars
      Sense Cars

      Elving Lindqvist yeah but that isn’t what toyota intended. They wanted a car that needs tuning just like the gt86 so they preped the car for it

    • Elving Lindqvist
      Elving Lindqvist

      @Sense Cars I have not read into the S55 mod ability and so on, but a 450hp out the box Supra would be an upgrade, no? Not talking after market :)

    • Sense Cars
      Sense Cars

      Why would they do that? The b58 is far superior in tuning than the poor s55

  • Alban Rrahimi
    Alban Rrahimi

    This is not real combination and its fake for me.

    • Sense Cars
      Sense Cars


  • Kursat Osmanoglu
    Kursat Osmanoglu

    M2 CS manual will be a collectors item. Others will keep depreciating.

  • Zio Romesp
    Zio Romesp

    bmw and audi should cry, a stock A45s vs 2 prepared cars, a 2.0L Turbo vs a 2.5L Turbo 5 cylinder and a 3.0L Biturbo 6 cylinder. OMG Mercedes always stay the best, other carmakers are forced to release modified models to beat you hahahaha it's so sad

    • Sense Cars
      Sense Cars

      Modified? A stock m2?

  • Erans Muka
    Erans Muka

    i strongly think that a45s is the fastest car there

    • Sense Cars
      Sense Cars


  • Whayne Padden
    Whayne Padden

    Merc exhaust note sucks as usual. Both the BMW and Audi sound great. Merc dash sucks but the 12 year old tech kids love it.

  • FirearmTutorials .com
    FirearmTutorials .com

    Does anyone really even care about Audi anymore?

  • Real M
    Real M

    As always, NOTHING beats a BMW. ANY BMW. The only higher step you can go is the king position which has been occupied by Ferrari for the last 80 years :)))

  • Mir S
    Mir S

    A45. All day All night amg best

    • Sense Cars
      Sense Cars

      Where tho

  • Mohammed Cherifi
    Mohammed Cherifi

    Is that bmw an xdrive or just normal one

    • Sense Cars
      Sense Cars


  • Itzblackplayz Roblox
    Itzblackplayz Roblox

    I like the picture of the exaust at 3:08

  • FrIz KaLit
    FrIz KaLit


  • Treeezplz


    • Sense Cars
      Sense Cars

      Nahh u mad?

  • Soujanya Balaji
    Soujanya Balaji

    There are so cool

  • khaled khaled
    khaled khaled

    M2 ❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥

  • Al3xxx9

    Don't like that drag race comparisons very much

  • Troy Spamers
    Troy Spamers

    how do you put a tuned rs3 against a stock a45

  • Ahmedkaiss 2017
    Ahmedkaiss 2017

    BMW 👏👏👏👏

  • Koketso Gift Matlhatsi
    Koketso Gift Matlhatsi

    I would like to see how BMW m340i will cope with A45s and Audi Rs3

  • LeaF MaGiiC
    LeaF MaGiiC

    Omg how could an amg car sound like that


    Amazing Cars!!!

  • Max Xx
    Max Xx

    Audi 750nm???

  • Brian Markavitz
    Brian Markavitz

    Appreciate you, buddy. Love this channel.

  • Ricardo Barbosa
    Ricardo Barbosa

    Why don't u do a lap track and see who does better?

  • Ricardo Barbosa
    Ricardo Barbosa

    Why not u don't do 3 lap on track and see who wins ?

  • Ivor Problem
    Ivor Problem

    I would like to see a M2 Comp with a map (no other work done) v the CS

  • iso 9001
    iso 9001

    The 2.0l with 420hp insane

    • Sense Cars
      Sense Cars

      Its not difficult tbh

  • xʞɔnoɹqɯoH ʞǝᴉN
    xʞɔnoɹqɯoH ʞǝᴉN

    Who else clicks away when it's the silly brake test?

  • joe's kinda weird letsplays
    joe's kinda weird letsplays

    Mat watson being a bmw fanboy for 11 minutes 😄

  • Brendan Tremmel
    Brendan Tremmel

    8:15 I don’t remember the pre face lift RS3s coming with virtual cockpits. Then again I’m in the US, so we didn’t get the pre facelift models. So am I right or wrong? Was the virtual cockpit an add on to the 2016?