10 times the Japanese kept the best versions of their hot cars for themselves!
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We all know the Japanese have given us with some of the best cars EVER, from the Nissan GT-R to the Toyota Supra! But did you know there are a number of slightly tuned versions of some of these world-renowned Japanese cars which were only released in the Far East?! Well, we’ve now pulled together our list of our favourite Japanese exclusives! But which of these is your favourite? And did we miss any off the list which you think should be in the top 10? Let us know in the comments below!
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  • carwow

    So which of these JDM cars was your favourite? Or did your #1 not make the list?! Let us know in the comments!

    • Ilhomjon Yusupov
      Ilhomjon Yusupov

      Mitsubishi lancer evo

    • Daniel Grech
      Daniel Grech

      NSX-R 2nd Generation

    • Ivan Rivera
      Ivan Rivera

      The R34 is my favorite. Btw, the later Mazda RX-7 releases made 280ps in Japan... that includes the limited Bathurst R variant. The Nissan Pulsar Serie VZ-R N1 Version II is also a cool Japan-only variant. It was Japan's hottest hatch in the late 90s.

    • djdd dd
      djdd dd

      civic type r (lol)

    • Dominic James Review
      Dominic James Review

      Keerthi Hassan K U me too

  • yasoob chaudhry
    yasoob chaudhry

    6:35 aero-dyMaNic

  • Никита Христофоров
    Никита Христофоров

    JDM ❤❤❤

  • Ionut Filipoi
    Ionut Filipoi

    The guy in the background at 0:31 deserves a beer. :D

  • yeet YuuY?
    yeet YuuY?

    Japanese cars are amazing, the only problem is that they look awful outside, but that make it better


    I know the sports car introduced is attractive, but it doesn't have the respect to buy through the thieves. ‥ Many such sad cases occur in Japan.

  • M A
    M A

    And nowadays. Much amount of thieves visited from other country and steal wonderful JDM owners from Japanese owners. Fxck of and get away!!!!

  • あ〜いいっすねぇ〜

    TOYOTA 80Supra😍😍

  • Lizwi Zulu
    Lizwi Zulu

    Volkswagen S.A. remade the golf 1 from 1977 -2009

  • weber m
    weber m

    Other, Honda S660 Honda Beat

  • uk761

    The videos from Best Motoring(ベストモータリング) and UnadonEnsu(ウナ丼エンスー) are excerpted in the video. Are you properly licensed from them, CarWow?

  • H K
    H K

    Lexus is x1.5 expensive in the US than in JPN

  • 8.10mm機銃先輩


  • マン

    Most of them couldn't sell in UK due to the emissions control. However, I think even if there weren't any regulations in 90s, Japanese sports cars couldn't have sold well in UK.

  • Leon Petrol Head
    Leon Petrol Head

    I wonder why Richard Hammond hated NSX-R.

  • a a
    a a

    It is also true that Japanese cars are stolen in Japan.

  • Colin Charan-Kumpula
    Colin Charan-Kumpula

    Toyota Caldina GT-FOUR (Estate) 2002-2007

  • tltc 8169
    tltc 8169

    クラウンやセンチュリーも日本専売? 日本仕様と海外仕様じゃ全く別物だったんだね

  • Pome56

    JDM Integra TypeR DC2 model has different headlights, engine, ECU from other countries. DC5 model didn't sell in other countries except Japan.

  • Terrence Lin
    Terrence Lin

    I cracked on hearing “selfish buggers”🤣

  • MrAusterror

    There are also many cars that were never officially exported. For example the Eunos Cosmo.

  • Mahesh Namasivayam
    Mahesh Namasivayam

    if they ever needed to make a sequel to Ford v Ferrari and Christian Bale wasn’t available, I’d rope Mat Watson in.

  • Brock Moules
    Brock Moules

    How about the MR2 UK: NA 173hp US: Turbo 200hp JDM: Turbo 240hp

  • MrWalker1000

    very tired of japan thinking their own people are more important than the rest of the world. if you want us to buy your stuff again make the same quality everywhere.

  • Kun Shi
    Kun Shi

    fd2 mugen rr

  • Kurtt White
    Kurtt White

    Mmmmhhh I see best motoring and pacific coast auctions in japan 👀👀

  • Relaxing in nature
    Relaxing in nature

    The japanese made a Toyota Avensis T22 with 2.0 l turbo (260 hp) 4x4. The rest of the world never sow that. Was sold only in Japan.

  • Splinta2010

    Actually, we got some of the evo ix wagons here in NZ, seen a few at car shows, even some of the older versions like the evo iii model, the libero.

  • Steve D
    Steve D

    Another Subaru product I think not sold in the UK was the Legacy GT saloon and wagon, dating back to the nineties and through to 2009. The GT was the twin turbo version developing, I think, that “agreed maximum” 276hp and about 260ft/lb of torque. I owned a 1998 saloon and a 2006 Blitzen model saloon here. The latter was a fantastic car which I still pine for sometimes! Unlike some of the niche versions mentioned in Matt’s video, these GT models were (and still are) quite common sights on Japanese roads, particularly the wagon. I think they were not sold new overseas due to emissions standards (might be wrong) and I believe many are exported overseas as grey imports (if that’s the right expression). Anyway, great performance, though not great fuel economy. There were also S401 and S402 versions which were tuned by STi and had the 2.5L engine rather than the standard GT’s 2.0L version. The S402 sedans are still expensive to buy second hand here. In fact I’m pretty sure the same can be said for the Forester XT, again with a 2.0L turbo, going back to the nineties. And there was an out and out STi version of that too. The XT turbo was still sold here until a few years ago, and may have been recently reintroduced (minus hood scoop)! It’s a pity that the Legacy in particular is known in the UK only really in its non turbo form. Quite insipid in comparison to the GT...


    Nice video #withworld

  • Paul Lethor
    Paul Lethor

    Awesome vid mat! But you forgot the Nissan gtr, witch I think is the best Japanese car

  • Ali Maamoun
    Ali Maamoun

    If they kept them to themselves only why didn't they give themJapanese names?

  • CENTENARIO Lamborghini
    CENTENARIO Lamborghini


  • chris8394

    What about the stagea? Its basically a GTR station wagon.

  • Yadullah


  • galihxtreme

    I've owned a Skyline Nismo Z-Tune once. In *GRAN TURISMO*

  • Rossi Vasanth
    Rossi Vasanth

    If y’all been to japan, you’ll notice the normal Toyotas, Nissan, etcs feels better built as a whole almost as good or probably as good as the german cars.

  • WildPomStudios

    🚗💨 Another version we never saw was the Honda CR-X SiR. In the US we only got the anemic Si with 108 hp motor, the UK saw 150 hp in the VTi and Japan got the 170 hp version of the B16A motor.

  • Everton Ca
    Everton Ca

    Actually in Barbados, we have two of those Evo Wagons that kick ass

  • Logλn L
    Logλn L

    Mugen RR

  • Sergio Marron
    Sergio Marron

    Honda never sold the EP3 Civic Type R, Accord Euro Type R, DC5 Integra Type R...Despite the USA being the best market for Honda...

  • Alex Crompton
    Alex Crompton

    Why are you ruining the cars? With your face....

  • Shalon Harris
    Shalon Harris

    The Jdm mk4 supra made way more than 276hp😂😂 Toyota have false figures to “comply”with the gentleman’s agreement


    @carwow I had one z tune

  • Dun

    Correction: The most famous car to ever come out of Japan is a TOYOTA COROLLA and we all know that.

  • Teo Cars
    Teo Cars

    JDM Cars are very cool!


    Its not all about KEEPING THE BEST CARS FOR THEMSELVES" It also comes down to emissions regulations.

  • Alkis Agg
    Alkis Agg

    Did Mazda hold many records at 24 hour races at le man's with rotary engine ? So why do you say about reliability issues ?

  • Pricie Gaming
    Pricie Gaming

    The RNN14 Nissan Pulsar GTi-R's were another one vs the RNN14 Nissan Sunny GTi-R's that the UK had. The Japanese Pulsar's made more power than the UK Sunny GTi-R's, although I think that was only due to UK exhaust emmision regs at the time. I do miss my Grey Import Pulsar GTi-R! One hell of a fun car!

  • ThokoZani TK
    ThokoZani TK

    You didn’t have to literally be in the video bro

  • Khalid Popalzai
    Khalid Popalzai

    Where’s the 300zx

  • Kai Muroi's All Things Fitness
    Kai Muroi's All Things Fitness

    First rule of business: Never sell the good shit

  • alan crilly
    alan crilly

    Lantis type r. Know in Ireland and the UK as a Mazda 323f. 2.0 v6 Engine. I had one for years. Great cat. Imported it from Japan.

  • nashathedog

    The best thing about Japanese cars is that Japan drives on the same side of the road as the UK so unlike European cars Japan's Cars are designed from the ground up as right-hand drive vehicles.


    Wow I knew it from all the looks of JDM imported cars. From today I will only buy JDM imported 🇯🇵 Cars.👍

  • Red Special Sniper
    Red Special Sniper

    Not included in the list : 1. Honda Civic Mugen RR FD2 2. Mugen S2000 3. Mugen NSX RR 4. Mazda Rx-7 Bathurst R 5. Honda Legend And all the wonderful tuned cars by Opera, Spoon, Amuse, RE-Amemiya, Mine's, Tom's and of course tuning divisions Mugen, TRD, Mazdaspeed, Ralliart, Nismo, STi. Their tuned models are truly amazing and most are only available in Japan

  • Reuben Mandanna
    Reuben Mandanna

    All supras had 320 bhp but claimed that they only had 276bhp

  • orza playground
    orza playground

    Nissan cedric, Toyota Mark 2, Toyota chaser and the list goes on

  • きずな


  • Rory Nesta
    Rory Nesta

    Correct me if Im wrong here but Subaru also made the 22B and the Forester STI that was never offered elsewhere around the world?

  • djdd dd
    djdd dd


  • Leonardo Penner
    Leonardo Penner

    Toyota RunX Z? Or Allex Z?

  • Christopher Willis
    Christopher Willis

    Europe got the starlet ep91 range from 1996 on wards, Japan got the glanza. I own a glanza v p sport edition. Lots of fun

  • kelvin L
    kelvin L

    the rx7 footage is from the straight pipes! @thestraightpipes

  • faichikei1

    What about a trip to Japan Matt? You can rent all sorts of 90s cars and you would love the experience! Rent then drive to mt Fuji! www.omoren.com

  • - Riku Ron
    - Riku Ron


  • Pete .C
    Pete .C

    The S2000 had a 2.0 engine not a 2.2 like Matt said

  • Trab Ali
    Trab Ali

    the lexus LS 400 came out in 1989, so its not 25 years old matt, research thing properly!

  • Dwayne Anderson
    Dwayne Anderson

    Drage race a subaru wrx sti

  • Kristiqn Zhelev
    Kristiqn Zhelev

    9 addvertised in this video.. Really 12 min and 9 add's.. Carwow is all about the advert's now...

  • Jays_ Autoworks
    Jays_ Autoworks

    What about priuses, are they hiding a turbo v6 or v8 prius from UK

  • Korbin 70x7
    Korbin 70x7

    Tremendous video Matt thank you

  • Joseph Matthews
    Joseph Matthews

    One car I thought was better, they had the Daihatsu Terios with a 1.3 turbo, only auto though. Another car is the Suzuki Alto Works, 660cc turbo engine with 4wd was a fun car.

  • Shane Amosun
    Shane Amosun

    Toyota Aristo / Lexus GS shape from 98 - 04, The Aristo had the Toyota Supra 3.0 litre twin turbo engine from that era. Aristo V300 I think it's called. A real sleeper vehicle.

  • Genji


  • Blitz

    Matt the whole "276" is a gentleman's agreement. Meaning companies made cars with "276hp" but when dyno'd were actually more than that. The Japanese government did this to try and curb young drivers from speeding too much... yeah good luck with that.

  • Ejaaz Idris
    Ejaaz Idris

    Hmm I wonder where the Mazda RX-7 b-roll came from 🤔 @thestraightpipes 😝

  • Khamis Salim
    Khamis Salim

    GT-R for sure

  • NORDLAW 876
    NORDLAW 876

    Toyota Crown, Toyota Century v12, and Subaru Impreza 22b are great Japanese only cars

  • Musa Malik
    Musa Malik

    Actually saw the evo IX MR wagon in Pakistan, dude imported it from Japan.

  • Nelson Silva
    Nelson Silva

    My God, these were the cars, the greatest ever, only lacking r32 and r33, and of course the trueno. Please make a video on the Z legacy, the car that never stopped production that is always front engine and rear drive.

  • Captivestormracing

    How about the Nissan figro

  • sachin mb
    sachin mb

    Is there a problem with mat's left eye.

  • Calisto Riviera
    Calisto Riviera

    At least you guys got type R’s before the current generation. -America

  • Arda Aktaş
    Arda Aktaş

    Check my channel too 👌🏻

  • Haseeb Khan
    Haseeb Khan

    There is a gtr r34 on autotrader it’s got 700hp but it is for 20k no lie saw this last week

  • ChatNoir

    Great video Mat! As always

  • Ayman Shahid
    Ayman Shahid

    Dear Matt Sir, Japanese cars icons are going expensive than normal cars

    • Ayman Shahid
      Ayman Shahid

      Whether Subaru, Mazda, Nissan power couple are difference to keep

  • sahul9000

    They're not all just sold in japan...some of em are sold in other Asian markets too

  • Shivendra Rajebhosale
    Shivendra Rajebhosale

    Mk4 supra and Nissan R34 are love❤️❤️

  • Billias Koukos
    Billias Koukos

    Nice list! I have a similar case actually. My 2003 Mazda Roadster SG Limited imported from Japan, and only 400 copies have ever produced. It's based on Nevada Edition, it's a SVT model but with 158 instead of 148bhp UK sport models and with a lighter flywheel revving up to 7.500rpm!! I was so amazed when I found my car is so special 😅😅😆


    Where is the S15 😡😡😡

  • Joshua Thiel
    Joshua Thiel

    I think another case of the UK getting better versions was the Evo FQ versions.

  • Asad Arfat
    Asad Arfat

    I get excited seeing jdz cars on carwow. Mat we want to see some of these cars in drag race including, r34 v spec, supra mk4, nsx, r33,r32 ect. Pls make this happen. Its what we want😇 Like if u agree🤷‍♂️👍

  • dicky angkoso
    dicky angkoso

    Hail JDM!

  • Bashar Abdullah
    Bashar Abdullah

    No but the supra is hugely spreaded around the world tho?

  • Nick Hughes
    Nick Hughes

    Matt the 1st car to feature a sat nav was the mazda eunos cosmo in 1990

  • twincammike83 16v
    twincammike83 16v

    Japan has made the best cars in the world really wen you think about it..

  • Karl Atherton
    Karl Atherton

    Evo wagon, www.ebay.co.uk/itm/274292673774

  • Althemusicman1

    We didn't get the jdm honda civic type r fd2, we got the fn2. 😞