VW's RS4 - new Arteon gets 'R' treatment and estate body!
Volkswagen has updated the Arteon! Along with some new engines, new tech and some styling tweaks, VW has also introduced an R version and a completely new shooting brake! The old Arteon was a bit of a looker, so do the new updates do it justice? You’ll have to stick with Mat to find out!
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    Wagons are more spacious, look a lot better, and have a better performance than any stupid suv. Honestly, whoever buys suvs instead of wagons seriously has their brain missing

  • lalit2 4242
    lalit2 4242

    Bad for dual speakers phones.. as the left is so low in most phones

  • Christophers

    4:31 Ha ha! "Micropenis gear selector"

  • carhunter

    So now there's a Passat Saloon and an Arteon Saloon, a Passat Estate and an Arteon Estate. Really makes the lineup more confusing.

  • Joe Kold
    Joe Kold

    Can’t believe you don’t know this, shooting brake is a specific design language of an estate. Look at the difference between Kia ceed stationcar and the Kia proceed, which is a shooting brake.

  • ksh 01
    ksh 01

    vw has "variant" not just estate/sw

  • Ricardo Robledo
    Ricardo Robledo

    Me gusta ese frontal para el golf

  • Global Gaming School - GGS
    Global Gaming School - GGS

    The Arteon sedan looks 10 times more sportier and exclusive than the Audi.

  • Alex loftén
    Alex loftén

    So many car companies started calling their estate versions of coupé's/sportbacks/hatchbacks for Shooting Brake after Mercedes named the CLS Estate for CLS Shooting Brake. Copy cats.

  • Bogdan Roman
    Bogdan Roman

    Finally a nice looking estate

  • Reed E.C
    Reed E.C

    Are the Arteon R using the same engine as the Arteon R-Line or different?

  • Yes Man
    Yes Man

    And MB CLS (shooting break) they came with the name btw. I fine the 2016 model still the most sexy looking wagon in the world.

  • Mircea Munteanu
    Mircea Munteanu

    I can only dream for one here in Canada :(

  • 藤本讓

    wht they don't put the vr6 tsi like EA390 like we all waitting for..

  • yeet YuuY?
    yeet YuuY?

    Imagine if the voice and music were in both ears but the left ear was voice biased but and the right ear music biased. That would be amazing

  • Guy Thompson
    Guy Thompson

    I like the hatchback rather than the “the council estate” .,

  • Gottlieb Dee
    Gottlieb Dee

    Mercedes use both 'Touring' and 'Wagen' to describe their estate cars. Oh, and 'Shooting Brake'. The point of a Shooting Brake is here Mat, you need to read up; en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shooting-brake The idea now, (not earlier), is to be sleeker than standard estate. It's basically style ver substance.

  • Oleg Salamon
    Oleg Salamon

    Oh, look! An overpriced VW Passat 😂

  • Can't beat CC's
    Can't beat CC's

    Still needs the 3.6L V6 that's in the old CC- 220kw/350nm

  • Andrej M
    Andrej M

    Well the new one HAS a bit slicker line, it now looks even longer and lower, BUT: out go Dynaudio speakers (a shame, don't tell us the harman/kardon is better), out go the physical heating knobs, out goes the analogue clock. The Dynaudio part bothers me most. And hey, fix the sound in the video please, stereo shouldn't mean your voice goes to L, and music goes the R channel. Anyway, I am subscribing, you rule.

  • Srchangwaytogo C.
    Srchangwaytogo C.

    3:20 Dude, it is a lot more practical when you acknowledge the height of the boot FCOL You don't have dogs do ya?

  • Billy Hensh
    Billy Hensh

    2 litre more...why would you do that!?

  • Patrick Brusberg
    Patrick Brusberg

    To make it even more confusing: in German the Mercedes Wagon Models are called “T-Model” and the overall term for estates is “Kombi” ( and btw Mercedes, Porsche and Kia also call some of their cars “Shooting brake”)

  • james Robinson
    james Robinson

    For me Its abit....meh...... No 240bhp twin turbo Diesel then!😞 Ive also got an image in my head about the shooting-brake....it reminds me of when they chopped-up a tesla model s and turned it into an estate/wagon/shooting-brake/tourer lol....don't get me wrong i like the arteon but not in this form, just doesn't look right. And for a top spec high powerd top end arteon shooting-brake, just think what else you could get for all that money!.

  • numbereightyseven

    The Estate has a bit of Altezza Gita going on.

  • Ted Leer
    Ted Leer

    Will take a gte version will probably do 300 hp with an tune like my golf 7 gte

  • Marc-Antoine

    One of the best looking car in ages !

  • Mezan Miah
    Mezan Miah

    This is the perfect video to demonstrate stereo sound on phones when watching in landscape

  • POV Driving
    POV Driving

    great looking VW

  • Karolis Sabaliauskas
    Karolis Sabaliauskas

    I Love This new version of Arteon ❤️🚗

  • Joe Craw
    Joe Craw

    Been a lifelong VW fan and am kind of disappointed..great looking vehicle with potential, too bad they opted to drop the 400hp V6.. Underpowered for such a heavy vehicle and too expensive for a VW.. At that price tag I’ll stick with the Audi S5 sportback.. Swing and a miss..

  • John Brewster
    John Brewster

    I think it's bit of a con, to get a reasonable discount you have to go for PCP. Paying in cash you don't have much savings.....

  • Lau Ionescu
    Lau Ionescu

    Why cant they change the 10 year old model stick of the gear??

  • Lazzy J
    Lazzy J

    drive the c8 corvette!!!

  • TechJunkie

    Manufacturers please stop taking away physical buttons and dials!

  • roconnor01


  • Julius Alexander Yip
    Julius Alexander Yip

    Left Ear: Mat’s voice and music Right Ear: Music What if someone has a deaf left ear, then they will have to put their left earphone into the right ear very uncomfortably.

  • Phan The Trung Nguyen
    Phan The Trung Nguyen

    What's with the stupid obsession with 4cyl turbos for 'performance' models from VW group. . .

  • Merkava TV
    Merkava TV

    behold, the passerati

  • Mikko Lindell
    Mikko Lindell

    7:30 He said that you shouldn't use cruisecontrol at speeds over 70mph. Why is that?

  • Abdullah Mustafa
    Abdullah Mustafa

    A race with x5 and range rover sport.!!!!

  • Ochion Aarons
    Ochion Aarons

    The back looks like a e400 coupe

  • Joeykitty

    Who cares? It's not coming here!

  • planemod

    My right ear can hear it only

  • Vlad Andrei
    Vlad Andrei

    Oh look, one week later the sound is still broken. Leave your comments bellow because we will check them for sure.

  • Renato Moraga
    Renato Moraga

    Make a drag race with a new Audi S model

  • Renato Moraga
    Renato Moraga

    this one looks completely amazing even better than some rs audi models

  • Edward Szlumper-Morris
    Edward Szlumper-Morris

    Imagine if VW made this car but electric. They could call it the id5 and it would cost the same but have lower ownership costs by a factor of ten. I prefer this car to its rivals but only in the same way that I'd prefer a yeast infection to genital warts. Good turd varnishing VW keep those engine factories going!

  • tugan bolatlı
    tugan bolatlı

    Colour options are Just amazing. Espicially the night blue Colour for the estate versionn has become my favorite. 👍

  • Mr Hornby
    Mr Hornby

    It’s more of an s4 competitor

  • TheMetUnleashedTWO

    Matt is on the left but it's called the golf

  • Kassa 0-0
    Kassa 0-0

    Someone needs to be fired!! Please do it on video 😁😜

  • ian rowan
    ian rowan


  • Giggle McDimples FTW And Dark Bowser FTL
    Giggle McDimples FTW And Dark Bowser FTL

    Alfa Romeo Alpine Audi Bentley BMW Bugatti Citroen Cupra Dacia Daihatsu Datsun DS Fiat Geely Genesis Hyundai Infiniti JAC Jaguar Kia Lada Lamborghini Lancia Land Rover Lexus Lotus Maserati Mazda MG Mini Mitsubishi Nissan Opel Peugeot Porsche Proton Renault Rolls Royce Samsung Scion SEAT Skoda Ssangyong Subaru Suzuki TATA Motors Tesla And Volvo

  • computerapple4

    Lol the arteon just came to the states last year. Everytime he saids old i feel like we are behind lol. We like our CC though

  • zeus01504

    Anyone else watching this and leaning their head to the left?

  • minciNashu

    Shooting break is supposed to be shorter than a regular estate. Kia / Hyundai also use the term.

  • Jae

    wtf my right ear is sad

  • Ben Mizrahi
    Ben Mizrahi

    The R Shooting Brake for sure.

  • Aaron A
    Aaron A

    10 x better than the new golf, this will be my new car after driving golfs all my life

  • Lizwi Zulu
    Lizwi Zulu

    Please review the vw amarock

  • otoTV


  • MrCrosader

    Thats a nice looking Peugeot 508

  • Jan Makuc
    Jan Makuc

    Well if you don't have enough money then you'll be this car... either the "shooting brake" or the normal one, but if you don't have the money issue then you'll just buy a BMW or a Mercedes.

  • SanPeter

    Love it but would not buy it: children in the back would not stand a chance to a good view as windows are tiny. E class Merc estate has the same problem

  • Keyboardwarrior00

    Volkswagens estates are called „Variant“ in Germany.

  • tavarish

    the arteon shooting brake is suprisingly very good

  • Dell.afonso Dell.alfonso
    Dell.afonso Dell.alfonso

    I loving

  • LetzHaveALook

    Add a performance 6 cylinder and then could consider one. P.s. how many people listen with headphones. Must be heaps by the comments

  • Ghassan Alsabti
    Ghassan Alsabti

    wtf man i thought my new headphones was broken...

  • Stewie Griffin
    Stewie Griffin

    What's the point of buying a 50k pound VW when I can have an Audi?

  • Dženan M.
    Dženan M.

    4:06 can someone explain this weird colour effect on rear windshield , I've also noticed it on my Octavia , especially when its really clean

    • dlevi67

      It's the heat treatment (tempering). It creates zones of tension inside the glass which are visible as sort-of-rainbow patches. Very easily visible if you wear polarized sunglasses.

  • mann318is

    Sound mate is coming from only one channel when U talk left speaker indeed...

  • Stephen Doherty
    Stephen Doherty

    VW engineers must be envious of those wagon autobahn beasts. If sporting brake is good enough for Porsche... Strange as nobody buys wagons in the US and saloons are ot selling like hot cakes anywhere. 50k for a VW....

  • Arda Aktaş
    Arda Aktaş

    Check my channel too 👌🏻

  • Sebastian Stagh
    Sebastian Stagh

    Can’t you do a review of a Lamborghini PLS??

  • Bennet Daison
    Bennet Daison

    Had been adjusting my headphones for 3 mins till the comments faced the same

  • Steve Taylor
    Steve Taylor

    2 litres 🤦‍♂️

  • Sherukka

    Nothing fancy, something like a older Honda Accord? Is there even room for a even more boring version like the Passat? This company needs some serious help...

  • R Gaming&That
    R Gaming&That

    That's nice 👍but don't forget the classics!!! sltoos.info/for/nIJu35SJoatjnnY/video

  • MagicWok

    On your left.

  • gamergumler

    Audi A7

  • Drey 2k
    Drey 2k

    Yo guys,what's the magic f word from the ad?😂😂

  • meky michael
    meky michael

    I won't buy it. Simply the interior copied from VW Passat and it quite expensive for VW. I would get a Audi instead. I used to drive the Jetta it's a wonderful car, but the normal upgrade latter was getting an Audi A6.

  • Mark P
    Mark P

    for the love of god check your audio levels before you upload a video so I don't have to hear you in my left speaker only.

  • Özgür ÇALIŞKAN
    Özgür ÇALIŞKAN

    Next video should give sound at right channel.

  • Frank luxobzor
    Frank luxobzor

    It is one hot car both shooting brake and other. I would get this Arteon instead of Audi A5 and I am a big Audi fan.!

  • Arcello

    Awful cheap chinese-styled rare lights.

  • Pacman9933 Gaming
    Pacman9933 Gaming

    Reminds me of the Porsche Panamera a bit, or is it just me?

  • Toby Mitchell
    Toby Mitchell

    Flip guys pan your audio to centre haha! That was un-pleasant to listen to.

  • Aaa Gee
    Aaa Gee

    Still enjoying it on the left side in Britain eh

  • Ezekiel Villangca
    Ezekiel Villangca

    I thought my headphones was broken for a sec..

  • Roman Kovac
    Roman Kovac

    It is a big improvement Volkswagen has made. I hope there will be colours to choose from such as , white , Black .....

  • Alex Cann
    Alex Cann

    A really good looking car. They wont sell bucket loads which for me would be a bonus. Chances are you're not going to park next to another one anytime soon. I do have a soft spot for estates (shooting brake...) and the Arteon looks fabulous. Good job VW.

  • rinkystinkybumbumpoopoo

    To the left to the left everything you own in a box to the left

  • spartanspirit

    Micro penis gear selector

  • A.r002


  • Milan Šimko
    Milan Šimko

    Lol at rs4

  • Stéphanε γvelines
    Stéphanε γvelines

    I really like the Arteon, as both 4 door coupé and shooting brake. The Arteon R is a bit disappointing, it should have been more of an upscale car together with the Touareg. Eather a VR6 Turbo or a 42V enhanced 2.0T R4 ( > 350 HP ) would have distingushed it from Golf R and Tiguan R. I think VW made a mistake to not developp a VR6 replacement, electrification should primarily replace boring 1.0, 1.5 and 1.8L engines instead of replacing enthusiast versions (like the VR6 engine which was quite a characterful engine layout).

  • sky works
    sky works

    I dont know but I dont like the estate Arteon, my Audi A4 Avant still looks better, all Arteon has are the huge 20 inch wheels which are not very pratical other than photoshoot for the promotion.

    • s k
      s k

      I disagree, tossing opinions and bias aside the Arteon SB looks levels above that plain looking A4 Avant, especially the b9 facelift, which looks even worse than the pre-facelift one. It's only my opinion, but I'd even say this Arteon is the best looking wagon you can buy right now, even surpassing c8 a6/rs6 which is one of the best looking wagons on the market.

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