AMG E63 S v Jaguar Project 8: DRAG RACE
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How's this for a start to your Wednesday morning?!
Mat's sat in the most expensive Jaguar around - the XE SV Project 8! Limited to only 300 models, this almighty Jag is powered by a 5-litre supercharged V8 that can produce a 600hp & 700Nm of torque! As for the E63? Well it comes in almost 300kg heavier than the Jag, but thanks to the 4-litre twin-turbo V8 under the bonnet, it can produce 612hp & 850Nm of torque!
So they're relatively even-matched, right? The question is, will the Jag prove its worth over the quarter-mile given it costs about £180,000 - a full £80,000 MORE than the E63! There's only one way to find out... LET'S RACE!
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  • carwow

    If you could, would you pay £180,000 for the Jaguar Project 8?!

    • yerandi asencio
      yerandi asencio

      I have a XE 35t tuned to 420hp and i love it, but definitely wouldn't pay more than 100k for a jaguar don't matter how good or how big engine it has, nothing tops germany engineering at that price for a sedan at least, the M series or the amg models are the best

    • Wawi LMJ
      Wawi LMJ

      For that money I prefer buying the M8 competition , the look of that BMW is better , the engine is better , the comfort is better , the interior is better and the price is better . So for me I would pay the M8 . But , if you look. at the speciality of the jaguar , her history , her unique model in jaguars family , I can pay it but I would selling that more expensive than the price I pay hahaha

    • Mella Style
      Mella Style


    • The_black_Frank_White

      Giulia GTAm 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    • iMixMasteR

      I wouldnt even pay $5 for a Trashguar.

  • corban simphiwe
    corban simphiwe

    Jaguar will kill this German

  • tubblebee

    Jags always claim to be faster or more powerful than their class rivals but always fall short. Likes to brag but always get beaten by its rivals. 🤣

  • Ibrahim Karakayali
    Ibrahim Karakayali

    German power AMG 👏

  • Mariyam Khan Khan
    Mariyam Khan Khan

    Turbo engine's or 👑... Not in super charger... 👎👎👎

  • Дэнчик Denis
    Дэнчик Denis

    No, isn't, left side is right side, you guus have wrong way directions in Britain

  • Shubh Aggarwal
    Shubh Aggarwal

    7:08 It's not a British car, is it🤔😜, it's now a Indian car brand!!!

  • Bmo Baby
    Bmo Baby

    Wow didn’t see that coming!

  • Dr. Hillary Thadias Nyang'anga
    Dr. Hillary Thadias Nyang'anga

    Jaguar's useless

  • Dr. Hillary Thadias Nyang'anga
    Dr. Hillary Thadias Nyang'anga

    Mercedes better sound

  • vw R32
    vw R32

    You sandbagged it, instead of acting like a lady and watching the Mercedes pay attention to the race. 🤙🇬🇧

  • Heinje Reyes
    Heinje Reyes

    I can Get Porsche 911 Turbo S with 180,000 thousand which is More powerful and faster.

  • Lucas Ono
    Lucas Ono

    Today! on car meh : the fastest production jaguar loses to a stationwagon!


    4:25 that voice crack

  • HRGM333

    For the heavier car of the two, the merc took it on all levels!

  • Dannis Kariuki
    Dannis Kariuki

    A rolss Royce and a mersedies

  • 992 TURBO S
    992 TURBO S

    If I had to chose it would be the Mercedes as Jaguar are crap.

  • Francesco Cristian D'Ambrosio
    Francesco Cristian D'Ambrosio

    That Mercedes Is amazing. The point is I'd love to see a comparison on the track, I think results would be very different

  • Leety McLeet
    Leety McLeet

    Some of these comments... wow. The ignorance is real.

  • Rafal Molak
    Rafal Molak

    Hahaha, these two are closely matched... Yeah, one is a family estate the other a sport car

  • Guillermo Paz
    Guillermo Paz

    You should race an E63s AMG estate vs an E63s AMG coupe and see if the aerodynamics affect the performance.

  • Grigorii Elistratov
    Grigorii Elistratov


  • Wawi LMJ
    Wawi LMJ

    If that E63s has the best v8 engines , what about the M5 and M8 ?

  • zDrxgonV2 KMN
    zDrxgonV2 KMN

    There shouldn’t be an E63s TModel there should be a DTM E63s

  • Mella Style
    Mella Style

    AMG For Life!💪❤🔥💯

  • Kenneth L. Brewton
    Kenneth L. Brewton

    Merc doesn't hold a candle to that 5.0L in sound. Jag all day

  • Taylor Webb
    Taylor Webb


  • Jayden Lee
    Jayden Lee

    The Jaguar Project 9

  • sam sharp
    sam sharp

    Jag sounds better 💪🏼

  • Zx10r 08
    Zx10r 08

    Rather have jaguar

  • Ian D
    Ian D

    A typically poor show from Jaguar. All show for £180k, expected better.

  • Raptor

    The merc sounds better

  • Vinch

    A drag race that I would loooove to see on the show... W212 E63 S, yes, the facelifted W212! I feel like they're quite rare now, most of them are released in 2014.

  • Simon J Coyle
    Simon J Coyle

    I'll listen to the Merc thx

  • Melly Mel
    Melly Mel

    It’s the wing. Not the “AMG” power. Drag

  • Bennet H
    Bennet H

    Ein Mercedes Benz Sound is doch viel geiler 🌊

  • Johnny Lopez
    Johnny Lopez


  • Instagram brat.psihopat
    Instagram brat.psihopat

    Only Germans knows how to make a Car...german power!

  • Creativity and Aviation Channel
    Creativity and Aviation Channel

    The Mercedes is more torquey

  • Zojë Elezaj
    Zojë Elezaj

    Mercedes sound is best

  • Lord Butler
    Lord Butler

    This is obviously built for Americans so they can go in a straight line 😱

  • Adithyan Devadas
    Adithyan Devadas

    Is this an airport runway?

  • It's Yuh Boii - That Dude
    It's Yuh Boii - That Dude


  • Nick Haralampopoulos
    Nick Haralampopoulos

    Before the race: Jaguar will get its ass kicked. After the race: Confirmed!

  • Pereira Kelvin
    Pereira Kelvin

    The Merc still the best

  • Searge12

    funny seeing a super sporty looking car getting beat by a family station wagon lmao

  • Nadir Jk
    Nadir Jk

    Passing a car because of a limiter isn’t a win

  • tony pazek
    tony pazek

    Britisch cars ,they never have the power as advertised.

  • Lambert Jiang
    Lambert Jiang

    jaguar is absolutely a pathetic brand with foolish cars

  • Ty w
    Ty w

    So Jaguars most powerful car gets dusted by hearse.

  • vubevube

    waiting for a poll about the LHD vs RHD, interested on the demographics of your viewers.

  • Mark X
    Mark X

    Merc is the longtail version so it's faster 😜


    McLaren mp4 12c vs e63 estate

  • Hisoka Del tayfoon
    Hisoka Del tayfoon

    Sorry Mat, you are driving in the wrong side, because the world's default is steering wheel in the left side. Thank you.

  • Jordan Viper
    Jordan Viper

    Really.. so wtf are you actually paying for... Jag is useless. Got completely dicked on😂😂. AMG Balls all over its Chin

  • Lucy Maru
    Lucy Maru

    I love cars

  • Japanda San
    Japanda San

    jags better

  • Ethan Orashan
    Ethan Orashan

    go American cars!

  • A Saga
    A Saga

    No the UK put the steering in the wrong side

  • Farid Jahanshahi
    Farid Jahanshahi

    jaguar is impressive car

  • David Babic
    David Babic

    Drag races...garbage...

  • Nathan Pienaar
    Nathan Pienaar

    Running Coupé vs. an Estate. Tragic

  • Louie Does a Thing
    Louie Does a Thing

    I realize that on-track it would be a different story, but $229k for a Jag that did worse than the SVR you pitted against the same Mercedes a couple years ago seems crazy.

  • Francisco Diaz
    Francisco Diaz

    Jag is deft not worth the money... sad given it’s tag price. Not even to mention the Benz is a family car lol

  • Tshiamo Moroka
    Tshiamo Moroka

    Lol the way you keep giving the Jaguar free points and we all know the benze one that 2 rolling race

  • Cam

    Being part of the development of the project8’s exhaust is the highlight of my career 😬 that Mercedes is incredibly fast

  • Agita Zvans
    Agita Zvans

    Dude the jaguar project 8 is loud

  • Raphael 27
    Raphael 27

    That Jag sounds like nothing 🤣. Crappy performance, crappy looks.

  • ZindroX YT
    ZindroX YT

    The right site is not the raith site

  • Janym Forever
    Janym Forever

    Old c63 vs new

  • asr 01
    asr 01

    ok next time do that with the alfa giulia gtam.

  • MRO

    No Jaguar for me. Over in the states they have a unreliable reputation not nearly as bad as the Benz. We have had a massive spike in Porsche and Lamborghini cars in our area.

  • james dalton
    james dalton

    who knew cat shit was so expensive

  • Mesut Sayar
    Mesut Sayar

    id buy a Jimny for 20k

  • Ben Benboi
    Ben Benboi

    Is there not a small track nearby or could you perhaps make one on the runway? The drag racing is great, it attracts the fans and gets the subs up, but is the channel not in a position where it could get a decent driver to take each car for a lap? You could even try a split-screen approach where we are able to see each lap at the same time, which will keep the video short and sweet.

  • reubs91

    Project 8 would smash it around a track.

  • Mohamad Aburashed
    Mohamad Aburashed

    🇩🇪 the best

  • AllThings Interesting
    AllThings Interesting

    🤷you can't beat a jaguar V8 sound

  • Liviu Diaconescu
    Liviu Diaconescu

    Jaguar its sh**t car!!!

  • Jackisback

    The drag race is at 3:08

  • JzDon

    you need to get DMO’s e63s on here vs a lamborghini

  • The Rebul
    The Rebul

    Wanna see you drag race a Ducati V4R with some super car.

  • Sebastián Aguilar
    Sebastián Aguilar

    Good Job Mat!!! Love you channel 😍 Regars from Spein!


    Disgusting, he let u win on the brake test just to give the jag a win

  • Grim Reaper
    Grim Reaper

    Yes the correct side is on the right hand side of the car, we're lopsided apes, with both right hand & right eye dominance. In counties where we drive on the left there are less accidents per head, due to fractionally faster relay from eye to brain.

  • cengiz ışık
    cengiz ışık

    Don't try to make jag seems better please. 😁 it's not, moreover not faster.

  • gamen met vince
    gamen met vince


  • Demonspeed 86
    Demonspeed 86

    Project 8 👌🏻

  • Batzen


  • Given Ipinge
    Given Ipinge

    would you please try the non sporty version of the cars

  • Shane Tripp
    Shane Tripp

    just saying most countries drive on the right side of the road...

  • Spanish BBall athlete
    Spanish BBall athlete

    People are surprised that the e63s station wagon won? Lol

  • Men Ninetights
    Men Ninetights

    I could pick up an F12 and the old C63 AMG with that £180K and still have change!

  • Chaos Guardian
    Chaos Guardian

    the jaguar sounds like shit from outside

  • Vismay Gujaran
    Vismay Gujaran

    jag sounds juicy That’s all i would say bois.

  • Nick Haralampopoulos
    Nick Haralampopoulos

    This comment is before I see the video. The Merc wins! But the Jag is beautiful! After seeing the video: Never underestimate the Germans. Actually Jag lost both races. Hadn't been for the speed limiter Merc has greater top speed.

  • Legend Alonso
    Legend Alonso

    Jaguar vs expensive hearse

  • Christoffer Brekke
    Christoffer Brekke

    Would love to see Audi A5 3.0TDi Stage 2 vs Audi S5 B8 preface model

  • Swikar Maharaj
    Swikar Maharaj

    Hi could you maybe do a video with a Mercedes Benz E55 AMG W211

  • Aled Llewellyn-Jones
    Aled Llewellyn-Jones

    I want to see the project 8 vs an F type