The QUICKEST 0-60mph cars of every YEAR since the 1970s
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When it comes to measuring a car’s performance, there’s always one stat which will help give you a good indication of how powerful it is: the 0 - 60mph time!
So that got us thinking… What are the quickest cars EVER to hit 60mph in ridiculously short times? Well, we’ve been researching, and we’ve come up with a list of the top 10 fastest accelerating cars to hold this title! And just to clarify, we’re not only talking about new cars, or wild one-offs which you couldn’t even drive on the road. We’re focusing solely on mass-produced cars!
But which do you think takes the top spot? Or have we missed something off the list you think needs to be here? Let us know in the comments!
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  • carwow

    Mat hasn't forgotten about the Porsche 918 Spyder! Yes, that car has done 0-60 in 2.1 seconds, but that time was measured with a one-foot rollout (where the car was rolling for 30cm before it launched). It doesn't sound like much, but it really helps it put its power down and makes a big difference to the 0-60mph time! The times on Mat's list are all from ZERO to 60mph.

    • Ego Lysergic
      Ego Lysergic

      Not a single word about Koenigsegg wich have beaten Veyron before Chiron exsisted. On Monday, September 23rd, a Koenigsegg Regera accelerated from 0 to 400 km/h and back to 0 in 31.49 seconds at Råda airfield close to the town of Lidköping. And now the Jesko wich outperform anything, who cares about tesla? If you want to be the fastest Its Jesko or Regera nothing else. if you got the skills or monye is a different thing. The 918 are just one of the cars said not to be included but omg what a car.

    • Janusha

      Also the Bugatti Veyron never had 1001 horse power... It had 1001 German PS. Which is something like 987 HP.

    • Janusha

      That SSC Ultimate Aero... Inspite of all the hype and Guinness world record claims, it never actually went into the record books as the worlds fastest production car. Because it quickly turned out to be just a home built kit-car loosely based on a 1990s Lamborghini Diablo replica kit. Steel tubular chassis welded in his own garage by some friends and every bit of engineering and tech picked out of other, already existing cars. Actual car reviewers that actually drove one are hard to come by. But I remember one saying it smelled of glue and gasoline and had all the fit, finish and ride quality of a Chinese rickshaw. So yeah... Kit-car. They built some 16-17 of them before going bust. Most of them to crazy arabs in the middle east. People who just ordered the car without ever seeing it in person. It was dreadful and ONLY the ONE car that went fast that ONE time, was able to go that fast. The rest of them had far less power. So there was never any crash testing or emissions. No health & safety, no nothing. And as always with american cars, they make sure it can do 60 in first gear. So they dont waste tenths on gearing. Because with american gearboxes, a shift can take a third of a second on a good day.

    • Ferdinand 992
      Ferdinand 992

      Nooooo its ging in 2.6-2.8 seconds

    • TheStatistnr27

      @The_Trolllz_Plays its probably still getting eaten by any m5 at the redlight GTFO with ur shitty "demon" strapping a huge engine on a brick wall doesn't make a great car and this "demon" is actually good at nothing it doesn't even have proper brakes ffs hahah

  • BoTesla

    Yes :)

  • L0RD_S1TH4M on blitz
    L0RD_S1TH4M on blitz

    Dodge Demon 🤷🏼‍♂️

  • Jaguar TV
    Jaguar TV

    Volkswagen IDR 1,65sec

  • Joseph Bringhurst
    Joseph Bringhurst

    Koenigsegg gemera

  • Mîđņįğhţ

    ssc tuatara

  • Joseph Porta
    Joseph Porta

    Dodge challenger SRT Demon does it in 2.3 seconds

  • Joseph Porta
    Joseph Porta

    Dodge demon 0-60 is preety fast as well

  • Brandon Mcmullan
    Brandon Mcmullan

    Needs updated after ssc's thunder struck 331mph run.

  • jaya neyon
    jaya neyon

    The Demon is faster than the tesla. The 2.3 is with rollout but with rollout the demon does 2.1

  • King Galix
    King Galix

    The Tesla Roadster is 2.0 will go 0-60 in 1.9 sec’s

  • David Barma
    David Barma

    If he was made of chocolate he would eat himself. Too smarmy for me, and very light on content. Sorry.

  • Electrodude

    If 4 doors sedan with simple electric motor can beat a 1+ million with very complex combustion engine car you know the end is near.

  • Free Guy
    Free Guy

    Every year? Ummm, not quite.

  • Elit3

    The Mclaren F1 still holds the record for the fastest Naturally Aspirated car by top speed

  • Weston Harby
    Weston Harby

    People had big block ford, chevy, and mopar powered street legal hot rods that did 3s 0-60 in the modified division back in the 70s and 80s. You can easily crank out 1000 hp with a big block v8, good induction and 15-20 lbs of boost from a blower (which work well with carbs)

  • Jörgen Persson
    Jörgen Persson


  • Beef Ingot
    Beef Ingot

    Does Mat own Carwow?

  • Chris Peacock
    Chris Peacock

    This video is just a collection of plugs

  • Sergey Popov
    Sergey Popov

    Dauer 962: 2,8 0-100 km/h. 1994 so f u c k mclarens rubbish

  • Robert McCarthy
    Robert McCarthy

    Anyone know what the silver car at 0.22 is?

  • Boris Galos
    Boris Galos

    And now Tesla has announced the Model S Plaid with a 0-60 of

  • Kyle Desjardins
    Kyle Desjardins

    What about the Dodge Demon

  • Aberran Fox
    Aberran Fox

    I don't know why they don't just put a small electric motor over each wheel for independent speed control and traction with a gas engine to kick in once you get up to a certain speed. I know there are aftermarket hybridized cars for drag racing why not make them come that way from the dealership?

  • Vuththiwat Tanathornkosithgira
    Vuththiwat Tanathornkosithgira

    Please do update video when plaid model S is out. Thanks

  • James Driscoll
    James Driscoll

    the dodge demond did it faster the the tesla its the fastest production car 0 to 60


    really? your top one and you end up this video with a shitty electric car? lmfao, yeah sure

  • Tyler Playzz
    Tyler Playzz

    The Ultimate Aero you showed was of the 2007 Ultimate Aero Twin Turbo that had 1287 hp

  • libary

    why didn't you do the plaid tri motor model s

  • Sen9733

    to think that dave down the road with his remapped audi rs3 could beat all these in a 0-60

  • Alejandro Rubio
    Alejandro Rubio

    You forgot the Koenigsegg B much mark on híper cars!

  • John Crighton
    John Crighton

    Constantly mentioning the pop out menu is really irritating

  • James Tudor
    James Tudor

    Carwow running on empty.

  • Ashutosh Tripathy
    Ashutosh Tripathy

    I thought thr would be a keonigsegg too(in the list) 🤔🤔

  • by ARATH
    by ARATH

    Wheres challenger demon??

  • Windows Costumize
    Windows Costumize

    koenigsegg ???

  • Storm Аrtёm
    Storm Аrtёm

    When you use metric system (0-100 km/h) instead of it. 🙁

  • Jay Ahn
    Jay Ahn

    Why do you only do quarter mile? Why not 0-60 like in this video? Would Tesla S beat Porsche Taycan Turbo?

  • Sideswipe

    You guys got a source on that video of the widebody Vette? Thing is beautiful!

  • Dj Gf
    Dj Gf

    Where's Koenigsegg?

  • Ronny Börjesson
    Ronny Börjesson

    Strange that you never heard of a brand called Köeningsegg...

    • Nicolas Landau
      Nicolas Landau

      Did any Koenigsegg held the fastest 0-60 in any point in history?

  • George McAvenia J.r.
    George McAvenia J.r.

    What about the 2018 srt demon chalenger's 2.3 second 0 to 60... oh and 840 hp and it costs a fraction of those other cars

  • Stroke The Forge
    Stroke The Forge

    Forgot the Dodge Demon. 0-60mph in 2.3 seconds as well

  • CaptainFisch

    how can you make a car channel and call yourself a carexpert when you can not spell Porsche right? IT IS NOT CALLED PORSCH

  • Fixi Hartmann
    Fixi Hartmann

    You forgot the Koenigsegg Gemer with 0-60mph in 1.9 sec

  • xX Storm Xx • vor 27 Jahren
    xX Storm Xx • vor 27 Jahren

    Mercedes had an enige with 1680 hp for a truck but later it was built in in a special Mercedes limousine

  • antfbi

    I hate European cars! They break down all the damn time! You spend over 200 thousand on a car that spends more time in the shop then the road, and will cost the same amount to fix over a 5 year period as it did to buy it

  • vidainvestor

    Soon the Tesla plaid 1.9 and then the Tesla Roadster with Rockets 1.5

  • Joseph

    Koenigsegg ?? Rimac?? Hmmmmm? 🤔

  • Space Ghost
    Space Ghost

    This guy talks like he's never driven a manual transmission

  • Skank Hunt
    Skank Hunt

    Make a video of production cars that go 300 mph in a standing mile. Oh wait what's this?! Only a Ford has done that?! Hmmm. Seems all that Italian styling was a waste of time.

  • Skank Hunt
    Skank Hunt

    The whole time Ford is sitting back laughing saying....."Can't Go 300 though"! 😂🤣

  • Carlos Miguel
    Carlos Miguel

    Great video and nicely and humorously presented. But the knowledge about American cars road holding is unfortunately outdated. Keep the nice videos coming.

  • Sultan Turarbek
    Sultan Turarbek

    Ferrari F40

  • Rxzor Swxft
    Rxzor Swxft

    What about the new Tesla roadster?

  • Jack Land-McGowen
    Jack Land-McGowen

    This video probably has the record number of references to the channel’s own videos.

  • Superior No1
    Superior No1

    If anyone is wondering why No Koenigsegg there RR 😈

  • Abboe D.
    Abboe D.

    Porsche 911 992 Turbo did 0-60 in 2.2 seconds. 🤔

  • Mark Lawrence
    Mark Lawrence

    Add an extra stipulation to this, to qualify it has to have sold at least 5000 units of that model.

  • JustWasted3HoursHere

    And the great thing about the electric super cars is that when driven "nicely" they get perfectly fine efficiency, unlike ICE cars that will not do well in the mileage department no matter how carefully they're driven. It's a win-win scenario. (Not to mention they cost about a quarter as much to operate)

    • SUPERBOOM777

      @Moreno Kristovan electric cars pass ICE in lots of categories?? I can only think of one: being shit

    • SUPERBOOM777

      efficiency and electric car in the same sentence? XDDD what have you been smoking? lmao

    • Moreno Kristovan
      Moreno Kristovan

      It's funny how ICE cars came to be because of early oil cartels repressing electricity

    • Moreno Kristovan
      Moreno Kristovan

      It's funny when people compare ICE cars to electric cars as if they are equals, electric passes ICE in lots of categories but ICE also passes electric in other categories to, the thing is, ICE had a century+ to innovate while electric technology is still catching up, just wait, there will come a time where electric is able to match or even surpass ICE, I'm waiting for the tesla roadrunner (battery) cells tp be produced, they claim it'll be able to charge from 0% - 100% in 3 minutes, and as we all know, tesla is always underestimating their numbers purposefully, unlike other tech/car companies that like to overestimate

  • evo lve
    evo lve

    One word: Plaid.

  • Dewy Wannamaker
    Dewy Wannamaker

    0-60 is such a meaningless stat. Now 30-60.......

  • Gareth Stears
    Gareth Stears

    Missed the British Caterham JPE :( set world record before the McLaren F1

  • NiteGambler

    Lets see now: 05 Buggati Veyron W16 1,001 HP 0-60 2.5 06 Phaeton 450 hp @ 428lbs torque W12 0-60 5.5 seconds..same manufacturer ....yup that seems right cut in half lol

  • libra8a

    You are going to have to redo this when the Tesla Roadster starts production.

    • Josh Miller
      Josh Miller

      even before that, Model S Plaid 0-60 >2 sec.

    • Unnecessarily Loud
      Unnecessarily Loud

      @Santenz A lot of vehicles are going 1.9s soon

    • Santenz

      One roadster goes 0-60 in 1.9secs...

  • ddd hhh
    ddd hhh

    The classic special edition muscle cars from the 1960s were pretty intense as well. Not sure they actually sold many . . . or any. But the 1965 Pontiac Catalina 2+2 had a 0-60 time of 3.9 seconds . . . That was 50 years ago! friggin amazing!

    • zynzy4u

      Have a 67 Catalina and it does 0-60 in 4.1 seconds with the non-performance engine that was widely available at that time. Am not seeing Road Runners with Hemis or a lot of other cars that were faster than many cars shown here. Then I look at like Car and Driver specs and wonder what gives? Back then C&D were given "detuned" cars to slow them down and not injure the eurocars appreciation. Seems like a lot of hornswoggling was going on. Never zero dragged raced several of the early cars named there but, like 10mph punch and such. Never saw tail lights.... take this video with a sack of salt.

  • Lance J. Danks
    Lance J. Danks

    So glad you mentioned my Tesla S performance. From a standing start in a cheetah stance, it will accelerate 0 to 60 in 2.2 seconds with just a recent software update. Keep up the great work.

  • jpeagle21

    I’m going to start saying “naught” instead of “zero”. I’ll get all the chicks.


      They also call tic-tac-toe 'naughts and crosses' which will REALLY impress them. "Fancy a game of naughts and crosses?" -- total panty dropper.

    • Jonathan Guito
      Jonathan Guito

      They'll think you're a little naughty.

    • Peter Puck
      Peter Puck

      Probably naught - but good luck.

  • Jscud Larsen
    Jscud Larsen

    It’s pronounced PORSHAH!

  • Henrik L
    Henrik L

    And soon Koenigsegg Gemera will be out, and that will do it in 1,9s. But probably faster..Christian has always being modest....

  • Shaun Lobo
    Shaun Lobo

    It’s all fun and games till you use the Tesla roadster with a 0-60 in 1.9 seconds

    • Daniel Deutschen
      Daniel Deutschen

      Since there is no production roadster yet, this time doesn't count. Anybody can draw some nice pictures and say that the car will be the fastest one ever.

  • Darko Milosavljevic
    Darko Milosavljevic

    Do you sleep sometime

  • Ben Griffith
    Ben Griffith

    what about the ac cobra 3.2 in 1965 wich was a car everyone could afford not just richy rich

  • RogerWilco

    That Tesla Model S Performance is less than €100,000 to buy today.

  • Bert Style
    Bert Style

    Put my nussan cube there :)

  • Robert Byrd
    Robert Byrd

    I enjoyed this video, thank you. I should point out that you look a bit silly pointing up to links and pictures that do not actually appear on the screen. You may want to look into that eh?Again, great video!

  • Steve Hylen
    Steve Hylen

    What about "koenigsegg" ? 310MPH. Read up before making statements that are incorrect.

  • Rich Shields
    Rich Shields

    That was bonkers, but I liked it.

  • Porschession

    Didn‘t the 992 Turbo S beat the Tesla?

  • mattt198654321

    I didn't realize there were only 10 years between the 1970s and now...

  • lgwappo

    You can do 0-60 in 2.3 seconds for $26,099 if you don't mind having just 2 wheels. Yamaha YZF-R1M.

  • davidoo 5
    davidoo 5

    Koenigsegg ?

  • stipan martić
    stipan martić

    Could you make a video about Rimac c2

  • Tee Gee
    Tee Gee

    Try looking at the Ac cobra an then you defo forgot the big hitting ford RS 200 Evo

  • Tom Cass
    Tom Cass

    You should have gone back to 1966 and the 427 Shelby Cobra which was the first under 4 second car at 0-60 in 3.9 seconds and this with skinny bias ply tires and no computerized traction control. It also was able to go from 0-100 and back to zero in 14 seconds. I can't imagine what it could do with modern tires, turbo charging, a computer controlled transmission and all the other modern goodies that make cars so fast today. The car weighed 2500 lbs and the 427 produced 485 HP at 6500 RPM and 480 ft-lb of Torque at 3500 RPM.

  • Milo Hajek
    Milo Hajek

    Rank Make and model Time 1. Aspark Owl 1.7 s 2. Rimac C_Two 1.9 s 3. Porsche 919 Hybrid (Mk II) 1.9 s 4. Audi R18 e-Tron Quattro 1.9 s 5. Porsche 918 Spyder 2.2 s 6. Toyota TS040 2.2 s 7. Weineck Cobra 780cui 2.2 s 8. Ariel Atom 500 V8 2.2 s 9. Ferrari F2004 2.2 s 10. Ultima Evolution (1020 PS) 2.3 s 11. Tesla Model S P100D 2.3 s 12. Lamborghini Huracán Performante 2.3 s 13. Bugatti Centodieci 2.3 s 14. Fahlke Larea GT1 S10 2.3 s 15. Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport 2.4 s 16. Ferrari LaFerrari 2.4 s 17. Radical RXC Turbo 500 2.4 s 18. Lamborghini Aventador LP750-4 SV 2.4 s 19. Lamborghini Huracán Performante Spyder 2.4 s 20. Lamborghini Huracán Evo 2.4 s 21. Porsche Taycan Turbo S 2.4 s 22. Bugatti EB 16.4 Veyron 2.4 s 23. Caparo T1 2.4 s 24. Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport 2.4 s 25. Ferrari SF90 Stradale 2.4 s 26. McLaren 765LT 2.4 s 27. Lamborghini Huracan LP 610-4 2.5 s 28. Porsche 911 Turbo S (991) 2.5 s 29. McLaren 720S 2.5 s 30. Lamborghini Aventador S 2.5 s Screw tesla, they are not all the hype makes them out to be

  • Milo Hajek
    Milo Hajek

    I love my 2000 911 C4, only 320HP with the 2003 firmware ECU flash, and even with 143,000 miles on it, it can still hit 0-60 in just under 4 seconds, does 170+MPH with ease and when driven conservatively i have done 33.4 MPG on a 407 mile trip.

  • Kropek

    Where is Demon?!

  • Mawena Ateko
    Mawena Ateko

    The 2021 Porsche Turbo S deserves an honorary mention

  • Zoran Veličkovski
    Zoran Veličkovski

    60 mp/h = 96.6 km/h, are european cars tested 0 - 60mp/h, or 0 - 100km/h, as they normally would be?

  • Mo b Dick
    Mo b Dick

    No pop up banner !

  • cob:of:games :
    cob:of:games :

    Ariel atom v8?? Its like 2.2 or 2.3

  • SapphireEniigma -
    SapphireEniigma -

    Aspark Owl says hi

  • Panfsij !
    Panfsij !

    wheres koenigsegg ? nissan gtr henessey venom

  • paulychannel

    HELLO! What about the TESLA 2020 ROADSTER? 1.9 seconds 0-60mph & also only 4.2 seconds 0- 100 mph! ALSO at a quarter of the price of an equivalent "supercar" HA HA!

  • Janusha

    Corvettes with 7 and a half liter engines producing no more power than a 1980s 3 liter Porsche.

    • Janusha

      @zynzy4u Oh, I grew up with a father that collected old american musclecars. Which is rare in Europe. And I moved to England to do my university and had a career over there and spent 8 years going around the Northern bit of England in Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Lotuses that we had as company cars where I worked. I also visited the Pagani, Koenigsegg, Ferrari, Lambo, Lotus... Most supercar companies except Bugatti. I went to Mclaren last year. So Ive seen both side of that fence. American cars used to have the drag-race excuse to lean on. But that race has been lost for... 20 years too. Not only do Nissan, Mclaren, Porsche get the same 600 hp out of HALF the size, they also get the torque, the weight distribution and the emissions better. There is just no competition. And hasnt been for ages. My father has an old musclecar with the same compression rate and numerical values as the latest Viper. So we know not much has happened in the US car industry.

    • zynzy4u

      The "high performance"engines of these pre-1990 sedans such as German cars exhibit their horsepower torque curves versus rpm which look a lot like a very pointed triangle. The American version with the same rated horsepower appears as a much flatter broader curve with the area under that curve being significantly greater. And it is still true, there is no replacement for displacement. We do not see 3 liter V6 engines competing against 6 liter V8 in drag racing because, there is no replacement yet holds very true.

    • Janusha

      @zynzy4u There is no replacement for displacement, they used to say... Seems there is.

    • zynzy4u

      Different size horses.

  • damachine3

    The columns I'm the thumbnail should be going down...not up.


    Kinda wished the Dodge Demon was #1

  • Yuriy Lazarenko
    Yuriy Lazarenko

    Where is a Koenigsegg in that list?

  • Mika8513

    Tesla shouldn't be on this list. The thing is that no one ever manages to do those 0-60 speeds in a Tesla... They're always off way off. While a Porsche 911 Turbo S for example beats it's claimed 0-60 time.. That's also why the Tesla actually looses to 911 in Drag Races. Because it's way slower. Also the 918 Spyder way accelerates faster from 0-60 than the Tesla, even the 911 Turbo S... you can verify it right here on SLtoos where plenty of people have timed them...

137 tis.