New Ford Bronco vs Land Rover Defender: USA vs UK off-roaders!
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When it comes to off-roaders, it doesn't get much better than these two - The Land Rover Defender, and the Ford Bronco!
It's a true Britain vs America showdown as we find out once and for all which of these iconic off-roaders is the ultimate car away from the tarmac! Mat's pulled together a list of ten challenges to put them through to see which will come out on top, from the interior through to even the doors!
But which of these would you rather have? Let us know in the comments!
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  • carwow

    It's time to VOTE - which do you think looks the best: The Bronco, or the Defender? LIKE the comment below to let us know!

    • James Bozzard
      James Bozzard

      Land Rover

    • Joel Mativet
      Joel Mativet


    • Yanuchi Uchiha: Anime, Games and Ramdomness
      Yanuchi Uchiha: Anime, Games and Ramdomness

      i'll be honest, the bronco looks much, much better than the new defender. speaking of retro suv's, how about the lada niva? the single longest-running suv in production in a single generation? eh, anyone? eh? oh... only me then...

    • askchipmonk


    • Peter Choma
      Peter Choma

      Ford Bronco, love the old Defender

  • Anthony Martin
    Anthony Martin


  • odunayo odukoya
    odunayo odukoya

    I prefer the Bronco

  • RC

    Defender whack.

  • Neenu S
    Neenu S


  • Stout Tossme
    Stout Tossme

    The only issue I have with the LR is the giant price tag and the boatload of issues (as reliable as my ex). I would say Bronco wins (but that will be determined later).

  • Ben Daulton
    Ben Daulton

    Low profile tires aren't good for off-road.

  • Rana Ehtisham Manj
    Rana Ehtisham Manj


  • MaoRoi Power
    MaoRoi Power

    Tell ford, please bring Bronco to Thailand!!!

  • Steven Greenberg
    Steven Greenberg

    Recap. Think both cars are very uglye. But bronco more so

  • Steven Greenberg
    Steven Greenberg

    Range rover would beat bronco every time. No problem

  • ELgorz

    Please these two do not compare

  • Real M
    Real M

    Bronco fits the US market and Australia. You can do so much with it in open countries, and have it as your only car. Europe is simply less suitable for such a car, even as most people would love to have one. The new Defender is not really for off-roading. Not at that price and how it's built.



  • TomEnduro

    I vote for the old and real Defender (doors came off that as well, but even easier than the Bronco)

  • mechtronical genius
    mechtronical genius

    Does ford still build land rovers?

  • rakshath muthanna
    rakshath muthanna


  • Hrishikesh Nair
    Hrishikesh Nair

    the bronco some what looks like a suzuki jimny

  • Chris Parayno
    Chris Parayno

    Can someone send a land cruiser in to tow both their trucks out?😆😆

  • Jack Olive
    Jack Olive


  • Muhammad Ibn Mut’a
    Muhammad Ibn Mut’a

    You forgot the most important feature of the Land Rover, it comes with a reliability issues.

  • MIke

    I’m not a fan of ford vehicles....FORD - Found On Road Dead or Fuel Often Repair Daily or Fucked Over Rebuilt Dodge. But seriously, Jeep Wrangler vs Ford Bronco is a more “apples to apples comparison.

  • Scottish Suzuki
    Scottish Suzuki

    Would have that Bronco in a heartbeat.

  • Enes Gj
    Enes Gj

    Mat please stop advertising Ford🤣. You are very surprising because you are from UK and you advertise US cars. Btw we didn't enjoy the advertisement🤣

  • Leslie Anderson
    Leslie Anderson

    The problem with all British made vehicles are they are overpriced and usually very unreliable. Land Rover, Range Rovers etc fall into this category especially the reliability bit. it's pretty hard to get 100K miles out of a British car without spending a fortune in maintenance, parts etc

  • Ace Of Spades
    Ace Of Spades

    I find it ironic that the Bronco looks more similar to the original Defender than the new Defender

  • Andor Radnai
    Andor Radnai

    I like the defender, but I prefer the Bronco. It also still has a manual and seems like it’s easier to fix.

  • Chris McBurney
    Chris McBurney

    Bronco, even the bronco sport looks better than the new defender.

  • Alan Kearvell
    Alan Kearvell

    WHY cant we have it in the UK. Come on Ford, at these prices you could sell as many as you could make

  • Matt Shah
    Matt Shah

    Bronco for me... Cause i know how unreliable land rover is... Such garbage

  • theboatbrokerage

    I’d buy it in Australia

  • Pierre Gee
    Pierre Gee


  • Warner Bauer
    Warner Bauer

    The real voting will happen as a result of sales

  • Timothy Oliver
    Timothy Oliver

    I wanna see you Chap take the bronco offroad in the UK

  • Tangoaz is awsome
    Tangoaz is awsome

    Well main difference is that an offroader is basically useless on the small ilse that is the uk

  • Mark Perlman
    Mark Perlman

    ford has stated they are open to a right hand drive version, just keep bothering them

  • Joyce Año
    Joyce Año

    The Bronco will kick the Defender's ass all day, everyday.

  • Adam 14
    Adam 14

    Bring the Bronco to Australia 🇦🇺

  • Abraham Arthemius
    Abraham Arthemius

    If we go for looks, Bronco wins by a HUGE mile.

  • svnbit

    They should just call it the land rover RECALL

  • Raulph P
    Raulph P

    Broncos now is the new sheriff in town. Defender is an old money pit

  • lee macdonald
    lee macdonald


  • mohnd aljuhani
    mohnd aljuhani

    ****Land cruiser looking from distance ****

  • john faragher
    john faragher

    did bronco sell in uk ? thought it was a builders toilet paper!

  • xXxXENcoreXxXx

    I have been waiting for Bronco. I'm going to buy it.

  • Chubby Munster
    Chubby Munster

    Bronco every day of the week and twicd on Thursday

  • Dragos Vestemean
    Dragos Vestemean

    will eat the new defender, for dinner, the new defender is a joke

  • Liam Holcroft
    Liam Holcroft

    the bronco is a superior offroad vehicle but it looks incredibly tacky

  • Barry PURKIS
    Barry PURKIS

    This video was a comparison between apples and pears. Subnote: Bronco was a well known brand of toilet paper in the UK.

  • Inishka Weeraratne
    Inishka Weeraratne

    Do a video comparing the defender to the land cruiser

  • Lee Wescott. The handy van Taunton
    Lee Wescott. The handy van Taunton

    In Australia they say if you want to go to the outback take a land rover BUT if want to get home as well take a Toyota Land Cruiser.

  • Donald Patterson
    Donald Patterson


  • Brian Dechant
    Brian Dechant

    Bronco all the way. Ford really hit it out of the ball park...

  • Barry Foster
    Barry Foster

    You can't say the Defender is a UK car. It is built in Slovakia by an Indian company.

  • Nick P
    Nick P

    Is it just me or is the Bronco just a little bit hairdresser?

  • abazdarhon

    Bronco is off road while defender is a posers car. Try change size of wheels or tyres in defender and see what’s happen. Or drive in muddy road up hill and see what happens....

  • technical yadav
    technical yadav

    loook at the design, luxury, features .........defender has and u r comparing this with a cartoon-like bronco

    • technical yadav
      technical yadav

      @Erick Recinos more features means more comlications and more chances of unrelaibilty....but landrovers arent as unreliable as ppl velar is working perfectly for a year.................... i think old range rovers were not reliable but latest models are perfect....

    • Erick Recinos
      Erick Recinos

      And the Defender will become a unreliable pavement princess

  • Andrea Sudano
    Andrea Sudano

    i have to say i really could not choose between the two of them but when you said that the bronco comes with a manual and the def can't.. sorry lovely defendy.

  • Palesa Itumeleng
    Palesa Itumeleng

    land rover

  • Pomo the Promo Possum
    Pomo the Promo Possum

    I wish the Bronco would come out in the UK, I love the Landy, I drove the original Defender as my main car for 6 years and loved it for all its quirks but Land Rover need some real competition over here

  • Joshua Smith
    Joshua Smith

    Id buy a bronco in the uk 🇬🇧

  • John Ratcliffe
    John Ratcliffe

    FFS! Ford are retarded for not selling this in the UK. They don't sell the (proper) Raptor in the UK either. They'd sell loads as well. SMH 😞

  • Michael Procter
    Michael Procter


  • John Ratcliffe
    John Ratcliffe

    That Bronco just looks sex.

  • Rayane gamer
    Rayane gamer

    land rover defender

  • Siva STP
    Siva STP

    bronnco design



  • Re Ho
    Re Ho

    Looks wise, the Bronco is a lot butcher and better looking...not posh like the Defender.

  • Sam Fuller
    Sam Fuller

    Bronco's better. And I love Land Rover.

  • Burhan Oku
    Burhan Oku

    bronco 9 at 10, defender 5 at 10.

  • Jyothis Js
    Jyothis Js

    Bring bronco to india

  • KKurro Cas
    KKurro Cas

    NA > EU

  • J.

    Is the bronco coming to Asia?

  • Basetik Basetik
    Basetik Basetik

    Ford looks great, but it's still too American. And the wheels? Why on earth are they so big? Likewise, with him, virtually no owner will jump over huge rocks and drive through the desert in Botswana. He's American exaggerated. It looks good, yes, but Land Rover is an everyday car with which you can go to the mountains and to the cottage. So my choice is clear.

  • Smelly Revolutionary
    Smelly Revolutionary

    Now I can't decide between the Fj40 and the Bronco.. but in terms of reliability of course FJ40 wins

  • luka davladze
    luka davladze

    Bronco All the way .


    GO TRUMP!!!!!!!! Think Mack!

  • Wo Xie
    Wo Xie

    Forgive me for saying so (because yes LR was THE vehicle that got me interested in offroading but ...) the Ford Bronco is SUPERIOR in so many more ways: - 35"s - floor drain plugs - dash tacti-rail - hood treelimb deflectors / corner spotters / usable tiedowns Also ... you're kinda suggesting that removing the doors us tedious like in the Jeap ... on the Bronco it's a SINGLE tool-free hingebolt. Excellent video, keep up the good work ... ... PS, we make fun of your accents a lot too; it's all good!

    • Josh 256m
      Josh 256m

      @Will B 😐

    • Will B
      Will B

      And the most important thing. It's not a land rover

  • Methelessh Ramesh
    Methelessh Ramesh

    I will'go for Bronco

  • Venk Venku
    Venk Venku

    Bro u need to car wow our Indian mahindra Thar 2020

  • Michael Nugara
    Michael Nugara

    I think the bronco is a much closer to the original but I don't like how they have gone with the removable doors and copied jeep. Having said that, I wouldn't buy either

    • Michael Nugara
      Michael Nugara

      @William Foster did the bronco originally have removable doors? I don't really see the purpose of removable doors, except the look at me value

    • William Foster
      William Foster

      Copied Jeep? Ha, ha. How little you know.

  • melvin5818

    You can bet the bronco is coming to the uk. Give it a year or too ford is not going to leave money on the table like that.

  • Jack Johnson
    Jack Johnson

    The new defender looks like shit

  • Ed Jo
    Ed Jo

    Nothing made by man looks as good as the old defender. The new one...!!!!!

  • Robneet Singh
    Robneet Singh

    The old American Bronco is now the new American Bronco and the Old UK Defender is now the Indian Defender

  • James Franklin
    James Franklin

    Unfortunately the Defender doesn’t have an open 90, so the exterior looks better in the Bronco, but Defender interiors look better

  • Leisa Walker
    Leisa Walker

    The bronco Is wayyyyyyy better

  • Leisa Walker
    Leisa Walker

    I vote ford bronco all the way

  • Pro Mc
    Pro Mc

    Landrover is cheap plastic where bronco uses steel

  • Vrolijk

    If you want a comfortabel modern car that does extremely well off-road, get a defender. If you just want a nice looking toy for in the weekends, get a bronco

  • Mohammad Gholami
    Mohammad Gholami


  • martin ryder
    martin ryder

    American or Slovakian ?


    cheaper - better looking and less pretentious with illusions of grandeur - Bronco! - but - no selly in the UK, then no buy fordage Defender wins!!!x

  • Johnny C 2009
    Johnny C 2009

    Ford Brongo

  • Rick Van Niedek
    Rick Van Niedek

    The bronco looks way better I think the defender just looks like A Discovery but more ugly

  • flierefluiter johnny
    flierefluiter johnny

    I prefer the Ford Bronco, the landrover is for mom's to bring their children to school

  • Caesar Ayyasy
    Caesar Ayyasy

    bronco is the best

  • tmurray12

    Stay woke carwow guy... Person. Stay woke. 🤣

  • Luke Spraggins
    Luke Spraggins

    You said Sasquatch right

  • Leggo My Ego
    Leggo My Ego

    The Defender will spend more time in the repair shop than on the road.

143 tis.