BMW M3 Touring(?!) vs AMG C63 S Estate - DRAG RACE
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It's time for an estate showdown! Mat's pulled up in the Mercedes-AMG C63 S Estate, and he's lining up against a BMW M3 Touring! ...What's that? You're saying BMW never built an M3 Touring?! Well, you're right, they didn't... What you're seeing lining up here is a custom-built, F81 M3 Touring!
The AMG is powered by a 4-litre twin-turbo V8 with 510hp & 700Nm of torque, while the M3 has a 3-litre straight-six twin-turbo that'll put out 540hp & 680Nm of torque! So they're pretty evenly matched, but will the launch on the F80 let it down as we've seen in the past?! You'll have to keep watching to find out!
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  • Alihan H
    Alihan H

    Оба автомобиля отличные £

  • Gaaede

    The amg is awesome!

  • Natalie Hart
    Natalie Hart

    A great sound from amg the best sound

  • Nataniel Meirov
    Nataniel Meirov


  • Mateusz Kozik
    Mateusz Kozik

    As mercedes fan, that bmw is simply perfect and looks way better than merc

  • Rohan Dalvi
    Rohan Dalvi

    When people say BMW quality is good Me well shows this video lol 😂

  • Lokmane Bernou
    Lokmane Bernou

    The Mercedes is so beautiful but bmw is the most aggressive touring I have ever seen in my whole life

  • Tommy

    They really edited running in the 90s 😂😂

  • lesedi lesh
    lesedi lesh


  • djas macco
    djas macco

    That M3 is the best looking M3 so far! BMW was unable to do that? Why!?!? I'm an "estate" person.

  • hardhoofdful

    That m3 looks stunning

  • Bobby Jay
    Bobby Jay

    That M3 Touring looks badass

  • Pinias Shilongo
    Pinias Shilongo

    That merc sound 😍😍

  • Mr M
    Mr M


  • Trnec

    It is impossible to beat BMW in rolling race...

  • Tsaki_ Titan
    Tsaki_ Titan

    Yeah nah just leave these ugly wagons bruv. Saloons look better.

  • 1994 Boarder
    1994 Boarder

    i like mat

  • Merciless Vixen
    Merciless Vixen

    1700kg merc and 1600kg m3 touring? No way! Add 100kg to each car as this is the saloon weight not SW cars

  • Gordon Green
    Gordon Green

    Someone teach Nick about launch mode and driving school.

  • Some Love
    Some Love

    I'm feeling the Merc's sound because it's a V8, but I prefer the BMW's looks, and I do think that a station wagon M3 would've sold if BMW made one

  • August Tiner
    August Tiner

    Bmw m340i Touring

  • Kassem Ghaddar
    Kassem Ghaddar

    The bmw

  • El Magnifico
    El Magnifico

    Bmw won just start wasnt good.🙃 Looks good and sounds nice! Im not big fan but it showes I just have to! 🤩

  • jhlaxbro27

    Don't test "tuned" cars against stalk cars ! That Merc would kill the BMW if they were both stalk !

  • estoof223

    of coures mercedes amg sound is better than this bull shit bmw

  • Rodrigo Castanon
    Rodrigo Castanon

    Do a 911 generations drag race

  • Maciek Plays
    Maciek Plays

    3:12 DORIFTO

  • Rankapole Himself
    Rankapole Himself

    The C63 sounds better though

  • Ariel Batyrov
    Ariel Batyrov

    Why is launch control needed when you can just brake torque ?

  • Kiran Burra
    Kiran Burra

    Yes they should Of made a estate version of the BMW M3

  • Kiran Burra
    Kiran Burra

    Bmw m3 estate sounds better than the Mercedes AMG c63 estate

  • De Vaderlander
    De Vaderlander

    A lot of fun, but for the normal mortal this is not very informative

  • konbak1876

    M3 Touring ist eine pflicht

  • TJR racing
    TJR racing

    M3 sounds the best

  • Zoran Stefanovic
    Zoran Stefanovic

    damn now i want one of those ................................

  • Giante Mufasah
    Giante Mufasah

    Love the stance on the m3!

  • Vishal Gupta
    Vishal Gupta

    Yes, BMW should have made an M3 touring!

  • Jesse Van Delden
    Jesse Van Delden


  • deejayimm

    Well done on everything but the exhaust. I like loud exhaust but not when it sounds like a big wet fart. Especially when the rest of the car looks so damn good.

  • David Adams
    David Adams

    540hp and a 12.7? Damn, traction is a bitch. My pokey non-AMG S-Class runs a 12.8 with 90 less hp. Though it is 4matic

  • Loadofbollucks

    Very surprised when you said you was from Walsall 😂, honestly thought you was more up towards oldbury way

  • Chris A
    Chris A

    Try m3 without LC, it will Eat Mb Aliveee💯. Also do the break test again m3 will win. Change the drive and see the difference, get ✅Yannimizeeee to drive that m3 and see the difference...😀😜😁

  • Radient YT
    Radient YT

    Bro that m3 touring looks evil >:D

  • jonny5777

    Take note BMW the M3 touring would be the coolest one in the range

  • christoph christopher
    christoph christopher

    there is nothing better looking than a wagon

  • Angela Brown
    Angela Brown

    Build one for 30k including both cars and parts MY ASS Absolutely no chance !

  • Quinten Pauwels
    Quinten Pauwels

    trumpet exhoust

  • bernira

    BMW wins the design competition! :-) so its 2:2

  • WaveyGames

    That touring looks meannnnnn

  • Shiny Gajula
    Shiny Gajula

    I think I found my new fav car, BMW M3 TOURING

  • wxndile__

    Sick touring!!

  • /// PyroDude90 ///
    /// PyroDude90 ///

    Beatiful Bimmer👀🔥😋

  • Shiny Gajula
    Shiny Gajula

    Bmws front looks so fire

  • Bano Mbali
    Bano Mbali

    M3 looks nicee

  • 800 Bhp Videos
    800 Bhp Videos

    Does Nic have an Instagram page?

  • crazylifestyle itis
    crazylifestyle itis

    Who else here from walsall Real legends born there

  • G2IntegraDA

    The gent did BMW proud. Looks amazing without looking too flashy and great stance. Not stupid dropped but deleted the wheel gap. Just a great build! And YES! BMW needs to make this an option!

  • Yusuf Güneş
    Yusuf Güneş

    C63s 650HP 700HP 800HP 900HP maximum 1000HP + 1450NM Torque ReMap's Capacity and M3 Maximum capacity 500 530HP the 600 650NM torque. My ReMaps Distributor's OK. M3 Very Very Hard ReMap's Engine Modifications 540HP (675 680NM) torq.. C63s No Engine Modifications and Soft ReMap's Capacity 850 1.000HP 1450NM Torque. Super Capacity Engine and Car Beautiful Optimization. Mercedes ReMap Car's performance engine.

  • Alam Michel Moffat
    Alam Michel Moffat

    BMW M3 Touring ..Blue..thank you/x...uniqueness-sameness-involvement and space in that yoke

  • Ewan Du Plessis
    Ewan Du Plessis

    What time does the drag begin? Guy talkin loads of shit

  • Amir Kharkowa
    Amir Kharkowa

    BMW definitely much better looking

  • Raj Choudhury
    Raj Choudhury

    Bescott special

  • Marius Pischel
    Marius Pischel

    the guy in the bmw had one of the worst reaction times I've ever seen lol

  • Борислави иЛазаров
    Борислави иЛазаров


  • Benzinio

    Simple question - what is like a C62 with stage 2 looks like? Any clue ;)

  • Laeikkae

    Seemed like the m3 was sleeping at the start

  • oussama krona
    oussama krona

    The reaction time of the guy in the m3 is so fucked. Or matt has just a very good reaction time.

  • Biju Varghese
    Biju Varghese

    M3 won the sound check

  • Bill Sully
    Bill Sully

    prefer M3

  • Jean Katana
    Jean Katana

    Next Model will come also available as Touring!

  • zombiezombie1977

    That BMW sounds a Trabant...

  • Blaik Lewis
    Blaik Lewis

    Do we all agree the M3 looks amazing?

  • André Castro
    André Castro

    Bmw's should have authentic 3 series and 5 series M tourings. I don't know what they're thinking about!!🤔

  • Alex Leliavski
    Alex Leliavski

    Sick BMW touring but shudve run it again in 1/4mile

  • Isak s
    Isak s

    straight 6 almost always sound way better than a v8 if you ask me. only time it is the other way around is if you find one of the best sounding v8s ever made and compared it to a shitbox straight 6 with a crappy exhaust that just destroy the sound.

  • Chris Kirton
    Chris Kirton

    I enjoyed watching the adverts, just a shame that some drag racing kept disrupting them...

  • Gs Baba
    Gs Baba

    Merco 4lt Bmw3lt force bmw💪🏽♥️♥️♥️

  • Tony Pettersson
    Tony Pettersson

    That guy is an goddam beast

  • kim bohn
    kim bohn

    why break test, no one ever gonna hit the break at the same time?? in the end it most mean meters of diffirent.!

  • Sami Coman
    Sami Coman

    Mercedes+BMW = AUDI. Kopy paste!!

  • Daniel Northcott
    Daniel Northcott

    BMW hire this guy!

  • Get Skilled Or Die Trying
    Get Skilled Or Die Trying

    Tuned M3's are a serious pain to launch the powerband just get messed up with any tune on stock turbos. Car wow should know this since the M3 goes 12 flat on 1/4 mile and this touring should be neck and neck with the AMG with stock engine

  • vanc1907

    M3 looks nicer and i think its better at higher speed than a drag race

  • ranger skyflyer
    ranger skyflyer

    Bmw no1

  • Jodokus Tigerschelle
    Jodokus Tigerschelle

    The M3 looks amazing. Owner should propose his ride to BMW as a study prototype.... Just found out BMW did so. 😉


    Bro pls do suzuki Ertiga 1.5 diesel vs the car you like

    • TSF¶JíGSÅW

      If u are not able to do so

  • Samuel Caushllari
    Samuel Caushllari

    Does anyone know the difference between a saloon or an estate in terms of agility and turning through corners?

    • Sense Cars
      Sense Cars

      Like some weight more an more disturbance in air

  • Ene teofil
    Ene teofil

    The M3 touring looks awesome!

  • Sbe Svnne
    Sbe Svnne

    The BMW won.

  • Marcus S
    Marcus S

    BMW sounds better

  • edioezziii -
    edioezziii -

    The m3 driver is sooo bad 2 times started soo bad

  • jonathan stanley
    jonathan stanley

    Wow, BMW really fell off

    • Sense Cars
      Sense Cars



    Bmw would win but mercedes sounds better

    • Sense Cars
      Sense Cars


  • Treeezplz

    Wow that thing is soooo sick. Bmw should def release those!!

  • commantros exetlos
    commantros exetlos

    C63s is rare and a lot more money than m3

    • Sense Cars
      Sense Cars

      Ah yes the c63 is rare when there are only 3 m3 tourings atm

  • mohib miah
    mohib miah

    M3 got dropped for jokes 🤣

  • Badoura Davids
    Badoura Davids

    u putting your dirty ass in these classy cars

  • TheStatistnr27

    2:47 gotta love matt


    what about AMG C63 S Estate v/s Tesla Model 3

    • Sense Cars
      Sense Cars

      Model 3 is a crossover not an estate


    Bmw m3 drift