Lamborghini Urus v Aventador v Huracan: DRAG RACE!
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It's the one you Lambo fanboys have been waiting for - a three-way Lamborghini showdown! First up we have Mat in the Urus, which has a 4-litre twin-turbo V8 with 650hp and 850Nm of torque. And amazingly, it's the cheapest car joining us today, starting at £160,000!!
Next up we have Yianni, in his Aventador SV Roadster. It has a 6.5-litre V12 that'll produce 750hp and 690Nm of torque! And last up we have the Huracan Performante, with a 5.2-litre V10 which produces 640hp and 600Nm of torque. On the face of it you might think the more powerful Aventador has it in the bag, but when you consider the Huracan only weighs 1,380kg (200kg LESS than the Aventador), could it snatch the win? You'll have to keep watching to find out!
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  • carwow

    Aventador v Huracan v Urus - which sounds best?! COMMENT BELOW!

    • Liwen The Roblox Gamer
      Liwen The Roblox Gamer

      1st= aventador sv 2nd= huracan p 3rd= urus

    • Gokul Ram
      Gokul Ram

      Huracan sound is better but aventador sound is super

    • Rajendra Sonawane
      Rajendra Sonawane


    • Music lover
      Music lover


    • Lucas Vinicius Diniz Prado
      Lucas Vinicius Diniz Prado

      Huracan, for sure

  • Jell E
    Jell E

    The urus sounds like my das taking the biggest shit he ever hat

  • Adam Meluš
    Adam Meluš

    Yanny Is a cheater. Every time he starts earlier then other cars.

  • mehavfigetwehmineed

    Urus all day

  • Kaan Sağer
    Kaan Sağer

    That urus is million us dolar in here turkey cause of %220 percent taxes

  • Rad Brad
    Rad Brad

    Danny always looses

  • RichieOn PS4
    RichieOn PS4

    how did the huracan win rolling and drag when the price and power is way less than aventador sv??

  • Christo Santiago
    Christo Santiago

    Go check out the Lamborghini on my channel ‼️‼️

  • Lxquid YT
    Lxquid YT

    aventador wins but huracan is better

  • RC Official
    RC Official

    Mini version

  • Farida Mohammed 9i to
    Farida Mohammed 9i to

    Urus win

  • Troy Elms
    Troy Elms

    Huracan had the best exhaust🔥🔥

  • Saad Rabbani
    Saad Rabbani

    I think Jake paul

  • Jonah Maikranz
    Jonah Maikranz

    Would have been funny with an svj

  • Malik Falak
    Malik Falak

    huracan wow understanding and win race my dream car

  • James Haymen
    James Haymen

    Yianni is a true G...buys a £350.000 car and doesn't know the stats 😅... Jesus !!



  • Sayantan Ghosh
    Sayantan Ghosh

    Love from India❤️❤️

  • Joell Grinage
    Joell Grinage


    • Joell Grinage
      Joell Grinage

      no sorry huracan

  • Kabzinto Silombo
    Kabzinto Silombo

    The lamborghini huracan performante

  • Dan Davidson
    Dan Davidson

    Am I the only one who thinks adventadors sound like ass? So high pitch sounds like bees

  • Wrinkly Nuts
    Wrinkly Nuts

    Not sure but I’m putting my money on the Lamborghini

  • Midhunkvarghese

    before watching the video i actually thought the cars where in gta gameplay on thumbnail

  • Xolile T
    Xolile T

    urus all the way❤❤


    Tip from my side :- Reduce the speed of the video to understand the information he's giving !

  • JayHunxho

    Yanni has every car for these episodes 😄

  • Nigel Mhaka
    Nigel Mhaka

    Get the supercharged huracan perfomante against the 911 turbo s please

  • Janaka Chathuranga Jayathilake
    Janaka Chathuranga Jayathilake

    Whatever aventador speed , yanny's weight affecting for aventador speed 😹😹😹😹😹

  • daniellehedzik


  • Belinda Howard
    Belinda Howard


  • lightning9

    The Urus is very impressive for a big be just a second or so slower than supercars, without any mods, is no joke..😮

  • Brandy Lewis
    Brandy Lewis

    I would have the lambo urus

  • Lee joker
    Lee joker


  • NoName

    Is the huracan more expensive than the aventador?

  • rani balaji
    rani balaji


  • Ádám Balogh
    Ádám Balogh

    Huracan forever

  • Unknown Boss
    Unknown Boss

    Yianni kept starting before em😂

  • Nico Tang
    Nico Tang

    These are all VW's...

  • Liwen The Roblox Gamer
    Liwen The Roblox Gamer


  • DLR Gaming
    DLR Gaming


  • DLR Gaming
    DLR Gaming


  • DLR Gaming
    DLR Gaming

    The perfamanti was rlly nice and good i has a good noisd

  • Soundwave Superior
    Soundwave Superior

    Which I would own? Idk...I'm not that rich. Ok, hypothetically, if someone were to gift any one of my choice, well...the most expensive one that holds its value. I'll just resell it and a house of something.

  • Nandaditya Swami
    Nandaditya Swami


  • Official Pondus
    Official Pondus

    Yanni had two massive false starts though

  • _yt-ts


  • Kehan Shamim
    Kehan Shamim

    My 🧠 :- why I'm seeing things Me :- it's Lambo man😉

  • Megan Burtle
    Megan Burtle

    Bro you're not a good SLtoosr at all you're the worst SLtoosr in the world

  • Rylan Crabb
    Rylan Crabb

    My money is on the aventador

  • CeezSzn

    Why is the v10 faster than the v12

  • Samu Jáuregui
    Samu Jáuregui

    well if u drive in manual its more practical

  • YaFavouriteGuy

    Čau indeed

  • Andrew Rowley
    Andrew Rowley

    good all

  • Iskandar M
    Iskandar M


  • Marcelo Abarca
    Marcelo Abarca


  • Juan Steinberg
    Juan Steinberg

    performante has the best sound on my opinion

  • Hussaini Ali
    Hussaini Ali

    There is no Bugatti race

  • lisa pennington
    lisa pennington

    Best sounding is huracan and winner is adventador!😁

  • riski_predator06 WARONE
    riski_predator06 WARONE

    And the Aventador sounds the best

  • riski_predator06 WARONE
    riski_predator06 WARONE

    Definitely the Aventador SV

  • Angus Allen
    Angus Allen

    Lamborghini Urus

  • Blitz-Mekanika

    Yanni payed more money for a slower car🤣. Love watching him suffer. 😆

  • Ice boys
    Ice boys

    A lamborghini huracán

  • ʀǟʄǟռ

    I don't know about y'all but, the aventador driver legit looks like a typical indian cinema villain xD

  • Steven Cubberley
    Steven Cubberley

    Cool channel. Just subscribed 👌

  • Luke Masapollo
    Luke Masapollo


  • 3vo Dog
    3vo Dog


  • Aljon Macale
    Aljon Macale

    Huracan best sounds

  • DZONI07 YT
    DZONI07 YT


  • fire energy
    fire energy

    "It's pretty expensive that thing": mat inside a Urus

  • Euan Stevenson
    Euan Stevenson

    The hurrican sounded the best

  • Sindu vinod
    Sindu vinod

    Huracan superb

  • Nawashi Dub
    Nawashi Dub

    Sell much?

  • Nathan Corsiatto
    Nathan Corsiatto

    Hurrican sound the best, i love the pops an cracks

  • Jonathon Vincent
    Jonathon Vincent

    I think hurrican

  • Onbekend21

    Why it look that they are not giving any gas

  • flashyD

    I mean urus

  • flashyD

    I would own the aureus

  • Leo Bala
    Leo Bala

    “Ciao everybody”

  • kiros kamaal
    kiros kamaal

    The superveloce sounds da best

  • Jnitesniperz1

    No offense but the urus looks slow

  • Gravity Apollo
    Gravity Apollo

    Mclaren all day every day

  • Sebastian

    car in the middle had a head start, second time over

  • Theo Shelburn
    Theo Shelburn

    all day every day the Aventador because it is obviously the coolest car there

  • Tristan03

    haven't watched the video yet. let me guess: one guest driver is Yianni

  • Matome Makwala
    Matome Makwala

    Yiannes cars are dope

  • Yahya Azzozy
    Yahya Azzozy

    Aventador will win

  • urus player
    urus player

    that huracan would have won if there was a longer race

  • Josh George
    Josh George

    I like the Lamborghini huracan perfimente

  • Rocco Bonventre
    Rocco Bonventre

    Per nota

  • David Harris
    David Harris

    Not really fair Urus is the bog standard and other 2 are the sporter models do it with the Urus mansury one then see how it goes

  • Pipka Rulka
    Pipka Rulka

    And comparing the price iris is the best lambo, almost the same speed , but twice cheaper and smaller motor, which eats less

  • Pipka Rulka
    Pipka Rulka

    Lol how more expensive acentadorwith bigger motor lost to old huracan, what a shame

  • Natalia Vaughn
    Natalia Vaughn


  • Arnaud

    I hope the aventador TO WIN GOOOOO AVEN

  • kuber kangane
    kuber kangane

    I think the lamborgini is going to win! 😂😂😂

  • Prerna Tripathi
    Prerna Tripathi

    aventador sv

  • EarnestBreak841

    i would rather have a perfamante

  • Gabe sj
    Gabe sj

    Upload a video on how to afford one of these haha

  • Gabe sj
    Gabe sj


143 tis.