BMW E46 M3 vs E36 M3 vs M2 Comp: DRAG RACE
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Listen up BMW fanboys - you do NOT want to miss this!
We’ve brought together two classic M3s, and they’re going up an M2 Competition! Mat’s sat in the E46, which will put down 340hp & 365Nm thanks to a 3.2-litre straight-six under the bonnet. As for the E36, its 3-litre straight-six engine helps push it to 300hp (thanks in part to some modifications cameraman Jack's added) and 320Nm.
As for the M2 Competition, well it’s clearly the most powerful competitor here, with a 3-litre straight-six twin-turbo 410hp & 550Nm! But what do you think - will the lighter E36 have what it takes? Or will the M2’s pure power advantage lead it to victory? There’s only one way to find out… LET’S RACE!
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Thanks to Joe for bringing his M2 Competition -
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  • carwow

    BMW E46 M3 vs BMW E36 M3 vs BMW M2 Competition... But you can only pick ONE! Vote for your favourite below!

    • Alexandros Papageorgiou
      Alexandros Papageorgiou

      E36 M3 for ever.......

    • Earl Abrahams
      Earl Abrahams

      F1 INSPIRED high revving e46 M3 every single day

    • beepbeepboy

      The mishifting due to the gear knob falling off is def a thing. the stock plastic clip on bmw manual transmissions is garbageeeee after a few year. bought an aftermarket and have loved my life since.

    • Robert

      An M2 sounding like the E36 would be perfect 😍🤗

    • ShadowKill23

      VOTE: M2 Competition

  • Mahmut Baybas
    Mahmut Baybas

    E36 🤦‍♂️

  • Matteo Gilles
    Matteo Gilles

    Hahaha noooo get an E36 Evo!!!

  • ツレ乇メ

    4:55 it was also incorrect that at m2 competition is automatic

  • Igor Kuchuk
    Igor Kuchuk

    Drag race starts at 04:00

  • TheBlaggert

    E36 Evo would have been a fairer race

  • Tyler MacMorris
    Tyler MacMorris

    The E46 was second in the race but first in our hearts!

  • stellarabi

    Turbo engine vs 2 non turbo engines is not fair....

  • hothatchpa

    Yes you should get a REALLY well cared for E46 M3.

  • Tall & Small GAMING
    Tall & Small GAMING

    I love the e46

  • shooter47

    Why m3 3.0 you have the 3.2 321horsepower failed

  • Jimmy Gch
    Jimmy Gch

    Newer tech car will always be faster Hehe


    e46 best car


    e46 legend

  • dawnnadir

    If the M2 took off the turbo I guess the M2 would be the last car to finish the line.

  • Tugra Skillz
    Tugra Skillz

    Spoiler the bmw won

  • lamazver

    Im dissapointed you didnt get 321hp version of the e36🤔

  • Will

    Get one!

  • veekaheksa

    Matt is so useless on manuals - launch control makes you like Matt :D

  • cheezkake_911 911?
    cheezkake_911 911?

    Dabble yoaw

  • list of games
    list of games

    💓💓M3 e36 💓💓

  • bastionbooger


  • justin s.
    justin s.

    I tell you what. Youre races with jdm cars are rigged against the jdms.

  • damien mc q
    damien mc q

    Brake test wasn't level ...matts car was half a length ahead at the line.

  • Master Debater
    Master Debater

    Audio quality is terrible! Absolutely terrible!

  • Michael Bamber
    Michael Bamber

    Yeah, the older cars take it for sound, I was very disappointed when I bought a e39 528i to replace my old e34 535i, (thats the straight 6 version not the v8 they did later) it sounded absolutely amazing, made you want to boot it out of every junction and off every roundabout. Was bloody fast too! Would pull 105mph in 3rd!

  • Enmanuel Hernandez
    Enmanuel Hernandez

    En cuantos segundos lo iso la van de atras

  • soundseeker63

    That E46 is still a thing of curvaceous, understated beauty. And, considering it is now a 20 year old model, still fast! An attractive, flawed diamond of a car. I like the E36 too although that ricer exhaust and silly spoiler do spoil it. The M2 is worthy successor to the M3. The new M4 is far too big, bloated and ugly to be a true successor even if it does have hundreds of bhp more.


    Nfs most wanted 2005 BMW M3 gtr lovers like here🤙🏻🔥 👇🏻

  • Nezha Mouhoubi
    Nezha Mouhoubi

    shape of you

  • Jigga jok
    Jigga jok

    I love the red e 36👌🏽

  • Joker Jack Nicholson
    Joker Jack Nicholson

    The US spec e36 is so much slower than the euro spec

  • adbt20

    E46 !!! Music and looks 👌

  • FlyguyCreations

    Granny shifting not double clutching like you should

  • Lee Mearns
    Lee Mearns

    Definitely get yourself one. I used to own one of these (e46 M3) and it's an awesome machine...

  • R1 YAMAHA R1
    R1 YAMAHA R1

    Wrong M3 E36. He must go for the M3 E36 Evo with thr 3.2 6 speed manual. And also the M2 is not fair it must be a M3 E30.

  • Arte e Movemento Club Deportivo
    Arte e Movemento Club Deportivo

    205 gti, 309gti, 405mi16v.

  • Мария Волгушева
    Мария Волгушева


  • Dylan Ball
    Dylan Ball

    Owned my E46 M3 for 5 years now. With a B-spec tune, catless exhaust, and a few things here and there it would be much closer against the M2. Still behind, but much closer. With 3.9 Gears and velocity stack ITBs, I think the E46 could keep up with the stock M2 maybe even beating it if the driver was better.

  • H D
    H D

    Yep. You should definitely buy an e46 M3 coupe

  • Somuchen

    Saw Cat, instant like, its that easy!

  • Tino Deblier
    Tino Deblier

    1M coupe vs M140i ZF auto vs M2 DKG vs M2 competition Manuel vs M240i ACS2 upgrade. Please!!!🙏

  • Korban Gabut
    Korban Gabut

    This Video Title Should Be "BMW M3 E46 VS BMW M3 E36" The M2 is Another level lol its Fast 😂

  • Arnau Blanco
    Arnau Blanco

    6:42 damn that van was fast!

  • Dennis Hesse
    Dennis Hesse

    Why bmw e36 3.0? E36 3.2 321hp!!

  • Simsek Stefan
    Simsek Stefan

    why they didnt take the e36 3.2l m3 with 321hp its not fair

  • Bartek Masek
    Bartek Masek

    Angole to tacy flegmatycy że oglądać się tego nie da

  • ef9hatchy

    Carwow at its best

  • Gabriel Cassim
    Gabriel Cassim

    BMW only drag races are the most enjoyable

  • simon lloyd
    simon lloyd

    i owned an E46 M3 but i hated gearbox so much that i got rid of it after 6 months.. i absolutely hated it. i took it to the main agents and the tech said he thought it was lovely...Its cured me from ever wanting another BMW shit box.

    • Jonathan Moga
      Jonathan Moga

      The e46m box isnt very nice. The e36m 5 spd(like in the video ) is miles better. All are horrible compared to a honda or Mazda box.

  • G S
    G S

    Cant not be a BM fan boy. They are the best about

  • -

    Like em all but E46 for me... especially in CSL flavour.

  • -

    Just a quick point, if he's got a KnN panel filter fitted in that glorious E46 he'll likely be slightly up on power and drastically down on filtration!

  • BajanChameleon Bajanchameleon
    BajanChameleon Bajanchameleon

    A gear head who can't change gears?

  • Mustafa Işık
    Mustafa Işık


  • Mustafa Işık
    Mustafa Işık

    Bmw e36 m3 evo orenge

  • Dan Sully
    Dan Sully

    Try using the m3 e36 evo next time

  • Takura Chitukuta
    Takura Chitukuta

    You should do a nissan gtr edition🙏🏽

  • Mr Montgomery
    Mr Montgomery

    And the 2002 Vauxhall combo took 13.9 .... Days.

  • Florian J
    Florian J

    I couldn't shift with my left hand too. I'm glad in Europe the cars are left hand side driven! 😂

    • Florian J
      Florian J

      @- If you're not a left-hander, it should work even better, even if it's unfamiliar.

    • -

      Couldn't shift with my right, that would be utterly bizarre 😂

  • Florian J
    Florian J

    Oh my God, cameraman jack, wtf did you done with the glorious e36 BMW M3? it's a shame. It looks like a garbage can with the roll cage and the stripped interior. This is such a beautiful youngtimer, but it has to be absolutely original in my opinion. In Germany a clean e36 M3 cost at least 20000€

  • Roland Horvath
    Roland Horvath


  • Vitaliy Kot
    Vitaliy Kot

    Лошары какие-то за рулём!!! )

  • Mike Tyson
    Mike Tyson

    Old is the best

  • Сергей Кравченко
    Сергей Кравченко

    При всем уважении. Е 36 не упала в глазах. Классика.

  • Copley Sutton
    Copley Sutton

    Supercharge the E46 -You will have a very different outcome!!

  • Marcin Łacek
    Marcin Łacek

    Bmw e30 M3🤩

  • Playboichris

    My 2004 330i will beat every one of those cars

    • Playboichris

      My car has a turbo and it dosen’t have great launch but just like the m2 the turbo allows to build speed very quick

  • Playboichris

    E46 will go down in history

  • Tee Duffus
    Tee Duffus

    This proves old technology is still brilliant because m2 comp didn't really leave them as far as expected

  • Mohammadhossein Sadegh
    Mohammadhossein Sadegh

    E36 doesn’t even know how change the gears properly

  • rectangoblueHutzwoW

    Idiot can’t shift

  • Christian Colon
    Christian Colon

    why does the video sounds and looks like shit

  • Tarence Carter
    Tarence Carter

    E46 and the M2 are faster but I still love my e36. 10+ years of pure joy.

  • mohcen Bdj
    mohcen Bdj

    The 3rd car should be the M5 E34 3.6 or even 3.8 ,we would see a nice drag

  • mohcen Bdj
    mohcen Bdj

    You should get an E46 M3

  • mohcen Bdj
    mohcen Bdj

    That's unfair a twinturbo m2 against those naturally aspirated classic m3s

    • Andrew Tra
      Andrew Tra


  • DeeD

    Love the E46 M3

  • Josh Greaves
    Josh Greaves

    I’d have that E36 any day of the week. 😍😍

  • pistonpoweruk

    4.16 ....E46 boot floor left the chat...

  • Ahad Khalid
    Ahad Khalid

    Why aren’t you guys reviewing the new 5 Series????

  • Denis Husevski
    Denis Husevski

    Make the same video with E class W210 w211 ...😊

  • Темный гонщик
    Темный гонщик

    У них были БМВ, но они даже не прогрели шины.

  • Manny C Weiss
    Manny C Weiss

    why is this host so spazzy...dude, just be a normal can be funny and cool without being such a spaz

  • Danbiz

    Mat, if you want you use an e36 m3 evo! Vs e46, I’d be more than happy lend mine for the day, to see how that would turn out ??


    So you couldn’t find a 3.2 liter 321 hp for the e36?? Come on man

  • jermaine robinson
    jermaine robinson

    Good video love it get one classic 👊🏽

  • knightofcydonia07

    For all the extra power and certainly torque, the S54 is holding its own there. The CSL might have been neck and neck on that second run.

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover

    E46 (have 2 Phoenixgelb - one is cab with 26500 km on the meter (my pension "fund" :))

  • CRUX 69
    CRUX 69

    You should get a bmw e46

  • Pipka Rulka
    Pipka Rulka

    M2 is like 4 time more expensive and is just a bit better, it's not worth , new BMW is overprice shit, u can get a camaro zl1 of similar price, which is twice better than this boomer

  • Mtho

    That E36 sounds brilliant

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    Really cool comparison 👍 and shows that it takes skill to drive fast with a manual gearbox 👍

  • Rob Bush
    Rob Bush

    E46 M3!

  • Joaquim Lopez
    Joaquim Lopez

    Aqui no Brasil os espertos cobram fortunas por estes lindos carros top demais

  • Graham Saint
    Graham Saint

    Would love to have seen the MRoadster instead of the new M2, it’s from between the e46 &e30 time wise and lots of debate about how it compares to the M3 but never seen a true comparison.

  • Rick Lyon
    Rick Lyon

    E46 still looks so good. What a shame where BMW is taking the current design across it's entire line.

  • Emrico Kliko
    Emrico Kliko

    Take a propper e36 3.2 loozers