Lamborghini Aventador vs 700hp Audi RS7 - DRAG RACE
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It's time for an Audi RS7 vs Aventador drag race! ...No, we didn't think we'd ever end up writing that, either.
But this is a drag race with a difference! Mat's found himself in the Audi RS7, which has been tuned to deliver 700hp and a whopping 1,000Nm of torque!! What's more, with it being the older generation, it comes in relatively cheap, costing around £40,000.
As for the Aventador SV? Well you'd be able to buy several RS7s for the price of one of these, with it being worth approximately £315,000!! And while it may have 50hp more than the Audi, it's way down on torque, clocking in at 690Nm. So is the RS7 set to spring a surprise on everyone? You'll have to keep watching to find out!
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  • carwow

    Given this Aventador SV costs 7x MORE than this RS7, is it worth it? VOTE in the COMMENTS!

    • alex wolf
      alex wolf

      Omg you should do yannys sv lambo vs the Porsche 911 cs

    • Oliver Lorenzo
      Oliver Lorenzo

      Not worth it! for 10.7 seconds in a 1/4 mile, the Audi RS7 is the best bang for the buck!

    • Barry Allen
      Barry Allen

      Absolutely I would never buy the Audi over this Lamborghini

    • Good morning
      Good morning

      Would be nice to see that lambo against the new M5 tune with 1000 hp that you raced last week against the Porsche 🤔👌


      You can't compare a lambo with a audi

  • alex wolf
    alex wolf

    Don’t all cars pretty much have launch control you just put ur feet on the gas and brake get up to about 2,000-3,500 rpm and lift ur foot off the break 😂 and boom u have launch control

  • Misi Gaming
    Misi Gaming

    Lamborghini is faster?

  • Summus Saer
    Summus Saer

    If you want to be cheeky, dont call the lambo an "Audi". Call this a VW vs VW race

  • Gaming with killerTman Gaming with killerTman
    Gaming with killerTman Gaming with killerTman

    The lambo driver does not know how to drive

  • dmora

    Am I crazy or did the rs7 sit it's butt down at 3:10 before launch?

  • Ryan Taylor
    Ryan Taylor

    Jesus is coming. .

  • Barry Allen
    Barry Allen

    You guys are shift must be a little bit off that Lamborghini is capable of 10.4-10.5

  • TheGambler

    Rs has only ecu tune it seems like. Should have tuned tcu aswell

  • Mr H
    Mr H


  • thomas wightman
    thomas wightman


  • Schwarzwald Biker
    Schwarzwald Biker

    Gehören beide zum gleichen Konzern.(VW)

  • Firearms Training Channel
    Firearms Training Channel

    Honestly I was very surprised to see the audi that close

  • Good morning
    Good morning

    Would be nice to see that lambo against the new M5 tune with 1000 hp that you raced last week against the Porsche 🤔👌


    Bring a porsche 911.... no drama, pure performance everytime.

  • Its_me_Ameer

    Don’t judge a book by it’s cover

  • Zombrex Gamer
    Zombrex Gamer

    Audi aventador .... it fact its true cuz audi owns lamborghini

  • John Jerrehian
    John Jerrehian

    I was really surprised on the RS7's performance with a simple tune. Only 100 HP more than stock so that's a deal, (compared to the Lambo) which is all around fast.

  • SwissGravityForce

    Not sure where you can get a rs7 for 40k

  • JELH

    Well done Mat you blithering idiot. You messed up two launches!

  • P DF
    P DF

    The amount of people on here stating this rs7 is not a 40k car,, wake up man its a 2014 model these range from 35k to 40k for a good low mileage one, go onto ebay and search (2014 rs7) before commenting, unbelievable 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Esa Elias
    Esa Elias

    Still get the rs7

  • Mike Drueke
    Mike Drueke

    Audi please.

  • NexisFilms

    "Hell Yeah ... Oh No !!!"

  • CroXTR

    damn the rs7 SQUATS when you really get on it

  • Jolly Lee
    Jolly Lee

    Your language is despicable. Wash out your mouth!!!

  • AnibalTV

    Honestly the aventador is too slow for the price, cars waaaaay cheaper are faster

  • Vybz Tv
    Vybz Tv

    please do one for the Ford F150s but this time include the F150 lariat to the race please

  • Darius Kavaliauskas
    Darius Kavaliauskas

    There is one guy in Lithuania he tune rs7 to 1008bhp and 1300nm. I wish you could test that one Mat. If anyone interested can use google translate for that 😂

  • erl dş
    erl dş

    Süper spor arabalar, binek spor arabalara karşı çok kan kaybetti, super spor üreticileri acilen bir çözüm ü rs6 rs6 ,porsche 911 mercedes 63 gibi arabalar, lamborghini, ferrari, gibi süper spor arabaları geçiyor, bu çok saçma...🤔

  • alex Motts
    alex Motts

    The lambo is overpriced bs if you ask me. Soooooo many cars that perform just as good or better for a fraction of the cost. The lambo emblem just isnt enough to justify the cost. No lambo. It is NOT worth it just to say you have one. Not when i can get a used audi r8 for 70k and smoke that lambo. It makes 0 sense to buy one.

  • Farida Mohammed 9i to
    Farida Mohammed 9i to

    Audi a7 win3

  • Adrian M Wyrzykowski
    Adrian M Wyrzykowski

    rs7 is a monster!!

  • j. Jay
    j. Jay

    Why is he lowering his accelerator on a drag race🤦🏽‍♂️ audi

  • HISHAM931

    Audi cars in general are a different breed. They give you the most bang for your bucks in terms of performance. Even stock Audi’s whether it be the A-class, S-class or the RS class have insane acceleration. Tune those cars and you honestly have a jet on wheels.

  • Tùng Phan Hữu
    Tùng Phan Hữu

    Audi is a monster with his price 40.000 vs 315.000. worth to consider

  • mahima sapru
    mahima sapru


  • BklynTech_NYC_

    Where can i get a 40k RS7 👀👀

    • P DF
      P DF

      Plenty of c7 rs7's on ebay and autotrader...

  • shelley statler
    shelley statler

    0:53 What's wrong with it?

  • PE R.
    PE R.

    RS7 real winner price/value

  • Vladimir Great
    Vladimir Great

    wonder where are those dealer demonstrators come from?

  • Vikas Dhiman
    Vikas Dhiman

    Sir, please make an detailed video on jaguar f pace 2021🙏🙏.

  • Robert Montes
    Robert Montes

    Just bought a tuned s7. Not quite the same but still so excited

  • TATANKA BikeVids
    TATANKA BikeVids

    Take the 963hp RS7 from HGP a brilliant German Tuner.

  • vasuthevan rajaratnam
    vasuthevan rajaratnam

    Lamborghini: to ezzy Audi:THAT COSTS 300,OOO MORE THAN MEE

  • Ragip Gashi
    Ragip Gashi

    And the Audi won !

  • NSS

    I thought the picture was forza lol

  • Jackson Todaro
    Jackson Todaro


  • mahmut kedicik
    mahmut kedicik

    I love your vids

  • Jonathan Stokes
    Jonathan Stokes

    Wow this guy is annoying

  • Silvestr

    Как владелец Ауди А5 2,0 tfsi купе турбо квадро на Revo st.2, КПП TVS st.2+ (320л.с./470Нм), то топлю за Ауди!) Audi - the beast!)

  • Cage80

    Actually, the sound test went for the RS7. In my opinion of course. I like that raw growl over the V12 squeal (when it's not a F1 car).

  • Kristian Mpekos
    Kristian Mpekos

    👑 Audi 👑

  • Tiger Shadow
    Tiger Shadow

    Yo who wouldn't buy an Audi RS7 for that price? Great 4 seater with power! Also, ½ mile and the RS7 would've probably got him!

  • nick frost
    nick frost

    Who told this guy the Audi is worth 40 grand? It’s a 120 grand car my illiterate friend

    • ReuseWithAPurpose -
      ReuseWithAPurpose -

      Ik i was boutta say where tf is that car being sold at 40g

  • Jano Coetzee
    Jano Coetzee

    Love those 2 is my 2 dream cars

  • ZzZzZzooOOM Abz
    ZzZzZzooOOM Abz

    I love carwow fantastic banter style

  • Imthatnathan

    That audi is impressive

  • SydneyPhotography2019

    My favourite part of this video was: “Oooh a bit farty” Nah man, this Phil guy must not know how to drive. Making all the obvious winners lose to normal road cars.

  • Albert Ochoa
    Albert Ochoa

    Let's be honest, nobody cares about the brake test

  • De Blasio
    De Blasio

    Prove di accelerazioni veramente false !!!!

  • Benny Boy
    Benny Boy

    Did you say „I kackt ab“ ? 😂

  • Raghav Ramkissoon
    Raghav Ramkissoon

    Now make that audi go against evolve m5

  • Andrew F
    Andrew F

    Come on German vs Italian come on you already know

  • Kamva Dibela
    Kamva Dibela

    A Lamborghini is really an Audi tho

  • XpertBoost Gaming
    XpertBoost Gaming

    nice content keep up with another video. subscribe your channel

  • Mitch Conner
    Mitch Conner

    Funny how often lambo's take the loss in these car battles. How the justify thier price is beyond me

    • Hayden Mills
      Hayden Mills

      Very true. But lambos are mainly for aesthetics and showing off

  • ARMORED Forza
    ARMORED Forza

    why vw vs vw?

  • Ahmedo929

    The rs6 just wants to take off when it launches very ironic since the race is on an airport XD

  • Davlat Uralov
    Davlat Uralov

    Audi RS7 is actually 100k£

  • subsribe or sus
    subsribe or sus

    Lambo will obviously win

  • What aGuy
    What aGuy

    I am thoroughly unimpressed with the Aventador. V12 you buy for 500K and it loses to a Huracan and is neck and neck with a 120K car. It’s like a stock V8 mustang losing to a stock V6 mustang. Seriously that aventador should wipe that RS7 off the face of the earth

  • Genius Gene
    Genius Gene

    Rs7 can take 4 people right? And u can ride like normal people in City bumpy road. I would go for RS7 than any Lambo or Ferrari. Any lambo or ferrari user in my country is mostly old guy. They cant even beat my Honda

  • Genius Gene
    Genius Gene

    4:46 that Aventador driver cheat. He use his head momentum.

  • Samuwhale

    I’ve never seen a worse lambo launch than that first one

  • Juan Jimenez
    Juan Jimenez


  • Gido Things
    Gido Things

    Why is no one talking about him saying the Audi is 40.000

    • Gido Things
      Gido Things

      Send a link if you all know it so well

    • Billygoat gruff
      Billygoat gruff

      @anonymous UK exactly my man. Convert that to the Aussie dollar 40k is about 22'000 British pounds so it's about 75k Aussie dollars if you spent 40 on one.

    • anonymous UK
      anonymous UK

      In the UK around £40k/£50k for a good one or one with some miles is around £35k

    • Gido Things
      Gido Things

      @Billygoat gruff I don’t think it’s 40000 in Australia mate

    • Alli Buba
      Alli Buba

      it is more like 120.000 here in germany

  • Programex

    This kid doesnt know how to perfect shift...bruh..if not audi would have won :(

  • JakHy 1x7
    JakHy 1x7

    new version rs7.

  • ريان نور
    ريان نور

    Just ! Wow

  • Anubhab Samadder
    Anubhab Samadder

    Lamborghini is not worth it

  • Chris Boyle
    Chris Boyle

    Boring I know but I’d like to see the Vauxhall’s insignia GSI petrol v the GSI diesel?

  • Johnny Alfakih
    Johnny Alfakih

    Audi lovers be like : wEll wEll tHaTs a sUper cAr

  • David Kariuki
    David Kariuki

    I always like a sound of a 6•5 v12

  • Cream

    Hey Mat can you do a Mclaren P1 vs Lamborghini Sesto Element plsssssss


    Audi Rs7 😍😍😍😍😍oh god so beautiful

  • Dre Taylor
    Dre Taylor

    Both dem shyts fast af


    Nice vídeo🎥.

  • Just Bane
    Just Bane

    Banging head so that head inertia moves car forward, well you should put rockstar in it then

  • Kra fstoff
    Kra fstoff

    "awoh a bit fwathee"

  • Jack Le
    Jack Le

    where do you find a 40k RS7?

    • P DF
      P DF

      Plenty on autotrader, and ebay. Have a look. This is the older rs7 (c7 model) between 35k and 42k (for a low mileage top spec) c7.5's are more expensive

  • Derv Thebeast
    Derv Thebeast

    Is the RS7 considered a supercar?

  • Cristian

    2:13:Can somone explain to me why the RS7's back went down like that?

    • Cristian

      @storm worm Thank You

    • storm worm
      storm worm

      launch control

  • Persik II
    Persik II

    I have noticed recently that most of the races in these channel are from Volkswagen group. 😂😂

  • MikeKnight

    Where in the world you buy a new Audi RS7 for 40,000?!?!?!?!? Tell me and I buy one now. A f**kin A3 starts from 30,000 !!!!!!!!

  • Sheldon Harris
    Sheldon Harris

    Got you to blaspheme. Sad.

  • matthew callaghan
    matthew callaghan


    • matthew callaghan
      matthew callaghan

      Just kidding

  • volvofan1997

    Cheapest car race please.

  • Steven Jones
    Steven Jones

    Why is the rs7 in Drive mode. Sport mode opens it up

  • Maj Bajraktari
    Maj Bajraktari

    Audi's rs7 should have this much of power stock

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