New Rolls-Royce Ghost - see why it's so silent it could make you sick!
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This is the all-new Rolls-Royce Ghost!
The Ghost may be considered the entry-level car into the Rolls-Royce family, but we can assure you it’ll be anything but cheap! We may not have the actual starting price yet, but given it’s a Rolls, we know you’re going to need at least £200,000+ to even begin to think about buying one!
So what exactly do you get for such a large price tag? Well the HUGE 6.75-litre V12 under the bonnet will produce 563hp and 850Nm, and it’ll also propel you to 60mph in just 4.6 seconds! And if that isn’t enough, that will make it the fastest accelerating four-door Rolls-Royce available today!
But let’s face it, if you’re in the market for a Rolls, you’re probably not too bothered about the performance - you’ll want it for the luxury interior! And we can assure you, it’s just as luxurious as you’d expect! But is it the most luxurious Rolls ever?! You’ll have to stick with Mat and find out!
00:00 Intro
00:33 Design
01:20 Interior
02:24 Engine
04:06 Lights
04:48 Shutlines
05:58 Sound
07:20 Doors
08:04 Driving
09:35 Screens
10:53 Price
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  • carwow

    So if you COULD, would you spend at least £200,000 on a Rolls-Royce Ghost? Or would you choose something else instead?! Let us know which you'd pick below!

    • Ghadi Sleem
      Ghadi Sleem

      @Hi good for you

    • Ali Alawami
      Ali Alawami

      Maybach Pullman

    • Ram Visvanathan
      Ram Visvanathan

      I would live in the Rolls

    • Y S
      Y S

      Kolibri Pretty sure the Maybach version of the new S class will come soon.

    • Kolibri

      No, the Mercedes S-Class is definitely what I would spend for since it's basically the luxurious cheap version of the other RR cars

  • Ali Alawami
    Ali Alawami

    we want a review on the new Maybach Pullman!

  • MonsterManish

    I doubt any of the subscribers can afford it. If our relatives combine their net worth this car would still be heavy.

  • Beef Ingot
    Beef Ingot

    Absolute bull on the resonance thing.

  • mojah1

    Kids testing the umbrella while I drive, Google; when is Oktoberfest?

  • mojah1

    Shorts, sandals, inflatables, and off we go to the beach. Oh and my German Shepherd, she wants to join in, how can I turn her down?

  • OP Tyde
    OP Tyde

    is this extended wheels base?

  • Terry Mthethwa
    Terry Mthethwa

    Still mental how the Rolls Royce team thinks of literally everything

  • Vithal Goel
    Vithal Goel

    If there weren't 150% taxes, we would have bought one

  • Metallica Fan!
    Metallica Fan!

    Plot twist: it's electric.

  • Keybraker

    Front lights: Old Rear lights: New

  • Barbados Benjamite
    Barbados Benjamite

    The shape of the ghost is horrible . the wraith is the rolls Royce to get

    • Barbados Benjamite
      Barbados Benjamite

      @Metallica Fan! So you'll get the ghost over the wraith ?? Wow . i mean to each his own

    • Metallica Fan!
      Metallica Fan!

      That's even uglier. All the others look better!

  • Артём Сергейчев
    Артём Сергейчев

    Сделайте русские субтитры;!!!!!!!!!

  • iiglowie

    When I'm older I'm going to find a job where you get millions of cash and that might be a teacher so I can save up for a RR ghost and a BMW 1 series

  • subscribe to keep me lazy
    subscribe to keep me lazy

    Mat you're getting old dude

  • Dharam Jadeja
    Dharam Jadeja


  • Car V Car
    Car V Car

    Hi i have made this youtube channel all about car rivals. If you want to have a look feel free it would be much welcomed.

  • Ahmad ALALfi
    Ahmad ALALfi

    3 defects in the front bumper design, not hiding the screen like the previous one, and the back seat table is not as small as before. Honestly, I wanted to buy Rolls, but these defects made me hesitant and the lack of wood in the dashboard and doors

  • Shammah Madu
    Shammah Madu

    We’d love Acura review videos

  • 2013wearestillhere

    And it will do 300mph, right Mat?

  • Pastor Richard Allen Farmer
    Pastor Richard Allen Farmer

    At :154 you said it “ feels a bit more classier”. Classier means more classy. 😀

  • mansees


  • Shamma FAHIM
    Shamma FAHIM

    BMW is better. it has automatic parking.

  • Steve Ldnuk
    Steve Ldnuk

    I am totally for mycar to be painted with ground up Saxon jewellery - epic!

  • harris cha
    harris cha

    This Rolls Royce and the M135 is an obvious comparison.. Don't change Matt.

  • Dreadnova

    Hey Carwow, I want to see you to 崩 the Chinese 1200hp Audi TTRS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Car Reviews by Mohammed Aryan
    Car Reviews by Mohammed Aryan

  • Murat Ali
    Murat Ali

    Buy an Maybach, twice cheaper and twice better also it makes more impact

  • Car Reviews by Mohammed Aryan
    Car Reviews by Mohammed Aryan

  • Issam Nasr
    Issam Nasr

    The Model X still takes the cake on doors 😂🤷🏻‍♂️

  • BladeRunner666

    This car really should be electric. Isn't the whole point of RR to be silent running but fast?

  • Aamer Habib
    Aamer Habib

    Allow it

  • Alvin Moses
    Alvin Moses

    specs make you look 8 years younger

  • Shan Mirza
    Shan Mirza

    We need a luxury car drag race!

  • Shan Mirza
    Shan Mirza

    Beautiful Rolls! I love S classes and this is absolutely gorgeous luxury car!

  • krecha1

    Absolutely beautiful

  • Rana Jahanzaib
    Rana Jahanzaib

    Rolls royce Cullinan look like a black cab Now Rolls royce ghost look like a skoda octavia. My advice to rolls royce; Don’t you dare about redesigning a phantom.

  • Rana Jahanzaib
    Rana Jahanzaib

    Rolls Royce copied Front lights from Skoda octavia and Rear lights from Mercedes s class to make a new Rolls Royce ghost... creative

  • CalzoneOP

    This new Ghost is unbelievable. Love the look as well. One day my friends, one day.

  • Çommenter Person
    Çommenter Person

    11:00 This Ghost is just £200K? Too Cheap! Please review the Phantom soon.

  • Çommenter Person
    Çommenter Person

    Pause @9:04 You can see the discoloration between the panels (above the front-right tyre). The front panel must be of a different material, hence reflects light differently. RR forgot to adjust the tone of the color used for the front panel.

  • White Flag
    White Flag

    Its looking more ....suburban??

  • Akula

    If I had money for that, I would opt in for the Wraith.

  • KlingonCaptain

    Sadly, here in North America owning one of these is like sticking a sign on your back that says "Kill Me, I'm a One Percenter." I am not rich buy any means. Even though the Dawn is one of my favorite cars, and a used one is something I could probably save for, I would never touch a Rolls-Royce. The direction the world is heading in, Rolls isn't going to last much longer.

  • Ionut Z93
    Ionut Z93

    i think is a mix of bmw 7 series, mercedes s class and rolls royce phanthom

  • Wipego

    Where do I put my water bottle?

  • lori25hu

    0:17 no way more luxury than a 5 🌟 hotel a 4 star yes but not 5

  • Davi Johnz
    Davi Johnz

    Add close for more fun car zone at Davi johnz

  • olulade ebenezer
    olulade ebenezer

    How much can we save on a new Rolls Royce from carwow?

    • Meet Kevin
      Meet Kevin

      Am glad you like the car

  • Gary G Garner
    Gary G Garner

    Beautiful Automobile - If I had the money... Yes I would Probably Purchase one! If I had a Dealer close. I had several Neighbors that had a Rolls when I was growing up and they were awesome Automobiles!

  • Almaciga

    Front looks like a Chinese copy of a Ghost !! back lights Ok

    • mark thomas
      mark thomas

      No way 😳 it's a Chinese copy.

  • Hi

    This video should be named the car you can’t afford

  • Aaromal K . J
    Aaromal K . J

    Manny Khosbin be like, I like that umbrella, let's buy the new Rolls Royce ghost

  • Don Juan150
    Don Juan150

    Too classy of a car to be doing a humorous review....thumbs down......

  • 장석현

    Umm... so follow to this desigh with wraith and dawn?

  • dresdenkiller

    Mat mate, have been following you since you started your channel on SLtoos. Please don’t make such reviews standing in front of videos... you are better than that.

  • Madridista703 Roberto
    Madridista703 Roberto

    Cool shit

  • Shins Huie
    Shins Huie

    The rear looks exactly the same as the new Bentley Flying Spur. Weird. Also no Netflix for the rear passenger? Tsk tsk

  • Martin Müller
    Martin Müller

    I like previous model more. The lights and overall aggressive style yet elegant.

  • Denis Hamdiev
    Denis Hamdiev

    ohwh my god its so gorgeous

  • Bear Shelton
    Bear Shelton

    Whipping in on a rolls Royce has been my dream have work hard saving for it till I was introduced in an investment opportunity platform of Ben Cesaro.which I was interested to give a try to do I can save more money to get my dream car which was successful I now own a (2018 rolls Royce wraith). If you don’t have a well paying or loss your job due to the pandemic or even want to learn how to work from home,you should at least check out Mr. Ben Cesaro I earn from a little investment of $6200 within 5days of trading. Mr Ben can be reach through WhatsApp:+(601)227-3847 or his Email address:

  • Cathy Drumobich
    Cathy Drumobich

    I like the older model better. The horrid front looks too much like the Phantom.

  • MJ Mail
    MJ Mail

    I can’t believe I’m saying this but I feel the luxury is almost being overshadowed by the new S class.

  • nikhil chugh
    nikhil chugh

    But it has the iron man goatee though

  • Andy McGeechan
    Andy McGeechan

    'Ground down Saxon jewelry '.......LOL !

  • Stol G
    Stol G

    Already watched this on Autotrader and it was an in depth review.

  • John Moore
    John Moore

    There’s only one reason I’m not going to buy a new Ghost.........................I can’t afford one.

    • Meet Kevin
      Meet Kevin

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    • Meet Kevin
      Meet Kevin

      I was able to get my maybach gls 600 After my investment in crypto

  • 5putput

    Mat Watson is the Katy Perry of car reviewers.

  • Graham Sowerby
    Graham Sowerby

    I suppose beauty is in the eye of the beholder. However I hate the design of the Rolls Royce! It looks like a tank! What happened to the wonderful designs from RR of the 50's and 60's?

  • Mario Evyeniou
    Mario Evyeniou

    Why are reviews on such high end luxury cars done like reviews on trainers or phones.

  • Gate 95
    Gate 95

    7:58 It's unbelievable that no one else has mentioned this feature but carwow! Good job mate!!

  • sirkastic

    I had one of these, they suck. Not worth my time

  • shut your pie hole boy
    shut your pie hole boy

    Love the car but that crap you spewed about pannel gaps and two welders is pure hyperbole. Even with 2yr worth of car spray painting/panel beating eyes i can see panel gaps. Furthermore panel gaps if you get them too precise they don't look good from angles. The trick is to have the right panels gaps on the sides and front and rear but on corners and angles you can play about a bit so the car looks better if you were to do a full walk round from about 5-6ft height from 5-10ft away. They know this and good panel beaters and sprayers know this. Basically they have coachbuilder grade welders doing it by eye, this is an old way of doing it (which i preffer) but stop making out they've reinvented panel gaps you plonker🤣

  • shut your pie hole boy
    shut your pie hole boy

    You look a right soy with them googs on.

  • My Sun
    My Sun


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  • Bob Boberson
    Bob Boberson

    Cowow isn't known for its car reviews. Maybe stick with the supercar drag races. This is annoying, Mat popping up and moving around.


    The front lights could be better....

  • s3xyScorp

    Wouldnt WASTE money on such UNreliable POS made with Beemer plasticky parts guaranteed To self destruct quickly See VideoBob Mosley channel

  • FE OS
    FE OS

    Even if it cost less as they say, RR is a car made for the ultra rich. only.


    It's a good caravan... Take it. 😉

  • Anthony D.
    Anthony D.

    My mom’s 2014 Camry SE is pretty silent too.

  • mena seven
    mena seven

    Sir do you have Grey Poupon? Beautiful and luxurious new Rolls Royce Ghost. I will rather spend $200.000 on a Rolls Royce Ghost than an uncomfortable Ferrari and Lamborghini.

  • Lonely Wolf
    Lonely Wolf

    New RS6 vs Old RS6

  • Marvin

    Interesting will be a bespoke chrome delete

  • Visa Requirements
    Visa Requirements

    I can afford it but will never buy Because it money destruction why should waste money on a car There are many important causes u can help or solve 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

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  • Talha Sheikh
    Talha Sheikh

    the back end literally just looks like an s class

  • Ude Camillus
    Ude Camillus

    this life no balance atall

  • adam foong
    adam foong

    I thought bentley would build a brand new car call “ Angel “

  • Shivank Mittal
    Shivank Mittal

    Looks like an old Hyundai it Toyota from the back😂

  • mohammed faiz
    mohammed faiz

    This car give full milege ? Then why so expensive?

    • Meet Kevin
      Meet Kevin

      Trading is the best option for accumulating but if done wrong can be disastrous so be careful or follow an expert with a known success rate

  • mohammed faiz
    mohammed faiz

    What this car do for us

  • Dr. pheanon
    Dr. pheanon

    I love ❤

  • Jack Hackett
    Jack Hackett

    0:58: “You’re not just gonna shove a jacuzzi on the front lawn now are ya?” Queen Elizabeth II: Hold my beer peasant!

  • Random Palmtop Gaming
    Random Palmtop Gaming

    That part about the Rain Man is brilliant.

  • James Peebles
    James Peebles

    Ugliest steering wheel on the planet

  • Gerrell Jenkins
    Gerrell Jenkins

    I want rich people problems “lmao, you have a Ghost? Can’t afford a Phantom”

  • Marcus M
    Marcus M

    I think it might be the best Rolls-Royce ever.

  • health care
    health care

    Master class..

  • 성빈

    New ghost look like chinese car.. such as Hongchi h9..just my opinion