Tesla Model S Cheetah Stance vs Porsche Taycan Turbo S: DRAG RACE!
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This one’s for you, electric car fanboys… Porsche Taycan Turbo S v Tesla Model S Performance!
The Tesla’s received the new Cheetah Stance update, so it’s faster and more powerful than it’s ever been before! As a result, its dual electric motors will put down 825hp and an absolutely huge 1,300Nm of torque!!
As for the Taycan Turbo S, well the stats are actually down on the Model S, with it able to produce 761hp and 1,050Nm. What’s more, it even weighs slightly more than the Tesla! With that in mind, surely it’s the Tesla’s to lose, right?! There’s only one way to find out… LET’S RACE!
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  • carwow

    HERE IT IS - two of the fastest electric cars available today! But if you could only have one, which would it be? Let us know BELOW!

    • Lael Evora
      Lael Evora

      I'll take the tesla. Only because of the amount of super chargers available. Other wise it would be the porsche all day.

    • Full Reapzz
      Full Reapzz

      Wheres yianna

    • Brawls YT
      Brawls YT

      Just wait till the 400 km/h+ Tesla Roadster comes out

    • W

      Definitely the Porsche 🙂

    • Richard Molebatsi
      Richard Molebatsi

      Porsche all my life.

  • Renato

    That taycan looks unbelievable 😳

  • RedPill Finance
    RedPill Finance

    TESLA MODEL S PLAID incoming...

  • gaby20gamer I
    gaby20gamer I

    taycan for the win'

  • Ghuesss

    Well whit Tesla having a 2.3 sec 0-60mph acceleration and the Tycan having a 2.8 3 sec acceleration, it seems that you might need a better pilot for the Tesla since obviously you didnt press that gas padel or you started accelerating after the porsche (even 0.5 sec counts , thats half a sec)

  • Max A.
    Max A.


  • Sandra Pillay
    Sandra Pillay

    porsh all the way everyday

  • Кирилл Абакумов
    Кирилл Абакумов

    Yeeeeah Porsche 😏💖💖💖

  • YotaXD

    You cant do long high speed with Tesla it will throttle down, The Porsche will keep it speed

  • Swamp Goonch
    Swamp Goonch

    model s plaid

  • G T R 120
    G T R 120


  • Pedro Rivera
    Pedro Rivera

    Nice Porshe 👍

  • timothy briggs
    timothy briggs

    Did u use Ludacris speed

  • Dāvis Irbe
    Dāvis Irbe

    Race a supra mk4 with 1000 hp vs gtr

  • Jawzee Shareef
    Jawzee Shareef

    sound test 😆


    what i don't understand is the tesla have less wheight more HP and more torque and the porshe win liek whatt?? i think the tesla don't have the power that the company say it have

    • أحمد المنصور
      أحمد المنصور

      i think less aerodynamics

  • kyler green
    kyler green

    i'm excited for the tesla roadster

  • Ramon GT
    Ramon GT

    Not fair to compare a regular car to a TURBO :(

  • Bfr74vz

    I'm betting everything on the Taycan 😎

  • Jordan Gabay
    Jordan Gabay

    If I can get the taycan with the front of the panamera please

  • Jeremy Aguilar-Villanueva
    Jeremy Aguilar-Villanueva

    Tesla model s will win

    • Austrin Ivander Fanly
      Austrin Ivander Fanly

      haha funny joke

  • Ahmad Sabah
    Ahmad Sabah

    sound test :🦜

  • Graham Morgan
    Graham Morgan

    Porsche always

  • KamilMB

    Now this is soo awfull :/ no sound at all!!! I don't want to live in a future like that!

  • wake up and smell the coffee
    wake up and smell the coffee

    Above 125MPH the tesla is so slow...even a Golf GTI would beat it.

  • kyojitsu1

    To drop 100k on a Tesla I'd want it looking like a spaceship from another galaxy not a 10 year old Mazda.

  • Amar Yadav
    Amar Yadav

    Why does everyone skip the fact that Tesla is a family sedan and porsche was built to be a sports car? Wait for Tesla roadster, we’ll see who the king is.

    • Sebastian Nolte
      Sebastian Nolte

      Everyone skips it, are you kidding? I read this excuse by Tesla Fans here in the comments over and over. And it is just ridiculous. Why should that be an argument on a drag strip? Here is another drag race between a family sedan and a sports car: sltoos.info/for/y5mB38Rqno-rx2U/video The sedan wins. Of course, it has much more power. It has also a better 0-60 times on paper.

  • Yama Man
    Yama Man

    I bet Porsche secretly had one of those Teslas in the factory/Test Track as they designed the Taycan making sure it beat it My theory anyways 🤔

  • Pak Auto Garage
    Pak Auto Garage

    Finally the Tesla’s S3XY is f** by Porsche . For sure 💯

  • jonesaktan

    Stop comparing tesla and porsche. One is beginner and the other precursor

  • Jamie Gilbert
    Jamie Gilbert

    So pleased the Porsche kicked the butt of the teslar

  • Arshia Elahi
    Arshia Elahi

    That was fun

  • Zalimxan Bachaev
    Zalimxan Bachaev

    why Tesla has 19 wheels and not 21 . I demand to check in again

  • joachim1022


  • Charitha Kaluhendiwala
    Charitha Kaluhendiwala

    Family sedan vs Super car 😂

  • Tucson Affordable Web LLC
    Tucson Affordable Web LLC

    I think you used the top end with Porsche and normal Mode S. Why you do not do the same competition with Tesla Model S Plaid?! It has 0-60 less than 2 sec. with 1100+ HP. Then let see the result!

    • Tucson Affordable Web LLC
      Tucson Affordable Web LLC

      @Sebastian Nolte cool. Can not wait to see the plaid reaction.

    • Sebastian Nolte
      Sebastian Nolte

      It is not the normal Model S, it is the Perfomance Version. And the why even mention the Plaid? It will come out at the end of next year!

  • Arxy

    Race with the plaid model

    • Sebastian Nolte
      Sebastian Nolte

      Yes, we can do it in one year...

  • Walter Miller
    Walter Miller

    Now compare interior and street creed!

  • Shaun Okonkwo
    Shaun Okonkwo

    Porsche all day

  • Rachel Martin
    Rachel Martin


  • Fishing W Cp!
    Fishing W Cp!

    Wow super close

  • H. A.
    H. A.


  • Léonard Germain
    Léonard Germain

    Porsche just have a better technology. 800V and 2 gears, better cooling, etc.

  • A Stalbo
    A Stalbo

    Now I love Taycan even more

  • Willonne Lee
    Willonne Lee

    How dumb can an entire company be to add the word TURBO to the name of their electric car? The Tesla Plaid will smoke this car.....and then they will again attempt to make a car to beat that and probably call it the Taycan Twin Turbo S.....smh

    • Sebastian Nolte
      Sebastian Nolte

      They just use the same name scheme as for their other cars, so you know what you get. Also for their ICE cars, the name "Turbo" only tells you that it has more power than for example a "4S" version. But it doesn't tell you anything about the technology that it used. It is just the name of a trim level.

  • Spyros Devaris
    Spyros Devaris

    Porsche at 120mph (4:50) : ight, imma head

  • Mauricio Veiga
    Mauricio Veiga

    Yh Porsche ❤️🥇👍

  • Alexander Ulmer
    Alexander Ulmer

    Porsche is best ... show me wrong

  • Amal Alhamadi
    Amal Alhamadi

    I was expecting that the Tesla will win, but in was the whole way around 😁

    • Seductive Knight
      Seductive Knight

      why would you even expect that?

  • Aschguloil

    see exactly when the porsche shifts into the next gear. German engineering that makes the difference

  • oashr6

    the thing with these new cars the ones with less power and more weight are some how faster


    its porsche! for fun men like me! haaaahhh!

  • Malte Laurids Brigge
    Malte Laurids Brigge

    Every manufacturer must hope Matt doesn't get their car given he loses every 1st launch and /maybe/ equals on a 2nd try, but never wins a launch :) -BTW, if Matt adds a couple more instagram shout-outs that would then use up the entire video time and he could just end the videos after the shout outs are done. No need for all these messy drag races :)

  • Amstudios

    Time for the Tesla model s plaid

  • MegaUkev

    When all the other big car brands like porche goes electric that’ll be the death of Tesla

    • digimon916

      Yup. Imo, tesla is too tech focused and runs too much like a tech company rather than a car company: new new new, our tech has to be ahead. Car companies have more knowledge and experience when it comes to design purpose/practicality, target consumers (for each model car), interior design etc.

  • Gardikes

    2748 tesla drivers hate this video :-P sorry, Porsche is LEGEN wait for it... DARY!

  • Kevin Krag
    Kevin Krag

    det er lort :)

  • Kaykovus Kerteus
    Kaykovus Kerteus

    It's feels so good to see that other companies making EVs.

  • Prestige Vision
    Prestige Vision

    I love porsche

  • Joaquin Castro
    Joaquin Castro

    The plaid model S is the same price as the Porsche and is almost twice as fast with over 520 miles of range to Porsche’s baby 200 miles lol! This is cute though!

    • Joaquin Castro
      Joaquin Castro

      @Sebastian Nolte that was in response to Hassan who stated that Tesla was obsolete. I’m referencing their constant development of better vehicles faster then any company on earth. And I’m not a Tesla fan. I’m an engineer, from an engineering perspective nothing comes close to Tesla as a car company.

    • Sebastian Nolte
      Sebastian Nolte

      It is funny how Tesla fans talk about cars, as if they would already exist.

  • bvanbanan

    What is her name? 3-2-1!

  • Jason KIM
    Jason KIM

    image line !

  • Mtho

    Think this just comes down to the fact that Porsche have more experience ,and build the best sportscars imho

  • Amesh De Silva
    Amesh De Silva

    Yiannimize in the Taycan, he just bought one same colour.

  • Tarantoz

    Lol Tesla has quicker acceleeation but Porsche has more top speed

    • Tarantoz

      @Eugene naah

  • Arun Bains
    Arun Bains

    Tesla will win

  • Jack Haynes
    Jack Haynes

    You should do this again when the triple motor model s comes out!

  • G G
    G G

    Next year another Ball game with the Model S Plaid. Porsche will be stuck with their wide range, they won’t release 1200hp car to don’t kill the rest of the models. Except if the 911 comes with electric & How much is the Porsche turbo S and the Model S ?

    • Hasan Genc
      Hasan Genc

      Well, one is a Porsche, the other just a Tesla. Obviously the Porsche is more expensive, Teslas fall apart when raining lol.

  • ProtoTrash

    Mat forgot to put it in ludicrous mode U stooped ass

  • hamad oof
    hamad oof

    Tesla - Taycan - Audi e torn-REEEEEE

  • The Generic Channel
    The Generic Channel

    Race the roadster against this and it will be like a Ferrari against a Toyota Corolla

    • The Generic Channel
      The Generic Channel

      It’s coming and it’s gonna blow any car out of the water

    • Hasan Genc
      Hasan Genc

      What Roadster? The Tesla Roadster doesn't exist, so which Roadster?

  • The Generic Channel
    The Generic Channel

    Tesla is still better fight me

    • The Generic Channel
      The Generic Channel

      @Mustang150 ya they are all good well made I really like Italian

    • Mustang150

      @The Generic Channel i don't have a favourite manufacturer or car but i love japanese, swedish and Italian cars

    • The Generic Channel
      The Generic Channel

      @Mustang150 bruh rly. What’s your favourite car make

    • Mustang150

      @The Generic Channel no it doesn't, you're just believing claims. And even it does achieve them, they won't break any records because other cars are faster in 0 to 60 and go way more than 250 mph

    • The Generic Channel
      The Generic Channel

      @Mustang150 it goes 400+ km/h or 250 mph and is 0-100 or 60(for you Americans) in 2.1 seconds

  • Joaquin Castro
    Joaquin Castro

    You didn’t use Ludacris mode or the cheetah stance!!!!! This is not a accurate video.

    • Alex Z
      Alex Z

      @Hasan Genc No cheetah stance here. You clearly don't know nothing, so stop posting BS...

    • Hasan Genc
      Hasan Genc

      @Joaquin Castro don't cry because the Tesla got scrapped with its pathetic cheetah mode as well. Tesla needs to try harder to catch up.

    • Joaquin Castro
      Joaquin Castro

      @Hasan Genc he wouldn’t have had to lower the suspension himself. When you put it in Cheetah mode it automatically does that. If you don’t have one, I suggest you educate yourself before making bias claims. It is also funny how you say the most advanced electric vehicle company in the world is obsolete lol. Very ignorant statement!

    • Joaquin Castro
      Joaquin Castro

      @Hasan Genc Not they didn’t, I have one. This is not how you do it. Also have you not heard of the Plaid Model S? It’s the fastest car in the world lol. Almost twice as fast as the Porsche lmao

    • Hasan Genc
      Hasan Genc

      Yes, they did. The Model Slow is just obsolete now.

  • Matthias Schneider
    Matthias Schneider

    Maybe the Tesla batteries were more loaded than the ones in the Tycan and therefore the Tesla was heavier ?

  • Luis Filipe
    Luis Filipe

    One of them is going to win

  • Cars Cigars Scotch N Watches
    Cars Cigars Scotch N Watches

    If Porsche lied about the hp and torque, do you really think they told you the truth about the top speed? Porsche Hp is always lower than reality in all cars. Not sure why.

  • Shubh Pelia
    Shubh Pelia

    not gonna lie the taycan's piano exhaust sounds dope

  • Kabelo Mabeleng
    Kabelo Mabeleng

    Tesla will win

  • Georgios Diakonitakis
    Georgios Diakonitakis

    The Tesla was the king. Although... The Tesla has like 235?255mm tyres? The Porsche looks like 315? 345?

    • Hasan Genc
      Hasan Genc

      Tesla wasn't even the king before.

  • Amer Badawi
    Amer Badawi

    Tesla ofcourse

  • William Fernandez
    William Fernandez

    Imagine if Tesla and Porsche joined forces.

  • Ferdinand 992
    Ferdinand 992

    Yes but they have NOT same gen and this is one of the why win porsche Im Fan of porsche im driving taycan 4s and i really love porsche

  • lee jowle
    lee jowle

    😂😂 Thats not even the raven edition

  • Justinian

    Would get the Tesla, its better in everything anyways

    • Hasan Genc
      Hasan Genc

      Nah, looks like a Mazda and is slower. And falls apart in rain. Basically like a quicker Lada.

  • Shanks97

    In summary, Porsche looks better outside, inside, is faster, is better built and has better breaks...

    • Shanks97

      @Alex Z granted it’s more expensive but the interior of the model s just doesn’t match its price tag considering you can spec the ‘plaid’ version to about 140k it still doesn’t even come close to the design and build quality of the taycan

    • Alex Z
      Alex Z

      At twice the price, I hope !

  • Karl Zawila
    Karl Zawila

    The thing that amazes me, and I'm a huge fan of both Tesla and Porsche, just glancing at these two cars without knowing anything about them, the Porsche looks like a super slick sports sedan whereas the Tesla looks more like a luxury sedan. When people get a Porsche, they're gonna expect the thing to go super fast, but I'm not sure the random average person would ever expect to go that fast in a Tesla, and therefor, I kinda want a Tesla 😂😂

  • Kevin Götz
    Kevin Götz

    Porsche 🤤💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

  • Tunveer Hanif
    Tunveer Hanif

    It’s got Mercedes wiper/indicator stooks

  • spiweb

    How’s the autopilot on the Porsche? Oh wait Porsche doesn’t have autopilot. Let me know when it does and I’ll consider it. Wait until the Tesla two seater comes out and then bye bye Porsche.

  • Miag Vip
    Miag Vip

    Why do tesla cars look so ghastly?

    • Hasan Genc
      Hasan Genc

      Ghastly cars, for ghastly people. Imagine buying a car as ugly as a Tesla.

  • Wasif Amir
    Wasif Amir

    Me: the tesla has more power, yes? Patrick: yes Me: it also has more torque, yes? Patrick: yes Me: does it weigh less? Patrick: yes Me: so it should win, right? Patrick: no


    Taycan: 269 kmh Model s: 262 kmh Model s not faster than taycan matt!


    Teska fanboys rip 😂😂😂😏😏

  • Tim McDougall
    Tim McDougall

    Superior German engineering wins the day again. I bet the Porsche has less drag as well

  • electro demu
    electro demu

    I wonder why he didn't do 0 to 60... Or is he afraid that Tesla would win and mess up the narrative

    • Mustang150

      @electro demu ??

    • electro demu
      electro demu

      @Mustang150 Porsche for me too!! But is this not very embarrassing thet we have over 500 people urging about about a 5 door family sedan vrs a true sports car? What is wrong with this picture. Someone please tell me

    • Mustang150

      @electro demu nothing

    • electro demu
      electro demu

      @Mustang150 Yes I am new and how convenient. Btw what would you think would happen I he did?

    • Mustang150

      Are you new to this channel. He doesn't test 0 to 60 you dope

  • john doe
    john doe

    Oh Lord, won't you buy me a mercedes benz?

  • Alex Dima
    Alex Dima

    RIMAC C2

  • Stefan Weilhartner
    Stefan Weilhartner

    of course porsche can build an electric car. they did that long time before elon had the chance to crap in his diapers.

  • Stefan Weilhartner
    Stefan Weilhartner

    there is a difference here but for me that is not a massive difference. however, when it comes to real sportive driving, then the taycan really can shine. that means the nordschleife which i rather call the nerdschleife. it is a wonderful track and there a sports car shows that it is a sports car and not just a generic car with added horse power. i had the opportunity to drive a couple of laps there as well and it was fantastic

  • John Odei
    John Odei


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