Living with an AMG G63 - what I loved... and hated!
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It's time for Mat to say farewell to his beloved AMG G63! He's had his hands on the G for a whole year, but Mercedes have asked for it back, so he's reluctantly handed it over.
But after clocking up thousands of miles, coupled with a whole host of drag races and tugs of war, how impressed was he with this imposing SUV? Sure we all know it looks great, and the performance is unquestionable thanks to the 4-litre twin-turbo V8 packed under the bonnet, but is it really worth the monumental £150k price tag?! And if he could afford one, would he buy one himself?!
Keep watching to find out!
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  • carwow

    Can you name a better car for less than £150,000?! We'll wait...

    • Ali Jawad
      Ali Jawad

      @jordan Lau wtf... ARE U CRAZY

    • Tshifhiwa Filbert Dzhaudzhau
      Tshifhiwa Filbert Dzhaudzhau

      M8 CP

    • Tshifhiwa Filbert Dzhaudzhau
      Tshifhiwa Filbert Dzhaudzhau

      @Ritesh Varsani mmmh BMW Supra you mean

    • Greaterdriveways

      Trainers, or rooler skates ⛸

    • DamienConstantine Torres
      DamienConstantine Torres

      Taycan Electro S

  • KamilMB

    14:40 MADE MY DAY! It is the same in Poland :)

  • Tyrone

    This video was short😭 i wish it could be longer 😂😂

  • Ram Visvanathan
    Ram Visvanathan

    The Mercedes Amy g36 is one of the best cars in the world!

  • Sb Sb
    Sb Sb

    Great honest review.

  • Gavin V
    Gavin V


  • Sanat Srivastava
    Sanat Srivastava

    I *only* watch Carwow because of Mat. You're a modern day hybrid Hammond-Clarkson, my dude. You gotta be paid wayyy more.

  • salih albayrak
    salih albayrak

    Bende de var ama halıda biraz yavaş gidiyo

  • Vikas Dhiman
    Vikas Dhiman

    Sir, please make an detailed video on jaguar f pace 2021🙏🙏.

  • Robert Smith
    Robert Smith

    He said the Toyota land cruiser was boxy lol ,more money than brains.

  • Sameed Zafar
    Sameed Zafar

    The fact that Mat can't afford it depresses me..

  • Alain

    SUVs like the Bentayga can keep its air suspension. I don't think those are remotely reliable for when I go offroading in mine.

  • GY

    If I owned this, other people on roads hating on it would give me absolute joy lol

  • Martin Liberda
    Martin Liberda

    15:42 we call them iphones

  • Louise O
    Louise O

    15mpg 😱 you’re probably on first name basis with the petrol station staff

  • craig orford
    craig orford

    The haters are jealous,I would love one The spare tyre would have to go in the boot tho

  • Mark Geller
    Mark Geller

    The most ridiculous vehicle on earth for those who would be "wanna be dictators" or just wankers. If you are (were) Slobodan Milosevic in the field mid-battle or genociding, I get this, but driving down Wilshire Blvd or in Chelsea?, Unclear.

  • badassdahn

    £120 to fill up the tank.

  • Kevin Boucher
    Kevin Boucher

    14:53 When Matt just had enough hahaha

  • Skyler MacDonald
    Skyler MacDonald

    Be honest u came for the rc car

  • Govajohn

    MattWatson is the GOAT

  • Phil

    Stupid car and way overpriced. They need to concentrate more on customer service and reliability. Mercedes don't build cars properly anymore.

  • AmHow Aye
    AmHow Aye

    14:25, Lol, you are golden. !!!

  • Akjol Omurbekov
    Akjol Omurbekov

    Я один говорю на русском?

  • Maryam Al flahi
    Maryam Al flahi


  • Stipe Sokolic
    Stipe Sokolic

    19:38 so it is not manual, it is actually automatic, but it works only when you are breaking hard.

  • SuperMrFriendly

    Nice car:) I got the Brabus Maybach version.

  • ZYC

    why is andriod user second class citizen

  • Ping-Hong Tan
    Ping-Hong Tan

    Love the G63. but tbh, the previous model does look better. had to comment about british people flashing their lights, it seems some aussies have started doing it too. so being stoopid might be infectious.

  • The Boss
    The Boss

    Maybe one day i will have this beast but black 🖤🖤🖤💪🏻🔥

  • yerubandi Sridevi 30
    yerubandi Sridevi 30

    Carwow should pay him more salary. Just love the way he reviews the cars.




    I've been wantin' an RC car... Yes...

  • AJ Dexter
    AJ Dexter

    One day.... one day 😔

  • Ben Menke
    Ben Menke

    Android users ARE second class citizens lol

  • Ricardo Marques
    Ricardo Marques

    This car is a jack of all trades and a master of none, a pretty stupid way to spend 150k for a status symbol...

  • Mohammed Ehsan
    Mohammed Ehsan

    Not 53m 52meater

  • abdullah asim
    abdullah asim

    who else also likes it better in red

  • Akinsola Ogunware
    Akinsola Ogunware

    Actually, the overtaking gripe is not just a British matter. You just described Nigerian drivers lol

  • Secret Hustler
    Secret Hustler

    I think the older version looks better.

    • Aubrey Howe
      Aubrey Howe

      I agree

  • luciddestiny

    Liked, purely for the look on your face when the sunroof closed under braking.

  • Genomic Danna
    Genomic Danna

    WTF did the multi spoke rims go ?

  • 18rabbit

    The infotainment system controlling so much including massage seats is veeery unluxurious. Many brands of lux & non lux r making this mistake

  • 18rabbit

    u's was so'ta like Cleese wit that overtaking spiel.

  • Mustang

    Matt dress better when he reviews Mercedes...!

  • Mark's Cars
    Mark's Cars

    Stopped watching half way through (even though it’s good) and disliked. Sadly like most good content providers, these videos are partly ruined now by the incessant adverts YT peppers them with. I’m not paying 16 quid a month for uninterrupted viewing. YT need to moderate either the Premium cost or the advert frequency, as I don’t believe a content creator in their right mind would insert a 30 second advert clip every 5 minutes.

  • Savion Poulose
    Savion Poulose

  • Jaroslaw Dudek
    Jaroslaw Dudek

    14.00 about flashing g lights. In Germany on autobahn when someone is on fast line at speed they flashing lights to let you know that they approach fast and moving back to previous line and than to first line if it is clear. In uk people don't care about other road users and drive slow like grannies. And try to flash at them they will test brakes (FUKNING WANKERS)

  • Lonwabo Manzi
    Lonwabo Manzi

    Why is it that you never review the sound system in the cars? it would be nice to hear the sound performance of the sound system.

  • Gav

    Another ugly vehicle...Someones child drew a picture of a car and Merc made it...If Audi and Mercedes made cars that looked as good as their engines performed....

  • DUAL 777
    DUAL 777

    I like the exposed wood

  • Motor Max
    Motor Max

    i have never tried dancing while driving neither had an idea till i watch this

  • Arslan Alam
    Arslan Alam

    We will miss this red merc.

  • jayden jr fc jr
    jayden jr fc jr


  • kid king of cars
    kid king of cars

    Someone's biased

  • Sabery

    21:52 turn on the subtitles :)

  • Late


  • JohnstasBACK

    he rlly is such a charming fellow, ain't he?

  • Solomon Kutesa
    Solomon Kutesa

    Hahahhahahahhaah I love the intro

  • Car Reviews by Mohammed Aryan
    Car Reviews by Mohammed Aryan

  • Charalampos Kastrinakis
    Charalampos Kastrinakis

    People hate driving behind such big vehicles because of reduced visibility..

  • Colin Jr Nahamya
    Colin Jr Nahamya

    u cracked me up on this one Matt!! Cool stuff...

  • ronjer1234

    Too many ad breaks in this video. Had to stop watching.

  • Angry Ox
    Angry Ox

    If I win the lottery...

  • gavcooney

    That blue car he shows is not a standard G63, it's an Urban with the full widebody kit. Was his choice an Urban blue one or standard red one??

  • Matt Freeman
    Matt Freeman

    If people flash you when you’re overtaking, it’s because you’re driving like a prick.

  • Unknown User
    Unknown User

    can you guys make a car wow app for germany ?

  • Daniel Iordache
    Daniel Iordache

    😂 hey Matt you're complaining over nothing lad, regarding the "manual"sunroof cover. It isn't manual, you just have to use a different button than you're used to; in this case brake pedal. Hilarious !!! 🤣🤣🤣

  • Oliver Mboya
    Oliver Mboya

    one day Mat one day

  • Tangi Shivoro
    Tangi Shivoro

    In my country a g wagon is over 1Milion dollars

  • Ridhwan Official
    Ridhwan Official

    Matt for Top Gear?

  • Jigun Lee
    Jigun Lee

    At 9:31, it looks strange...

  • Demostene Neacsiu
    Demostene Neacsiu

    "I don’t care it’s so hot it cleans my sperm, that’s my choice" -Matt Watson, 2020 Lmao

  • Demostene Neacsiu
    Demostene Neacsiu

    "I don’t care it’s so hot it cleans my sperm, that’s my choice" -Matt Watson, 2020 Lmao

  • AMINE_Cars_Dz


  • Luke Dyte
    Luke Dyte

    You need to add 21 metres of thinking distance to that 53metres stopping distance Matt!

  • jossanin

    if an anti-wrinkle serum was brave enough to sponsor Matt, I would consider buying their products

  • Marvin

    I thing I absolutely have to criticize is your opinion regarding overtaking. If you are the one that is flashing the lights because the overtaking car is a bit short on distance and even worse you might have to hit the breakes, I would gladly shout very bad words at this son of a mother for what stupid thing he just did! There is nothing right when someone has to hit the breakes during an overtake.

  • Andy Clark
    Andy Clark

    Why do the wheels keep changing colour? Black/ silver

  • Jae

    4.46 Mil subs thanks to matt.. i feel he should be able to afford one!

  • Ian Gonzalez
    Ian Gonzalez

    I fall in love with the scale model

  • Jeronimo Castro
    Jeronimo Castro

    It's not a "G Wagon", it is a GELANDEWAGEN!

  • Sebastian Pata
    Sebastian Pata

    A minute of silence for all the people who still think the G is not an offroader anymore...

  • Folge

    Matt treats cars badly all the time

  • GT-22

    Gofund for Mat to own a G63 😂😂😂 Seriously though this guy is a G63!! The love has been intense. 🤣 Someone get this man a G63!!

  • MatesGod

    Carwow, can i ask you? Do you have something with Czech republic?

  • Navin Roy
    Navin Roy

    ' This thing is as aerodynamic as a house ' LOL

  • Steffen Renz
    Steffen Renz

    A red G-Class. Chechen relatives, Matt?

  • Christian James TAN
    Christian James TAN

    awwwww...bye bye g class :(

  • Aryan Fernandez
    Aryan Fernandez

    You should bring the G63 to india

  • geoffk777

    Ok, it looks great and it's very capable. But it costs the same as 3 new Defenders or 4 new Wranglers. You have to be crazy rich not to care about that.

  • Becko

    Matt bouncing reminded me of Ace Ventura

  • Chico Ferraz
    Chico Ferraz

    thought he owned it

  • Andrew Bass
    Andrew Bass

    I'm more interested in the V8 engine than the IWC clock

  • Flowkom K
    Flowkom K

    why am I watching this.. I earn 500€ a month

  • Ekow Bentil
    Ekow Bentil

    17:01 A small price to pay for practicality (cargo space) ~Thanos 2020

  • Big pants
    Big pants

    I bet Mezut Ozil and his team mates like this.

  • Iain Ballard
    Iain Ballard

    Who is this "Matt" fella who occasionally pops up between the ads?

  • L DS
    L DS

    At 10:46 the car on the screen looks like a car from the late 1800 lol