Bentley Continental GT Convertible review - see how quick it can go TOPLESS!
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Here we have the Bentley Continental GT convertible - the fastest four-seat convertible IN THE WORLD! With the top-of-the-range model hiding a 6-litre W12 under the bonnet, it can reach an incredible top speed of 207mph! As you’d expect, this all-conquering grand tourer is going to burn a rather large hole in your pocket, with the price starting at £169,000… And that’s just for the V8! Want to treat yourself to the W12? Then that’ll set you back £182,000. But let’s face it - if you could even afford a Bentley, you’re probably going to end up spending far more on some extras, aren’t you?! For the rest of us, there’s just one question we need to answer. Is this the greatest grand tourer EVER?! Join Mat as he finds out!
00:00 Intro
00:30 Price
00:56 Engines
01:31 0-60mph
02:16 Brakes
03:45 Drivetrain
05:31 Country Road Driving
06:41 Drifting
07:09 Exterior Design
08:40 Roof
09:12 Interior Design
10:15 Back Seats
11:00 Boot
12:10 Annoying Features
15:09 Good Features
17:24 Infotainment System
19:10 Practicality
20:04 Trim Options
21:10 Daily Driving
22:37 Verdict
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  • carwow

    What do you think - is this the greatest grand tourer in the world? LIKE this comment if you agree, or COMMENT with what you'd choose instead!

    • madhavi v
      madhavi v

      the m8

    • Josh Mills
      Josh Mills

      To hell with Doug Dumero, this guys a bloody legend. Funny bstrd!!

    • Sam Beharrell
      Sam Beharrell

      Audio seems weird in this video

    • Still Searching
      Still Searching

      I'd rather have the Bentley Mulsanne Speed.

    • EdgeCraft Gamez
      EdgeCraft Gamez

      Aston martin vanquish all the way

  • PlainJane

    How much longer????

    • PlainJane

      Oh I forgot hahahahaha

  • Abdulla Nazeer
    Abdulla Nazeer

    Its the rolls royce gost

  • Will Soon
    Will Soon

    Mat: "the quickest and most expensive way to blow-dry your hair" bugatti veyron grand sport vitesse: "uh ok"

  • M. Wojtania
    M. Wojtania

    I recommend you review a brabus car

  • AG Ironman
    AG Ironman

    Mat during sex: 13:47

  • Lars Hartmann
    Lars Hartmann

    Progressive steering Matt.. 🙂 By the way. I wonder how sharp this car steers and how direct everything feels. I am driving a 750i F01 with KW Adjustable suspension. Very sharp and direct with it's real wheels steering too. If you compare it to this Car here, how sharp is it? Greertz

  • Turbine 633
    Turbine 633

    matt mode

  • MH0709


  • Valeyrya Eusov
    Valeyrya Eusov

    Matt... stop flirting with Me...

  • sandeep sharma
    sandeep sharma

    I saw this car in my dream 😂😂😂 with out ever seeing it in real life ... All i remember is i was in bentley yellow convertible car with speed of 180 km/h

  • 69Mustang

    Whats your height and weight, Im 6'4" 340 lb, would I be reasonably comfortable? Thanks.

  • Joe Roberts
    Joe Roberts

    Um diamonds dont shine light they reflect light 😉😂

  • Sneakyz YT
    Sneakyz YT

    am i the only one, who is flincing when i see Mat touching the brake disks and leaving finger prints on them ?

  • attiy

    This guy is SO annoying!

  • bAnAnA


  • Serotonin

    13:48 that’s what she said... I had to do it😂

  • Fenil Jariwala
    Fenil Jariwala

    I love to see things That i Cant afford.

  • jeev eze
    jeev eze

    please do the W12

    • Ben Walsh
      Ben Walsh

      That is the w12

  • Tashinga Keith
    Tashinga Keith

    This car sounds like it was heavily engineered by Audi

  • Dorian Dori
    Dorian Dori

    Just The extra option of the black package of Bentley costs more than my car 😂😂😂😂

  • Femme Fatale
    Femme Fatale

    My DREAM car! One day...


    Does it come with a private Home Gas station ? Private Jet ? Private Planet ?... Just kidding I JUST LOVE BENTLEY

  • Zane H
    Zane H

    13:13 The horribly nasty thing hasn't been painted properly, even KIA would have painted it properly

  • Zane H
    Zane H

    That looks beautiful in that colour with the black accents

  • 101 Flavours
    101 Flavours

    Could you review the Bentley Bacalar ? Would love to see that

  • Kenneth Hall
    Kenneth Hall

    Though everyone in Europe used the Metric system. But speed is in Miles per hour?

  • Str4vv

    Seeing Mat turning the wheel at a stand still from lock to lock gave me stomach cramps.

  • Ashish Kumar
    Ashish Kumar

    5:16 hey look Mat's but is thinner than the tyre

  • Urban Rider
    Urban Rider


  • Robert Booton
    Robert Booton

    Lamborghini Urus has 440mm brake discs. Love the channel

  • DrProctor 180
    DrProctor 180

    6 inches longer and you could actually sit in the back seat. Why do they make a back seat you can't sit in? Other brands do the same.

  • Callum Hutchison
    Callum Hutchison

    Anyone notice "Carol Baskin" at the top of the carwow Google search clip 😂

  • MH0709


  • drsupremo88

    You have to manually put that wind thingy up? Lane

  • drsupremo88

    Shame about the back seats

  • drsupremo88

    What an ugly colour ffs lol

  • Sam M
    Sam M

    What a car!!

  • Rick Nakamoto
    Rick Nakamoto

    After the car complained about the drifting,can you still keeping in drifting? I mean,physically

  • Mynt

    2:16 Aren't the brake discs on the Chiron just as large in the front and even larger in the rear?

  • Ian Jessop
    Ian Jessop

    It makes it harder to get out of your trousers.

  • Ilias ETTOUKI
    Ilias ETTOUKI

    the car is sick but the audio on this video is shiiit

  • friggincanvee

    what was that about a reach around?

  • SUNNY Chowdary
    SUNNY Chowdary

    People handle that Bentley ! Don’t rush huh nah ..

  • Unaswi Mothuti
    Unaswi Mothuti

    Did Mat say "I don't want a bigger... cause I can't get it out if my trousers" did I hear well 😂😂😂 I can't find a comment confirming this 😂

  • Delroy kelly
    Delroy kelly

    Didn't BMW buy Bentley?

    • Ben Walsh
      Ben Walsh

      No that was rolls Royce

  • Man on the Moon
    Man on the Moon

    1:29 VW cries in german

  • Joe

    Nobody: SLtoos: Hey, you wanna see how broke you are?

  • Ankit Korula
    Ankit Korula

    Continental gt: it does all in a Bentley way

  • Legacy Jeet Kune Do
    Legacy Jeet Kune Do

    This channel is getting more and more stupid.

  • British Secret Agent 007
    British Secret Agent 007

    The rear fender hump/bump design copies the 99-04 gmc/silverado stepside

  • Aswin Prasad
    Aswin Prasad

    I don’t know y, but I love V8 sound engines than V10s and any other engines!!

  • Aswin Prasad
    Aswin Prasad

    Great High tech demo Mat😂😂

  • Neiral

    0:02 when he said be hold the fastest 4 seater i almost choked thinking he said be hold the fastest 4 cylinder..

  • Isaiah Bland
    Isaiah Bland

    Is that a 475 mile gas range ? 3:07

  • Sean Coleman
    Sean Coleman

    The Bentley Continental GT is a guilty pleasure. The gen 3 version is a terrific edition (thank you Porsche Panamera). But that "Black Pack" mascara is hideous. Pass.

  • Technology conversation & gaming by Omar Chbaro
    Technology conversation & gaming by Omar Chbaro

    Who knows who owns Bentley answer down and like

  • Gerry Quinn
    Gerry Quinn

    Matt, you need to drive it "Gently Bentley".

  • Siddharth Anand
    Siddharth Anand

    169000 I ll buy it.

  • DK

    A review full of pop out reviews!

  • Sweetness Overload
    Sweetness Overload

    This car is so 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 I wish one day I can afford one

  • Nightmaru

    Yoo matt is jacked asf

  • What is inside
    What is inside

    No car bits chucked in bushes, damn. What kind of review is this.

  • Sid East
    Sid East

    Naf Back End !!!

  • Ext0rti0nist.

    that title was... seductive.

  • Amine Maazoul
    Amine Maazoul

    that interior looks really posh

  • Jan Vink
    Jan Vink

    I'm sorry Mat, I don't see any reason to complain about the price, because in Holland this starts at 270.000 pounds for the V8. by the way, love your reviews!

  • Dean Blake
    Dean Blake

    That is one ugly German car.... id rather have a GTR.........

  • TheCorkscrew10

    Maybe I'm missing something but how can a V8 engine have 12 cylinders

  • Jonckheere Maité
    Jonckheere Maité

    This car really looks gorgeous ! That paint is not really my thing but i could live with it :)

  • Michael Strasser
    Michael Strasser


  • Penalves de Lima José MamBuQue
    Penalves de Lima José MamBuQue

    The British Sarcasm owned a like... I love this guy's humor.

  • variszarins

    Mat, did you actually drive this car? How could you possibly claim this car to be luxurious when the noise levels are worse than in a 5 series. It’s loud, you can hear the road noise in both the coupe and convertible. Also some on the shiny things that you claimed to feel expensive actually feel cheap as it’s plastic. If you’re going to review a car please review it, this is an advert for a car not a review 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • variszarins

    This car is the tackiest Bentley I’ve ever seen. Black wheels, black grill and that ugly paint? If that’s not bad enough the owner stuffed the interior with black piano wood AND carbon fibre? Yikes

  • AMINE_Cars_Dz

    I love it and a beautiful Bentley😍

  • Jatin Handa
    Jatin Handa

    Who else saw Carole Baskin?

  • Blake Wolf
    Blake Wolf

    I’m sorry but I can never get with soft tops

  • Amin.Vlogs

    Love this thing but would never ruin it with the silly “black pack” ruins its class

  • Randeep Sharma
    Randeep Sharma

    No safety if its upside down.

  • DeKs YouTube
    DeKs YouTube

    Go Bentley vs MERCEDES GT63S

  • Cars Transmission
    Cars Transmission

    supercars lover

  • Josh Mills
    Josh Mills

    To hell with Doug Dumero, this guys a bloody legend. Funny bstrd!!

  • TeamEnder[HD]

    Is this that guy from man vs wild?

  • hans bryanwidjaa
    hans bryanwidjaa

    Nice Volkswagen👍

  • lamemeshitface

    6L with two turbos with only 650hp... seems weak no?

    • Ben Walsh
      Ben Walsh

      It doesn’t need anymore power it does 207 mph ffs

  • Randila Ranasingha
    Randila Ranasingha

    How about vega evx

  • Passionate for cars
    Passionate for cars


  • dxbmick

    Have decided l will buy one with the nuclear reactor. Done.

  • Bernd Haverkock
    Bernd Haverkock

    After 3 days : more than 500k views! Insane! Is it the car, Mat or else? I'ld say : First Mat, then car. If i would have the money : Continental GT and a Flying Spur!

  • Alexis Jeaus Garcia Lodeiro
    Alexis Jeaus Garcia Lodeiro


  • Felix Montana
    Felix Montana

    No android auto ohhhhhh nooooooo 👎👎👎

  • Panaceias Úberes
    Panaceias Úberes

    Actually Matt... Blood diamonds can be of any colour since the "blood" means that they come from wat hotspots, not that their colour is this or that. Red diamonds are actually called red diamonds.

  • jonboy79

    I'm a old school car guy, all that tech nowadays just something else to go wrong

  • ADYA Satya
    ADYA Satya

    Aren't the buggati veyron comfertable is the fastest

  • Chimango Hara
    Chimango Hara

    Matt is the main reason I watch these videos

  • isac ededahl
    isac ededahl

    Do a review on the new BMW 330e

  • Neo Moselane
    Neo Moselane

    Porsche 992, 2020 911 cabriolet has by far better wind deflector!

  • Fahad Al-Riyami
    Fahad Al-Riyami

    A truly hideous vehicle.

  • Sushanth Ramesh
    Sushanth Ramesh

    Meryl Streep of cars😍

  • KangoV

    LOL. "ESC OFF". There is NO escape. Resistance is futile :)