Civic Type R v MINI GP v I30 N v Focus ST - DRAG RACE
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It's time for a FWD hot hatch drag race!
Mat's lining up in the classic Honda Civic Type R, alongside the new MINI GP, the Hyundai i30 N, and a Mountune-tuned Ford Focus ST!
So how about the specs? Well, all four cars are packing a 2-litre turbocharged petrol under their bonnets, and while the Focus ST can produce the most power at 330hp, it's the i30 N that can produce the most torque with a total of 550Nm! As for the MINI, well it'll only produce 306hp - the lowest of any competitor here today. But it does have one advantage... it's the only automatic!
So will the automatic gearbox, coupled with its lightweight, see it leave the field for dead? There's only one way to find out... LET'S RACE!
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  • carwow

    Four incredible FWD hot hatches, but which is your favourite? VOTE for your favourite below!

    • Kursat Osmanoglu
      Kursat Osmanoglu

      GP with back seats

    • john espanol
      john espanol

      mini GP

    • carl71

      Mini GP ive got an old mini and absolutely love it. Fun to drive.

    • Papaki Pixelz
      Papaki Pixelz

      Honda civic type r

    • Naomi Seys
      Naomi Seys

      Come on guys what the point of racing aftermarket powerd car vs a stock type-r? just a simple stage 1 on the type-r would smash the others

  • mike maloka
    mike maloka

    This civic driver... 😑

  • Ebubekir TECER
    Ebubekir TECER

    Bad drivers

  • Abraham Montes Salazar
    Abraham Montes Salazar

    The guy in the focus is trash with the gears

    • Mr Christie
      Mr Christie

      The standard focus st must be slow. This tuned one is still not impressive.

  • GBGE

    Is there gonna be a ford focus rs of this model?

  • Maximilian van der Meijden
    Maximilian van der Meijden


  • Aroma Nusantara
    Aroma Nusantara

    Hyundai sounds the best

  • Daniel Mezger
    Daniel Mezger

    Can you do an Australian one

  • TheLetitsno1

    Honda desperately needed a different driver.

  • Kursat Osmanoglu
    Kursat Osmanoglu

    GP with back seats

  • Indy Sulzmann
    Indy Sulzmann

    Matt reminds me of Christian Bale from the Le Mans 66 movie !

  • Chris H
    Chris H

    Erm. The MkIV ST has a 2.3li engine. Jesus, don’t these people do even the basic checks? Also: this bloke isn’t funny, he’s a twat.

  • McDonalds Wifi97
    McDonalds Wifi97

    You could make sandwiches between those shifts

  • Haylee Milian
    Haylee Milian

    Manual is the beats. As long as you know how to change gear fast not like you on a dump truck

  • aaron gundersen
    aaron gundersen

    how the hell does everything in Europe have 10 to 15 more horsepower than in north America (civic type r 320 hp vs 305) there are other examples. WTF?!

  • Rigo Julien
    Rigo Julien


  • ShadowKill23

    😂 that MINI just f**ks off!

  • Do33y Chamb
    Do33y Chamb

    The Hyundai owner needs to get his money back it seems he's been ripped off or he n is really that bad to begin with

  • Revs 84
    Revs 84

    1. Replace Mat with a decent driver in the Type-R 2. Switch off traction control 3. Try again

    • sub for sub
      sub for sub

      I've seen another video of this honda model with a decent driver and that thing is fast

  • Mr Higgins
    Mr Higgins

    This guy can't drive a manual car for sh*t

  • cob:of:games :
    cob:of:games :

    Mini gb vs rolls royce wraith 😂

  • Richard Bellefleur
    Richard Bellefleur

    who thinks Matt should be banned from racing standard cars?

  • Hayabusa

    I30N :)

  • Granville Abrahams
    Granville Abrahams

    Mat next drag race bring a working brain 🧠

  • Hugo Gonçalves
    Hugo Gonçalves

    This Honda has broken engine,and the driver doesnt notice anu of this

  • justin stephen cloete
    justin stephen cloete


  • Pascal L
    Pascal L

    Not a single power shift was accomplished this day

  • Stephen Ireland
    Stephen Ireland

    My 1997 wrx could run flat 12s with just bolt ons

  • Bobby Bowers
    Bobby Bowers

    Lol u shift like a old lady!! Good lord drive an automatic bro cuz manual trans is not your cup of tea

  • King gtr The legend
    King gtr The legend


  • Will C
    Will C

    Damn Britian’s car exhaust is so quiet

  • Guillermo Meza
    Guillermo Meza

    Shame matt

  • Kiran Burra
    Kiran Burra

    The Hyundai I30N sounds the best

  • Jayden Lee
    Jayden Lee

    Ford Focus RS

  • sam sharp
    sam sharp

    When will we get Carwow US?

  • Isaiah

    Let me put it in sports mode. Let me put it in mode comfort mode. It's a type R put it in R+. Who's man is this. Can the the Honda get a better driver.

  • Julio Robinson
    Julio Robinson

    Not sure what this proved other than Mini made a banger car and the guy in the civic is nowhere close to being a good race driver.

  • Timmy Bucky
    Timmy Bucky

    Mate i need carwow in Australia

  • maxxikhmer

    Matt you can't drive manual car.

  • Жанат Магадилов
    Жанат Магадилов

    Stupid driver in honda

  • Corne De necker
    Corne De necker

    Suggestion, dont take 5 damn mins to race a damb race. Shut up and drive

  • Janet Efrati
    Janet Efrati

    come on !!! GP is by far the best driving and looking of all of these

  • Christian 29
    Christian 29

    honda a gay car lol

  • Frank Mendivil
    Frank Mendivil

    Honestly, you can't rev out turbo 4cyl like other engines. Once you're at least 1,000-500rpms away from complete redline, shift!! Learned that on my fiesta and other 4 cylinders turbos I've driven. That type r could've done better but the race was pretty accurate. And yes, you do shift like you're driving a bus lol. Don't be scared to slam those gears! No hate c:


    Hyunday was the best bc of all that grumble and POP BANG

  • Kenneth Lee
    Kenneth Lee

    Try on the track.. I will doubt that any of these car on the video will beat the type r

  • jamal ali
    jamal ali

    I began to believe that the car you drove always lose :-p

  • Jomerick Catedrilla
    Jomerick Catedrilla

    Type R is 0-100km/hr in 3sec how can it loose?... 😅

  • mustard joseph
    mustard joseph

    Ford sounds the best

  • Chris Kuni
    Chris Kuni

    So testing a stock car whit tuned ones makes sence nower days? Even the question about sound... I30N, shitbox Focus (real one was the 2.5l 5-banger!) with after market ex (beside I think Focus in this particular test sounds best ;) ) Why not takeing the one CTR Spoon makes? :D Whould set tears in the seats of the other rubber brothers. :) But all off this not tellin´ I like ya show very much. :P

  • Ryan Wells
    Ryan Wells

    Ford n Hyundai sounded best. By a longshot

  • Chris Grace
    Chris Grace

    I like the mini

  • Ransh Shetty
    Ransh Shetty

    The Ford focus sounded the best

  • Dave Anthony Salalima
    Dave Anthony Salalima

    Idiot type r driver!..

  • Koteł Kucharz
    Koteł Kucharz

    4:45 start :)

  • Nics Mjs
    Nics Mjs

    Type R could have won if it was another driver, it is known as the fastest FWD ever

    • FactsFather

      It had the exact same results in the last carwow video.

  • Pradeep Muthusamy
    Pradeep Muthusamy

    The Ford Focus

  • Roger Barrett
    Roger Barrett

    As far as owning any of these cars, the Honda is the only one I would buy, Total quality build and will still be knocking out top performance after 100,000 miles. The Mini's gearbox would have gone bang long before that, with all that horsepower.

  • Enmanuel Ferreira
    Enmanuel Ferreira

    Poor honor of this type r who see that 2nd gear 😢

  • Mychal p Stanton
    Mychal p Stanton

    Pathetic this matt can not drive stick cant evan race shift evan in a new car lmfao horrible get someone who doesn't shift like 14yr old with Parkinson's who has never driven while shifting underwater. Better yet like hes shifting in a swimming pool full of cement omg wtf woukd they have him testing a standard if he cant. Car wow this guy sucks at race ing 🏁

  • Shahrul Zahri
    Shahrul Zahri

    Iphone noob....

  • Chaman Kudmarbettu
    Chaman Kudmarbettu

    Nurburgring test

  • Syed Abbas
    Syed Abbas

    Help local brands 😉

  • MPC007_EXP

    When will there be I also want such discounts ;O

  • goliac492

    No manual can beat an automatic!!! Period.

  • T-Killer Tumza
    T-Killer Tumza

    Focus was the best

    • Mr Christie
      Mr Christie

      Can’t even beat a standard civic type r 👀

  • Tsholofelo Radebe
    Tsholofelo Radebe

    The Ford and I30 sounded the Best

  • Bailey Clive
    Bailey Clive

    Type R soundbest

  • highsiderider

    So what exactly happened? That Mini is the new Monster hot hatch.

  • Dominik Galas
    Dominik Galas

    V-Tec kicks in YO

  • bernardo rodriguez
    bernardo rodriguez

    El civic necesita un verdadero conductor

  • jay holmes
    jay holmes

    The mini didnt win cos of its transmission obviously

  • Kevbe Apoe
    Kevbe Apoe

    So Matt can't pronounce "Porsche" or "Hyundai". So sad.

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne

    Can you flat foot shift from 1st to 2nd on the civic?

  • The One
    The One

    Idiots trying to race

  • Jim Davenport
    Jim Davenport

    What terrible shifting. If you can't do better than that, you shouldn't be making these videos.

  • Dj Bradz
    Dj Bradz

    🤣 cant take much more of this horrid shifting

  • Peter Ökvist
    Peter Ökvist

    Like a bunch of drunk chickens trying to drive...

  • jason grzych
    jason grzych

    what is that 0-75 😕

  • Marcus Blazer
    Marcus Blazer


  • who Am I
    who Am I

    Sorry mat think your mind aint on it in that video think your worried about yannie coming for you in his new electric whip

  • Edwin Hloniphani
    Edwin Hloniphani

    Where is 2.3L ST (automatic)😥😥

  • starrdogchamp1

    Mini sounds the best

  • DeHaviland

    That GP looks like a helicopter platform on an oilrig.

  • JST Car
    JST Car

    The Focus has a 2.3L engine

  • Joshua Rasos
    Joshua Rasos

    Stupid shifting.

  • Gary Shook
    Gary Shook

    This is awesome. And I'll tell you why. I have a 1.6t Forte SX (K3 or Cerato I believe?) Anyways, it's stock 201hp. 196 lbft of torque. I have an intake from AEM and a JB4 piggirback tune. And I would smoke that i30N, which also has a tune and intake, but has 276 hp stock. What this tells me is Racechip is junk and that my 14.25 s Kia has about 300 hp. Pretty awesome if you ask me. About $1100 US for the upgrades. Yes, JB4 makes a tune for Hyundai. In fact it's the same box. Takes 5 minutes to hook up. 2 plugs. O2 and Map sensor. They also make a tune for Audi/VW, BMW, and some other cars. There BMW upgrades are nasty.

  • Antoni Redźko
    Antoni Redźko

    Okok mini wins but automatic will be always boring;)

  • Wozza B
    Wozza B

    I30n driver has no idea my granny could do a better job

  • Ted Tedness
    Ted Tedness

    The Hyundai needs 300hp NOT it's now 275 hp.

  • Keenan Cooper
    Keenan Cooper

    The Mini GP sounded the best

  • Mill Andre
    Mill Andre

    Got to shift faster then that Mat 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Nadir Jk
    Nadir Jk

    “Race chip” lol

  • Jamie Junk
    Jamie Junk

    Dude it looks like you still learning how not to stall the car 😂

  • caleb workman
    caleb workman

    the veloster sounds the best

  • Syed Naqib
    Syed Naqib

    Hondas fan will unsubscribed carwow 😂

  • Molu Mohan
    Molu Mohan

    Where is fiat Abarth

  • Zhivko Stamenov
    Zhivko Stamenov

    U need to do battle of the 1.0l too like Smart Fortwo Peugeot and others

  • 4K subscribers with no video ?
    4K subscribers with no video ?

    No matter what ill forever love the type r

  • King Ming
    King Ming

    Man that Mini is quick, but wish it wasn't so hideously ugly. I miss my old 2012 mini