Toyota GR Yaris v Mitsubishi Evo VI - DRAG RACE *Tommi Makinen Showdown*
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How’s this for an old school vs new school drag race!
We’ve got Mat in his all-new Toyota GR Yaris, and he’s going up against Yianni in the Mitsubishi Evo VI Tommi Makinen Edition! And even if there’s 20 years between these two competitors, they’re actually more closely matched than you may think…
First up we have the GR Yaris. Powered by a 1.6-litre 3-cylinder turbo petrol, it can produce 261hp and 360Nm, while it also comes with a 6-speed manual gearbox. As for the Evo VI? Well it has 2-litre 4-cylinder turbo petrol, which can produce 276hp and 373Nm! And of course, no surprise to hear that it’s a manual as well.
So they're pretty similar, right? What’s more, they’re both closely connected to legendary rally driver Tommi Makinen! While the Evo VI we have here is the Tommi Makinen edition (due to him previously winning the WRC in an Evo VI), he was also Team Principal for the Toyota Gazoo Racing, a rally team currently leading the WRC!
So what do you think - an easy win for the GR Yaris? Or will the classic Evo take it?
There’s only one way to find out… LET’S RACE!
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  • Mat Watson Cars
    Mat Watson Cars

    Hi Mat here. What would you like Yianni and I to race next?

    • Alex Gerontzos
      Alex Gerontzos

      Race all the cars!!! Yianni is amazing!

    • MrWaheedulHaque

      NHS Ambulance vs Firetruck

    • Ayush Kumar Sinha
      Ayush Kumar Sinha

      On foot!

    • Seran Pinker
      Seran Pinker

      The mk8 golf R against your A45s Mat

    • Michael Hillman
      Michael Hillman

      Ford Focus st mk2 vs Honda Civic type r ep3 both standard

  • Jim Davidson
    Jim Davidson

    Can we get a competent second driver that's not constantly blaming the car?

  • Βασίλης Μίχος
    Βασίλης Μίχος

    The fat boy does not know how to change gears

  • Alex Trabal
    Alex Trabal

    These are not 12.5 second 1/4 mile cars fellas. Someone doesnt know how to use that stopwatch?

  • Tobias Holst
    Tobias Holst

    Evo sounds better

  • Vignesh Jaishankar
    Vignesh Jaishankar

    Best of all drag race you guys ever did it gives me goosebumps 🤤 that evo 6🤤

  • leo

    Can I tell you a secret? I am 33 years old, and never in my life have I driven an automatic car

  • Jason

    5 min of shit

  • Santiago 0.4.0
    Santiago 0.4.0

    5:55 uuu it's close Yeah a whole car length close lmao

  • abin design's 511
    abin design's 511

    Evo all day

  • abin design's 511
    abin design's 511

    Evo 🔥

  • Jm Jm
    Jm Jm

    Yanni....that was granny shifting...

  • Sanchuka Alugolla
    Sanchuka Alugolla




  • RottieShep CALIBRE
    RottieShep CALIBRE

    Big guy cant drive🤣

  • VX 16 GAZ
    VX 16 GAZ

    Yanni couldn't drive a nail into a wall

  • stavros chav
    stavros chav

    never seen a worse lunch on an Evo in my life

  • Chrislee james Carreon
    Chrislee james Carreon

    Pls Do GR Yaris vs Evolution X Final Edition

  • advice sir
    advice sir

    Let tommi makinen drive that evo and let's see the result!

  • advice sir
    advice sir

    That evo VI is a legend.

  • MulletMan001

    The Evo sounds better

  • Richard Amos
    Richard Amos

    Wud be nice if they cud find two people who cud actually drive. Pair of numpties.

  • Alan Silver
    Alan Silver

    Yanni stick do what you do best whatever that is

  • adib muhammad
    adib muhammad

    Not have skill for the rider evo. Lol

  • S Hamster
    S Hamster

    Looks so shit the GR though

  • sonyviva308

    I also love the 5 litre fuel tank on my Lancer

  • Frank Semerak
    Frank Semerak

    Please do a DRAG RACE between the GR Yaris and the Yaris GRMN. That would be interesting!

  • Marc Emil
    Marc Emil

    Wow! Waste of my time. Maybe try to switch drivers next time.

  • Richard Pruitt
    Richard Pruitt

    dude don't know how to drive a manual

  • SketchbookGuitar

    I hear louder exhaust and engine sound on a fully electric cars than these 2 cars drag racing

  • SketchbookGuitar

    5:22 for people who want straight to the point

  • junaid alam
    junaid alam

    of time... bed video always

  • Pasierschein B 38
    Pasierschein B 38

    what car is better🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Autobacs jpn
    Autobacs jpn

    Both very close cars? Comparing a classic evo with a deep rooted history to a yaris is one of the biggest insults in automotive history..

    • Kelvin Cooke
      Kelvin Cooke

      I mean as he said they are both rally derived cars for the road, developed by the racing section of both brands. So yeah pretty similar

  • Llamaguy11

    a WHAT steering wheel?......

  • Kembar Rizal
    Kembar Rizal

    video just show how bullshit ev6 tommi makkinen driver 😌

  • Lory Tuahta
    Lory Tuahta

    Idiot evo driver

  • Erratic Duck
    Erratic Duck

    Pickup,toyota,GM,x-class and the G-wagon

  • xr7 cars
    xr7 cars

    Whe need handling raice evo yaris in the top speed the evo should win shape of the body

  • Edward Ching
    Edward Ching

    I don't see the need for such a race. Evo had it's glory but it's like almost 20 years old. Losing to the latest technology is nothing to shame for, but why insist to do it again and again until finding a way to win but damaging the clutch or gear box? On top of that, both machine prove themselves ON THE TRACK but not to do drag race like teens. Is it the way to enjoy or to drive a car with strong blood link to rally race? Guess not.

  • Daniel Long
    Daniel Long

    You're gonna want to launch the evo at 5400rpm or its gonna bog down. AWD turbo cars need that very hard aggressive launch or you're better just not trying and just gasing it.

  • Daniel Long
    Daniel Long

    Making the comment before watching. If this Yaris doesnt just drag the evo I will be let down. This is coming from a guy who owns 2 evos. I mean one is a 25 year old car now.

  • ilhaam ashraf
    ilhaam ashraf

    5:26 is race


    as u can see, 20 years of evo tech still can beat 2020 car, thats why evo is still a legend till now !

  • JvAdv

    Evo6 still kicking.. how much more if evo 8 or 9 get race to yaris. 😂

  • enorym

    Best gr Yaris review hands down

  • Wayne Barrett
    Wayne Barrett


  • Laluna Delcatore
    Laluna Delcatore

    Evo da

  • misfit

    That Yaris doesn’t sound great. Obviously the Evo sounds better but maybe get The Stig in next time.

  • Scott Bell
    Scott Bell


  • Nithin Paul
    Nithin Paul

    01 car competing with a 2021 car & keeping up with it is "Legendary"! Miss the old Mitsubushi's!!.

  • Angelo Gonz
    Angelo Gonz

    Trash driver + gold car = poop

  • nesh nesharan
    nesh nesharan

    Yani is rubbish

  • nesh nesharan
    nesh nesharan

    9000 miles on the EVO

  • RoKn ROLLeR
    RoKn ROLLeR

    Thing is if modern cars are actually fast, How come most of the worlds fastest cars, Time attack / drag racing etc, are all older cars. Haha

  • Hitman 47
    Hitman 47

    I think Yani Shouldn't be Driving

  • Gonzalo Venegas Gomez
    Gonzalo Venegas Gomez

    Hahahahaha learn how to change a gear COME OOON YANI

  • pobre agustin
    pobre agustin

    Replace the noob driver man. He'll destroy the evo faster than him making the quarter

  • Exstatiska 1
    Exstatiska 1

    It's a shame the Yaris looks like the shitbox my gran has

  • Blessed Life
    Blessed Life

    toyota 86 and supra

  • Miroslav Dočkal
    Miroslav Dočkal

    This new Yaris is bomb for its price, EVO stay as looker and undisputed Legend, and i choose Civic, because prices and daily survival with huge smile on my face.....but i drove 7th gen diesel Accord, because cheapness and good driving feel, not excelent but good. And its comfy, when i forgot about cheap plastics... My car isnt the best car in the world, but do everything whatt i need, in it cheap.... 🤟

  • Raw Japan
    Raw Japan

    Put someone in the Evo who can actually drive!

  • Shaheen Hussain
    Shaheen Hussain

    My mummy in svj you in r8

  • Alex Lopez
    Alex Lopez

    Cute...they even sounded electric...🥱

  • goforbroke2

    Bloody hell that Yaris runs 12.5 in the quarter😯.

  • colorbomb design
    colorbomb design

    Thats why Matt loves Yianni 😀

  • Jamie Mcconnachie 1986
    Jamie Mcconnachie 1986

    Fink brake test old brake we bit biger car the we car should did bit better

  • Jamie Mcconnachie 1986
    Jamie Mcconnachie 1986

    We car did well fink evo lose down to driver error lol 😆

  • Ravenstylea2

    The facial expressions are killin' me lmao.

  • MR SB
    MR SB

    Drag race starts at 5:26 Like to keep it at the top

  • Ianmundo

    The girl doing the starts sounds cute, what’s his name?

  • Arshat 5151
    Arshat 5151

    The lancer needed right driver....

  • Jondoe Harris
    Jondoe Harris

    Mitsubishi needs to Evolve the Mirage with a turbo 4cylinder and LSD, at least.

  • Ken chi
    Ken chi

    If anyone said to me a yaris will have an evo 20 years ago. I'll be laughing. What do we know.

  • dandc2011

    Why waste time with a person who cannot drive a manual well? I would venture to say that the Evo would wax the Yaris on each test if the driver could actually do it. So what does this test actually prove? The Yaris is a little bit faster than the Evo with a crap driver?

  • Bart Dr
    Bart Dr

    Neither sounds like a proper car. Get an american V8 or at least Focus RS or Hyundai i30N.

  • Spartanm333

    Would help if there wasn't a muppet in the EVO...

  • bign3ck

    It would be more appropriate to challenge a Celica Gt4.

  • terry

    Evo every time. Not a lot else is appreciating that quickly. And it's just an awesome machine. I should know. I have one. One more thing. Try this again with an Evo you find being used. 99.9% of them on the road are developing significantly more power than they left the factory with. Anyone (with enough money) can go out and buy a fast car. Tuning one takes knowledge and skill. Driving one takes even more as is clearly evidenced in this video.

  • Andreas Nicolaou
    Andreas Nicolaou

    Yaris and evo drag is fake

  • CSJ Rogerson
    CSJ Rogerson

    It was mirror, signal, mirror, manoeuvre when I passed my test in 1977. I was told that if you signalled early enough, you needed to mirror again before the manoeuvre, to ensure that it was still safe to change lanes, turn etc. Has it all changed?

  • uyeahuyeah

    I like this better, duo with Yianni, drama makes it more fun

  • Mert Ali Karadağ
    Mert Ali Karadağ

    Come on Yianni, you should work on changing gears in a manual before racing.. Next time ı hope..

  • muhd syafiq
    muhd syafiq

    TME name make an EVO faster.

  • Ignacio Sanchez Gil
    Ignacio Sanchez Gil

    How come it did a second faster than the other race against the mini 🤔

  • nzme mckerz
    nzme mckerz


  • martin joseph t. de jesus
    martin joseph t. de jesus

    You can replace yaani... He's a bit far on your league... No offense, yaani, but you can't do justice for the Evo VI-TM.

  • Alex Flores Jr.
    Alex Flores Jr.

    But the respect of driving and own a evo 6.5 tme... Its priceless... One of iconic evo in history...

  • stalker0401984

    1600 ccm, 3 pistons, good result of tehnology

  • GermanChrome18

    Dude 1.6 L and 260 HP.. This things a shoe packet powered by a go kart engine on steroids

  • Trevor Shields
    Trevor Shields

    Learn about turbolag Yanni lol

  • MrVocalist101

    9900 miles on the clock!?!?.....sheesh!!

  • Irfan Kassam
    Irfan Kassam

    no cornering test?? disappointed

  • Moua Xiong
    Moua Xiong

    Everyone's bashing on Yanni but no one saying he's better than your average driver that at least got the car shifted :(

  • Israel Àlvarez Martìnez
    Israel Àlvarez Martìnez

    Is a stupid test can test Evo9 Ultimate vs YarisGR yarisGr go to trash 🤣

  • Daryll Ngai
    Daryll Ngai

    Makes feel like want to drive that poor lancer after seeing how Yanni launch and shifting the gears...

  • RUTHLESSGAMING7 South Africa
    RUTHLESSGAMING7 South Africa

    That Toyota might be a nice little pocket rocket with a little tuning

  • Bharath Ravi
    Bharath Ravi

    Always evo baby*

  • Varun Jayaram
    Varun Jayaram

    Race a Toyota Sienna vs a Ford Transit

  • Autotune Indonesia
    Autotune Indonesia

    Powerfull engine

225 tis.