Mercedes GLA 2020 in-depth review - have they got it right this time?
This is the all-new Mercedes GLA! The baby of Mercedes’s SUV range has been updated to take on the likes of the Audi Q3 and BMW X1. But after a relatively poor showing in the last generation, does this jacked-up A-Class have what it takes, or are the competitors a better option for you? Mat’s taking a closer look, so stick around and join him for this in-depth review!
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  • Solomon ABIOYE
    Solomon ABIOYE

    Lets plan a heist on mercedez Bella chao Bella chao😂

  • Ernest Sianturi
    Ernest Sianturi

    Matt looks like he didn't want to do the review

  • spec_tron 1
    spec_tron 1

    People are complaining about how it cost 70k or 40k in their country while in my country it cost 180k and a ton of ppl still own Mercedes

  • Daniel Buchanan
    Daniel Buchanan

    I have one of those car

  • Anton Ekermans
    Anton Ekermans

    There is launch call control. Put in sport mode, disable ESP

  • Andrew Goodstein
    Andrew Goodstein

    7:42 He was scared

  • Santosh Mammen
    Santosh Mammen

    which is better, the bmw x1 2020 or the benz gla 2020??

  • One Issue Voter
    One Issue Voter

    Here in the US the Merc prices have skyrocketed. The base GLA 250 (slow, useless) with AWD are $44K on the dealer lots and these cars are really too small to be used as SUVs. Seriously, the RDX and XC60 are just so much better all around than the GLA. There is no reason to buy a non-AMG Merc anymore.

  • Ginel George
    Ginel George

    Is a Mercedes, and that reflects the price. 😊😊

  • warset

    It’s way too short

  • Kelvin Tai
    Kelvin Tai

    Oh so it’s the new B class!

  • William Correia
    William Correia

    Mustang Mach-E is going to bury alive the other SUV's in the market next year. Cant wait!

  • Viswanath Nair
    Viswanath Nair

    hey mat love you bro its great review man... merce the sageous boy ...he's awesome spiritdly its fantastic love you bro insist mat haha omnipotent god bless you man

  • Kuku Bird
    Kuku Bird

    Why the car in UK is affordable? Or just maybe my country selling expensive? 😭

  • Tristan Lewis
    Tristan Lewis

    Got the current gla and think this new one looks like a B class and its horrible

  • Brill. L
    Brill. L

    Not bad , can consider .

  • Michael Stanley
    Michael Stanley

    Matt, you are reviewing a 43g car, not a 33g car. 43g can buy a GLC or X3. So many things in this video does not come in standard/lower trim. This is a useless review.

  • Joel Castaneda
    Joel Castaneda

    You give such bias reviews, we can tell you hate Mercedes just by the way you review every single one of their models.

  • M K
    M K

    Matt, just a slight correction the new Audi Q3 2020 version comes with Mild Hybrid system which means you end up with a 48v battery and DC-DC convertor in the boot eating into the available space and cannot lower the boot floor either ... argh....

  • Lubomir

    and the engines are Renault?

  • Carl Alexander
    Carl Alexander

    I just ordered one, but the hybrid ;)

  • Sid Bhatt
    Sid Bhatt

    Do MG ZS EV review pls. The way you do review is very interesting.

  • shawnpenn

    Good practical car !

  • Vidcon Funn
    Vidcon Funn

    Tata Harrier Costs 20000£

  • Mr Sas Quatch
    Mr Sas Quatch

    Granny mobile

  • oranjelicht

    its a b class with hightened up suspension

  • Jan & Simon Team Bondi
    Jan & Simon Team Bondi

    The review missed out on the various suspension modes - comfort, sport etc. I don't bother with changing them (comfort is fine) but they are there.

  • Ryan Horsnell
    Ryan Horsnell

    Leave it 6 years and ill get it

  • Bio go
    Bio go

    It's only me that looks the front like an Opel Corsa on steroids or Mokka?


    Drink every time Matt says “here”

  • Brian Camilleri
    Brian Camilleri

    Perfect suv. Love it much than older one

  • Bryan

    For $8k less you can get a fully loaded Mazda CX-5 GT.

  • Ron Patterson
    Ron Patterson

    Why buy a GLA AT £43k when you can have ALMOST the same spec in a GLC AMG FOR same price just not that gimmick like LED DASH! Price structure totally does not make sense!


    It looks like the b class has swallowed an ox 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Tan Cheng Huat Tan
    Tan Cheng Huat Tan

    Its diesel like and heahlamp fogged internally

  • Yesh uwah
    Yesh uwah

    4:23 Lol, that was a weird run down.

  • Capital M M
    Capital M M

    In 1 year time it will be £25k and still low miles

  • Your Dream
    Your Dream

    "No cost is to great"- gla soldier

  • Cobra

    Voice assistants make your life easier Said no one ever.

    • Javier

      Actually funny to say mercedes and be able to give it commands without touching any buttons. Just a fancy feature I guess haha

  • Legend17

  • alizcool1

    No sane person will put a 40k car through a mechanical car wash lol

  • alizcool1

    This or A class?

  • Adrian Sand
    Adrian Sand

    Who else is watching this and has no money to buy it?

  • Andres

    si coges a ungato y lo matas noi es malo no?

  • Dario C
    Dario C

    20 minute review for this piece of shit car?? Come on dude..

  • Sangar Ismail
    Sangar Ismail

    I hate tire, road, wind and engine noise, quieter is the best according to me

  • Sangar Ismail
    Sangar Ismail

    Can you please tell us which car between the GLA 2020 and Q3 is the best in terms of comfort, quietness and smoothness only, as well as the same question on Audi A3, GOLF 8 and Mercedes A class

  • Dario C
    Dario C

    That’s just a fucking taller hatchback dude..

  • Family Time
    Family Time

    I own a Mercedes but I think this is just bonkers. I would take Kia Xceed for half of the money

  • Pyotr Tchaikovsky
    Pyotr Tchaikovsky

    Comment section is infested by broke individuala

  • Wilbert Batista
    Wilbert Batista

    Damn why are British Mercedes so slow, the range for that car in America starts at the 350 and it comes with 255hp

  • DarthLai

    I like the new front and lights, but I don't like how bigger and fatter it got. I got 2016 GLA and it is much much sleeker, which I honestly prefer. Plus this new dashboard is a bit weird looking.

  • d u s k i i_ r x s e
    d u s k i i_ r x s e

    i do not like the new design, i prefer the old one, which we had until a tow truck driver decided to park their car in the middle of the road and we crashed into it :)

  • MrPS2210

    Love how he says "the gas strat is posh"😅 My 21 year old 3 series has 2🤣

  • Gary Lawrence
    Gary Lawrence


  • mdeberky

    Thank u man tiguan high line or gla medium line

  • slender man
    slender man

    40k and in 2 years it will be 20k

  • J D
    J D

    I was test driving a 2013 merc C200 cgi 7Gtronic, when in the manual mode shifts upto 6th gear and after that it shows D. I dont know why this happened. I was driving it for the first time and the speed was around 45-50mph, not sure why the D appears after 6? Wasn't it supposed to shift to 7?? Can anyone help pls...Thanks

  • umbrellaman08

    For that price, I rather get a GLB or even a 2nd hand GLC/GLE. The price point for the GLA is way off.


    The price might be high but within 2 3 years it 15-19k


    pls do the review and drag race of the kia telluride

  • Juju Rellama
    Juju Rellama

    how many commercials are we supposed to watch? 3?

  • Juju Rellama
    Juju Rellama

    trying hard to find faults at 4:47

  • Ali Ruz
    Ali Ruz

    The shape of the headlights reminds me of BMWs design ...🤔🤔🤔, well it is better decision than what they did with their other new models, terrible designs they have come up with! Merc new designs👎👎👎

  • Neil Brandon
    Neil Brandon

    Aggressive and fake.....even non functional exhaust vents...oh dear...what has Mercedes come much CO2, N0X, and particulates on the 0 to 60? and how wide is the turning circle? The infotainment looks good though. Looking forward to the fully electric version...

  • meh Gusta
    meh Gusta

    Someday I'll own GLA, GLE & GLS in the same garage.

    • mongezi xaba
      mongezi xaba

      👊🏽 add an S Class to that garage 🔥.

  • Richard Smith
    Richard Smith

    It’s a lump.

  • Clever .0922
    Clever .0922

    But they just putted the 2021 out

  • Ankit Hooda
    Ankit Hooda

    Why this man tries to act like some cool college dudes, can't he act like a normal human being

  • Steve Yan
    Steve Yan

    I'm gonna stay safe guys...

  • Karan

    Oh my days, the way this man grabs and pokes at things in the car 😂 specially when showing the adjustable steering ffs 😂

  • Novitzmann

    ugly as f...


    Don’t worry when you can’t afford it. Within a couple of days all these expensive cars are just pay checks.

  • Pontiki Gri
    Pontiki Gri

    All cars in this segment especially this look like armadillos!

  • conor noone
    conor noone


  • Ascended

    With the discounts being offered on new cars you can now get a VW Touareg for under £40,000 (before you start adding options). Know which car I'd prefer for around 40K!

  • John Smelt
    John Smelt

    Beautiful interior! Are European standards for diesel emissions lower than Canada & the US, because Mercedes, BMW and Audi have pulled all diesel models???

  • Bluepixel

    A MB with those small screens with those frames as standard is everthing but premium for my... anyone's standards.

  • Muzi Fele
    Muzi Fele

    Those entry level screens are criminal

  • Saint Etienne
    Saint Etienne

    £40k for a wobbly dashboard and glued on command screen No !!

  • Shahz Vlogz
    Shahz Vlogz

  • Thomas Weir
    Thomas Weir

    Bought an original GLA 220cdi. Not great. Loads of teething problems that, unsurprisingly, started the moment the warranty ran out. £2000 to get it sorted with terrible Mercedes after service. Nice car now but a pain in arse to get it right.

  • Michael Scott
    Michael Scott

    The design of these new Mercs is just dull af. Maybe even ugly I would say. I'm ok with the A, CLA and CLS class but the SUVs are terrible looking...

  • kt mensah
    kt mensah

    This gla model is boring. The old model looks better

  • Hugo Ariza
    Hugo Ariza

    Si no llevara el logo de Mercedez diría que es un JAC

  • Monkeyboysteve

    If the aircon switch box is the same as the one in the A and B class it doesn't move at all unless you really move it with force, there is zero wobble when pressing switches or even pushing it with one hand.

  • Sakichu Gouken
    Sakichu Gouken

    when will you do the GLB?

  • hereistand2008

    While other luxury brands price are getting cheaper, Mercedes still charge ridiculously high

  • Ya Nan
    Ya Nan

    Mat says kids will be on there iPads anyway .Me: 13 yr old talking to his dad on journeys lad likes scenery

  • PB

    Jeez, the interior of this thing looks cheaper and tackier than a Qashqai. Stick to Audi's and Volvo's methinks, Merc have lost it.

  • Bitconnect Memer
    Bitconnect Memer

    I might get this car.

  • Blagoje UK
    Blagoje UK

    How much is older model now?

  • Harrison Chidlow
    Harrison Chidlow


  • CallumStewartTV

    Hi! The 1.3 is actually a 4 cylinder direct injection turbo

  • Super Kooper
    Super Kooper

    ah yes, my favourite Mario Kart vehicle

  • N C
    N C

    Eww. Looks like a mini cooper xl. Ugly!

  • Malfan

    A huge improvement from the predecessor. I love it.

  • Altair *
    Altair *

    It's worse than it was, it looks way more feminine. A copy of the very uninteresting and also very feminine looking BMW X1. 3:17 omg it looks like a pudding a blancmange! XD

  • Weird Channel
    Weird Channel

    You better did the review with the 45AMG ... this is crap. 😁

  • Geordi La Forgery
    Geordi La Forgery

    Merc are so stingy, what's the point of the entry level model with no apple/android and smaller screens, waste of earth's limited resources.

1,2 mio.
1,2 mio.