Toyota Yaris 2021 review - see how it's better than a Polo or Fiesta!
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This is the new Toyota Yaris!
Toyota’s cheap & cheerful entry-level car has had a full upgrade for 2020. Not only have both the exterior and interior had a refresh, but there are changes to be found under the bonnet too… The Yaris has gone 100% hybrid only! As a result, there’s only one engine to pick from, a 1.5-litre petrol that’s connected to an electric motor.
Of course, going hybrid is no bad thing, and when the entry-level edition starts from under £20,000, the price isn’t too bad either! But does the Yaris have what it takes to compete with the all-new (and very stylish!) Peugeot 208? Or could it upset class-leaders like the Ford Fiesta or VW Polo? There’s only one way to find out… Kick back and join Mat for this all-new in-depth review!
00:00 Intro
01:19 Exterior Design
02:38 Interior Design
05:19 Interior Practicality
06:04 Back Seats
07:34 Boot
08:40 Engine
09:36 Five Annoying Features
11:30 Five Cool Features
13:00 Town Driving
14:28 Motorway Driving
15:53 Twisty Road Driving
16:39 Verdict
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  • carwow

    Picture this: Your new car budget is £20,000. So what car are you going to buy... Will it be the Yaris? Or something else?! Let us know below!

    • TescosFinestHam 68
      TescosFinestHam 68

      Wait a year for a salary so i can get the gr yaris

    • paul stemmet
      paul stemmet

      Please review toyota hilux @carwow #matwatson

    • Ossi Tikkanen
      Ossi Tikkanen

      Never ever Yaris :-) Golf 8 was my choice :-)

    • Loosa Bway
      Loosa Bway

      @Henjoh A nasty, noisy little economy car with an utterly appalling CVT transmission or a potentially unreliable car that's a bit special (I don't like BMWs myself but there are other nice used cars at that price). Obviously, we pay our money and make our choice

    • Loosa Bway
      Loosa Bway

      @pollumG New cars = stupid people

  • Reece Baksh
    Reece Baksh

    Do a drag race against the new Toyota supra vs. The old one


    i tnink 208 or fiesta are better options.

  • Tim Huisman
    Tim Huisman

    Could you guys make a review about the new 2021 ford fiesta 1.0 ecoboost hybrid ? I was looking at the st-line x model. It looks great on paper.

  • Tim Huisman
    Tim Huisman

    I am looking for a new car and came across the new 2021 yaris. But i think the new 2021 fiesta 1.0 ecoboost hybrid is a better choice. Not as cheap metal. Interieur looks better also the quality.

  • rodrigo strob
    rodrigo strob

    How does this one stands against the Toyota Prius C/Aqua?

  • Dahoon

    "You can only get it as a hybrid!" No you can't. There's clearly non-hybrids for sale too. Did you actually visit a Toyota dealer because I did. It is also not a CVT you buffoon. The old Yaris had CVT. This has planetary gears which is why the gearbox is way better. But okay you are excused as Toyota actually calls it "e-CVT". Still, it is not a CVT.

  • Dahoon

    Test a 2018 Yaris and call it a 2020 Yaris. Now you call a 2020 Yaris a 2021 Yaris. WTF dude. Stop that shit. Either this is a 2022 Yaris or the old review was of a 2019 Yaris. You can't have it both ways.

  • Fred Ham
    Fred Ham

    The negative points that you mentioned are not very important like forcing yourself to move plastic part or number plat. To me, what is important when I buy a hybrid card, fuel consummation, autonomy, battery capacity etc...

  • Evangelos Spyromilios
    Evangelos Spyromilios

    Doors' sound its worst than an empty rusty barrel

  • Aviator253

    I love it when Car reviewers talk about sturdiness of toyotas, either way you know they'll out last any German or American cars. Kinda funny

  • Hon2838

    Weird,why european/uk version of same car is so different compared to asian version of it though

  • karthickkb. raja
    karthickkb. raja

    $27000 is very highly priced for this poorly built car. Toyota's have very longer lost their reputation of solidly built cars. Cheap thin sheet metal with recycled poor quality plastics with outdated design doesn't help this car to sell. Practically this car should ideally be priced somewhere around $12000 if locally manufactured. A big thumbs down👎 for this cheap tin can.

  • Forza223 Bowe
    Forza223 Bowe

    Ford Fiesta is mikes better, it feels like a luxury car in comparison to this

  • paul stemmet
    paul stemmet

    Please please review a toyota hilux please @matwatson

  • PANU 11
    PANU 11

    20k for a piece of shit . This is supposed to be an affordable car.


    In Denmark we have normal petrol versions

  • Green Maskass
    Green Maskass

    0:23: “You can only get it as an hybrid” Not in France (and probably most EU countries as well).

  • Dylan Lacey
    Dylan Lacey

    The new Yaris comes as a 1.0 petrol and 1.5 petrol here in Ireland, but I'm not sure about you guys in the UK.

  • Roro utube
    Roro utube

    You've got to be joking about being fussed around anti-pinch windows, how about using your brain and not sticking your fingers through a closing window.

  • B Arruda
    B Arruda

    That's one thing I definitely agree with Mat on: Toyotas always have an excellent driving position. From Yarises to Land Cruisers, the seats are also perfect for me. They offer plenty of support without losing the plush feel that I really like.

  • T J
    T J

    You gotta love Matt’s reviews.

  • Car Fan
    Car Fan

    Do Dacia Sandero review next - Europe's next car

  • Moris Hogo
    Moris Hogo

    This cars become more and more expensive

  • Aallokko

    14:30 Guys, what happened to your camera?! Looks like a 90's webcam. Several times in this video and others as well...

  • William Stewart
    William Stewart

    Close, "Continuously Vulnerable Transmission"

  • Done Deal
    Done Deal

    Just bought one. Can” t beat them for reliability, economy and standard spec.

  • Jack Mellor
    Jack Mellor

    That door closing sound legit sounds like my first car, my 2008 Citroen C1. Cars have auditory engineers now to make that shit sound good, new cars should be beyond sounding like closing a corrugated shed door.

  • WakingCobain

    Toyota yaris is dead. This is another car. This isn't a yaris...

  • Loosa Bway
    Loosa Bway

    CVT sucks

  • Syed Reyadh
    Syed Reyadh

    Please do one in-dept review on new Vauxhall Corsa E. The electric one.

  • Mark W
    Mark W

    16:42 - the sound of that door closing is cringe-worthy

  • Denis Elmazi
    Denis Elmazi

    You can buy a Mercedes E class from 2017-2018 with £20 k !

  • Bob Singeton
    Bob Singeton

    Please stop assuming that everyone uses a smartphone as a sat-nav. Some of us are smart enough to know "dumb" phones are far better!

  • Sukmit Sharma
    Sukmit Sharma


  • 谷本要

    In Japan, in addition to the hybrid model, you can choose between a 1.0-liter and 1.5-liter gasoline model, which is also available as a manual transmission.

  • Bing lalala
    Bing lalala

    Mat how dare u in the video drove ur car with ur eyes shut for 2 seconds. Blind driving? Haha

  • Oscar Mullink
    Oscar Mullink

    This interieur is awful. I would rather have the new Renault Clio hybrid!

  • NoiseFM

    im finding it hard to find my first car im 6ft 6 and looking for a small hatchback

  • Michael HTT
    Michael HTT

    I want to see this up against the jazz.. 2 1.5L Hybrids

  • BounceBeyond

    Whats it like on fuel?

  • Stan yo bro
    Stan yo bro

    I'm a Ford guy but I also like the polo but nothing compares to the fun factor of an ecoboost fiesta. The proportions of the polo and fiesta are spot on. This monstrocity looks so ugly and out of proportion. Seriously VW and Ford won't have any sleepless nights over this thing. Carwow is a joke 😄😄

  • Bheki Given
    Bheki Given

    I learned a new word "Padding"

  • benchnorthants

    boring and what is going on with the rear doors

  • Connor Brooks
    Connor Brooks

    For 10k extra wait for the gr

  • Crazy cool cars
    Crazy cool cars

    Me: Switches from RR Ghost reveiw to Yaris review Also me: WOW...


    If I could afford a new car, I'd be tempted to get one of these, but with the HUD of course!

  • rusty potts
    rusty potts

    Hi I'm 93 years old and I have a 600hp mustang

  • Jon Hayes
    Jon Hayes

    i like it, and it is very good looking, especially the front it looks mean and bad from the front

  • Chris H
    Chris H

    The false floor is extra

  • liorlm

    damm this car is ugly... someone should lose his job

  • User996

    compare it to new Honda Fit. they are direct rivals

  • daniel w
    daniel w

    Yaris vs 208 vs clio vs jazz vs polo please 🙏

  • shadzfiq tahmali
    shadzfiq tahmali

    The Yaris has much more different design in Malaysia. A better one actually.

  • A Ba
    A Ba

    Hang on, will it crush my fingers? I'm always smoking out the window

  • Nicky foulkes
    Nicky foulkes

    I have just taken delivery Yaris 2020 Excel with tech pack & Panoramic roof. Initially Toyota Uk told the dealership the height adjustable boot floor was standard on all Uk models as in EU. Then they said sorry no it is available as an optional extra on all models. So they ordered one. When it came it was the previous generation Yaris. I am still waiting. Now the sting in the tail is it cost £275.00. What has annoyed me is in the EU false floor heated seats & Sterling wheel, boot release on key fob & built in Sat Nav all come as standard on at least Excel & Launch edition. Not in the Uk. We have been short changed again. The door closure does not sound like bag of tin nor do the rear door panels flex like that on the model I have. It is also a light fawn part leather upholstery on the Excel & the seats are really comfortable.

  • Aviator

    Interesting, in germany we have a satnav

  • デクマ

    I can't believe this car can drive over 1000km without stopping petrol station!

  • ibo azim
    ibo azim

    Very good compact car

  • tech BCIT
    tech BCIT

    Hot hatch!! 👍👍👍👍

  • S Tomison
    S Tomison

    Horrific review. £20k for an AYgo on steroids, a frantic camera man, and a presenters legs who clearly need some steroids. This has nothing on a VW Polo.

  • zeze

    Me coming home after bought a Polo: oh...

    • Fuxyness

      You made the right choice, the polo is a better car and better looking

  • John P
    John P

    Hire car special 😄

  • Vito

    You're very excited about the "standard features" but the car is comparatively more expensive than like a Peug 208. I'd rather get a decked out higher end 208 model than the lowest end Toyota for the same price. Though I guess 208 isn't hybrid but then you have the Suzuki Swift (or Ignis) Hybrid which is also much cheaper so you could get better models.

  • thun hasiri
    thun hasiri

    carwow is an fan from bad engine german cars polo. your money go to the garage. hahaha ore france cares haha very expansive for repair. Toyotas,mazda etc are the best cars in the world about engineering never leeking oil always driving years and years . For space the toyota yaris is make for asian people 5foot to 5 foot 4 and not foor 6 foot ++. I am myself from the Netherlands 1meter 82and weight 142 kilo. The Toyota yaris is the car where i can sit in easy in thailand. my Toyota Yaris G is from 2014 and have 200.000 km on the clock. Only cost 2time four new michelin tires total cost 450 pound. Every 10.000 km new oil,airfilter aircofilter total cost 30 pound. total 20x to 30 pound 600 pound at 200.000 km. The cost from your Polo ore Peugot if they came so far wthout engine change is 5 times higher. The Toyota Yaris G drive on E20 what cost 0,5 pound p lit . The Toyota Yaris G drive 1 lit at 24 km on highway and allover 1 lit at 18 km. If you are an serieus car analist write the real stuff and not the negative carbage. ore i think you get sponsor from France and German Carbrands????????????/

    • thun hasiri
      thun hasiri

      the noise for door closing is super fake ore it is the toyotas they send to england for cheap price go look the solid real japanese cars in japan where the German cars shame in the shadow.

  • YaDadsA JOKR
    YaDadsA JOKR

    Looks disgusting

  • Henrik Koukku
    Henrik Koukku


  • Brian Bennett
    Brian Bennett

    3:50 ....cutting costs taken to the extreme. That should be glued or screwed down, a bit ridiculous you can pull at it like that.

  • myk

    Toyotas of the 90s were best..definately not the best looking, but go forever

  • jim liu
    jim liu

    When is this coming to USA?

  • neil bhagwandeen
    neil bhagwandeen

    It looks like a redesigned Toyota Aqua