VW Golf R v Civic Type R - DRAG RACE
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In the mood for a hot hatch drag race? Of course you are!
The Honda Civic Type R is one of the most popular hot hatches on the planet. From either the front or the back, it’s instantly recognisable as a Type R! Once you take a closer look, you’ll find a 2-litre 4 cylinder turbocharged petrol engine under the bonnet, which will deliver 320hp and 400Nm.
So looks and performance are all good - but what chance does it stand against the new Golf R over the quarter-mile? Just like the Type R, the Golf is powered by a 2-litre 4 cylinder turbocharged petrol to deliver 320hp. However, the Golf R can deliver slightly more torque, coming in at 420Nm. But that’s not all! While the Type R is just FWD and a manual, the VW has AWD as well as launch control!
Does the Honda stand a chance? You’ll have to keep watching to find out!
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  • Demir Kuc
    Demir Kuc

    limiter at 2:38 Sound really professional xD

  • Vysyrah

    That golf is damn fast

  • Bob Lawango
    Bob Lawango

    I said it before and ill say it again. Drag racing an awd with dsg takes alot of the fun away. All you have to do is smash the gas pedal.. no driving skill is needed.

  • Ratz Män
    Ratz Män

    Was für ein Schwachsinnsvideo!!! Der Type R zersägt den Golf R in jeder Hinsicht. Allein schon von den Daten sollte das klar sein! Woher ich das weiß? Ich habe mit den Type R jeden, aber auch jeden Golf R damit gepulvert! Schönes Fakevideo!!!! Verpis.. euch carwow!!!!! Was ist das überhaupt? Hören sich an wie verkack.. Schwu.....!!!!

  • Lee Ellis
    Lee Ellis

    The Golf is so ugly now. The wheels are cheap and nasty looking. Even though its quick, it looks so boring!!

  • florence alemi
    florence alemi

    That Golf is faster than I thought

  • M. Rendy Azha Danish
    M. Rendy Azha Danish

    After watcth this video, I don't like Honda Anymore

  • JP L
    JP L

    Bye bye!!

  • panathaninf

    Unless you want to look like a psychedelic 19 year old hooligan the golf is the only choice

  • BStard


  • Talha Monir
    Talha Monir

    The civic horn is so silly and funny 😂😂😂

  • brane27 b
    brane27 b

    VW says we can't mess with this fwd then we make awd hahahhahaha...

  • brane27 b
    brane27 b

    This is not a class meter.... U prooo... Awd is complete another class as fwd u can't compare this shit u are awd compare with ue class and I'm sure ure the last one kasparle

  • Wings 99
    Wings 99

    I cry foul on the brake test. The Type R was behind at the line, so had a massive advantage. These brake tests are always rubbish. Why don't you just measure the stopping distance using the timing gear?

  • brane27 b
    brane27 b

    Amateur drivers both

  • brane27 b
    brane27 b

    And now don't say the golf drivers this this this and this u champs

  • ***M-JC FckFanboys
    ***M-JC FckFanboys

    Carwow make the test sgain with the new Honda Civic TypeR with 400hp when he is come out pls

  • ***M-JC FckFanboys
    ***M-JC FckFanboys

    Thats the new golf vs old civic? Well...let us wait for the new Type R and we will race again.

  • brane27 b
    brane27 b

    Driving Straight ahead is easy, nürburgring laptime says all... type r with 7.43 and the golf 7.50 kick ass..

  • Liquid

    Love the golf, but I have my money on the type R because Honda is known to be reliable as hell

  • DommoPA

    No more vws for me. I hv a 21 ctr blue

  • Anibal Perez
    Anibal Perez

    Wow this is funny

  • ElBigShegun

    Honestly I’ll rather have a Type R. Looks more mean

  • カーキチたっちゃん

    Golf R is a torque type, Civic TYPE R is a rotary type, which is a natural result.

  • sportin1here

    I'll still stick with the Type R!

  • Enrique Aguilar
    Enrique Aguilar

    Matt, you are hilar! 😂

  • AudioVU

    There’s no way the Golf R is only 320hp. That’s crazy how hard it can pull on the Type R.

  • Arslàán Raza
    Arslàán Raza

    This R almost had A45s run for the money. Type R has no chance!!

  • Envy

    XDDD un automatico vs un manual, aqui depende mucho de como lo haga el conductor con el manual en ste caso TYPE R

  • Guy Follong
    Guy Follong

    The Honda driver is absolute crab, he let the motor coup several times because he shifts to late. This is not a comparison but stupids breaking butiful cars neck.

  • Complete Quality Review
    Complete Quality Review

    Still prefer Type R. It's that Honda spirit and fun, and excellent handling. It's not even that it's the fastest thing, I've always loved Honda's for their potential and spirit. You know not to underestimate one even if you can best it and you tip your hat to it when you see it do its thing. If I could put it the best way Honda has people's respect. The golf is just a decent car that's faster but I get no excitement or spirit out of driving a VW. I happily own a 2021 CTR and I've been a fan of the Type r since I was 8 playing Granturismo. I never like Honda cause I thought they were invincible its just something about them.

  • America First
    America First

    Civic R is so sexy like most of japanese girls I preferer by far the civic R because Japanese 's technology rocks

  • Gorden of Medleb Gorden of Limmed Consulting
    Gorden of Medleb Gorden of Limmed Consulting

    I think the Golf has a DSG gearbox, is 4 wheel driver, and has launch control.... So.... Useless comparison this.

  • Andrea Silver
    Andrea Silver

    The better for Honda type R 👍🏻 very nice

  • Las Gamer
    Las Gamer

    0:33 thats like a prize of a tesla model 3

  • Ahmad

    Civics catalytic converter is clogged

  • clocktower7

    The VW will be paying visits back to the dealership with all kinds of issues where as the Honda looks HOT and will be as reliable as the Universe.

  • snobmob

    only golf r drivers give a shit about straight line speed...a hot hatch for people that don't like driving.

  • Alltime King_10s
    Alltime King_10s

    all wheel drive vs a two wheel drive damn he gave you a good one in rolling race

  • Mr Franku
    Mr Franku

    Why is the other guy so salty lmao

  • Tobacco John
    Tobacco John

    Type r is $39k usd

  • 100 tysięcy rocznie
    100 tysięcy rocznie

    Next CTR should be AWD. I think that new Golf R has over 400HP on dyno.

  • pirinoli98

    Shiettt golf destroyet

  • Swarnendu Dutta
    Swarnendu Dutta

    Golf R vs AMG A45s.

  • Kenway Lam
    Kenway Lam


  • vincent vegamas
    vincent vegamas

    Yes the golf is faster, but there is one thing that motor journalists never touch on. In 10 years time that Honda engine and gearbox will still be sweet as a nut.

  • Stefan V
    Stefan V

    Das Auto🚗

  • João Clerton
    João Clerton

    directly from brazil🇧🇷

  • sodjas

    why have you shown a3/s3 shifter?

  • Bryan

    Carwow guuuuurrrrrllllll xxxx


    That is really humiliating to Honda lovers. What a shame :(

    • Muhamet Neziri
      Muhamet Neziri

      By rhe way honda would never lose on normal circumtances, much better handling, braking turning etc, an much sexier

    • Muhamet Neziri
      Muhamet Neziri

      Launch controll + 4awd against normal car haha, i would be ashamed if it i was vw, imagine if honda was with lacunch control 4awd,

  • TôCagandoPratuaOPINIÃO

    How much does VW pay you to make a FAKE video?

  • George._.k

    Μόνο honda ρε μουνια 🤣

  • SlaveLaboringKid

    The Typer R has 306hp, the golf has 340hp

  • KO L
    KO L

    Those Golf R’s are so fast 😆


    Type r = 💩💩💩💩💩

  • ega0117

    Why is the VW Golf R faster???

  • Rafał P
    Rafał P

    Why AWD vs FWD and why DSG vs manual??? I can buy cayman with manual or dual clutch but I prefer manual because automatic gearboxs are for SUV and hairdresser. So next time you will drag race F1 vs ford fiesta? :)))

  • Just Some Guy with an Invisible Moustache
    Just Some Guy with an Invisible Moustache

    I want a horn test on every video from now on.

  • Deniz Ege Can
    Deniz Ege Can

    1.3k dislikes are type-r fanboys

  • ProjectGZ

    The diferencie betwen seat on a computer and Drive a car

  • Dzoni 87
    Dzoni 87

    pls try tham on RACE TRACK BUDY...

  • Christopher Henriquez
    Christopher Henriquez

    no roll race, really?

    • GPO

      watch again

  • Rotary 4tw
    Rotary 4tw

    Type R 🐢 🚗 🚙 💨🚀Golf-R

  • joe shmoe
    joe shmoe


  • Nikoun Cile
    Nikoun Cile


  • Amr Mustafa
    Amr Mustafa

    I think the best Japanese 🏯 rival for VW GOLF is subaru WRX STI. Please compare AWD to AWD. Don't compare FWD to AWD.

    • Alex J.G
      Alex J.G

      am pretty sure the sti would still lose

  • AbdullahSam

    the new R its the best in class

  • J C
    J C

    I think, from everything I've seen on the Mk 8 R, that VW is under-reporting horsepower numbers.

    • Kurt Sampson
      Kurt Sampson

      +1 this. There is obviously an overboost feature of some kind we aren't being told about. Someone needs to get the R on a dyno to get to the bottom of it.


    Matt ... Di something with Giulietta aswell...😎😎

  • Big Dad
    Big Dad

    Dual clutch automatic ate it up!

  • MrDaniAND

    Try the Golf R VS Mitsu EVO IX RS 🤭😂😎🍺

  • Антон Фролов
    Антон Фролов

    Manual transmission is the past... but only a manual transmission can give a real thrill from driving a car

  • frankjs2105

    Those VWs with their dual clutches are a really good show off for people with no driving skills :)

  • Ruslan Karpov
    Ruslan Karpov


  • Dramatic Anticipation
    Dramatic Anticipation

    Civic looks much better, to be honest. Plus it's a bit harder to drive manual. With automatic gearbox and launch control you don't really need a driver there :)

  • Elestro Music Games Fun
    Elestro Music Games Fun

    I love Honda, but the Civic Type R look like it was design by an angry 16 y.o. It's just WAY to much of everything.

  • Mayson Maust
    Mayson Maust

    Jesus is coming soon repent and turn to him

  • hdavey72

    Gimme civic

  • Rotary 4tw
    Rotary 4tw

    Honda Type-Turd 💩

  • grzegorz hober
    grzegorz hober

    Hi. You like very much VW. Your test only makes sense for children.

  • mayank chandla
    mayank chandla

    Wait wait wait how useless drag race

  • AMahmud Hasan
    AMahmud Hasan

    I love your shows mate!!!! 💕🚘🚘🚘 love from Bangladesh 🇧🇩

  • Nati0us

    Ones a driver's car, ones a boring tissue box 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Shahiran Nasir
    Shahiran Nasir

    That bloddy fwd civic is useless

  • HITMAN_ALI_786_

    The Golf R has 340bhp VW got their stats wrong again had it put on the dyno last week 😉

  • Goran Simeunovic
    Goran Simeunovic

    On track, Type R would destroy Golf. Type R is track assassin, not a car built for stupid drag racing.

  • NoBrainDPS

    I'm am now bored with your drag races, I love your content but it's not what these cars were designed for and it doesn't really tell you much, I want you on on a racing track, helmet on and doing 5 laps like good'ol Best Motoring! Also I'll take any type R over any VW

  • Hacker

    The Honda is much more better than that golf

  • Brodie Jones
    Brodie Jones

    Somebody is lying about how much horsepower their engine makes...

  • Thecugara

    F*ck the golf R.F*ck the DSG.😏

  • junaid moosa ally
    junaid moosa ally

    Dsg, launch control, all wheel drive vs front wheel drive manual. That's a very unfair comparison. Why don't u put it against the A45 since the A45 is similar to the golf R

  • seroqu 15
    seroqu 15


  • Alexander Hoke
    Alexander Hoke

    Impressive win by the Golf! We all know these aren't drag cars though, you should take them to the track and do a head-to-head race there...surely AWD and all the other tricks would give the VW a huge advantage...right?? :P

  • F

    what colour Golf R would everyone get?

  • Alex Vasile
    Alex Vasile

    4wd, automatic gearbox and launch control vs fwd, manual speedbox what would you expected to happen? Hahahaha

  • A Radford
    A Radford

    That type r is crap

  • Paulo Almeida
    Paulo Almeida

    If the comments were limited to the owners there are only a handful of people commenting, the truth is that most comments are from teenagers and people that haven't even drove any of this cars, they are only based on emotions and fanatic feelings. Ultimately, what really counts are the facts ... and the facts are painfully obvious to honda ... the GOLF R completely trashed the civic R ... that is the truth, and no lame or sore loser excuse will change that, so swallow your pride honda fanboys and take defeat like a man!

  • Rotary 4tw
    Rotary 4tw

    Time out! 🛑 ✋ stop!!! He didn’t say Mississippi in between counting to 10, this was not fair race. If he did then the type-r clearly would’ve won.

  • Rotary 4tw
    Rotary 4tw

    That low key beast of a VW gave the type-r a head start NOT fair! 😡

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