New Honda Jazz 2021 review: it WILL surprise you!
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This is the Honda Jazz! It's an all-new model of Honda's small hatchback, and it's received upgrades across both the exterior and interior! Sure, the changes aren't HUGE, but as with any small car when a new model is launched, you can probably guess where most of the changes will be made. However, there's one change you may not have been expecting - the new Jazz is only available as a hybrid!
For us UK viewers, you’ll only have the one engine to choose from - a 1.5-litre petrol engine along with two electric motors, producing 109hp and a claimed economy of 61mpg! But with a rather large price of £19,000 for this rather small car, is the new Jazz the standout little legend of 2020? You’ll have to join Mat for his latest review and find out!
00:00 Intro
00:25 Price
01:22 Exterior Style
02:17 Engine
02:55 0-60mph
03:38 Interior Style
05:02 Back Seats
06:13 Boots
06:57 Practicality
09:12 Annoying Features
10:29 Good Features
11:28 Town Driving
13:18 Motorway Driving
13:49 Country Road Driving
14:38 Trims
16:14 Verdict
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  • carwow

    Is there a better small car in 2020 than the Jazz?! Let us know what you think below!

    • Simon -
      Simon -

      Yaris Hybrid

    • Edward Hunter
      Edward Hunter

      Kia Picanto

    • MacTechG4

      @Sithu Kyaw ; push belt type CVT are inherently unreliable, can’t hold any decent amount of torque and are essentially scooter/snowmobile transmissions scaled up to fit passenger cars. They only gain less than a 5% increase in fuel economy over the more reliable transmissions, like the manual, the torque converter automatic, the DCT/DSG, or Toyota’s E-CVT do a search for JATCO CVT (most common in Nissan vehicles) and see how much they suck The transmission choice has minimal impact on fuel economy and a huge impact on drivability, reliability, and fun

    • Sithu Kyaw
      Sithu Kyaw

      @MacTechG4 do you mean anything without a good fuel efficiency? Regular people most important aspect of the car is its economy

    • MacTechG4

      Anything without a bloody CVT

  • Harizakbaralam

    Jazz is always copying Mercedes Benz A Class since the first model (Especially on 2008 Model) now A-Class become hatchback & sedan and Honda is confuse what car model to copy,,

  • Nikos Papageorgiou
    Nikos Papageorgiou

    The car does not have a cvt gearbox if I am correct. It has two electric motors and a clutch. No belts, no gears.

  • Rita Duffy
    Rita Duffy

    Please bring this car to USA right now i drive 2019 gas Honda fit i now get 41.6 mpg with CVT

  • PetiPolk Studio
    PetiPolk Studio

    This guy is a professional a**HOLE!

  • bull shit
    bull shit

    Look like kia rio

  • ThunderWindz

    09:26 - only a problem for retards who drive in the wrong side of the road. for the rest of us, with Si units and normal traffic rules - no problem.

  • Mike Barratt
    Mike Barratt

    When you drive a car you dont feel the dashboard. The money has been spent making a reliable car.

  • mike robinson
    mike robinson

    Why haven't they made a full electric model ?

  • Human Kazoo
    Human Kazoo

    Too bad this car is not available in the US.

  • Creeping Jane
    Creeping Jane

    I've got one of these. Mine never moos, but then I don't drive it like a hot rod. Also in a fairly even mix of urban, rural and motorway driving, I can get over 70 Imperial MPG (a US gallon is smaller). I've now done 1500 miles, and I really like this car. My only real criticisms.The boot is a bit on the tiny side, and I hate all this tech for lane assist etc being on by default. It would be great if you could set up driver profiles so that certain features are either enabled or disabled.

  • Alan 59
    Alan 59

    What a crappy revue , by the look of your gray hair , you will buying one soon , or do you buy cars to try and reflect the size of your private parts ?

  • Devansh Gupta
    Devansh Gupta

    Looks hedious

  • Alton Chang
    Alton Chang

    1:45 wow i hate you guys

  • SonnyChenova

    If they could change the color of the front where the logo is to black chrome i think it'll look better.

  • John Olyset
    John Olyset

    Honda have just lost 50% of their Jazz customers It is far too expensive Old petrol models just as economical Too complicated for old farts

  • John Olyset
    John Olyset

    Honda have just lost 50% of their customers Too dear Old petrolmodels just as economical Too complicated for old farts

  • Trubshaw Baby
    Trubshaw Baby

    6:50 thought he was going to say slippers then

  • Iguro Obanai Ch. いぐろ
    Iguro Obanai Ch. いぐろ

    Is it just me or it looks hideous.

  • Jabber 1974
    Jabber 1974

    The most important question is have they fixed the speedo issue that causes all jazz to be driven at 20 mph below the speed limit? Or is a faulty speedo an option just for coffin dodgers?

  • Prakash Sangle
    Prakash Sangle

    Honda gives cheaper quality model in India. This is hopeless policy for Indian people.

  • India592

    besides older people, families with kids, especially young kids, the Jazz is without doubt the perfect car. Extremely reliable (Made in Japan, unlike others *Polo*), very efficient and one of the safest cars on the road with safety features not found on most other cars of this size. Besides when it comes to practicality the Jazz is by far the best in class, the magic seat system is very useful!

  • Gabriel Henrique
    Gabriel Henrique


  • Erwin Maes
    Erwin Maes

    big step back in design over the previous model

  • Bobedi BOB
    Bobedi BOB

    why have soft touch dashboard when the armrest on the center console and doors isnt

  • ep1929

    You can tell a good car and brand by the amount of old ones about, I mean do you see many 2006 and older fiats about? I have a 03 jazz 1.4 and had it for 12 years, got it at 50000 miles,it's now got 158000 on the clock. Had to replace exhaust, battery and tyres and a wheel bearing for an MOT 3 years ago. It's been a brilliant car and I would swear by the Honda brand - their reliability is top notch.

  • Tim Hill
    Tim Hill

    It looks really jazzy.

  • MrHDGS

    its like the 1st generation honda jazz i love it

  • Hector Heath
    Hector Heath

    This review is seriously demeaning to older people. I've really gone off this guy.

  • Madelyn Cortorreal
    Madelyn Cortorreal

    WOW 8.9 SECONDS.. but still better then my 14.6 seconds on my 2013 Honda Fit..

  • Mad Catter
    Mad Catter

    Why have they taken the design back 20yrs? Yuck! It's as bad as the old bug eyed model.

  • Pritesh Ruthun
    Pritesh Ruthun

    LOL, guess the horn will sound better if they gave him that Type R long-termer he wanted.. Bwahahaahahah

  • Dennis


  • Asrilrachma Dani
    Asrilrachma Dani

    Use dastek boss... That for fakboi INDONESIA

  • DJ313

    wtf is this !! lol

  • Mr.Boogie

    Unfortunately New Honda Jazz will not come to Thailand😢

  • Khaleel Rana
    Khaleel Rana

    Where do you put the coolant though

  • Ian Ashton
    Ian Ashton

    I’m old (66) and have a 2006 Jazz as a second car. My other car is a 2019 BMW X1 but I find myself jumping in the Jazz over the Beemer. Despite the Honda’s age it has no rattles or squeaks and drives like a much younger car. Cheap to run and insure.... what’s not to like ?!

  • SpacedOdyssey

    Don't forget to mention Catalytic Converter Theft Epidemic Car off the road for 6 weeks They Don't mention this in the sales Blurb

  • 0 0
    0 0

    We need a Jazz type R

  • Simon Ellis
    Simon Ellis

    If people were honest this car would suit them 99% of the time.

  • Đồ Gỗ Hoàng Lăng
    Đồ Gỗ Hoàng Lăng

    Đẹp quá

  • dblissmn

    Looks like a great little car. Shame on Honda for discontinuing it in the US. Yes, I know it has not been selling well here, but if you go and fix all the flaws of the previous version which they appear to have done, and then say, "oops, every other country gets it except you", it's kind of a nasty little cosmic joke.

  • dblissmn

    8:26, brings review to premature end by sticking finger in power outlet.

  • axoz75

    This guy is an absolute prat, it's supposed to a car review, no a means of projecting a rather infantile pillock.

  • Ola Marca
    Ola Marca

    Pity is it not just a petrol and what about magic seats?

  • Ola Marca
    Ola Marca

    Actually i like how it looks. Hondas on general are ugly (crv 2017 is probably the nicest) but this Jazz is quite ok. It will outlive majority of other cars.

  • gryg777

    I got orange Jazz from 2016 and I love it, also for the look. But I wouldn't buy it again because of the new front face. It's just ugly..

  • FFrancisco

    I don't like the exterior design

  • Sandeep Bhalla
    Sandeep Bhalla

    It's not all negative though!

  • Autotune Indonesia
    Autotune Indonesia

    New jazz with new futuristic cars, I think this car becomes to trendsetter for mass futuristic car... Uniques design... Thumbs up from Autotune Indonesia bro...

  • MacTechG4

    CVT? Just say NO! CVT must be utterly exterminated

  • The Hawk 1988
    The Hawk 1988

    hahaha😂😂😂😂the car is mooing when accelerate!! maby they should have called it honda cow!!! or honda muuu!!!! 😂😂😂

  • Jack The Lad
    Jack The Lad


  • Kevin McAuley
    Kevin McAuley

    Gave up watching after the eighth advert

  • The D3athHunter
    The D3athHunter

    Matt youre always complaing about fake exhausts but meanwhile youre very obviously faking the configurating on your carwow app 😂

  • 1994savvas

    I often borrow a 2005 Jazz for trips. It's not fun to drive and it's not properly maintained so it ocassionally has problems. However, it's the most car you can get for that kind of money. It can fit loads of stuff on the back. We use it for music gigs and we often carry 2 12' speakers, amp, mixer, guitar and violin, stands for everything, plus a weekend's worth of clothes for 4 people, and it can fit all that stuff easily. It's also comfortable for everyone inside. With any other brand, this amount of stuff would need a step-up into the 4.5 meters segment. As a driver, I'm not the happiest person in the world when climbing motorways with 4 people inside. You often need to stay on the slow lane and drop a gear or two. But it can do so much stuff to get you, your friends, their bikes, and 3 elephants from point A to point B.

  • Ron Valente
    Ron Valente

    People that have never owned a Honda making stupid comments, you need to own one first, still the most reliable small car.

  • Rocco Buhagiar
    Rocco Buhagiar

    Why not drag race normal cars too ? Would be interesting to see for example a jazz vs a mazda 2 vs yaris vs swift ? 🤔

  • I dance for pennies
    I dance for pennies

    The previous model looked more modern, the new one just looks more weird.

  • Spartak SP
    Spartak SP

    this car is as ugly as your shorts

  • Anders Nielsen
    Anders Nielsen

    The gearbox in the hybrid should be cheaper to produce than a regular automatic as it mainly consists of an electric motor and generator. It might even be cheaper than a manual transmission. Nice video explaining the gearbox here:

  • Irshu LX
    Irshu LX

    All in all, shit.

  • Vishwajit Yadav
    Vishwajit Yadav

    1:49 The old one looks better than the new one

  • Viktor Šolić
    Viktor Šolić

    Where is that Renault Clio review? I can see that you did film it (comparing boot size) but it was never uploaded. Would love to see it since I really like the car.

  • Danny

    Need this in North America ... I don’t want a Prius

  • Zehra Gurler
    Zehra Gurler

    I honestly couldn't care what the car looks on the outside. I'm inside most of the time.... I have the 2007 jazz and it's never faulted me in 8 years. Reliable as ever. Fuel efficient and I've moved homes twice using it's flexible seats. Only complaint is the engine needs more grunt and i have the 1.5L

  • marty cee
    marty cee

    These Carlow reviews get more & more annoying - facts not relentless quips PLEASE & what's with the ads from Google for this Jazz video? 15 ad breaks at two ads a time = 30 ads in less than 17 minutes............ content over promotional profit & business gone to dealers without Carlow as a result - hope the ad payments make up for the loss of car sale commission! As the T-Shirt says... "stick to the truth" - not the ads - subscribe? You must be joking, there are better reviews & better content out there without all the gimmicks & ads, just search for the car of choice & you'll find them in a few clicks.

  • Mad Wolf
    Mad Wolf


  • Malcolm Ratcliffe
    Malcolm Ratcliffe

    Too many old people quips.

  • Luko Radulic
    Luko Radulic

    Hey, Mat, that ship you showed is the ship I work on. Or sister ship at least. #Azamara Pursuit. Look it up if you don't belive me.

  • incawarrior68

    ..still semi-soft ..eyeball..sounds a bit rude.. That..was funny dude.

  • Gangranea

    Did you hire a 17 year old content manager or editor? Those video snippets are for retards.

  • Creeping Jane
    Creeping Jane

    Don't worry about the vanity mirror, you will get wrinkles one day (probably in the not so distant future ;) ) too. Love your reviews. They have that balance of humour and objectivity that has been missing from the mainstream TV shows for decades.

  • Dan Iosubescu
    Dan Iosubescu

    Toyota Yaris 2020

  • רוברט שטרק
    רוברט שטרק

    1:45 The headlight is bigger than his head, that just doesnt look good. In my perspective the older model looks better.

  • Moe Joe
    Moe Joe


  • Mesut Sayar
    Mesut Sayar

    The old Jazz looks way better than this thing

  • Bambang Sugiharto
    Bambang Sugiharto

    Disana murah cuma 19000.disini uang 19000 cuma dpt bubur

  • Rob V
    Rob V

    More old peopleish than ever I'm afraid. Pretty good interior though.

  • 808 Music
    808 Music

    You like 69... you dirty maaaaan

  • sirkastic

    This car looks so much worse than the previous version

  • Mark Stephan
    Mark Stephan

    I hope the Jazz comes to the USA.

  • Mohamed Abou-Emish
    Mohamed Abou-Emish

    All your recent videos, nothing up there to click :)


    Poderiam colocar legenda em português.

  • Paulie Blog
    Paulie Blog

    Still has the mpv look. Is that all 61 mpg for hybrid? Toyota does better

  • Tox Laximus
    Tox Laximus

    Honda dealer took us for a ride in one, it was very quiet and smooth and refined, then he shoved his foot down and the engine and electric motor went ballistic, SOLD!

  • Güneri Çelebi
    Güneri Çelebi

    If you dont want to serve your car. Buy honda or toyota. They ll actually serve you

  • Cotton Brained Joe Biden
    Cotton Brained Joe Biden

    It has that damned center console setup again.....if you're over 5'10'' you'll have your leg jammed up against the console and after about 45 minutes of driving,, your leg will be sore as hell.

  • Owen Gabriel Alidon
    Owen Gabriel Alidon

    It is uglyy

  • Christopher Johnston
    Christopher Johnston

    I dont get what is surprising about this. It's just a Honda Jazz. It's basically the same car from 20years ago with hybrid and some superfluous tech

  • Anand Iyer
    Anand Iyer

    Why cars in UK don't have a spare wheel? In India, every car should and must gets one.

    • Devadutt Nair
      Devadutt Nair

      I think it's because of the emission standards. Adding a spare wheel will make the car slightly heavy which will require more fuel and increase emission so manufacturers opt out of spare wheel and meet the emission criteria.

  • Gudiño Castellanos Salvador
    Gudiño Castellanos Salvador

    I have a 2017 Jazz and it has the 1. 5 petrol and it has 130 Hp why this one has less☹️

  • Peter Spicer-Wensley
    Peter Spicer-Wensley

    My family has FOUR Honda Jazzes. They are very economical, very reliable and very practical. They are the perfect IKEA car. The flat rear seats or the lifted rear seats are ideal for getting stuff home. The Honda Jazz is a bit of a TARDIS.

    • Paul Milligan
      Paul Milligan

      Yes, every practical car review should include loading a Billy bookcase!

  • Imran Ali
    Imran Ali

    This model is rubbish my wife has the 2019 petrol version much better in design and practicality

  • Nico Wilson
    Nico Wilson

    I love the editing

  • Kitten McGray
    Kitten McGray

    This new Jazz looks like the car the elderly people buy, boring besides previous model. Honda will not get a different buyers market with this model. A Big Mistake or a Educated Guess? It is pricey for a rather dull car, Technoligy maybe perfect, but for looks dont go to the Honda dealership

  • Luke Mendoza
    Luke Mendoza

    I was imagining of a really special car called the Ferrari M755N GT Hellcat turbo speedsport ZT4.

  • LargeCar Ken
    LargeCar Ken

    I guess we aren’t getting it here in the states. I hope they change their mind and offer it North America.