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SSC Controversy - Discussed!
There are lots of reasons why so many modern cars are restricted to a top speed of 155mph. Whether it be emissions, safety, or even something else, most new cars are unlikely to top out above this.
However, there’s no need to worry! There are still absolutely LOADS of extremely powerful cars out there which can go so much faster. With that in mind, we wanted to pull together a list of the fastest cars on sale that top out above 155mph!
Now to make sure this video isn’t several hours long, we’ve restricted it to the fastest car by each manufacturer, rather than including every car that’s available today. And to keep it fairer still, we’re limited it to just production cars - so you won’t find any concepts or one-offs here!
You all probably have an idea of what will claim the top spot, but are you surprised by any other cars which make this list? Let us know in the COMMENTS!
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  • Anthony W. Stivale
    Anthony W. Stivale

    C O R V E T T E

  • Franky2369

    This list is all fucked up

  • Joey Pinkard
    Joey Pinkard

    Excuse me where was the Corvette ZR1?

  • Glenn Nichols
    Glenn Nichols

    What about Fiat?

  • Murat Schwarzenegger
    Murat Schwarzenegger

    SSC Tuatara faster than Bugatti Chiron SSC top speed 532 km/h

  • Harry Poter
    Harry Poter

    top speed is not important, because you will never be able to reach those top speeds legally on the street. Acceleration and handling matters way more. Which is why most people look at 0-60mph times. Because you could actually use that performance.

  • Rich Speed
    Rich Speed

    I'am lucky that I don't have the millions it takes to buy one of these autos because I have driven every one of the cars that I have owned at top speed more than a few times. And only lost my license once over 120 mph speedo was pegged (bouncing)

  • Andrew Rose
    Andrew Rose

    Glad you didn’t do concepts, I’ve made a concept car the goes 900mph

  • xxunicondaverxx

    fastest car: tesla roadster 2.0

  • Thechannel

    What about Lexus LFA

  • Andrew

    I see Dodge and Ford but what about Chevy/GM? I clicked expecting to see the Corvette C8.

  • Rytis K.
    Rytis K.

    Suggestion for a video: Top cars by top speed per pound sterling

  • ja co
    ja co

    Umm, you forgot the Dodge Challenger Hellcat at 204 mph.

  • David Moore
    David Moore

    God your accents annoying 😂

  • Darren Seabolt
    Darren Seabolt

    He forgot the Corvette.

  • Fish R Relaxing
    Fish R Relaxing

    My 2004 Dodge Ram4x4 bone stock would go over 155mph with the key mod trick lol.. setting the standard there in 2021 is just dumb! if a 6000lb truck shaped like a brick can hit this then anything can.. Prob why the thumbs down are growing so fast lol

  • Nathan Long
    Nathan Long

    I rather get the golf R then be subjected to a Kia stinger.

  • Zero Two
    Zero Two

    Idea:Senna vs F8 vs SVJ

  • Gary Billington
    Gary Billington

    Try and get the Rimac C2 on your drag strip.

  • Tydyjav

    Where is Chevrolet in this? Did I miss it?

  • mxManaic

    Porsche 918 spyder is a production car and is faster than the Turbo S?

  • sizwe nzama
    sizwe nzama

    I think the ford GT-500 should also be considered in this list it can reach a top speed of up to 193miles

  • Rock Roll
    Rock Roll

    99% of the world use metric system.

  • Pasha Pasovski
    Pasha Pasovski

    Fastest right now, Yugo!

  • J Music 30
    J Music 30

    Are you talking about fastest based on hp? Because Regera is not the fastest Koenigsegg.

  • Sick Boy
    Sick Boy

    American car lies badly smells on this way...

  • Lars Kraus
    Lars Kraus

    Interesting how the times change. Before internal combustion engines took over most vehicles were powered by electric motors. And still the same old problems. Low range, takes ages to charge and charging them fast kills the battery even more quickly. I hope they find a solution eventually cause batteries are just hopeless.

  • HntrOfWasabi

    Ok now in kmh

  • P Ha
    P Ha

    Maaaaannnn you forgot all french and nothern Europe Cars (Volvo, citroën, Peugeot,....)

  • AB-80X

    Is this a re-upload? This is from 2021, and at this time, Koenigsegg had the world record with the Agera. Also, the La Ferrari is well proven above 220 mph.

  • MrBazsi888

    Bentley Flying Spur is quite high on this list, which is astonishing imho with that kind of luxury-vibe & so much room for passangers and luggage.

  • Boquilobo Hunter
    Boquilobo Hunter

    Hey Mat, for some reason you forgot the Honda Civic. You should put it on number 0. It reaches at least 350 mph even before legendary VTEC scream! 😁😁 Everybody knows that. 😁

  • palledrengens

    Its not called a "stinker" its stinger like the missiles...

  • Yuan Simone Pasion
    Yuan Simone Pasion


  • Joe Lipez
    Joe Lipez

    I think the 918 spider is faster than the Porsche 911 Turbo S

  • Michael Kastner
    Michael Kastner

    Mr Purple hasn't broken a sweat at 155mph

  • Fortry y
    Fortry y

    Lotus evora gt 😍❤️❤️

  • Shorty Chapman
    Shorty Chapman

    What he doesn't mention though is those cars need 4 miles of perfect straight road to get up to those speeds of nearly 300pmh and then 2¼ miles to slow down and stop safely.

  • Jeff S
    Jeff S

    Nobody should go over 150 mph unless it has the downforce, wings, or aerodynamics. Especially not an SUV or Mini or Golf. And the limiters are there for safety.

  • Marco

    The Lamborghini Diablo Coatl is the fastest top speed Lamborghini. It goes around 240 mph

  • FRANKS841

    Your taking to fast take your time car lovers

  • Osborne Romain
    Osborne Romain

    Matt why not add Koenigsegg AGERA R top speed 299mh

  • erasmo garza
    erasmo garza

    Claims Koenigsegg Regera at 250mph is fastes car but the Agera RS is recorded at 278mph 🤔

  • Marius Bartasius
    Marius Bartasius

    who is still using mph... yeesh..

  • A Kale
    A Kale

    It's disappointing to hear a brit sounding bloke use miles instead of metric.

  • Gareth David
    Gareth David

    Just can't look past the fact that Mat has crossed eyes... or is it just me?

  • beameup64

    Did I miss the Corvette?

  • Random Bits
    Random Bits

    How do you manage to leave the 214 mph 2019 Corvette ZR1 off of the list? In fact, there were no GM cars on the list at all. GMs listed top speed is 212 but it's been independently tested at 214. It would have been 6th on the list, whether you used tbe 212 or 214 figure.

  • abinoam reyes
    abinoam reyes

    hey are you cross eyed? genuine question not trying to troll. just that something was off with the vid and my brain is trying to figure out what it was. curious to know. thanks

  • Eman

    Did I miss something? I didn't even see the Corvette on this list...

    • ja co
      ja co

      He's a little prejudice against American muscle I think. He left out Hellcats too.

  • Bogdan Feru
    Bogdan Feru

    Big mistake on koenisegg mate. The regera itself has those exact stats but there is a koenisegg that its even faster with its top speed proven even by guiness. Of course I'm talking about the Koenisegg Agera RS with a average speed of 277,7 m/h. That is the fastest koenisegg car (Jesko not proven yet, just like you mentioned)...

  • Roland Ong
    Roland Ong

    I thought the koenigsegg agera rs is the fastest koenigsegg.

  • Preston Ray
    Preston Ray

    Chevrolet: *cries in Corvette ZR1*

  • Jean Pierre Verdoes
    Jean Pierre Verdoes

    I want to see a race between Tesla roadster and buggati Chiron pur sport

  • JasnoGT

    USA for the win! Woot woot! 🇺🇲 And Euros say we can't make great cars. Ha!

  • Spider-Assassin7

    Uh, where's Chevy?

  • Artas1984

    You missed many cars in the range from 217 up to 230 mp/h... Also no subtitles.. Lame.


    Devil Sixteen 5000hp. V16

  • Widaro

    You are british. You should be using Kph bruv

  • CIA

    "HeNneSsay ClAimS iT wIlL dO mOrE tHaN 300 mPh" stfu and show it, i claim my fiat 500 goes 450mph

  • SpooK

    6:55 are you stupid? It’s not the fastest Porsche you dumb shit

  • james murphy
    james murphy

    The wrathful crayfish pragmatically correct because politician hemperly long except a conscious cat. annoyed, trashy storm

  • james murphy
    james murphy

    The languid voyage phylogentically cycle because hockey secondarily exercise save a mammoth headline. false familiar famous, four frail dragon

  • M Cano
    M Cano

    No ZR1 corvette??🤯 212 mph 341 kmh. I thought it would have been mentioned considering it's a lot cheaper than most cars in that speed range....

  • YourBoyKuz

    I understand carwow is a British company but I just wish he would include some big brands that arnt in the UK like Buick, Chevrolet and Dodge

  • MAM8A JR24
    MAM8A JR24

    Damn no.... ZL1 Hellcat redeye CTS-V Hennessy

  • James Saliba
    James Saliba

    Pugani Huraya vs Koenesseggi Regera

  • Zeph

    sadly no pagani in the list

  • Jack Bohane
    Jack Bohane

    Can you also put in Kph I don’t understand miles per hour please

  • latifa F
    latifa F

    Again you missed the Hellcat Brothers, they can hit 203 mph

  • Bronx FN
    Bronx FN

    2021 nissan gtr nismo can go 0-60 in 2.5 seconds and actually has a top speed of 205 mph

  • D Tay
    D Tay

    You guys forgot about GM?

  • Cpt RS
    Cpt RS

    Again Mat... What about Bentley Continental GT SuperSport?

  • Popalone Styki
    Popalone Styki

    Was it too much to convert it to km/h while writing

  • SlizenDize

    I have doubts. Could someone gift me these cars so I can make my own tests, just to make sure it's not fake yknow.

  • Jonas B
    Jonas B

    Pagani Zonda vs Citroen Picasso! for the lulz :)

  • Boogie Truss
    Boogie Truss

    The Lamborghini Diablo Coatl is the fastest going 239mph

  • Chibwe Lengwe
    Chibwe Lengwe


  • Nick

    It's funny how he is so excited to tell how much hp the non american cars have but has sourpuss face when with an american car. You are so biased

  • Boiclap92


  • pablo rages
    pablo rages

    Not sure you can call the Regera a production car ... 80 units over about 4 years is more like a bespoke racecar ...same with the Tuatara ...they sell very few of them

  • pablo rages
    pablo rages

    Who cares about top speed ... what's the ACCELERATION !

  • Freddy odley
    Freddy odley

    wrong the fastest koenigsegg is the agora rs at 274 mph

  • Lbnewell 23
    Lbnewell 23

    I think we need to see a tuned 911 turbo S against the plaid plus

  • Kamal Shibeene
    Kamal Shibeene

    What about the Amg 1?

  • 5600

    You might remember a certain königsegg that did... 277 mph?

  • Blake

    In Australia we have the Holden Maloo r-8 which goes at 169 Miles per hour. Unfortunately Holden is now gone.

  • HyperAuto12

    When it comes to Porsche, I was thinking of the 918 spyder

  • SmartfoolGB

    Mat you're too young for greys.

  • Dkgnate Heretic Gods
    Dkgnate Heretic Gods

    For everyone asking for them to add in kmh, just type it into Google search its not hard to do at all.

  • Dkgnate Heretic Gods
    Dkgnate Heretic Gods

    Your wrong on the bmw. The bmw m5 e60 can do up to 208 mph with the limiter removed.

  • shadow gamer
    shadow gamer

    Who els just skipped through the video to see if a gtr is there

  • Ransh Shetty
    Ransh Shetty

    Tesla model s v honda nsx

  • Andrew Scrimgeour
    Andrew Scrimgeour

    What about the Lamborghini Sian, doesn’t that do 221 mph?

  • NoXeed Official
    NoXeed Official

    9th generation impalas with 3.9 liter v6s

  • Troy keiffer
    Troy keiffer

    Most of these cars are total garbage! And will not last!

  • Liam Kennedy
    Liam Kennedy

    Soooooooo are we gonna forget the time Koenigsegg Agera RS went 285 mph which is roughly 35mph faster than the Regera

  • Little PurpleBall
    Little PurpleBall

    if I may, why do you say ALPINE as if it was an English word ? it's ALP"EE"NE .

  • MrElpajita

    it's '' carwah'' or ''carwow''?

  • Kirsty Hague
    Kirsty Hague

    Um koenseigg regera is fastest it’s one of the slowest and the fastest is the jesko absolute

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