Worst ever Chinese knockoff cars - the most blatant copies exposed!
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You may not know this, but a number of Chinese car brands have a history of ripping off other car manufacturers. Thankfully it's not that common these days, although there are still a few that slip through the cracks! So you're probably asking yourself - how bad are these knock offs, and which brands have they copied? Well, wonder no more! Sit back and enjoy our list of the worst ever Chinese knock off cars!
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  • carwow

    So, would you dare be seen in one of these knock offs? Let us know which you'd choose below!!

    • Nick Name
      Nick Name

      Chinese cars anytime, why should we buy these overpriced cars, they don't offer anything more than every average car, you just pay more because of the name.

    • SpicyBubblegum

      God no.

    • A Ryder
      A Ryder

      Yes, then rebadge😁

    • Riaz Hassan
      Riaz Hassan

      The knockoff. You get much the same service and comfort for a tenth of the price. The original is overrated and grotesquely overpriced

    • Amos Lukyaa
      Amos Lukyaa

      @Chi Xu Funny that a Chinese National should make such statements, you are insinuating that Chinese workmanship on vehicles are highly questionable - repeating western dirty propaganda!! FYI western motor vehicles are extremely overpriced in other words are totally rip off for western working class citizens who can hardly afford to buy a new car they end up buying second hand stuff. Chi Xu, can I tell you something - my Country still uses Chinese Diesel Hydraulic Locomotives manufactured in Zefang Qingdao in 1970s including passenger coaches and wagons all are running to this day, three years ago I came across three phase electric motors made in Shanghai in 1967 and a 50KVA oil cooled transformer manufactured in Shanghai in 1966 installed at our Workshop power station and running flawlessly!! We have Chinese MiGs jet fighters bought in 1970s are still flying to this day just to mention a few - personally I hate people who uses sweeping statements to ridicule every thing Chinese especially western media forgetting as we speak Chinese are light years ahead of USA and Europe in some technology fields eg 5G technology, hypersonic glide vehicles, aircraft carrier killer missiles DFH-36/41 air space exploration and thermo nuclear technology,high speed trains that have no parallel even in the USA.

  • YS LEE
    YS LEE

    As cars are becoming more and more connected, with the west banning Huawei and ZTE, Chinese carmakers would have been instructed by CCP to install eavesdropping spyware in Chinese branded and made vehicles. As such, do not buy Chinese cars no matter how attractive they are priced

  • Square

    Is 'Long Safe' is code for a Magnum condom?

  • Jing Chen
    Jing Chen

    These cars are jokes even in Chinese media, haha

  • Ram charan
    Ram charan

    The only reason they became world market besides population is because they welcome foriegn investments, copy them for as cheap as possible and exploit their market.

  • Pardon Muzah
    Pardon Muzah



    All over the world - Copyright In China - Copy right ?

  • petar barukcic
    petar barukcic

    Everything from China is a knock off, except the Corona virus. That's 100% made in China

  • Kurt Cobain
    Kurt Cobain

    how do we know that the good car manufactures didn't copy the chinese

  • Mikkel Mouritzen
    Mikkel Mouritzen

    Great video, but seriously, stop with the guy popping up CONSTANTLY, holy fuck its annoying...

  • Rick

    You made no mention about what engines these copy’s have. That would have been much more interesting.

  • Andrew Oliver
    Andrew Oliver

    Pathetic country

  • Edvin Bukvic
    Edvin Bukvic

    China should be kicked out of the World Trade Organization..

  • Rohit Chikku
    Rohit Chikku

    3:47 where I cried😭 11:07 where I screamed😱

  • gregg wroblewski
    gregg wroblewski

    Just think the Chinese started knocking off watches and now they’re knocking off cars. It shows that 1.3 billion people have no real imagination and no motivation to do something new and innovative

    • Nils

      Unfortunatly this is what we have been thinking for years now, but they are leaders in more and more areas. Geely for example bought Volvo and now they are pushing theire electric cars under volvos polestar brand. The cars are quite good. And in germany they are trying to buy into leading companies in automotiv and robotics. They allready killed our solar industry. And besides Tesla they are leading in battery technology. Not long till we have to praise the chinese overloards.

  • The Normal Boy
    The Normal Boy

    That sotye looks better than the original

  • waowolf

    china needs to be sued for double its whole gdp just for copying and plz don't get me started on the corona virus

  • David Meier
    David Meier

    Got an sm58 fake frauds do fShe's. These fakes want to dominate the world. I'd be nerviWe they mean it

    • David Meier
      David Meier

      If they had any original idea. We could pinch it. Whats the bet they get uppity if yadump fakes in their market. China is an adversary. Who know no bounds


    I wonder how they drive compared to their og counterparts

  • boneman1960

    Yes, they look the same but, what are they going to do about IT!.......NOTHING!.

  • Khor rui yangYT
    Khor rui yangYT

    China car copy as real car as a fake car. We hate CHINA car who copy as a real car

  • A. G. Russ
    A. G. Russ

    Chinese are so strange

  • Philip Xue
    Philip Xue

    It proves that all those cars are overpriced much.

  • AsakoKagurazaka

    I'd rather be in a Shuanghuan copy than in a Thai built Honda.

  • peng yue
    peng yue

    Most of the cars appearing here have not been mass-produced, and a few mass-produced cars have never been mainstream, and their sales are very bad. The key is that these cars are old and cannot be used as a reference for current Chinese car manufacturing technology. The best-selling cars in China now have original appearances, excellent quality and low prices. I will list some of the real mainstream cars in China: haval h6 changan uni-t changan cs75 plus byd 唐 byd 汉 geely preface geely atlas pro Lynk&Co 01 02 03+ 05 ....... Moreover, China is still the country with the largest production and ownership of electric vehicles, and the technology of electric vehicles does not lag behind the international mainstream level, and there are even leading positions in some fields.

  • Hino Dinkov
    Hino Dinkov

    I have managed to fit 6 people in the Shuanghuan Noble. We had one in the Bulgarian "Great Wall Motors" factory. It was a fun but shitty car. :D

  • Mark C
    Mark C

    Should be a follow up , "worst crash test fails ever"

  • Wilson Tang
    Wilson Tang


  • 80s retro
    80s retro

    What about the engines in these copycats. I bet the rolls royce copy has some 1L 3 cylinder Chinese lawnmower engine it it. That's why it costs peanuts

  • Saddon Carrs
    Saddon Carrs

    Matt, I got 5 minutes and 53 seconds into this video - but no more. Your popping up and down with those stupid sound effects got just too effing annoying. I normally like your reviews, but this was terrible.

  • József Nagy
    József Nagy

    That Geely BL looks disgusting🤢

  • Doenjang Stew
    Doenjang Stew

    3:30 What is the name of this car? Looks like mini-van.

  • Sergeant Wolf
    Sergeant Wolf

    China also recently copied the Ford F150 as a Foton something. I am horrified

  • Win Lee
    Win Lee

    I died when the Changan Chana X70A badge was pointed out to look like a weird combination of the Toyota badge and the Star Trek logo LOL😂😂😂

  • Bitcoin Ninja
    Bitcoin Ninja

    These Chinese cars have the same quality as the BMW.

  • Steven Joy
    Steven Joy

    Lifan looks more like a Swift

  • michael edwards
    michael edwards

    If they can produce cars this cheap, why are other cars so expensive and can we have some of these knock offs in UK after brexit

  • pulau lang
    pulau lang

    The way i see it the Land Rover is a knock off, the Land Wind is the original.

  • Fook Kin U, China中國福建大學
    Fook Kin U, China中國福建大學

    "made in china" - the quality you can count on : DEATH is just the beginning ! watch : HTTPS://sltoos.info/for/s5mJvZuiiX6D3Zg/video

  • 黄龙

    Ah yeah, copying is still happening nowadays, but most people in China will not buy them, people feel shame when driving these knockoffs. Besides, their cheap price and decent look from copying make knockoffs are a reasonable choice for people who don't know much about the car industry or just don't care about the copying. China does have our own design car, but just a beginner compared to other old industry countries.

  • G Kab
    G Kab

    I heard they also make fake rice and fish....Damn it China!!!

  • Thomas Kuchiki
    Thomas Kuchiki

    Copycat is worst!!! It is disgusting that we as fellow humans do not respect the work of others. Thief mentality!!!

  • Cr4zYt K1113Rz
    Cr4zYt K1113Rz

    BYD "Borrow Your Design" and yes...I stole this comment

  • Prince Jadon
    Prince Jadon

    Why American auto makes have the same design some like Ford and Chevrolet

  • Prince Jadon
    Prince Jadon

    White supremacy always had something against other race check on auto show Chinese and see new technology of Chinese cars

  • Electrodude

    Did you do a range check, made in China batteries numbers are 99% of time fake.

  • Mr. ADR
    Mr. ADR

    You're pronouncing some of these names wrong. "Geely" is pronounced "Jee-lee", while "Lifan" is "Lee-fahn", not "Lie-fann". Also, some of these comparisons are inaccurate. The SCEO is an X5.

  • Graham Bunton
    Graham Bunton

    It is easy to tell the difference between a LAND ROVER and a LAND WIND. The Chinese copy is more reliable

  • Al96

    carwow in the future: the Endian motors Supercow is a complete copy of the BYD Han EV except it's only 4000 quid 🤷🏻‍♂️

    • Al96

      actually they won't because matt will never support the chinese no matter what they do

  • Storm Tornado
    Storm Tornado

    Something you should know about BJ suvs. BJ90 is a copy of the last generation of G wagon. And Benz is not going to say a word about it. Why? Licensed. BJ motor is the business partner of MB. The same BJ motor is also producing A class, B class, C class and E class in China. Of cause, with real MB budge, 3 point star, on it. Meanwhile BJ40 is a modernized BJ212, which can be dated back to 60s. BJ212/2020 were the jeep of PLA for decades, dominating all kind of terrain of China, from -40c place to +50c place, from desert to mountains. It should be respected, if you respect Defender.

  • theoneandonlybosable

    The Tesla one has shades of Audi RS5 to me

  • Cruising the Waterways
    Cruising the Waterways

    Us westerners have being doing the same with Chinese food for the last 50 years hahahahha

  • Thomas Longrigg
    Thomas Longrigg

    for reference - suzhou is pronounced like soo-joe. seen all of these in china. totally blatant rip offs

  • oscar trespalacios
    oscar trespalacios

    Making a car with parts from different major brands sounds like Frankenstein

  • BazCambs

    How much more reliable are Chinese Land Rover and Range Rover compared to the originals? 😶

  • R Chan
    R Chan

    As an Asian, I can tell you why this sort of thing happens... The Chinese want the fancy luxury goods available in the West but they don't want to pay the huge prices that we pay. Copyright law in China is famously lax... so the obvious solution: copy it but at a cheaper price. Quite ingenious really, satisfies demand, price & availability whilst letting the Western companies soak up the R&D costs. Would I buy one? Probably not. The other thing Chinese are famous for is poor build quality. It might look like a Range Rover but it'll probable leak when it rains, the doors won't fit properly and the seats will wear out after you've sat in them a dozen times. Don't be fooled... you're not getting a Range Rover at a cheaper price... you're just getting cheap full stop.

  • Avirah Thomas
    Avirah Thomas

    When will China start making cars which is their own design?? Still they are making duplicates of Many other Super Cars.

  • Nehkholen Misao
    Nehkholen Misao

    Originally the Chinese are copycat

  • Jaap Aap
    Jaap Aap

    Most of them don't even look like the originals. Is this guy blind or what? And those land rover, jeep and mercedes g-wagon knockoffs, yeah they might be even more reliable than the original.

  • Robert Deverell
    Robert Deverell

    Just as the Japanese did in the 50/60s copies are a way to learn manufacturing. Not just cars all domestic products from Colgate to Philips etc

  • Jimmy James
    Jimmy James

    Copycat Tesla S. I’ll buy that one 286 miles is really good

  • Kev Efe
    Kev Efe

    Question: are Chinese replication allowed in Europe?

  • Filip Gereg
    Filip Gereg

    Am I insane if I actually prefer the look of the BAIC Huansu C60 over the Urus?

  • David

    Chinese puzzled by the English expression "knock off wheels".

  • Shińòbi 398
    Shińòbi 398

    I want to buy the SR9 which looks like Porsche Canyene.And the logo i'm gona change to Porsche.So that everyone thinks i own a Porsche.

  • Dan Rook
    Dan Rook

    At the end of the day, most cars look like each other. I don’t really see a comparison. U really have to look.

  • Grady Harper
    Grady Harper

    The Land Wind would Likely be better than the original and safer to buy used

  • George

    Hey Matt, just dropped by to say that the SCEO looks much more like the 1st generation BMW X5 rather than the X3...sorry, couldn’t let that go Thanks for the reviews and videos, keep up the good work 😁


    When I think of China, these come to mind: unauthenticity, rubbish, thoughtlessness, fastfood, bullshit, cheap, desperately trying to look rich while being in fact poor. Image driving a Range Rover knock-off with a fake iPhone 11 Pro Max in your pocket. Hollow and dumb!

  • LyricalWax

    It's E-coSport, not "EkkoSport"

  • andrew curran
    andrew curran

    It doesn't look as cool as a mini? When did minis ever look cool?


      They are cool, and they have always been you prick!

  • Manuel Ta-ala dela Pena
    Manuel Ta-ala dela Pena

    not worth buying...

  • kaunas888

    To be fair most of these Chinese cars have small details which technically make them different than those that they are copying, even when the general look is quite similar. It all depends on where one draws the line.

  • Toma Hawk
    Toma Hawk

    Communist China making themselves Filthy Rich while making the Rest of the World Poorer & in Danger of Dying from Substandard & Unsafe products! 🕯

  • Glenn Oropeza
    Glenn Oropeza

    What's so hilarious is when they tried to copy a Ferrari and a C1 Corvette, such a sorry rip-off!

  • Oğuz Kaan
    Oğuz Kaan

    Shuanghuan SCEO 6:16 is definetly an opel vectra if u look at the front

  • Ganga Dharan
    Ganga Dharan

    One day Chinese will create a new earth( new earth like planet)for human being Only the difference is there will be no human being

  • Fyodor48

    *Do these vehicles have an encap rating* ?

  • Rodney

    Just more examples of the China government stealing from other countries. Do they have any of their own Ideas? YES COVID 19.

  • Sidney Mathious
    Sidney Mathious

    The Chinese make copies of every other companies products and it don't just happen in the auto industry either.

  • olias

    " I want my next car to be made in China ".......said no one ever.......🙈🙈🙈

  • Dad ‘S
    Dad ‘S

    maybe they hiring the same designer

  • Sandra Braithwaite
    Sandra Braithwaite

    if nothing else it proves the originals are overpriced

  • xuser48

    How about pronouncing PORSCHE right?

  • Adam and Kira Dixon
    Adam and Kira Dixon

    I bet the land win is more reliable than the land rover🤣

  • William Baynes
    William Baynes

    Sorry! I have a problem understanding your language? In fact I can hardly understand you? If you have some sort medical problem please accept my apology! Out of interest what language are you talking?you don't look Chinese?

  • Ryan Rosay
    Ryan Rosay

    China is the worst

  • Nick Devlin
    Nick Devlin

    To be honest we are being severely ripped off with the price of cars now so to be honest I would pay to buy one of their cars if it was actually safe. Now herein lays the problem

  • christastic100

    Bet crash tests would revile some big shortfalls on these knockoffs.

  • Mister Phresh Onyo
    Mister Phresh Onyo

    Cars are almost like a religion. They're toys for grown ups. We all like our cars to be as badass as possible. - What do you drive? - MUSTANG //or// 500 Horse Power Porsche. *It sounds badass, right?* ... now get this... - What car do you have? - Geely :(

  • 2Skills4u

    the mini copy just looks like a 2004 Daihatsu tbf...not a mini

  • dakippins

    Where can I get me some of these ?

  • haf maint
    haf maint

    The Chinese can copy anything but it's still crap.

  • Tmanaz480

    Lolls Loyce

  • rida faras
    rida faras

    bravo Chinese people


    I do not think that the real ones are beter than the fake ones, I pay 1/10 th the real one and still both breaks apart at same period.

  • John stone
    John stone

    Well China share their virus's with us so why shouldn't we share our cars with them?

    • אורי פלסי
      אורי פלסי

      But there virus's aren't even original. They are knock offs from their appetizers.

  • SirXavior

    The one thing the Chinese can't copy is safety!!!. None of these cars will pass a crash test, If you get in an accident in any of these cars expect serious injuries or even certain death.

  • thecamperDK

    Imagine if they would copy democracy... haha wouldn't that be weird haha

  • davis walunywa
    davis walunywa

    No no those comparisons are far fetched. You can see even closer similarities for most other car makers