BMW M340i v Audi RS4: DRAG RACE * shock result *
It's time for an estate showdown... BMW M340i Touring vs Audi RS4! On the face of it, you might think this will be an easy win for the Audi, given it can put down 450hp and 600Nm, which easily eclipses the 374hp and 500Nm of the M340i. But will it be such a clear-cut victory? And more importantly, given the BMW costs £15,000 LESS than the RS4, is it the smarter choice if you're looking for a powerful estate that won't break the bank? There's only one way to find out... LET'S RACE!
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  • bryan

    Audi, BMW PLEASE bring these to the states!!!

  • the_arti_mage

    how the fuck can an rs4 loose to a bmw which is not even a 100% m car

  • Enzo Batistini
    Enzo Batistini

    hello i would like to see a dragrace a bmw m550 d touring against an other 3 liter diesel touring. thx jack

  • Timothy Lambert
    Timothy Lambert

    I miss when drag races were decided by more than a launch or reaction time. More manuals please!

  • Ridha Alsaadon
    Ridha Alsaadon

    I love you , Audi

  • DBoy0113

    Bias towards bmw the 3rd drag race the Audi start position is in front of the bmw by a few inches of course it will win!!!

  • mondo odnom
    mondo odnom

    im only here to see the Beemer fanboys crying LOL

  • RAY D
    RAY D

    M3 is coming

  • Daniel Marshall
    Daniel Marshall

    As an "Audi fan boy" I liked the vid A LOT very much food for thought and yes £15K is a whole hill of money and the BMW might not attract the wrong sort of attention quite like the Audi might. Good good vid cheers.

  • Thore morawietz
    Thore morawietz

    I would fold the mirrors for a better air ratio.?!

  • Zamingul Babakarkhel
    Zamingul Babakarkhel

    BMW: pick on someone ur own age next race: bmw m8 v Audi rs6 see how that feels😡😡🤣🤣🤣

  • Supreme Love
    Supreme Love

    Audi will launch first then beats bm

  • Rostas Petru
    Rostas Petru

    375 hp vs 450 is not correct....

  • Krithik cs
    Krithik cs

    Sad BMW

  • tom hanks
    tom hanks

    Had the rs4 for 2 months and its really that slow. What a shitty car it is to a bmw.

  • Jonas Sarvari Bodaskolan 9C
    Jonas Sarvari Bodaskolan 9C



    Check the merch “rag queen” 😂😂🤦🏻‍♂️

  • bandit 911
    bandit 911

    So what's the bmw fanboys excuse for the brakes

  • QbanLWT


  • Cars Mods
    Cars Mods

    very good, congratulations!

  • Soroush Gh
    Soroush Gh

    Just Audi 👌🏻

  • bacxrdi

    BMW always sounds so sh*t

  • Marcos Ferreira
    Marcos Ferreira

    Audi >>>>>>>>Bmw

  • Чашушуль

    Audi rs4/bmw m3 please))))))

  • Matlabase Makena
    Matlabase Makena

  • André Mello
    André Mello

    That's how the M should have looked!

  • Enjoy English, English & Science
    Enjoy English, English & Science


  • Nevets

    What was the length advantage of the RS4 over the M340i? A car length? Well it was a win for the Audi but to achieve that you have to pay £15000 more of your hard earn money. Well I know how really won in this race. Maybe I’m bias as I’m a long standing BMW lover.

  • Small K
    Small K

    Being an Audi fan I must say some modern RS cars are a disgrace, shouldn’t struggle to beat the m340i....

  • Sousa KTM
    Sousa KTM

    Should be compared to a s4 not rs4 right?....

  • amila loku
    amila loku

    audis comfort level is just way too comfy lol, they don't care about the performance at all when its switched to comfort.

  • Баща ти
    Баща ти

    I love you sad audi fans you make me laugh every single time i read any of your nonsense 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Kevin

    Audi should be ashamed, a bmw that isnt even a real M had the RS4 on its back

  • Question More
    Question More

    Yes I like them, B'mers are really good cars however, AUDI - engineered like no other car in the world!

  • John Owens
    John Owens

    Not really a fare comparison...

  • Karan

    Infiniti QX60 vs Acura MDX

  • Dean Costanza
    Dean Costanza

    Unskippable ads in the mid roll. Annoying much 🙄🙄🙄

  • Antonino Di Mattia
    Antonino Di Mattia

    Der neue M3 wird den RS4 zerfetzen!

  • Pim23

    What have audi been doing for the past couple of years. Their new RS cars are getting beaten left and right.

  • Josip Vidović
    Josip Vidović

    Audi, the all famous Quattro and it lost off the line against BMW with xdrive

  • John Shelhorse
    John Shelhorse

    BMW gives up 74hp & wins 1 of 3 off the line, losing 2 by less than a car length, for $15k less.

  • rebecca gair
    rebecca gair

    Give her a job She does a grand job there

  • Joshua Smith
    Joshua Smith

    Love a beemer

  • trooper1551

    Luving The Orange!

  • Nitnuiq Tsew
    Nitnuiq Tsew

    Everyone knows that Audi vs BMW in any single class will *usually* lose. But it always makes me feel better when most people will assume you are a Mega-Turd driving a BMW vs an Audi. AND there is the added benefit of the Audi just looking better as a whole. BMW has always had a wonky ass design language.

  • Jack

    I’d take that M340i over the RS4 ANY day.

  • Blake Moon41
    Blake Moon41


  • Niki Lehlohonolo
    Niki Lehlohonolo

    Can we please see a drag race between the F80 M3 COMPETITION VS THE AUDI RS4 VS A45S AMG

  • Rs4 Rs6
    Rs4 Rs6

    Both sound like 50 cc chicken chasers lol

  • Crumbacher88

    Whats the name of the bmw colour?

  • Waqas Ahmed
    Waqas Ahmed

    Why didn’t Bmw get a m3 out in that shape why change it to the big grill one

  • Thibault

    The BMW 340i must be compared to an Audi S3. Be fucking realistic

  • Rajvosa97

    New m3 will kill the rs4

  • Andreas Nørskov
    Andreas Nørskov

    Audi SQ5 vs Porsche cayenne?

  • madhavi v
    madhavi v

    spoiler- the german estate wins.

  • H G
    H G

    put a $500 jb4 on the bmw and it will eat that audi for breakfast.

  • davlphs

    The guy driving the Audi always has issues launching cars. Get rid of him!

  • Le Schwafel
    Le Schwafel

    Nice sound-vid of the M340

  • QQQ Anon
    QQQ Anon


  • John Dall
    John Dall

    Moral of the story? Buy a m340i pop on a remap, stick a set of good pads in the BMW , and beat the Audi....oh and then go on a world cruise with the 14,500 (ish) quid you have saved.... 🌍 Thank me later folks!

  • damian_0174 on insta
    damian_0174 on insta

    The bmw has way better performance for the money if you ask me audi makes great cars tho

  • Rdesign Yacht
    Rdesign Yacht

    Anyway ..I’m in love with Bmw

  • Darko Sola
    Darko Sola

    You should use more drone footage

  • Jf Leduc
    Jf Leduc

    BMW costs 30000 euros less. The best ratio price/performance is for BMW by far !

  • Pip Pipster
    Pip Pipster

    You just wait until BMW brings out an Audi that’ll show ‘em!

  • Ben Haworth
    Ben Haworth

    Clicking on the video thinking this was going to be very unfair....

  • Saad Badar
    Saad Badar

    Why do ppl still buy bmw... knowing its the most unreliable brand ever

    • Sense Cars
      Sense Cars

      Most unreliable car… where tho?

  • ryan chu
    ryan chu

    Rs4 should versus new M3 touring

  • Nagy Levy
    Nagy Levy

    BMW is downrating their engines as a dirty marketing trick. I am disappointed by my ex-favorite brand once again.

    • Sense Cars
      Sense Cars

      Why disappointed

  • G_ Kisko
    G_ Kisko

    That's a not good comparison u should know that ;)....but the xdrive of BMW is much better than the quattro of Audi

  • adam cicak
    adam cicak

    Next drag race: Audi RSQ8 vs Lamborghini Urus ? @carwow

  • rıdvan tahtakın
    rıdvan tahtakın

    0:53 What's wrong with it?

  • Tom Langton
    Tom Langton

    wow how the hell did te BMW get that close?? was the hand break on in the Audi?? Win for BMW regardless , tier 1 audi vs tier 2 bmw

    • Sense Cars
      Sense Cars

      Can’t have the electric handbrake on mate

  • Victor Cornea
    Victor Cornea

    This is not a real M.It is almost "m" m340i...

  • Romeo Santos
    Romeo Santos

    Remeber 375hp vs 450hp

  • Romeo Santos
    Romeo Santos

    Bmw power 💪

  • Joao Lima
    Joao Lima

    The world needs Alfa Romeo not BMW our Audi.

    • Sense Cars
      Sense Cars


  • Jaguar Hellcat
    Jaguar Hellcat

    I would be very disappointed to buy an 'RS' and BARELY beat a mid level BMW. All 'RS' vehicles should be 11-second cars. period.

  • omar parisien
    omar parisien

    audi best

  • Lost Vagueness
    Lost Vagueness

    The countdown girl is Samantha James, she is the carwow youtube content producer. You can see her at the 4 minute mark in

  • Makke

    W H A T

  • Marlboro M2C
    Marlboro M2C

    I Drove the M340i at BMW autocross New Jersey USA. Was very impressed with the handling, cornering, braking even with DSC on. It dove into and dug into tight corners welland was nimble coming out of corners with balance. I posted on. My channel.

  • Akshar Balkaran
    Akshar Balkaran


  • Francis Githunguri
    Francis Githunguri

    M340i vs S4 vs C43 AMG, all sedans

  • Renato Pinto
    Renato Pinto

    You tested 2 diferent cars, with so much power diference... i supose you can only get a fair test comparing a 3 series to a A4 or a 5 series to a A6...

  • Bart van den berg
    Bart van den berg

    The BMW touring cars are so beautiful tho😍 I- I think I’d rather have an M touring than a sedan😬

  • rebecca gair
    rebecca gair

    Let’s have more Yianni v Mat drag races Go BMW tho

  • Jay Cheeseman
    Jay Cheeseman

    B58 power 💪💪💪

  • Felix Martinez
    Felix Martinez

    I Hate that other guy where is yanni?

  • Israel Silva
    Israel Silva

    Good to see that you can still see beautiful and beautiful wagons today, however here in Brazil there is only a shopping SUV that you can't even see dust #SaveTheWagons

  • Sami Coman
    Sami Coman

    Audi RS 💪💪💪

  • Nuno Fernandes
    Nuno Fernandes

    I didn’t expect that BMW to be that quick. Or maybe the Audi is too slow...

  • silver surfer
    silver surfer

    audi nie jedzie jak na 450 koni w porównaniu do bmw 374 hp

  • Sirtbirt570 -
    Sirtbirt570 -

    eee the rs4 have to race a m3 not a m340 i

  • Mauro Ciceri
    Mauro Ciceri

    B m v.....😂😂😂😂😂

  • v811gfg

    The B58 engine in the BMW is a master piece.

  • Rutu Umap
    Rutu Umap

    Why these wagons are not in india ? 😭

  • Niklas Schepmann
    Niklas Schepmann

    Audi is so baaad

  • peetee

    Matt get some fast family diesels on. M340d Touring vs S4 Estate ... throw in an F31 335d in too ? Do it!

  • Matthew

    I think an S4 would have been a more apples for apples match.