2020 Corvette C8 review: see how quick it is 0-60mph + 1/4mile... And the shocking UK price!
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It’s time for another first for Mat and the carwow team - We’ve got our hands on a Corvette! But it’s not just any Corvette… It’s the all-new Corvette C8, and it’s the first mid-engine Corvette since the original model was released back in 1953!
It was first revealed back in Summer 2019, and when you look at the specs, it’s no surprise we’ve been dying to get our hands on one! With a 6.2-litre naturally-aspirated V8, the Corvette will be able to put down 496hp and 637Nm!
Sounds pretty good, right? But that’s not all… It’ll only cost $62,000 - less than an AMG A45 S!! So what do you think - is this all-new sports car worth the ‘cheap’ price? Keep watching to find out!
Thanks to Clive Sutton for lending us the Corvette for this review - www.clivesutton.co.uk/
00:00 Intro
01:39 Exterior Design
03:44 Interior Design
05:51 Practicality
06:34 Boot
09:16 Five Annoying Features
10:50 Five Cool Features
12:38 Engine
14:04 0 - 60mph & Quarter-mile
15:56 Everyday Driving
17:25 Twisty Road Driving
18:54 Verdict
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  • Mat Watson Cars
    Mat Watson Cars

    I'm wanting to drag race this car... But which cars should I race it against? Let me know and I'll try to make it happen!

    • nightmare 125
      nightmare 125

      Porsche 911 turbo s

    • Soren Sassanid
      Soren Sassanid

      Porsche 911 turbo s & Bmw m8 comp.

    • Fillson

      AMG GT R/Ford Mustang/A45 S/

    • Billy Buxton
      Billy Buxton


    • Dave Singh
      Dave Singh

      E63 M6

  • John Thodos
    John Thodos

    You should drag race it man !!!!

  • Help King
    Help King

    Wow that's an American ferrari

  • Robert Mario
    Robert Mario

    Not a corvette

  • Billie Bleach
    Billie Bleach

    03:49 the upper stitching from the panel of the central tunnel ends up higher than the stitching of the dashboard panel above the glovebox. Looks quite odd.

  • HopeaToffee - Soittolistat
    HopeaToffee - Soittolistat

    Double the price in UK? Pfft....just wait and see. It's going to be a 250k car in Finland....if someone is stupid enough to buy it here.

  • Mitchell Brown
    Mitchell Brown

    The Corvette isn't the only car with the 12V socket buried in the passenger footwell. In a current Miata (ND), it's in the same location and it's the only one in the car. In a Rolls-Royce Ghost, there's a socket in that same location, but that car has four others (two front, two rear).

  • Helmut Stouthamer
    Helmut Stouthamer

    Love this car. Def have this over BMW, Audi and Merc.

  • Paul Griffin
    Paul Griffin

    Interior looks pretty good, but ... 04:29 - check out the stitching: on a German car it would line up at the panel joint. (On a British car it would be in slightly different colours and probably frayed when delivered :sigh: )

  • Roshan Starboy
    Roshan Starboy

    I think gm should launch it on india

  • Titan Uranus
    Titan Uranus

    11.65sec quarter...w/ da twatshen turned on? Just give to da Stig-Meister...he will/she will/it will show u tea sipping, scone eating poms how to drive in beast mode.

  • The Real Rob Preston
    The Real Rob Preston

    Stevie Wonder school of stitching.

  • PSUdoctor333

    I love how a Porsche 911 ad just pops up during this video. Product placement.

  • Aleksandar Grujic
    Aleksandar Grujic

    It is disgusting. Absolutely disproportional in the back.

  • lhukhj hkihyj
    lhukhj hkihyj

    Lol they have copied ferrari. The looks, engine placement....

  • Pantheroful

    Break in not withstanding; but, doesn't the removed roof panel create drag that affects acceleration?

  • jtantare

    WTF happened to his face?

  • heretustay

    12:59 Thanks for saying "Z" the right way, my American ears appreciated it 😜

  • Jack Cole
    Jack Cole

    I’ve clocked 2.87 on mine with 3k miles

    • Seb C
      Seb C

      With the factory Chevy timer?

  • doogieAfro

    This is an overthought car. Wont age well.

  • Howard Bleier
    Howard Bleier

    You have to break it in

  • Jordan King
    Jordan King

    I saw 3 on the road today and one on Turo listed at $323/day

  • Aaron Hines
    Aaron Hines

    I really can’t believe you didn’t realize that the car was still in the break in period. The redline is at 4500 rpm... smh. Very disappointing for you to review a car that is still limited.

  • Rob Fox
    Rob Fox

    Looks like little Ferrari kit car 😆

  • acowan11

    We have a lot of land in America, which translates to wider roads. The aesthetics of equal "stalks" for mirror width is probably more important than saving space on the roads.

  • Chris Green
    Chris Green

    I'm calling it... "froot" sounds cooler than "frunk".

  • tacky

    when I saw this moron stop the car the lane, in the middle of a curve in the road, I turned the video off

  • humble OG
    humble OG

    The left hand drive sucks

  • Super One
    Super One

    LOL those Clive Sutton people have the car listed for 132k lol fk outta here, Thats one reason why there not sold there, Eu be bullshitting on the price.

  • John Lau
    John Lau

    the wheels looks a tad small for this car, deserve something more aggressive looking

  • Tucker Lehman
    Tucker Lehman

    I'm very disappointed in your lack of knowledge concering the 500 mile break in period for the c8 corvette. This car has been out for over a year now and there are dozens of reviews online that explain the break in period. The car litterally has 64 miles on it and your already thrashing it around and driving it hard which goes against everthing chevrolet recomends in the manual. Further more onces the car is broken in and the rpm limiter is deactivated and full power is avalible other channels like Speed Phenom have recorded 0-60 times in 2.6 seconds. By the way I really do enjoy the channel, keep up the good work.

  • Tiening Wang
    Tiening Wang

    Less than 12s with top down is awesome! I expect faster with top up.

  • M T
    M T

    GM quality control = lots of trips back to the dealer

  • Chris D
    Chris D

    Surely the fact the steering wheel is on the wrong side should make the list of most annoying things! Also, quoted prices for cars in America don't tend to be the full 'on the road' price. You usually have to add frieght charges, sales and other taxes and fees, which vary across the country. Still vastly cheaper but the gap is a little narrower than first meets the eye.

  • chris brockman
    chris brockman

    You have to factor in the leaves on the ground , for the speed times

  • Edwin Ortiz
    Edwin Ortiz

    0-60 is sub 3s after 500miles break-in period. Do your homework

  • H3R0

    With the roof on it might do better...

  • Francis Agbayani
    Francis Agbayani

    You said “Zee-51pack”. The American id is strong in you.

  • Christopher W
    Christopher W

    Keep in mind after Brexit if we get a free trade deal with the states the only additional tax on this will be VAT and shipping. All in should cost no more than £65/70k ish (about half the current UK price). Not a bad car for that money

  • Michal_King

    for that price, its so awesome in the usa. Here for some reason, it costs as much as a mclaren mp4-12c or a new like gallardo prolly 3rd gen

  • Michal_King

    but damn that thing is giant or ur tiny xd the aventador looks tiny compared to this

  • Michal_King

    costs less than 50k quid Me: nice bruh The website: 132k quid

  • WrathDegenerous

    50k ..... but 132k....

  • Tobias Stanisfugl
    Tobias Stanisfugl

    Cannot be a lack of competence to realize that 0-60 should be done with closed roof, after 500 m burn-in and with launch control. So some strange smell rests upon objectivly testing this very C8!?

  • Leonardofahrer

    What do you mean .... stin-gray?

  • Reju Subash
    Reju Subash

    Wow. This car is pretty impressive for the money you pay in US.

  • Zaid

    Looks like ferarri cheap replica

  • Arda KARACIK
    Arda KARACIK

    What a car!

  • ed Morse
    ed Morse

    Might help if you had the top on to eliminate drag!

  • The Zanzibarbarian
    The Zanzibarbarian

    This needs to be dragged next to a Honda NSX. They look pretty similar :-))... Once again for an american muscle car, if you live in the USA, it's a great bargain. But if you live in the UK, it's going to be overpriced for what it can do and there are far better cars for the same money.

  • NabiL

    Race it Against R35 GT-R stock

  • Kevin Bhasi
    Kevin Bhasi

    7:33 I believe the button is still there in order to comply with some US regulation.

  • Alexander Tsang
    Alexander Tsang

    The mysterious 0.6 seconds went to generating the buffeting in the cabin 😂

  • JJ LL
    JJ LL

    Being an American car I give it 8 months before it starts falling to pieces 😂😂😂

  • Hamza Mohammad
    Hamza Mohammad

    You didn't launch it properly

  • Steve D
    Steve D

    looks like a kit car

  • Vince Woodward
    Vince Woodward

    Close roof for reliable launch time

  • Lukas Murmann
    Lukas Murmann

    * Extremely positive review * Americans: yOu dIDn'T bReAk It iN!!!!!

  • Lukas Murmann
    Lukas Murmann

    Looks like a huge body kit

  • Kyle Keenan
    Kyle Keenan

    The Americans dun good yall!

  • Johan Fredriksson
    Johan Fredriksson

    4:56 Seam mismatch.... Oh no!! ;)

  • n n
    n n

    Umm next time you drag race put the top on it will be faster

  • TAU

    Could it be that the fact the roof is off messed with the aerodynamics and therefore the 0-60 time was underperforming?

  • 562. Anthony
    562. Anthony

    10:02 claims he’s a car expert but doesn’t know how to open the trunk or why mirrors are longer on one side

  • Andrej Ninkovic
    Andrej Ninkovic

    What for that amount of money you could buy S8 0 to 60 3.2 sec done business sedan common

  • Gordon McCartney
    Gordon McCartney

    $62k in USA, Clive Sutton..... £132k.

  • overtaxed

    Here in Europe we have a freedom that is sickly limited by excessive taxes while in the USA the average citizen can drive a V8 petrol swallower, even a social case person can afford a V8 for everyday driving, while here in Europe we drive in rattling diesels, in most cases with 4 cylinders. Oh yes we are so free that we can only watch tycoons and football stars ride in sports cars. Non car guys obviously don't know what kind of freedom it is all about . sltoos.info/for/nquQ3qSCiIucyWk/video&ab_channel=thebundok

  • vincent o'neill
    vincent o'neill

    Looks like a F360

  • Rhys_ Gacha
    Rhys_ Gacha

    C8 Corvette: The next transformer

  • Mikhail Patchay
    Mikhail Patchay

    Put the roof on Matt and you will get a faster time !!

  • donmlaaden

    The best Corvette ever made! I'm impressed!

  • Don Wilber
    Don Wilber

    For a "professional reviewer", you should be ashamed for not breaking the vehicle in before this test.

  • Tyrone

    If this car was Italian or German it would be £350k

  • Frank Topete
    Frank Topete

    Matt looks like you had fun on this one!! Shame it’s so pricey in the UK. Also I did some research and found that maybe you didn’t set the car up correctly to get the sub 3.0 second runs. You had sport mode, but there’s additional changes. sltoos.info/for/x3ifmtaMqY97zaA/video

  • Tyrone

    This is one beautiful car. God bless America

  • Adrian Lowe
    Adrian Lowe

    Clive be selling these babies for 132,000 pounds tho xD what a mark up

  • Adam R
    Adam R

    2.9s is from a drag strip with a sticky surface at the start

  • Oswaldo Castillo
    Oswaldo Castillo

    Now race other corvettes

  • Car Culture Nation
    Car Culture Nation

    Not liking how off the stitching is on the passenger side.

  • Faraz Sayal
    Faraz Sayal

    Just a thought, most likely not broken in yet to hit close to 2.9 seconds for 0 to 60 and second I think you need the top on to eliminate the wind drag. I don't think any car can hit close to it's 0-60 time with the top off...

  • kolim jone
    kolim jone


  • Carlo Chavez🍀
    Carlo Chavez🍀

    Funny how it has mexican car id tags on the windshield. Probably imported from a Mexican dealership as corvettes go for less in México compared to the insane msrps markups on the US.

    • Carlo Chavez🍀
      Carlo Chavez🍀

      kolim jone pretty much on crack, they run for 90k usd in Mexico tops. Tho’ it is the first one in the UK, so there’s that

    • kolim jone
      kolim jone

      that website is selling it for £135,000 what the hell lol

  • James W
    James W

    Your launches were NOT good. The car would be faster with some wheelspin. You should use the launch function. People routinely get sub-3 second times in the 'States.

  • Henry Rahardja
    Henry Rahardja

    even after so long, i still can't get used to the face of the C8 Corvette, the headlamp is too wide and look weird to me, the rest of the car is actually quite nice. Maybe the Z06 version will look better

  • peep39

    Good. Just in time for my midlife crisis

  • Clint68

    Put the roof back on and try again...

  • Bij Dikh
    Bij Dikh

    "The Corvette is an absolute bargain in America", except it's not. Most dealers here in the US charge $120k for these things.

  • hiro111

    Doesn't break in the car, doesn't use launch control: says the car is slower than advertised. 🙄🙄

  • Joke Assasin
    Joke Assasin

    Should be compared to the Audi R8 and Jaguar F-type R

  • Joke Assasin
    Joke Assasin

    Everyone knows that's a fake tan. The sun doesn't shine on the British empire anymore.

  • Joke Assasin
    Joke Assasin

    £132K for what is essentially a $60K usd car. LOL

  • J Mair
    J Mair

    Mat....getting totally fed up with all the multi adverts per video....I realise there should be some form of advertising, start middle and end....however adverts are coming on every few minutes which is runing the overall video experience and over the past year too many ads per video. I have actually clicked off on many many videos because of multi adverts. I'm sure lots of your subscribers are doing the same.

  • Andre Lind
    Andre Lind

    does quarter mile times. with top off. lol

  • Jaidan Hubbard
    Jaidan Hubbard

    no no no no the stitching on the inside console doesn't line up and its wonky, that would actually drive me insane...... wouldn't get that in a £60,000 Mercedes

  • Finn McMillan
    Finn McMillan

    he said "i rlly like this red" hahah

  • adriansmith76

    i come here just to see Matt say OMG and his wee run. carry on.

  • J14BSY

    that website is selling it for £135,000 what the hell lol

  • Raphy Martinez
    Raphy Martinez

    Love the front, love the side, HATE the back

  • Stewart Icke
    Stewart Icke

    too many ads - groan

  • Esteban Garcia
    Esteban Garcia

    So are we going to ignore the fact that it look like a Ferrari ??