You won't believe what these car names ACTUALLY mean!
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It’s fair to say that naming a car is a lot harder than you may think! Think of all the things you’ll need to get right, from picking something that sounds cool, through to making sure it works in multiple different languages.
As a result, it means that sometimes, you’ll end up with car names that have rather unusual meanings. Further to that, there’s definitely been a few occasions where manufacturers clearly haven’t done enough research on the names they’ve chosen!
Wondering which are the worst offenders? You’ll need to sit back and join Mat for our latest video to find out!
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  • carwow

    Have we missed a weird car name off our list? Let us know!

    • oil Toast
      oil Toast

      The mustang was named after the areo plane.


      @7S POWER R/woosh, I know that already mate.

    • 7S POWER
      7S POWER

      @NABIL KHOSYI RITZANJUE NO. TT is the abbreviation of the Island of Man Tourist Trophy race that Audi competed in.

    • VLL

      Mitsubishi Pajero!!

    • Jibril Shazad
      Jibril Shazad

      nissan cube though it looks its name

  • zpe1200

    The MU "mysterious Utility" was a load of fun 2L turbo diesel and a small 2 door with hilarious ride height and body roll, they could drift in the wet.

  • Balls of Steel
    Balls of Steel

    Kuga means literally plague in Serbian.

  • Snap92

    In Spain the Mitsubishi Montero used to be called Mitsubishi Pajero but they ended renaming it since pajero means wanker in spanish and nobody wanted a "Mitsubishi Wanker"

  • didjeridu100

    As an Indonesian interpreter for 16 years, pronounciation of (Porsche) "Macan" is NOT "MA-KAN" (which means "to eat" in Indonesian). It is pronounced: "mat͡ʃan".

  • Paolo De Zar
    Paolo De Zar

    100% the huyndai Kona in Portuguese hahah

  • Bharat Singh
    Bharat Singh

    KONA in India (Hindi) means "Corner"

  • Υπερδιαγαλαξιακός Αστροπολεμιστής
    Υπερδιαγαλαξιακός Αστροπολεμιστής

    Japanese dont use the "L" thats why they say "car me in my phone because i am not using scype".But.Acrually what they say is this :Corur mi in my phonu,becausu i duruont use my skaipu"

  • Alan Moore
    Alan Moore

    The 'No Va' thing is nonsense.. 'Nova' just means 'new' - as in supernova, casa nova

    • Andrea Tomassini
      Andrea Tomassini

      yes, but in spanish it makes a good joke

  • Carlo Hutasoit
    Carlo Hutasoit

    Toyota kijang in english is like a deer

  • Carlo Hutasoit
    Carlo Hutasoit

    Macan its mean like a leopard not a tiger , the tiger in indonesia its mean harimau

  • Jaiden Detering
    Jaiden Detering

    The Mustang was actually named after the P-52 Lightning airplane, not the horse

  • Eko Junor
    Eko Junor

    Porsche just did a Google search for cool names that sound like Cayenne & Carrera and found "Cajun" (which they eventually cancelled) and "Macan", not realizing that the correct pronunciation in Indonesian is "Mah-Chan" and not "May-Can". How hard was it to call up the Indonesian Embassy in Germany to ask the correct pronunciation of "Macan"? On second thought, Porsche probably would've cancelled it if they'd known that the "C" sound in "Macan" sounds very different from the "C" sound in "Cayenne" & "Carrera" & "Taycan".

  • Khb 888
    Khb 888

    No hablo espanol, but Diablo means Devil

  • Anton Faucher
    Anton Faucher

    Also Maserati "Ghibli" in Russian means "die!".🤣

  • juanabanana81

    6:21: buying it

  • Εժωιո Տօեօ
    Εժωιո Տօեօ

    5:11 "I will look for you, I will find you and I will kill you"

  • Michael Bloch
    Michael Bloch

    My Renault Koleos, which translates to testicle in latin.

  • Sub Zero
    Sub Zero

    *Countwow !*

  • Rishav Kumar
    Rishav Kumar

    Here in India "KONA" means corner

  • 7S POWER
    7S POWER

    Matt, that's correct the Macan is an Indonesian Tiger. So the correct pronunciation is Ma-Chan, not Ma-khan for Pete's sake!!!

  • 7S POWER
    7S POWER

    No, Mat you are completely an idiot. The e-tron is the abbreviation for electron

  • IWont TellYou
    IWont TellYou

    Matt: I will look for you, I will find you and I will ... (Ad starts)

  • Roberts Dmitročenko
    Roberts Dmitročenko

    Also Daihatsu Midget😁😁

  • DrMagnusW

    the Mitsubishi grandis is made fun of in norway, because one of our frozen pizzas are called grandiosa, but people call it grandis.

  • brennos198

    Mitsubishi PAJERO = Mitsubishi wanker

  • juanabanana81

    merc G class, G-G force

  • juanabanana81

    it made me 😄

  • Rana Pratap
    Rana Pratap

    I was

  • NitroGT

    I still wanna call it Tayy-cann

  • Gonzalo Pastor
    Gonzalo Pastor

    You missed the Mitsubishi Pajero, in Spain that means, Masturbating Mitsubishi

  • Alastair MacNaughton
    Alastair MacNaughton

    The vw polo comes from polar winds

  • vector shiller
    vector shiller

    Mat u are wrong. Mitsubishi Stalion means Mitsubishi Stalin which means the name of Joseph Stalin

  • Junaid Riaz
    Junaid Riaz

    Aston Martin Vagina 🤪😅😁

  • K-Man Sports
    K-Man Sports

    *YOU FORGOT THE MOST IMPORTANT ONE!!!* Mitsubishi named one of their cars the "Pajero" which means "wanker" in Spanish. How can you forget about that?!

  • K-Man Sports
    K-Man Sports

    Matt complaining about people not pronouncing a Porsche model correctly, while he can't even pronounce the brand's name...

  • Joanne Tatton
    Joanne Tatton

    Ford ranger =stupid driver. 😁

  • Ozo101

    espada means sword in spanish thats it , no special bull fighting sword , just any old plain sword

  • Alofzico

    I gota say, Porsche has the stupid and ugly names for their stuff.

  • Hassan Yakubu
    Hassan Yakubu

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  • Saul Collado
    Saul Collado


  • VLL

    Mitsubishi Pajero bro!!

  • George Dömse
    George Dömse

    Mitshubishi Pajero, where "pajero" means wanker in Spanish.

  • OverLord_HD

    The Toyota Aygo actually means "go" or "walking" when translated to english...

  • UHU Stic
    UHU Stic

    no Lamborghini named their old cars after don miuras bulls

  • Sebas Fuel Injection
    Sebas Fuel Injection

    No va xd

  • mrinal kishore
    mrinal kishore

    Aston Martin Vagina, smooth as it is.

  • Çommenter Person
    Çommenter Person

    e-tron might have been an intentional dig at the paris-aggrement.

  • Vitor Rocha
    Vitor Rocha

    There's also the Mazda Laputa that was only made for Japan, but was sold in Europe as the Suzuki Ignis.

  • SMN

    VW Bora ,used the Jetta name in South Africa because Bora means Boring in Zulu

  • axel

    Porsche macan Macan means house in hindi and you can buy a really nice macan at price of base model macan over here, starts over $110k

  • Hüseyin

    Citroen Saxo Saxo means blowjob in turkish

  • charlotte picton
    charlotte picton

    My dad always used to call Nissan juke a Nissan puke until I brought a Nissan juke now he thinks there cool 😂

  • Bankroll TBH
    Bankroll TBH


  • Pranav Sopory
    Pranav Sopory

    Hi Matt. CHR and HRV are abbreviations. RAV is an abbreviation that is pronounced as a word and is therefore an acronym. - An Indian

  • Max

    How’d you miss the Aston Martin Vantage....

  • Mihajlo Đoković
    Mihajlo Đoković

    Kuga means plauge in serbian

  • Shawn Steadman
    Shawn Steadman

    I named my series blue Subaru BRZ BLUEY!

  • LG Curse
    LG Curse

    I love it when Matt tries to pronounce these words 😂

  • Chester Shoeberry
    Chester Shoeberry

    I feel stupid for asking this but what the hell is a lady garden?

  • Shlok Mane
    Shlok Mane

    Whole world: Porsche, hyundai, bmw Meanwhile in india: porch, huundai, bmdoblu

  • Mike Delagarza
    Mike Delagarza

    Dont worry Mat i know what meird or merd means in French 🤐🤐

  • Igor Markovic
    Igor Markovic

    Kuga means plague in Serbian/Bosnian/Croatian (:

  • Siddhant Dhimaan
    Siddhant Dhimaan

    Did we forget about the special edition Subaru Forester called Forester Unlimited Customized Kit Special, a.k.a. Subaru F.U.C.K.S.?

  • Luis Pires
    Luis Pires

    I knew he was going to talk about the "kona" here they call it "kauai"

  • Itssomeone 12
    Itssomeone 12

    What about toyota corona? Corolla now

  • 06 DPA
    06 DPA

    Subaru Levorg

  • fjelic

    BURA, not BORA!!!

  • Newt Dexistion
    Newt Dexistion



    I give it a like, commented too. Give me a cookie now. Do next video about Trabant car.

  • Artenans Adnan
    Artenans Adnan

    Kona really is a messy name. If you add "K" in the end of KONA it means erection in Indonesian Slang!

  • Retro Xtero
    Retro Xtero

    1:53 demonized

  • Retro Xtero
    Retro Xtero

    But I’m american

  • Oliver Harris
    Oliver Harris

    OMG that was the funniest one yet!! 🤣! Well done matt!

  • Nue Bibaj
    Nue Bibaj

  • Mat

    What’s with all the advertising now on SLtoos? It’s getting worst... thinking of moving to another platform?

  • AdrianH

    Maserati Levante literally means Up, as in like air causes an up wind or just because their suv goes Up 😅

    • Andrea Tomassini
      Andrea Tomassini

      it means "east" to be honest...but yes, it comes from latin and roughly translates as "going up" meaning"the spot where it goes up", obviously referring to the sun

  • Apothecary Terry
    Apothecary Terry

    5:11 that's a great Russell Crowe impression. Wrong franchise but still good work.

  • Panos Kappos
    Panos Kappos

    Pls make a drag race with all mazda rx cars (i mean the 3 gen of rx7 nad the rx8)

  • Jaroslav Klos
    Jaroslav Klos

    Škoda Scala - in some Czech dialects it literally means: Pity, she peed.

  • Fëanor 8968
    Fëanor 8968

    Ford Kuga. Kuga means plague in Croatian.

  • barkat djamel
    barkat djamel

    Because france is the toilet of Europe, this is why every word there means poop 💩💩

  • space cat
    space cat

    You missed a car named LUND it means pp in hindi

  • Godfrey Poon
    Godfrey Poon

    Gonna buy myself a brand new Mitsubishi Spatchcock tomorrow.

  • Edward Saunders
    Edward Saunders

    The Nissan Cedric was amusing. And even in the UK we seem to have accepted the Vauxhall "Coarser" without blinking....Glad you referenced the Toyota Merde, that's a classic. In fact I think Toyota itself is a corruption of the founder's Toyoda because the Japanese character making the "t" sound is considered lucky - can anyone confirm this?

  • B Kovacs
    B Kovacs

    Let's polish that turd

  • Allan Reardon
    Allan Reardon

    Nissan also had the Cedric and Gloria in domestic market. Imagine catching up with your mates at the local Izakaya and telling them you bought a Gloria.

  • Bice404

    So what is the Audi turd called in France?

  • shazia Ansari
    shazia Ansari

    The Miura is named after don eduardo miura, he was a breeder of fighting bulls and ferrucio’s personal friend


    I refuse to believe that I got two unskipable 20 seconds ads on this video :(

  • thodkats

    Vulcan, is actually the Latin name of the ancient Greek god Hephaestus.

  • Pratyaksh Vijh
    Pratyaksh Vijh

    Kona also means corner in hindi😂😂

  • Amine Ouahi
    Amine Ouahi

    The Pajero in Spain, best example...

  • Uygar Salman
    Uygar Salman

    İn turkish ve say Tayın Canı rhar means spirit of and little horse

  • ankit
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  • Legendary YOYO
    Legendary YOYO

    Also Škoda in Slovenian means trash

  • Legendary YOYO
    Legendary YOYO

    Also Škoda in Slovenian means trash

  • Legendary YOYO
    Legendary YOYO

    Also Škoda in Slovenian means trash

  • Legendary YOYO
    Legendary YOYO

    Also Škoda in Slovenian means trash

  • Legendary YOYO
    Legendary YOYO

    Also Škoda in Slovenian means trash