Audi RS7 vs Audi RS4: DRAG RACE
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It's time for an Audi head-to-head! So you might all expect the RS7 to storm to a resounding victory, thanks to the fact it's packing a 4-litre twin-turbo V8 under the bonnet. But even though the RS4 may only have a 2.9-litre V6, will its lighter weight give it an advantage? And more importantly, when the RS7 costs £30k MORE than the RS4, is it really worth splashing out on the RS7 instead? There's only one way to find out... LET'S RACE!
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  • Stefan Giui
    Stefan Giui

    Good way to ruin the diff on that tarmac.

  • Abilash Sukanthan
    Abilash Sukanthan

    190mph derestricted

  • Hunter Biden's Crackpipe
    Hunter Biden's Crackpipe

    RS4 is better

  • Cannyscott

    Would of been interesting to see the times of the RS4 for the 1st 2 drags....

  • Crazy Vargas 79
    Crazy Vargas 79

    RS7 went early the 3rd time

  • Crazy Vargas 79
    Crazy Vargas 79

    Beautiful cars but horrible cars to own. Nothing but junk after a few years. Maybe Audi should focus on making their vehicles reliable instead of just making them look good.

  • Matt Carlyon
    Matt Carlyon

    Me: I love both these audis *sees back end* Me: THEY MADE IT LOOK BETTER!?


    I like the red one or the audi

  • Shiroman Ramsoedh
    Shiroman Ramsoedh

    That burp tho😂

  • Amazing Family Is really cool
    Amazing Family Is really cool

    I like the rs7 performance

  • Shreeyans Mohanty
    Shreeyans Mohanty

    RS7 can do 190 mph, if you de-limit it

  • Kiran Burra
    Kiran Burra

    The rs7 doesn’t sound as nice 👍 as the rs4 because the rs4 sounds so so so so good 🥰😍😘😍🥰😍😘

  • BluesFanUK

    Overpriced cars to begin with, so nah, RS7 isn't worth 30k over the RS4.

  • Gregg Cesaroni
    Gregg Cesaroni

    It’s 190

  • William K
    William K

    Best launch was @ 10:05!

  • Pseudo nym
    Pseudo nym

    Something went wrong here, that wasnt a half second gap in the 1/4 mile... makes utterly no sense at all.

  • Onofrio PetroneTM
    Onofrio PetroneTM

    Whatsapp a sound!!

  • Itzblackplayz Roblox
    Itzblackplayz Roblox

    Audi rs4 sounds better

  • Kgomotso Motso
    Kgomotso Motso

    RS4 sounds like a jet at the finish line 🔥🔥🔥

  • The Man
    The Man

    Here PRAYING the US versions will be faster without all that OPF bullshit and ridiculous EU laws for new ICE cars. Because from the evidence in this video, the C7 RS6/RS7 outperform these new models right now :(

  • pedro henrique
    pedro henrique

    Race rs6, rs7, r8


    This is not logic WTF audi

  • Tauheed Ditta
    Tauheed Ditta


  • Josef Paunovic
    Josef Paunovic

    Why is audi so bored

  • Raul Varciu
    Raul Varciu

    idk if the extra power is worth the money, but the way rs7 looks like, is hella yea worth the money

  • Nico Pillay
    Nico Pillay

    Race the RS4 with the RS5 and RS5 sportback to see what the weight difference does

  • Anonymous Bullet
    Anonymous Bullet

    New rs7 does 11.6 and new rs6 does 11.3 , whats going on? Edit: rs7 also does 11.4 in another video of theres. Is rs6 faster?

  • MrB8boy

    Matt apparently the Rev limiter is some BS around catalyst protection.

  • Ben

    Thumbs up 👍 so Matt sees this Old generation rs7 stock vs new 2020 Audi rs7 stock 🙏🏼👍.

  • Shawn Casto
    Shawn Casto

    I’d say that proves how important reaction time is

  • Gonul Aydir
    Gonul Aydir

    Тинчо наред ли е пчелен клей

  • Pip Pipster
    Pip Pipster

    The Brexit Drag Race - keep doing it till you win 🤣

  • Bestman

    Im sorry but this is upsetting me. Why will an RS7 0-62 mph (3.6sec)be bitten by an Rs4 (4.1sec). I know its the driver but so Mat why don't you swap cars ?????????????

  • ツツzεяφ

    Am not gona dislike but that was shameful the 2nd try of the dragrace was the perfect try and the most accurate... The roling race well ofc rs7 will win it and the break test can easly go to the rs4... Rs4 is better

  • Kate plus Wealth
    Kate plus Wealth

    Loved your Audi RS7 vs RS4 review! Would love your opinion on the video I just posted reviewing new Audi S8. Please let me know what you think 😊

  • Naphtali Gray
    Naphtali Gray

    ABT > PERFORMANCE > PRESTIGE. NO AMG-E or M5 COMP is beating either theABT RS6-R ABT or the ABT RS7-R And they’re not aftermarket vehicles. Anyone who can afford them will be able to buy them. Audi is making 125 of them (each).

  • Félix García
    Félix García

    The Rs7 is evolving, just backwards.

    • Félix García
      Félix García

      @Naphtali Gray I know, my dream car is the Rs7 xD

    • Naphtali Gray
      Naphtali Gray

      Non-sense. Better check out the ABT versions of the RS's.

  • jack lin
    jack lin

    Hey Mat,could you make a drag race between new RS7 and old RS7,that would be great😏

  • TheSickfloW

    I wish we had the RS4 in the United States!

  • Rajcatko 007
    Rajcatko 007

    A4 vs Rs4 ??

  • MrMarcin178

    Didn’t see the .5 sec difference. Give me the RS4 any day. Rs7 looks like a turtle.

  • Axel González
    Axel González

    Of you had another brake test the rs7 would have been even better. Carbon ceramic brakes need to warm up to give the best performance. Cheers !!

  • Samvsss

    Why does mat allways get the boring cars

  • Matou

    RS4 vs rs6

  • Lifelihle Tshabalala
    Lifelihle Tshabalala

    Audi should remove the soft limiter😤

  • Samuel Amores Fernández
    Samuel Amores Fernández

    Also I love your videos, and I love cars you show on them.

  • Samuel Amores Fernández
    Samuel Amores Fernández

    Please vocalise a lit bit for not English people

  • Yoda8232


  • Muhammad Esa Subedar
    Muhammad Esa Subedar

    in sane

  • pats4life 23
    pats4life 23

    only color i’ve seen the new rs7 in that makes me actually like it any other color it looks bland however the rs4 looks great in any color

  • Boris Pernichev
    Boris Pernichev

    Rs4 for practicality and sexyness plus I can buy a Porsche as well or mods for the rs4

  • Mateusz Jusiński
    Mateusz Jusiński

    9:04 - RS7 started braking BEFORE the line.

  • martin kalinov
    martin kalinov

    If the roads speed restrictions were different then it’s definitely does worth otherwise it doesn’t.


    imma vote for rs4

  • Andre Lue
    Andre Lue

    On the last drag race, he did get the jump thats why the pull difference was a different outcome

  • cody bunker
    cody bunker

    Switch sides after a win

  • Jarne Hoppe
    Jarne Hoppe

    All audi rs drag race pls

  • Joseph Peart
    Joseph Peart

    Wow lost to younger brother lol

  • Jasper Han Yan
    Jasper Han Yan

    Seriously? Where is the extra 3?

  • Suhail Aslam
    Suhail Aslam

    Speaking on a walkie talkie at 160mph is stupidity. Use ur heads carwow. Ur setting a bad example. Does not make a difference if your on a private track be safe not stupid.

  • Leon Henry
    Leon Henry

    RS7 only needed 3 goes to win.

  • Falco Joas
    Falco Joas

    Those slides from those Audis hurt to see. And the sound isnt better. I just know for a reason why I am a AMG fanboy

  • Kgotatso P
    Kgotatso P

    I love Audi but wow I'm disappointed

  • Dāvis Irbe
    Dāvis Irbe

    Can you do drag race with supra with over 500 hp and gtr over 500 hp

  • Viktor Orel
    Viktor Orel


  • Pringles Chapman
    Pringles Chapman

    I was planning to buy a RS7 2020, after i saw this video, now i change my mind to AMG S65. Thank you Carwow

  • The Mixx Remixx
    The Mixx Remixx

    I don't care what anyone says the RS7 and A7 are the best looking Audis

  • Das Raden
    Das Raden

    The RS7 sounds like a tractor whilst revving on a stand still fr

  • KL M
    KL M

    He's got the most annoying laugh ever...sounds like a fly been smashed

  • Tom 718
    Tom 718

    yes its worth the extra 30k

  • Rodrigo Cabello Marín
    Rodrigo Cabello Marín

    If you turn off the TCS you probably can get higher revs till the limiter and better sound. It is a limitation all vehicles from VAG group have to protect the engine when you accelerate with the vehicle stopped.

  • hajnik 79
    hajnik 79

    These new rs v8 models suck at launch. Disappointing Audi...especially RS6.😔

  • chris savva
    chris savva


  • Luca


  • Svilen Mavrev
    Svilen Mavrev

    Stop doing warm ups , think pollution, planet health

  • UN!

    I wanna see rs4 or rs6 vs the m8 competition

  • Karam videos
    Karam videos

    Race starts 2:52

  • Bugshot Mobile
    Bugshot Mobile

    Am i weard if i say that i like the rs4 more than the rs7

  • Rohan Augustine
    Rohan Augustine

    think it would be a better race to put the rs4/rs5 vs the new S7/S6 since its the exact same engine

  • samedox neox
    samedox neox

    Ha? The rs7 does 0-100 in 3.6 seconds and the rs4 in 4 sec so how the fuck can rs4 win sometimes the rs7 weird

  • Lewis Bradley
    Lewis Bradley

    Id much rather have the RS4

  • Yunus Emre
    Yunus Emre

    for sure winner is audi

  • harper 1215
    harper 1215

    I still want a rs4

  • Mummu Great
    Mummu Great

    RS4 owner here... We already know that...its a no brainer

  • Stefan Lechner
    Stefan Lechner

    Frontgrill vs Frontgrill - who would win? I do not care!

  • Mario Botti
    Mario Botti

    Audi are so boring

  • Raghav Kapoor
    Raghav Kapoor

    Only Audi would make a cheaper car quicker then it’s more expensive car. Here come the Audi fans boys. Also I’m an AMG fan all day

  • Darren Malthouse
    Darren Malthouse

    Only thing is, the RS7 looks like a dog doing a crap. So the RS4 wins by default.

  • Antti Lehikoinen
    Antti Lehikoinen

    U can deactivate the soft limiter when u put the car in Neutral. Atleast this works on Porsches. If u want to rev it higher Mat.

  • Junior

    They needed to put a rev limiter on, you cant just take it off because you will get a annoying warning or the engine just wont start but you can get it out without any problems

  • TheSib

    I’ve heard twice, the ungoverned RS7 will do 194mph. Hopefully I’ll be able to attest to that in a year or less...

  • Jakob_ s.m
    Jakob_ s.m

    Rs3 vs. Rs4 vs. Rs6 vs. Rs7 would be incredible!

  • jankay

    WTF have they done to the RS7? They used to look like a fucking space ship. They turned the most beautiful sedan in the market into every other fucking boring audi. They fuckup the new gen R8 and now this? lmao

  • The 95 Gang
    The 95 Gang

    I thought that rs7 was faster

  • The 95 Gang
    The 95 Gang

    Love the look of the rs7 Didn't know that audi had an rs7 until I saw the thumbnail. Click on it very fast

  • Ludvig Laz rev
    Ludvig Laz rev

    So a rs6 vs rs7

  • Maryrose Hocken
    Maryrose Hocken

    As Lukas Mikosch so eloquently wrote, and it bares repeating: Film the back of the cars while doing the brake test, so you can see the brake light! Film the back of the cars while doing the brake test, so you can see the brake light! Film the back of the cars while doing the brake test, so you can see the brake light! Film the back of the cars while doing the brake test, so you can see the brake light! Film the back of the cars while doing the brake test, so you can see the brake light! Film the back of the cars while doing the brake test, so you can see the brake light! Film the back of the cars while doing the brake test, so you can see the brake light! Film the back of the cars while doing the brake test, so you can see the brake light! Film the back of the cars while doing the brake test, so you can see the brake light!

  • David Davidsonn
    David Davidsonn

    how come you don't know the max speed from an RS7 ?? wtf matt?

  • AM G
    AM G

    Rs7 is just sad

  • Nairn J
    Nairn J

    can you please do a drag race agenst the Audi RS4 & the RS6

137 tis.