New Audi RS4 2020 in-depth review - see how quick it really is!
The Audi RS4 has been updated! Sure, none of the changes are that ground-breaking, from the exterior styling tweaks & headlight updates to the Napa leather seats (in the front AND back)! But if you’re looking for an everyday car that can still offer huge performance when you want it, is the RS4 the right choice for you? Stick with Mat and find out!
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  • Aby Mathew
    Aby Mathew


  • Esp Ekelu
    Esp Ekelu

    Audi should never use a V6 engine! Here it should have been either 5 cylinders or 8 in a V! And it should be more than enough to go on with a 5 cylinder, which they more than 40 years ago, took over 600hp from!

  • Guy Sharma
    Guy Sharma

    i like that it is quiter ... it sounds better and it def looks better dan the previous model ... they just should give the option to clear the big scree in to the dashboard as in the A3 ... that's the only issue of the interior

  • time happy
    time happy


  • M. Wojtania
    M. Wojtania

    I love this screw the bmw and mercedes fanboys

  • عمر ليبيا
    عمر ليبيا

    But i like yr way

  • عمر ليبيا
    عمر ليبيا

    U fool

  • Erik N
    Erik N

    Soft limiter it's the biggest bullshit in this stupid world. Corona it's to

  • Erik N
    Erik N

    Matt to much meth or coca?! 😂

  • King Eagle
    King Eagle

    baby rs6

  • Daniel Marshall
    Daniel Marshall

    Less than four seconds to 60mph from standstill is a laugh, cheers for this vid.

  • akhil sankar
    akhil sankar

    The guy belittle every aspect about the German car. Even points it's features with a silly stick. 🙄

  • Mihai Ştețco
    Mihai Ştețco

    For God so loved the world, that he gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life. John 3: 16 “...Repent, for the kingdom of heaven has come near.” Matthew 3: 2

  • WoodyBLike

    Where's the S4 review??

  • Mod 66
    Mod 66

    There comes a time when you have to say enough is enough and stop changing things .This car was perfect about 6 yrs ago and it is getting too complicated and overthought now.

  • MakeSh00t

    Mustang much better. .. why ? car is made by reason nothing fake on him.

  • LSB

    How exactly does *Car Wow* save you money over buying from the showroom ??

  • Ethan

    Yes bmw and Mercedes are good and everything. But the Audi looks the best. It is the sexiest beast in the arsenal.

  • Evan’s Show
    Evan’s Show

    I rather buy cla 45s for that price

  • Adrian

    Will there be audi RS4 Sedan version?

  • Best Movie Scene
    Best Movie Scene

  • Sumit Chauhan
    Sumit Chauhan

    Why don't you show complete videos. First when you showed the brake test. You mixed both shots inside and outside shots that might look cool for Cinematic purposes however for a review video it won't. Rather you should've shown first the inside shot snd then the outside shot. It's a review channel not a channel where your post production editor shows his editing skills. You can contact me I can make this video look like a WB Studios product. Secondly, when car slightly was up in the air both shots were not clear. That shot was taken from a main camera outside too. You didn't showed that too. Carwow I'm really depressed with this. It's a review channel please show complete videos and don't mix and jumble GoPro and Main camera video's together. If you want show them one by one.

  • phuc nhu
    phuc nhu

    I think Mat Watson should buy brand new audi rs4

  • Nonbelieverification

    The fake parts perfectly compliment the way the average Audi takes a corner.

  • Toby Centre Sydney™ Media Network
    Toby Centre Sydney™ Media Network

    The original design is edgier / better than series 2

  • houdini 6363
    houdini 6363

    Mini rs6

  • Hadi blogs
    Hadi blogs

    If you want a saloon the RS5

  • Elestro Air-soft
    Elestro Air-soft

    Yes yes, neat car. Price though...

  • JOJHW321

    Car manufacturer: “we’ll let this SLtoos channel give us some free publicity and critique our car, he has over 4 million subscribers so he must know what he’s talking about” Matt: “so now I’m going to poke the car with a stick”

  • Radim Tichý
    Radim Tichý

    the old one looks better, I like those sharp lights, I like the control of the system more in the old one, the sound is absolutely incomparable. I don't see a reason to go for this one. (Nor the previous one for money purposes :D )

  • Bikmek _
    Bikmek _

    Who would ever buy this, when old one is better? 😂

  • Stephen Mukwevho
    Stephen Mukwevho

    Get away from me Corona💉💉😷😷

  • Mark Deakers
    Mark Deakers

    Thanks Matt. As usual a great video. Shame Audi have wrecked all their cars with gearbox mods making them unresponsive.

  • sibson santo
    sibson santo

    @carwow Hi Mat, i am after an advise from you. I own a 2019 Q5 Auto and its footrest is bit awkward that it’s sitting far back compared to other pedals and that leaves awkward sitting position while driving, have you ever come across similar issue while test driving any Audi models. When I googled people complain about it in some forums and pages but not sure how genuine so I thought of asking you for a genuine feedback.

  • Lil Claude
    Lil Claude

    But IF you cant rev when u stans still... just drive slowly and put the var in n and rev

  • LeRoy Paterson
    LeRoy Paterson

    Any chance we could see rollin races, Mustang vs other german brands?

  • Goten Victoria
    Goten Victoria

    carwow: welcome to the heart of the beast (laughter)

  • Mod 66
    Mod 66

    Old ones are better why change a winning combination.

  • theinsideguy

    Old one looks better - more aggressive

  • Robert Kivindu
    Robert Kivindu

    Why is it bad to have the engine infront of the front axle? BMW fan boys?

  • damien hostey
    damien hostey

    Matt what RC car is that at the end ?

    • carwow

      Arma Mojave

  • Finn Zimmermann
    Finn Zimmermann

    Lovely car. Still, to this day I can't figure out why they stick to the "glued on iPad" style infotainment display on models A4 and lower. I love the way they did it in the A6 and upwards. Is the body really that much narrower?

  • Nick Gav
    Nick Gav

    The fake vents over the grille is to pay tribute to the Audi Quattro which had these 3 vents over the grille

  • Lolo Harazin
    Lolo Harazin


  • Rasta Pistolo
    Rasta Pistolo

    Matt buddy old pal. We need car wow in South Africa.

  • dhiquobgnaloo

    Surely this thing cant be faster than its big brother the rs6.

  • DaDonFather

    Mat. You may wanna save the PPF mention till later next time. I heard that and immediately don't wanna hear anymore.

  • Hannes Paltser
    Hannes Paltser

    Audi,please stop doing fake things,fake design,fake sound,fake everything. We need real things.

  • Alvin Louws
    Alvin Louws


  • L DS
    L DS

    Un efelante muy elegante la trompa volante la trompa elegante

  • Khetho Ramalata
    Khetho Ramalata

    The old RS4 sounds way Better than the new one...

  • AA K
    AA K

    2:41 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • shinigami Dziri
    shinigami Dziri

    09:21 that infotainment system looks as cheap as a Chinese tablet (no offense China) it's just such in there!

  • spadgm

    Congrats on 4 million subs Carwow!

  • Sybile Hamil
    Sybile Hamil

    Mattie boy. A face wash was needed.

  • q2subzero


  • Dominic Florov
    Dominic Florov

    I don't like the farting of the old RS 4.

  • Tallman B
    Tallman B

    Yet another Audi with terminal understeer

  • GD Kaci
    GD Kaci

    Name of the shop you bought those shorts,Mat?

  • yuchen zhou
    yuchen zhou

    2019 ver. Looks so much better

  • Sechaba Shuping
    Sechaba Shuping

    Nothing justifies you buying the new RS4 over the previous generation RS4

  • Jean Portal
    Jean Portal

    That screen is the worst screen integration ever !!

  • L Zou
    L Zou

    Audi seems to give all its enthusiasm into RS6, that car looks absolutely stunning. So when it comes to RS4: "Well, it can't be better than RS6 why should we bother to make it".

  • Jabber 1974
    Jabber 1974

    Audi should team up with an aftermarket exhaust manufacturer to design an OEM exhaust you can have fitted once you have bought the car that does away with the particulate filter and gets the noise back but doesn’t invalidate your warranty and keeps the lease company happy. I put a custom x pipe exhaust on my S5 and it now sounds fantastic but I own the car outright and it’s well out of warranty so have nobody other than me to keep happy.

  • Dave Shepherd
    Dave Shepherd

    Interesting that the RS has the pre facelift doors and not the facelifted ones with the crease

  • Dominga Cain
    Dominga Cain

    14:38 02:56 13:48

  • SdKfz171 Panther
    SdKfz171 Panther

    No doubt that Audi Avants are still pieces of art compared to its components.

  • valentijn_BAKK

    Understeer with the Quattro

  • Filip Rosenthal
    Filip Rosenthal

    The old Audi RS4:s exhaust is much better

  • Muhammed Soulieman
    Muhammed Soulieman


  • Jørgen M. Madsen
    Jørgen M. Madsen

    yeah.. that car is 218.000 USD here in Denmark... fuarck.. our car taxes :-( Not gonna happen haha

  • EugVR6

    0 to 100 mph would be a better yard stick, to see if the revisions have worked for performance.

  • firewaffle1

    That prefacelift sounds amazing

  • Tygo van Baak
    Tygo van Baak

    Audi rs4 vs bmw (m)340i touring

  • Greg Simpson
    Greg Simpson

    Nice but Ugly screen put me off - so I bought an M340i Touring xdrive and saved a bundle. Much better ergonomics. Virtually as quick. Engine better and chipped stage 1 does 462hp and 650NM. lighter and goes better and not even an M3.

  • ncode03

    The -0.1secs is obviously thanks to the bigger rims.

  • 12345moe

    What is audi doing with their alloy wheel designs? They look terrible, do not suit the aesthetics of the car at all

  • Jej Ce
    Jej Ce

    but can it go around a corner?

  • micah Keiyzer Brum UK
    micah Keiyzer Brum UK

    Drag race between this and the previous one pls matt👍🏾

  • Project Brickell
    Project Brickell

    This thing needs a high psi tune also we need this in the USA

  • cece safont
    cece safont

    Let’s start hiding those chicken 🐓 legs hun haha 😂

  • Jeremy Hunt
    Jeremy Hunt

    Ugh, the RS4 is ruined with the hatchback. It looks like a fancy outback Subaru.

    • Jeremy Hunt
      Jeremy Hunt

      @Jabber 1974 I love the car I hate the back end.

    • Jabber 1974
      Jabber 1974

      Jeremy Hunt it’s an avant, not hatchback and it’s better looking than the saloon.

  • Andre Gomes
    Andre Gomes

    Oh yes you can go fast on these!!! Ooopppsss understeer...... Audis...😬

  • Knorsky

    Opf effects sound of exhaust... now rs4 dosent sound

  • Florian J
    Florian J

    Your arse-mentioning came late, but I was hoping it doesn't happen again

  • antgibspotter

    Old one looks better.

  • Ali Khan
    Ali Khan

    Atleast he has the car in hand i hate it when he does a review on a picture of a car stupid man

  • Andrei Pashkov
    Andrei Pashkov

    w-While people and automotive journalists keep complaining about the new BMW's rev counter, nobody is actually noticing AUDis 'hockey-stick' like rev counter that looks actually very odd...

  • bobwas4

    Pre facelift looks better old mmi click wheel is better also!

  • Chris Njugi
    Chris Njugi

    Drag race, rolling race, brake test and possibly a dyno test of the old one and the face lifted one should be done.

  • Andy Holland
    Andy Holland

    Tha chops looks mucky lad, tha needs a wesh!

  • JayE

    I wish all brands wouldn't use touchscreen, they are so clumsy in cars, pressing the wrong button when going over bumps or potholes. Such a headache.

  • rolla

    Rs4 is the porsche killer sleeper

  • Luca Van de Coevering
    Luca Van de Coevering

    Old one sounded way way better. I would choose that one for shure

  • JorgeGonzaless

    Am I the only one who thinks that the pre-facelift looks and sounds way better?

  • jagusto shard
    jagusto shard

    If the rs4 comes with 450hp isnt it practically impossible for the new rs3 to come with 450hp(rumored) aswell?

  • Aaminah Mulla
    Aaminah Mulla

    I still prefere the bmw 320d

  • Eba Enkhbat
    Eba Enkhbat

    Old👍👍👍. New👎👎👎

  • Alek Harry
    Alek Harry

    nice long review

  • Proth7

    15:20 xd