BMW M340i vs AMG G63 v Audi RSQ3 vs VW T-Roc R: DRAG RACE
We’ll be honest, we don’t think the carwow long-termer garage has ever looked better! We’ve got Mat in his trusty Mercedes-AMG G63, and alongside him, we’ve got a VW T-Roc R, Audi RSQ3 Sportback, and a BMW M340i! The carwow editorial team have been getting to grips with these cars over the past few months, but how will they compare when they go head-to-head over the quarter-mile?! There’s only one way to find out… LET’S RACE!
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  • Ntando Mcebo
    Ntando Mcebo

    Make a drag race video with the German and Italian SUV's

  • TMLisborg

    400 audi horse powers seams to be the same as 300 VW horse powers :D :D :D :D

  • adeeb's playing and gaming channel
    adeeb's playing and gaming channel

    Volkswagen beat Audi . I never think vw beats Audi because vw is about reliability and Audi is about performance

  • konsti Pyro
    konsti Pyro

    That's was unfair for the Audi take the g63amg from the Audi rsq8 genes next time

  • Adi Wałaszek
    Adi Wałaszek

    Bmw is the best sounding

  • Manky Toenail
    Manky Toenail

    Surprised at how well the t roc competed

  • Mary Kang
    Mary Kang

    Where is trackhawk cmon car wow

  • Kirsten Cameron
    Kirsten Cameron

    Soon do a BMW M340i vs M3 drag race

  • David Barteczko
    David Barteczko

    BMW the best♥️♥️

  • Hilly Billy
    Hilly Billy

    When i saw the title i thought what a dumb race thats easy for the m340i but im impressed by the other cars especially the t-rock!

  • Ник Жаб
    Ник Жаб

    Next drag race:supra vs gtr vsshevrole lancer

  • Noisy Planet
    Noisy Planet

    M340i is still my favourite BMW car!!

  • theo clemence
    theo clemence

    T-roc is the real winner; real bang for the bucks.... Vw currently do a hot version of the Tiguan (NOT the “R”) listed as a twin turbo any chance of a review or test ?.

  • Hi Okey
    Hi Okey

    WTF man ! ! ? ? Price of Vw T-Roc R is 62.800 £ and NEVER 39.000 £ ! ! ! ! It is reality life man ! !

  • Сергей Онищенко
    Сергей Онищенко

    I think BM

  • Adventure Golden Freddy zegeek
    Adventure Golden Freddy zegeek

    XD it’s like drive a block of flats across the road. best line my Matt other then the one before which is “ it’s like driving a hippo on the road

  • DreamWorld

    BMW won because he’s like 1,9 tons and the g wagon is 2,5 tons

  • Juan Ramirez
    Juan Ramirez

    BMW all the way

  • Deine Mutter Spielt Computer
    Deine Mutter Spielt Computer

    Wtf was wrong with the rsq3

  • mattr330

    The guy in the Audi can't drive. Where's Yanni?

  • Oratilwe Maimane
    Oratilwe Maimane

    im a kid

  • Elaine Thompson
    Elaine Thompson


  • Elaine Thompson
    Elaine Thompson

    Mats keeps picking the sean red jeep

  • Erik N
    Erik N


  • Vishnu Sibi
    Vishnu Sibi

    the volkswagen sounds fruitiest

  • S4M 134R10W
    S4M 134R10W

    Y the hell would u get anything else?!! That bm is just incredible, best looking aswell by farrrrrrr

  • noobie44

    mercedes amg g63 obv sounds the best

  • Neurelox Studios
    Neurelox Studios

    What does Matt sound drunk??

  • Daniel Paul
    Daniel Paul

    BMW M340I 3 I6 sounds good 👌

  • Luiz Andrade
    Luiz Andrade

    Why always when it comes to noise test Matt has the window up?? 😑🤣 and then he says can't hear a thing

  • Danis

    This Moment when even the M340i is faster than the RSQ3 and the T-Roc R and the G63 amg

  • Joshua Morgan
    Joshua Morgan

    Can you do a small suv small engine race is the DS7 E tense, the Volkswagen T-roc, The Ford Kuga And Audi rsq3?

  • Bence Tas
    Bence Tas

    Why the audi driver wear a mask?

  • Emre Celikler
    Emre Celikler

    Bmw forever❤️

  • Zeke Morgan
    Zeke Morgan

    Bmw M340i touring

  • Marcus Brix Christensen
    Marcus Brix Christensen


  • TheTrueLPLM

    what the hell did Audi do with those 400hp? 😂 imagine you spent 14k more on your rsq3 than your friend with his t-roc R, flexin with your 5-cylinders and +100hp, just to see him pulling away on a drag race 😂

  • Anthony Montaque
    Anthony Montaque


  • HighlyDosed

    BMW 🔥🔥🔥

  • Branko Knežević
    Branko Knežević

    vw sound better than amg for real 0w0

  • Jordan Banks
    Jordan Banks

    That dub reeeeally impressed me running under 13’s holy shit

  • Xsoulshunter

    The best reving has the bmw and it's the best and fastest from all of them

  • Harshwardhan Kaushik
    Harshwardhan Kaushik

    Wow ! That fridge is fast !

  • d#m!

    First of the bmw is not a suv as the others are

  • Álvaro Fernández vaca
    Álvaro Fernández vaca

    Bmw power

  • Sherif Krasniqi
    Sherif Krasniqi

    Beginn: 03:15 ;)

  • bmwsebpower

    Love BMW all the way , but the amg so massive weigh is very impressive and a real off road car

  • Marcus Cochrane
    Marcus Cochrane

    That VW surprised the heck outta me

  • Allamraju Karthik
    Allamraju Karthik

    Why is it matt drives AMG G63 always😁😁 Drive something else matt plz A request and a suggestion from your fan

  • Cynda

    Man that BMW M340i has been killing every recent drag race. I just can't imagine how insane the M3 is going to be.

  • Ben Ryan
    Ben Ryan

    Hi this is for my autistic daughter I was wondering if you could share this Hi I’m Ben I had to end my job as a hgv driver to care for my autistic daughter who is autistic and she is non verbal. She loves going to the marine aquarium It’s 49miles each way I have done Marine fish a few years ago and this would be the next best thing to see her little face light up and she stiff Legged dance make me so happy because she is so happy she has no friends as she can’t talk and her meltdowns can be really bad and upsetting I think this fish tank will change her for the good and I do think it may help her with her Speech and it will also work well for her Sensory seeking many thanks Ben and Ella

  • Frank White
    Frank White

    That G-class is actually insanely fast. It weights 1+ tons on the rest, it's aero is literally like a brick, specially compared to those eggs, and it still almost wins the drags. It's stopping distance is also pretty impressive considering all that was said. It also costs more than the other 3 combined, but that's to be expected, from a legend.

  • ishaftoGG

    For me is the bmw not a suv

  • The 95 Gang
    The 95 Gang

    Cool name. T rock

  • The 95 Gang
    The 95 Gang

    Bmw sounds like a proper car

  • Kiril Petrov
    Kiril Petrov

    The bmw is smaller that the g class

  • Skittle Rage
    Skittle Rage

    M340i sounds the best!

  • Christian Bryant
    Christian Bryant

    Anyone with ears could have heard the Audi from a car away😃

  • Adventure Golden Freddy zegeek
    Adventure Golden Freddy zegeek

    XD “it’s like driving a flat on the road.” Well it seems true from his perspective and maybe some other people

  • Adam

    T-roc SUPER Bravo

  • Elijah Kissa Nyirenda
    Elijah Kissa Nyirenda


  • yandisa Mtati
    yandisa Mtati

    Where is Yannie?😭

  • Mustafa Sarıkaya
    Mustafa Sarıkaya

    it should have been gla45, not g63.

  • Jeremy Freedman
    Jeremy Freedman

    Audi was better

  • DeltaDS

    bmw sounds the best, gotta love a bmw straight six

  • Aaryan Choudhary
    Aaryan Choudhary

    That bm shifts

  • WK K
    WK K

    Why audi always sucks ?


    Is there a reason why he hasn't had a race that included an AUDI S8 PLUS?? An S8 vs M8 Comp vs Mercedes S63. That's a RACE!!!!

  • Miguel Moninhas
    Miguel Moninhas

    Should be the x3 40 i x)

  • Zoo Maz
    Zoo Maz

    Wtf rsq3 is so bad

  • M M
    M M

    *bmw fans getting tricked into thinking the bmw is a beast because it beat the G, but in reality what did you expect from a building with wheels. Also a saloon / coupe / wagon beating an suv isn’t that surprising*

    • Jay M
      Jay M

      M M think we’ve got a merc fanboy loool

  • Snickers S
    Snickers S

    T roc 4 cilinder

  • Snickers S
    Snickers S

    T roc good work

  • Snickers S
    Snickers S

    T roc win

  • LEGION 777
    LEGION 777

    BMW 💪💋

  • Arran Lockett
    Arran Lockett

    Hi Car wow. I'd like a t-shirt but don't want to pay for one ;-) xx

  • sbonelo mjoli
    sbonelo mjoli


  • انيةس وبننبو
    انيةس وبننبو

    مفروض يجيب للX5

  • Kiran Burra
    Kiran Burra

    BMW X6 m competition vs Audi rsq8 vs Mercedes-AMG gle 63s vs Porsche Cayenne turbo s vs Dodge Durango srt hellcat vs yanni’s Lamborghini urus vs Mercedes-AMG glc 63s vs Range Rover sports SVR vs vs BMW X5 m competition vs Tesla model x p100d vs Jeep Grand Cherokee trackhawk

  • Armat 1337
    Armat 1337

    BMW best

  • Ngọc Nhi Lê
    Ngọc Nhi Lê

    where is sport + on g63 amg

  • Paul Michael
    Paul Michael

    I am a audi guy but this rsQ3 should not have a r badge. It should be a sQ3

  • LE 11
    LE 11

    Every Audi in it's class is now slower compaired to their previous gen

  • LeQurage

    ABK Army

  • Dewayne Summers
    Dewayne Summers

    I can’t wait to see the new M3

  • 1k6l 9a6b
    1k6l 9a6b

    Audi almost wins every break test

  • Alina Aitieva
    Alina Aitieva

    Ues 🤗🤗🤗👏👏👏👍👍😘😘

  • altin younow
    altin younow

    BMW sounds the best and it is the best car

  • Benedictus Seraphino Sinulingga
    Benedictus Seraphino Sinulingga

    Is the new BMW M340i touring faster than a F80 BMW M3 CS or Competition pack?

  • Александр Невский
    Александр Невский

    Why u’ve stolen Nick’s Walkie-talkie?!?

  • Mehmet Seyfi
    Mehmet Seyfi

    Allah Türkiye den kurtarsın 50 bin euro dio Türkiye de bu araba bile yok

  • Kenneth Delgado
    Kenneth Delgado

    My biggest take from all this is how IMPRESSIVE the new G Wagon performs. The way that thing keeps up with so many FAST cars while having the aerodynamics is a carton of milk is absolutely insane. Big ups to the G!

  • Jamo Mwaush
    Jamo Mwaush

    Matt:'This amg is fast' Me:'The bmw I faster'

  • Sam Thomas
    Sam Thomas

    Dunno what vacuum Matt owns

  • Minju Lee
    Minju Lee

    why does audi loose every race


    BMW love

  • Reeth54

    BMW king AGAIN!

  • Sinan aydın
    Sinan aydın

    BMW varken bunlar kim atla eşek yarışı yapıyorla.

  • Панкевич Богдан
    Панкевич Богдан

    BMW 💩☠️

  • Dumisani Joseph
    Dumisani Joseph

    don't retry