BMW v Audi v VW - HOT HATCH (in disguise) DRAG RACE
It’s time for another SUV drag race! Sure, they may not set the track alight like a Tesla Model X or an AMG G63, but these pocket rockets can still pack a punch! And let’s face it, the Audi SQ2 is effectively an S3, the X2 is an M135i, and the T-Roc R is basically a Golf R! So, can these jumped-up hot hatches still put the power down like their smaller siblings? There’s only one way to find out… LET’S RACE!
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  • Rajvosa97

    T-roc and sq2 are underneath the same car

  • Simon Parangi
    Simon Parangi

    Hyundai 130iN vs Honda Civic type R

  • /Dream Car Garage 1 (DCG1)
    /Dream Car Garage 1 (DCG1)

    The BMW is quite ugly, the T-roc is too expensive and the Audi looks by far the best, and near as makes no difference, has the same performance as the others.

  • /Dream Car Garage 1 (DCG1)
    /Dream Car Garage 1 (DCG1)

    Come on what does it matter if a car can come past you at 130mph+?

  • /Dream Car Garage 1 (DCG1)
    /Dream Car Garage 1 (DCG1)

    Wait, so the VW is more expensive than its more prestigious Audi cousin? I think someone got their sums wrong.

  • NoLimitGizzy

    T roc is an amazing car at the price range and the interior is far better than the Audi and bmw

  • Musfiq Tehmezov
    Musfiq Tehmezov

    BMW ❤❤💪💪

  • A rbhi
    A rbhi

    Lets be honest this time ebout the exterior design 1 vw 2 bmw 3 audi

  • Gorčy OpelTURBO
    Gorčy OpelTURBO

    T-roc has about 320hp..

  • philliz

    Matt they are toooooo expensive for what they are

  • 김병석

    great race great carz

  • iiglowie

    My dad has a BMW 1 series (sorry if I'm flexing)

  • Adarsh Nair
    Adarsh Nair

    manual is much better than automatic, coz i persinally prefer manual🤔

  • Noisy Planet
    Noisy Planet

    I saw the X2 today and boy is it FUGLY!!!

  • Milos Durmisevic
    Milos Durmisevic


  • Hi Okey
    Hi Okey

    In real life is Vw R-GT, W12, W8, R, R32, R36 etc > Bmw M > Audi W12, RS, S > Mercedes-Benz AMG and it is clear !

  • Itzblackplayz Roblox
    Itzblackplayz Roblox

    I do like these cars but I like the t roc the most

  • dutchdna

    BMW looks the far

  • Alexander Hopkins
    Alexander Hopkins

    ASDA, this is advert you should not be making!

  • Eliu Ismael Ortiz Carballo
    Eliu Ismael Ortiz Carballo


  • Sharafat Razin Ahmed
    Sharafat Razin Ahmed

    I didn’t ask for Volkswagen vs Volkswagen vs Volkswagen

  • Sbe Svnne
    Sbe Svnne

    The Audi won the brake test.

  • G H
    G H

    The new 4x4 from

  • Wesley Degee
    Wesley Degee

    Would the Japanese competitors like the subaru forester XT give the germans a run for their money? Would love to see the outcome.

  • trey tyrick
    trey tyrick

    So🤔 the lard arse won😂😂

  • Norberto Gudino
    Norberto Gudino

    That sq2 has a45 Amg rear lights 🤣

  • unknown19

    T-Roc R vs T-roc R

  • Milton Cervantes
    Milton Cervantes

    😮 T-roc 👌🏼

  • Aswin Prasad
    Aswin Prasad

    That BMW shows his power after 5th gear! Mmmmmm!

  • Akairo Hoshi
    Akairo Hoshi

    How is the T ROC more expensive than the audi did VW forgot what their premium brand is

  • Shyamol Kr. Gogoi
    Shyamol Kr. Gogoi

    That T Roc is like the meek kid in the classroom. But when he opens his mouth, everyone would be like Hawwww !!

  • Shyamol Kr. Gogoi
    Shyamol Kr. Gogoi

    Most exciting drag race ever !!!!

  • Absolute Warrior
    Absolute Warrior

    8:30 Raghav - Confused. Wow its been years since I heard that song 😲

  • Purple Haze
    Purple Haze

    German cars are the best

  • Vladan Stanic
    Vladan Stanic

    BMW 🥇😉

  • Mihalis Kountouris
    Mihalis Kountouris

    Shouldve had a gla in there

  • Abdullah Najem
    Abdullah Najem

    I hate BMW

  • Tshedza Mukwevho
    Tshedza Mukwevho

    Vw T-roc all the way

  • Виктор Казак
    Виктор Казак

    Your lie!

  • sulaiman mohammed
    sulaiman mohammed

    That troc goes fast

  • Aaron West
    Aaron West

    can you do a drag race between these three and the golf r, s3 and m135i?

  • Ayk

    needed to have the countryman jcw

  • e-tronic systems
    e-tronic systems

    Shitty cars wouldn't ever being made

  • glovemaker2

    I have a idea that Subaru XV must have sti version

  • Aps Reen
    Aps Reen

    Where is the Veloster N ?

  • U U
    U U

    Audi in all videos on car wows sucks its also are the suckest car on world but i have a question ist this track the same like was in the old TOP GEAR ?

  • Lors Amadey
    Lors Amadey

    Bmw looks the best and probably the best of them three

  • jh5kl

    'tHE sAmE cAr unDeRNeaTh', yeah, yeah, we know, when you buy a bentley you re buying a Volkswagen, when you re buying a Lamborghini you re buying an Audi, when you buy a Volkswagen Atlas you re buying a t roc. internet is filled with entertainment channels pretend to know what they re talking about

  • NutriFIT nutritie si fitnes
    NutriFIT nutritie si fitnes

    That bmw can cost how much it wants the other 2 are pig ass ugly

  • Jayani Boi
    Jayani Boi

    5:45 that’s why the bmw passed the T-roc r

  • hxrsxjxn s
    hxrsxjxn s

    The BMW didn’t have PFR. This meant the engine can breathe easily in the high end peak torque

  • Paul Mereb
    Paul Mereb

    Still waiting for that pop-up banner

  • Omar Naja
    Omar Naja


  • Slh Kyn
    Slh Kyn

    Troc-R it’s best for me

  • ricohcarr carruthers
    ricohcarr carruthers

    The vw has a smaller turbo so can boost sooner

  • Yunus emre
    Yunus emre 😍

  • Msd Smti
    Msd Smti

    Mat: aerodynamics?! Im not sure... Me: no mate, gearbox. Different ratios...

  • sarandis Woodman
    sarandis Woodman

    mat i know that as english you are thick as the rest of the nation but..... the written numbers of each car display them on the screen all the same time and next to each other so we can compare the stats!!! come on is not that difficult........or maybe it is!!!

  • ꧁༺ ᴍᴏʜɪᴛ ᴠᴇʀᴍᴀ ༻꧂
    ꧁༺ ᴍᴏʜɪᴛ ᴠᴇʀᴍᴀ ༻꧂

    Why cars are so expensive in the UK? This car retails around 53000 CAD only in Canada

  • sebastiano coppo
    sebastiano coppo

    Shitty useless cars

  • R33C3

    If I had children and money which is impossible I'd go for the VW.

  • Ervin Usein
    Ervin Usein

    Bmw be like put nitro in the car but it can only be turned on at 130 speed

  • Канат Тургунбаев
    Канат Тургунбаев

    WV vs bmv

  • redpiller

    Hey, carwow. I wanted to ask something...if Fiat Chrysler owns alfa romeo, maserati, jeep, dodge, and so they get involved in every design or is it more like alfa romeo is designed by certain people in Italy? Does Fiat only financially own those companies? This is a random question but I thought you knew...and I was just curious...

  • Sander Dommelen
    Sander Dommelen

    Audi, just a expensive vw😂

  • MafiaboysWorld

    How the F is the VW more expensive than the Audi?! 🤷

  • John Bonham
    John Bonham

    Xdrive just dont make the same power loss what the group does.. Or maby, BMW start to use only RWD when on hig speeds ;)

  • Autobahn Junkie
    Autobahn Junkie

    VW vs VW vs BMW

  • lysyZbrejzers

    Why is bmw so heavy?

  • Yatharth Desai
    Yatharth Desai

    What world have we been transported to? Why does a VW that is basically the same as the Audi cost just as much?? Isn’t the Audi badge worth atleast 20k more?

  • Evdal Deniri
    Evdal Deniri

    It's like the BMW had a boost at 130mph like nitrous twin turbo it and it will be gone t-roc looks collest to

  • Fasih Haider
    Fasih Haider

    I love the editor

  • jake Stevens
    jake Stevens

    Well nothing ruins a hot hatch more than giving it the SUV treatment, horrid pointless things all of them, especially the x2.

  • Ayie Pris
    Ayie Pris


  • Hani

    U guys should have added camry xse sport edition 2020. It has 301 Horsepower. The race would be even more tight with that.


    Imagine actually wasting 44k on this pile of garbage loooooool

  • Fritz Timmy Porsche
    Fritz Timmy Porsche

    0:21 Audi S3 0:24 BMW M135i 0:26 VW Golf R

  • Ashh

    this race wasnt fair because theres no AlfaRomeo Stelvio!

  • Renault Clio Sport Ph1
    Renault Clio Sport Ph1

    Hot Crossovers... This not Hothatch

  • Gaurang Wanere
    Gaurang Wanere

    Use laser pointers to determine winner in brake test

  • Daylin Louw
    Daylin Louw

    Can we all just appreciate the German engineering in this video. 😊

  • Bogdan

    4:17 BMW VANOS!!!! The true german engineering!

  • Hassan C
    Hassan C

    Boring race 😷😴😴😴😴😴

  • bofooit gojo
    bofooit gojo

    A legend once said "the bmw fanboys must be so happy"

  • Playcer

    Was the VW fucking cold?!

  • mikin lirou
    mikin lirou

    you should start putting 0-60 mph times for each car in the dragrace

  • Ruben Khachatryan
    Ruben Khachatryan

    It's хуйня

    • mikin lirou
      mikin lirou

      Could someone have a word, whoever writes for the msn site, they really need to stop referring to the engine as a mill.

  • Paul Taylor
    Paul Taylor

    T roc won the brake test!

    • bofooit gojo
      bofooit gojo

      Great T-Roc next time also Ateca Cupra 💪


    VW 😎

  • The Cool Thing
    The Cool Thing

    omg bmw sounds so good i have an audi q2

  • Jess Wright
    Jess Wright

    Can you please do an in depth Audi Q2 vs Mercedes GLA180 vs BMW X2?

    • Ptao Tom
      Ptao Tom

      kudos to the vw, im surprised lol

  • Gs Baba
    Gs Baba


  • Ilya Barbul
    Ilya Barbul

    You can make them go even faster if they will be lower and smaller

  • hans batter
    hans batter

    Hot Hatch disgrace..:)

  • Greanz OTB
    Greanz OTB

    He forgot the “go follow me on Instagram “😂😭

  • Откорней Докончиков
    Откорней Докончиков

    Whats happen with Troc exhaust ;))))))))

  • Wakusa

    where is the GLA AMG????

  • AMG-Reda

    44000 pounds for this BMW is a waste of mony if you pay extra 11000 pounds you well get A45s Amg or with 44000 pounds you can buy Mercedes A250

  • José Manuel Luis Rodríguez
    José Manuel Luis Rodríguez


  • meolo82

    Great T-Roc next time also Ateca Cupra 💪

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