Porsche Boxster Spyder review - see why it’s the most fun Porsche EVER!
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This is the new Porsche 718 Spyder, and Mat thinks it's the most fun Porsche sports car EVER! So what does it offer to claim that title, we hear you ask? Well under the bonnet, it’s packing the same 4-litre naturally-aspirated flat-six (much better than flat-four in the normal Boxster) as found in the GTS. What's more, it's been tuned to offer 420hp and 420Nm of torque!
In terms of price, it starts from £73,850, but when it has a top speed of 187mph and can hit 60mph in just 4.4 seconds, is it worth the price over the standard Boxster? Or should you even just pay the extra and go for the 911?! Stick with Mat to find out!
00:00 Intro
00:28 Engines
01:02 0 - 60mph
01:42 Brakes
02:43 Drivetrain
04:51 Drifting
05:17 Exterior Design
06:55 Interior Design
08:11 Practicality & Storage
09:22 Five Annoying Features
11:28 Five Good Features
12:33 Everyday Driving
Porsche 718 Spyder Specifications:
RRP: From £73,850
Horsepower: 420hp
Engine: 4.0-litre 6-cylinder
Max speed: 187 mph
Kerb weight: 1,495 kg
Transmission: 6-speed manual
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  • Joe Danger Finesse
    Joe Danger Finesse

    Waiting for bikewow

  • Steve Flor
    Steve Flor

    If things were falling...... it would be a Lotus:)

  • Roy Trevisan
    Roy Trevisan

    Really great car BUT with all the comfort bits it is WAY to heavy. With this amount of horse power its should be significantly faster. My Alfa Romeo 4 C with a stage 1 tune a 1.75 litre 4 cylinder engine has a better HP to pound ratio AND is faster AND more nimble on a track. For the money this is disappointing. If you want a daily driver that gets some glances here and their AND you have lots of dough this is your car. If you like speed and handling and want to save money look at the Alfa 4C IF you can find one. Cheers

  • Gay cha
    Gay cha

    Could have launched @ more revs

  • david

    I have the 2020 Spyder. If I had to order again I would get the Boxster GTS which has a powered roof.

  • T Mark
    T Mark


  • MGU K
    MGU K

    it looks like baby carrera gt

  • Adder

    It has more power but IMO it lost regular boxer's sexyness.

  • Ali Haq
    Ali Haq

    The manual roof is the only let down...

  • Jai P
    Jai P

    Love this new Spyder but Mat you are right my 2008 RS60 Spyder sounds way better! No competition.......

  • Gym of simulation, Miscellaneous simulation
    Gym of simulation, Miscellaneous simulation

    BB and noise sports cars have a story! Ha........................................................

  • kono yosuke
    kono yosuke

    Hello Matt, I’d appreciate greatly if you let me translate this video for Japanese Carwow channel. It’s so well made and worth to be translated.

  • David Viner
    David Viner

    So the 4 cyl one was a second quicker?

  • Imran Hussain
    Imran Hussain

    I’ve never seen a guy who drives for a living change gears so slowly

  • maso

    Why don't they put that engine on a 911 and give it a manual gearbox? I know we have the GT3 Touring but put on a normal 911 with all the luxury

  • Guy

    If I win the lottery, or somehow become rich, I going to a Porsche dealership, and ordering and speccing out both the 911 Turbo S, and the 718 Spyder on the same day. I don't want a Ferrari, Lambo, or McLaren, I want this pair of Porsches. The only thing is I love them both in Chaulk, don't know how crazy it is to buy both the same color.

  • MJ H
    MJ H

    Infantile presenter....even worse than Clarkson.

  • Simon Miller
    Simon Miller

    Pity about the gearing...waste of an awesome donk.

  • Okey Ezeilo
    Okey Ezeilo

    It is a flat six yet something about the sound just doesn't gel...

  • Sven Andreas
    Sven Andreas

    porschEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE get it right god damn

  • Bojan Kis
    Bojan Kis

    It is ugly as hell!!!

  • Rajay Nicholas
    Rajay Nicholas

    If mat really meant it when he said avoid buying the porsche, I would not leave a like. Infact I would unsubscribe for a day to teach you a Leason. don't judge me I love porsche so "yeah"❤

  • Nicolas Verhaegen
    Nicolas Verhaegen

    Sad moment when watching this video - it looks like a kid receiving an adult toy, no clue on how to use it, then he is exagerating in all ways ! Porsche cars are for good drivers who are doing long distances with respect for the mechanics, not for kids burning their tyres on a hidden piece ok asphalt - the good thing is that these are expensive, so less such people have access to them !

  • Alvin Moses
    Alvin Moses

    Matt is much better in reviews. Unlike supercar blondie who just talks about quality and not even performance

  • Robert Marian
    Robert Marian

    Thats just like a Cayman GT4 or it has something more excepting bein cabrio?

  • Philip Green
    Philip Green

    As someone who is LGBT and a car enthusiast, I couldn't help but catch the, "It's such a hairdresser's car" said in a stereotypical gay lisp. I am not sure I appreciate a whole group of people stereotyped like that. It's not 1990.

  • MrNickelbrille

    I hav hear tha yo kno wha th bran name i . Hav yo forgotte ? Jus a lac o respec ? Wha i i ? Le m giv yo a hin :Go a clu ? Eve americans hav learne abou th nam . An the ar usuall prett ignoran ! Wha is wro wit yo ? Havin a bad dekad Ma ?

  • Mickolaus Mickelby
    Mickolaus Mickelby

    Does Carwow feature on any other video-hosting sites? The constant adverts on youtube make this review almost unwatchable.

  • SMG

    I love the enthusiasm, but ffs, PORSCHE is a 2 syllable word!

  • Gio

    Great car. Looks even better in black.

  • Michael Gallart
    Michael Gallart

    As of this week it’s offers in a PDK. I’ve made my down payment, I have a month to lock my build. Do you have an opinion on PDK? I’m going to drive on a track Twice, in my life. It’s my have fun drive drop top.

  • Jimmy Dishkawnt
    Jimmy Dishkawnt

    4.0 NA flat six should be available in the 992 911. That rumble 😱

  • Matt Warren
    Matt Warren

    looks stunning in that silver / red leather combo . the wheels are 100% erection promoting too . i wouldn't grumble too much if this was my toy

  • Ziggy Yafi H
    Ziggy Yafi H

    my dude: hey wanna buy my car? me: nahh my dude: its a porsche me: what model? my dude: 718 boxster me: nahh, i like 911 better my dude: its a 718 spyder me: nahh, not feelin it my dude: its a manual trans me: SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY

  • Fluterra

    Your test car does NOT have carbon brakes!! Come on, Matt!

  • James Yu
    James Yu

    The 718 looks better than the 911. It really does.

  • sdlausen

    Nay! The transmission gearing sucks.

  • Jim D
    Jim D

    I have to say, pretty good looking for a hairdresser's car.

  • STVN9111

    People how say it is a hair dresser's car be riding in a fckn mini van. How tf can a hair dresser even afford this car anyways lmao,?? dumbass people being jealous af I swear.

  • Farhan Ahmad Tajuddin
    Farhan Ahmad Tajuddin

    At this point, the only reason why I want the 911 is because of the rear seats. I'll take this 718 Spyder all day long.

  • Freddo Frosch
    Freddo Frosch

    One day, one day the ignorant presenter of this drag racing channel will learn how to pronounce Porsche the right way.

  • skeelo69

    The man's a Wanker.

  • GY TT
    GY TT

    while every car journalists around the world: suck gearing, ruined the car Mat: just buy it

  • You Tube
    You Tube

    And than I give it a Car Wow Score... Sounds similar

  • Bernard Chu Piek Yong
    Bernard Chu Piek Yong

    Love Porsche very much especially the GT3 4.0 NA engine GT4 & Boxster Spyder as well perfect match awesomeness super, my dream Ride

  • Marten van der Krift
    Marten van der Krift

    Didn’t notice a change in mats voice at 4x speed

  • 112deeps

    Wow looks great.

  • Luke De Boer
    Luke De Boer

    "wait, lemme out. LEMME OOOOOOOUUUUUUTTTTTTTT!!!" -Mat Watson, 2020

  • Ghazy Pangerang
    Ghazy Pangerang

    Porsche really loves 420...

  • Richard-Mark Dodds
    Richard-Mark Dodds

    But sounds terrible

  • Akshay Kittur
    Akshay Kittur

    Mann porsche is the apple of automobiles. So many add ons and ao costly.

  • Chris Parayno
    Chris Parayno

    Lesson of the day: just get a plain boxster to save money and a fully functional top

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    Carlos Mercado

    Make a review of the new jaguar f-type

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    Should I Get It Reviews

    Also known as the "Froot" oh Mat you're hilarious!

  • Aby

    it is very interesting on how porsche artificially slows down this model so not to dent 911 series sales......it has to be noted tha the boxster was first launched as a measure to counter european recession.... thus making what was back then an affordable porsche...... this car if properly set up could do 0 to 60 easily in 2 seconds

  • Frank McGrath
    Frank McGrath

    Stunning machine. But the roof mechanism is horrendous. And everytime he lift lifts the rear, it looks like its going to break.

  • lobsang tashi
    lobsang tashi

    when I watch your video you just showing humiliate the small car and when you are in a sports car or luxurious car it's different why???? those are for a different purpose and way of life.

  • DeltaLion1


  • US americans
    US americans

    Cruising sounds incredibly loud.

  • Cathy Drumobich
    Cathy Drumobich

    Why do so many people have trouble pronouncing PORSCHE? It's not PORSCHE, it's PORSCH-UH.

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    moto bazuka

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  • Enjoy The Vroom
    Enjoy The Vroom

    Hey, Matt, my gay hairdresser is 6 foot 5 inches tall about 280 lbs of lean muscle. He does not have that stereotypical "sissy boy" voice either. GOOD impression by the way...are you sure you're not a "hair dresser" too? He's more manly than any straight guy I know. Did you pay attention in your ethics training class that those type of stereotypical "impressions" of hair dressers can land you a lawsuit or negative press from the LGBT community. Just stop that crap. It's 2020 and you should be better than that. And yes, not all your subscribers are hetro.

  • Tom Graz
    Tom Graz

    Matt, I noticed that some of these cars have a little square box dead center on the back between the two humps. Is that an antenna for Navigation (GPS)? Yours doesn’t have it. Can I assume you didn’t get Nav in your car? Thanks

  • Audifyle

    It's a shame how porsche neuters this car with tall gearing. No car (except maybe a bugatti) should be doing 82mph in 2nd gear. Completely defeats the purpose of that wonderful gearbox.

  • Vas Me
    Vas Me

    Manual👍👍👍👍👍. Top.

  • Danne Karlsson
    Danne Karlsson

    Great review as always but Mat, ffs, it's pronounced PorschE, not Porsch :D

  • Karlis DaGreat
    Karlis DaGreat

    i can't understand why the boxter looks better than a 911

  • Manuth Athukorala
    Manuth Athukorala

    hi mat please be kind enough to review a porsche 718 cayman gt4 best regards manuth

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    Dse Abid

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  • Yawar riaz
    Yawar riaz

    This is the best looking interior imo. If i had money ill buy this car right away.

  • James Yoh
    James Yoh

    It is a beautiful car. I love it.

  • david

    I'm getting the same colour combination. Cheerio!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yama Yaqeen
    Yama Yaqeen

    You don’t have to lift off gas pedal when shifting in GT cars for quicker 0-60


      It's bad for the trans

  • Mark Dickson
    Mark Dickson

    A 911 is incredible but I'd take a Boxter with a flat 6 and manual every single time. Can't beat a mid mounted engine, tho that spider roof looks ridiculous, surely Porsche of all companies could have done better. Love the fact its available with a manual, getting this type of vehicle without a manual makes no sense (hint hint jag), and a turbo I4 should never be in any vehicle from Porsche. They do take the piss with their options pricing, no wonder its the most profitable brand

  • Czechbound

    Matt does the best car reviews on YT

  • Eivind Nes
    Eivind Nes

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  • JizzyJeg28

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    Robbie McKeegan

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    paul taylor

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  • Tariq

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  • squala

    The roof is actually a massive improvement over the previous Boxster Spyder, which is literally a tent and you would have gotten pneumonia by the time you’re finished putting it up.

  • Michael Gallart
    Michael Gallart

    It’s not a Boxter Spyder. It’s a 718 GTS 4.0.

  • fireoil

    Its great. You can have a proper sport car without all the options. It's like last of his kind.

  • G R
    G R

    For a nano second the rear end made me think of the Carrera GT

  • William boyle
    William boyle

    Porsche is pronounced in German PORSCHA, not POORSCH!

  • swede swede
    swede swede


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    Jon Page

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  • William John
    William John

    Couldnt watch all the way through due to add every three mins

  • Blake Swan
    Blake Swan

    for nearly The price of a manual 911, you can get a Boxter with 6 cylinders. Porsche is the winner here as a 6 cylinder use to be available on all levels of Boxter

  • Paulo Sà
    Paulo Sà

    I Mat. Thanks for the video. But, can you review the Boxster GTS 4.0 please? I think it's better value for the money, and maybe better car to buy as a almost every day car.

  • lone TUSKER
    lone TUSKER

    sltoos.info/for/rqCqlsd6bHygs3Y/video A kind request to the fraternity... please join the movement by making this the most disliked video on SLtoos..

  • Aitch

    I live in Canada, do they sell it with one gear? 2nd,3rd,4th,5th and 6th are just pointless.

  • V12S65AMG

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  • Corban Cutten
    Corban Cutten

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    Dooya Punk

    Why bother with such a complicated fuel saving measure like turning of one bank of cylinders on a rotating basis? If your'e buying 90k sportscar capable of 187 mph, and your worried about a few extra pounds a week in fuel costs, maybe you just buy a diesel Panda.

  • OT

    A very cool car indeed

  • Javier Medina
    Javier Medina

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