I drove the Volkswagen ID.3 until it DIED!
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Volkswagen’s new all-electric hatchback is here… And Mat’s taking it for a range test!
On the face of it, the ID.3 looks and sounds pretty impressive. Not only does it have a cool futuristic look, but you can get it with a 201hp electric motor, and up to 77kWh of battery capacity. That will do an impressive range of 342 miles, but it's the 260-mile-range model with a 58kWh battery that Mat's putting to the test here.
But could the stats be deceiving? Well, Mat’s putting this all-new EV to the test to see just how far he can go on a single charge! Not only that, but he’ll be sharing an all-new exclusive with you - finding out what happens when the battery’s fully depleted!
Do you think the ID.3 could be a suitable replacement for the petrol-powered Golf? It’s time to find out!
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  • Robert Higgins
    Robert Higgins

    For heavens sake, keep your hands on the steering wheel!

  • Nelson Silva
    Nelson Silva

    What would you expect from the brand have us the diesel gate and is one of the worst brands in reliability! Ho and more than once has been considered racist on their adds...

  • Anthony Chopra
    Anthony Chopra

    bet you'll not be able to press the screen at all to exit once the new law comes into force. hahah

  • juhu34

    Running an ev to empty is akin to cruising on the motorway in 3rd gear, it puts similair strain on the components.

  • 6ettinold

    Relentlessly comparing a £25-40k ID3 with a Tesla 3 starting out at £40k is like me bickering about the scratchy plastics in my new £20k Berlingo, yet the Audi RS6 is full of soft touch materials.

  • GorillionDollarExtreme

    looks real bad

  • toucan221

    when he said this colour here match's the . . . I thought he was going to say the tractor which was behind

  • Francis Ndikumwami
    Francis Ndikumwami

    Considering all the glitches, that self-parking demonstration was a death-defying stunt!

  • Greta Tunfisch
    Greta Tunfisch

    Keine Maske getragen? Aber: Passt Schon Corona ist nur Verarsche!

  • Luca Williams
    Luca Williams

    Not bad - not great but if they were 5k cheaper I'd buy it.

  • Miro Vinac
    Miro Vinac

    Complete bs, cheap ugly plastic trash with idiotic automatism (which doesn't work). And plus waiting for charging... utterly moronic.

  • stu

    If this car is like my mk 7 golf then the acc system can be effected by dirt on the sensor at the front (in the lower grill or in the vw badge) and even sometimes a wayward wet leaf.

  • Elijah Falconer
    Elijah Falconer

    If I was buying an Electric Hatchback but I couldn't afford a Cooper SE (which starts at about AUD$54,000 + on-road costs) I'd buy this or a Honda E (if the Honda comes to Australia).

  • Norbert Golo
    Norbert Golo

    My 2004 jag does that with the lights too lol

  • Mark Williamson
    Mark Williamson

    Oh its got a battery and it can run out. But let's see just how irresponsible we can be and deliberately run out of juice on the road, stopping in the middle of a roundabout. Surely you could preform your rank stupidity in a car park or somewhere safe. What an infantile experiment.

    • Fred Bloggs
      Fred Bloggs

      Cars break down and run out of fuel all the time. Driving around in circles isn't a valid test.

  • omgwtfBBQ

    Looks like a Citroen. What a time to be alive.

  • Felix H
    Felix H


  • John French
    John French

    The germans still have a way to go. This is supposed to be a ground up EV and it can't match a Soul EV or similar. Worse interior and less equipment and probably more money.

  • Andrew P. Agais
    Andrew P. Agais

    No problem at all with electric driving.. but this car doesnt fit my taste. I want real buttons and no rattling cheap plastics.

  • Mark Mills
    Mark Mills

    Looks like the love child between a golf and a citroen picasso

  • Steve Uphill
    Steve Uphill

    Mycomment would be unprintable.....

  • R C
    R C

    Sorry but until an electric car is as convenient to own and drive as a petrol/diesel car, I have 0% interest.

  • Albert Timmer
    Albert Timmer

    looks like a Citroen C3, dont like this model just lijke most E-cars....Ugly ! And a lot off noise !

  • Craig Roberts
    Craig Roberts

    I was really exited about this car when it was announced, but having seen it in person I’m now really disappointed.. it’s ugly AF!

  • Mohamed JB
    Mohamed JB


  • Sodom 1611
    Sodom 1611

    That white steering wheel looking so cool

  • Seek The Essence
    Seek The Essence

    I don't like this ID.3 .. visibility poor, comp screen design lousy. Yes it needs Android Auto or Apple Play.. but will it work because the manufacturing design history of this car is bad .. IT infrastructure has been stuffed. There are no motor/IT software design engineers here that cut it. The interior is a shocker .. the buttons on steering wheel are hopeless.. I want to feel the buttons pressing.. very poor . The more I saw, the more unimpressed I am. Summary is NOPE. I am very unimpressed.. This review alone will hurt sales. Why the hell did VW release the car to test when the sat navigation and feed backs are lousy? It beggars belief. I actually think this guy reviewing the car is actually telling the truth about this car, which is good.

  • Tommi Härkönen
    Tommi Härkönen

    Good luck trying to use all those "buttons" with gloves on your hands at -20deg C.

    • Fred Bloggs
      Fred Bloggs

      Why not just put the heating on then........oh wait!


    dude spf!!!

  • Ethan Carberry-Holt
    Ethan Carberry-Holt

    Model 3 is better

  • John Sluder
    John Sluder

    No no no.

  • Siri L
    Siri L

    Much more beautiful than Model 3

  • kudakwashe zvaita
    kudakwashe zvaita

    These guys are so practical, i love love love love them.

  • Andrew Zhuk
    Andrew Zhuk

    I wish youtube make a video mirroring option so I can watch it and don't be confused about right-sided steering wheel :D

  • Andrew Zhuk
    Andrew Zhuk

    I wish youtube make a video mirroring option so I can watch it and don't be confused about right-sided steering wheel :D

  • Colin Mill
    Colin Mill

    Carbon offsetting - such a crock. In the short to medium term the offset CO2 is still in the atmosphere. It's effectively a long-term interest-free loan on emissions. It's not helping the immediate problem and simply provides a cheap salving of consciences while encouraging people to emit more CO2 on buying new stuff they might otherwise not buy. Bear in mind a new car (any new car) has an intrinsic CO2 emission of about 720kg/£1000 retail value (Mike Berners-Lee's figures). So a £30k car has been responsible for about 22 tonnes of CO2 emissions before it does a wheel's turn.

  • QuantumS1ngularity

    I just have one question - what sort of disaster has to happen for people to understand that cars CAN'T and WON'T drive themselves any time soon and that making them more and more computerised is about to have a seriously negative effect soon. The most interesting thing for me is that people who are seriously into computer tech and programming, drive cars with as fewer computers as possible, cause they know the potential nightmares lurking beneath all the cost saving software solutions and people who only have vague idea about computers think it's the most awesome thing ever to let your car drive itself. Why can't we go back to including extras like massaging seats, auto-dimming mirrors, double pane windows, better sound proofing and all the usual stuff that was really consider as an awesome extra some 15 years ago. The only cool new feature is the remote AC warming up and cooling down the car before you enter it. And one extra i see as a must is a thin wire mesh around the whole car, making it a sort of Faraday cage where you have no signel on your phone whatsoever until you connect it with your car and use it anthena. This will finally stop people from talking on the phone and texting while driving.

    • Fred Bloggs
      Fred Bloggs

      @QuantumS1ngularity You appear to believe that in 50 years time trained AI would not be able to recognise everyday objects exactly like a human would? Consider how far AI technology and processing power has come in the last 10 years, never mind 50. Humans are very clever at recognising patterns hence why we see objects and quickly identify what they are. There is no reason that AI in the next 50 years can not do that same pattern recognition given the immense future processing power that will be available. You argument regarding the safely concerns is moot when you consider the amount of road deaths right now caused by humans.

    • QuantumS1ngularity

      @Fred Bloggs Yes, the technology is getting better, but there's one thing computers can't do - anticipate the future. Yes they can react faster than any human being ever could, but in our lifetime we won't see processing power high enough to scan AND recognise every single bit of the surroundings every single moment and adjust accordingly. You're coming to a tight turn and there is an oil spill or a lot of mud. No radar or laser detector can recognize that and slow the car much more than usual to take the turn. And of you are on your phone texting or watching porn you won't be able to react either no matter how much time there is. In order for autonomous cars to become really reliable and safe they would need an entirely new infrastructure where every single stretch of road is filled with sensor and transmitting data constantly. And even then it would take only one glitch to cause an accident. I'm not saying humans are faultless or better, i'm only saying that people should stop thinking of computers as such. They aren't faultless either.

    • Fred Bloggs
      Fred Bloggs

      Depends on what you mean by "any time soon". Is that days, months, years? Cars already drive themselves and the technology is getting better as processing power increases and it is increasing at a tremendous rate, as is AI capability. Removing the human from the driving seat will vastly increase road safety.

  • chefo chefov
    chefo chefov

    Тоя говори по-зле и от мен английски и иска немска кола да го разбере. Ентусиаст.

  • Theodore Haskins
    Theodore Haskins

    So if I didn’t know it was an electric car I wouldn’t know it based on its appearance & trying to compare the ID3 to the Tesla model 3, is like comparing apples to oranges!

  • Cakra Diaz
    Cakra Diaz

    4:53 exactly tfw google assistant responded while I haven't finished saying yet

  • John Morelli
    John Morelli

    I would like to know if the voice control system records and retains conversations? Can that be deactivated? I don't want a computer listening in on my conversations.

    • Toby Jackson
      Toby Jackson

      I Don't believe it does. I think it is a mostly offline assistant, and from orher reviews I belive it can be disabled altogether too.

  • Stuart Sinclair
    Stuart Sinclair

    Interesting video, charging at the charge point is so old school, I waiting for a car that self charges and a range of 1000miles, and fully charges in under an hour. Battery technology is coming, apparently somewhere in Germany one battery has performed 870 miles on a single charge, watch this space.

  • Zino M3
    Zino M3

    Honestly: you really think this looks better than a model 3? 😱

    • Eric

      Factoring in the price difference helps

  • Undefeated_69

    I guess Elon Musk wasn't honest about his review of the ID3. The only thing he didn't like was the acceleration. I think he was trolling VW with his review. Laughing off screen at his biggest rival to date that could be real competition in electric car companies sales. Not at all. No worries here. This just looks so lame on the inside. Looks outdated already. I mean what is up with those thick edges on the screens and nobs. It's like we all want flat screens but vw still sells tv's looking like microwaves. If you ask me they should have continued with the VW e-Golf. Making it accelerate faster, greater distance and all wheel drive. And while they are at it....expand by making the Tiguan and the Toureq also full EV's. But nooooo.

  • Col Crunch
    Col Crunch

    Literally the worst interior I have ever seen.

  • SweCreations

    The hazards not being a physical button is so unsatisfying it almost makes me not want to buy this car

  • Mark Smith
    Mark Smith

    Not very impressed from vw I hope they take your review seriously and look to make some changes and improvements

  • Peter Clark
    Peter Clark

    Working class Science? What girls school did you attend? Bye. (2 mins)

  • Nicolas Højfeldt
    Nicolas Højfeldt

    This thing has nothing on a Tesla

  • Alexander Leon
    Alexander Leon

    It doesn't like your northern accent pronouncing Rugby as Roogby and without saying "in"!! :-)

  • Sandeep Kadyan
    Sandeep Kadyan

    VW will die the same death as NOKIA, TESLA is APPLE and HYUNDAI is SAMSUNG.

  • Jason Riddy
    Jason Riddy

    As you where trying to find the High st in Rugby my phone found it as well. That sat nav must by shit he he

  • Rikard Johansen
    Rikard Johansen

    Huge fail from VW, so very ugly inside, outside is ok, but inside, its a no go...

  • Jav Alam
    Jav Alam

    Sticking to diesel,forget electric for the moment. VW build quality not acceptable

  • Mitchell Barnow
    Mitchell Barnow

    I would rather that the air conditioned air blow at me through the steering wheel. It looks like the air ducts are almost at the level of your groin, they must really keep your crotch cool!

  • Robert Stefano Robertsen
    Robert Stefano Robertsen


  • Adel Senpai
    Adel Senpai

    going to wait for E-Beetle 🐞

  • Peter Sandell
    Peter Sandell

    I got rid of my 3 year old Tiguan because of constant glitches and brought a Lexus. I will never buy a VW again (5 VW's not 6th)!🤬

  • Ommid

    Why did we never do this with fuel cars? Seems like an odd test that has started to trend, drive them till they DIE!

    • Fred Bloggs
      Fred Bloggs

      Due to range anxiety. In the UK you are usually within a stones throw of a petrol station in urban areas and it only takes a couple of minutes to fill up. If I am looking at an EV then I want to know how far I can go without waiting an hour to recharge it, assuming that I can find a charging station in the first place.

  • David Gifford
    David Gifford

    And there is the problem with electric cars again, died in middle of road. Call the recovery truck!

  • GiantArc SFORA
    GiantArc SFORA

    By the title of video I assumed that the creator is an idiot. Just came here to give a thumbs down

  • james0807

    And here we have the marvel of motoring in 2020, it's illegal to touch your phone while driving, but interacting with the infotainment system in your car which is essentially your phone these days... no problem!!!

    • james0807

      @Fred Bloggs Oh really?! Didn't know that :)

    • Fred Bloggs
      Fred Bloggs

      @james0807 The proposed new legislation still lets you use a mobile phone in a cradle.

    • james0807

      @Fred Bloggs Okay I exaggerated, but it won't be far off soon. The point still stands I think.

    • Fred Bloggs
      Fred Bloggs

      "it's illegal to touch your phone while driving" No it isn't.

  • james0807

    That grey steering wheel is awful! Please tell me you can change that.

  • dominic tripper
    dominic tripper

    I drove a diesel car until children died....

    • Fred Bloggs
      Fred Bloggs

      Good, less future consumers.

  • Chris Quirk
    Chris Quirk

    That steering wheel reminds me of an airfix kit piece that someone forgot to paint 🤣🤣

  • lurch1e

    Even my Google assistant, located in the next room, gave me directions to the High street in Rugby!

  • Georg Heinrich v. d. Löwenborgh
    Georg Heinrich v. d. Löwenborgh

    don't buy a car from a scam company

  • TyfoiD75

    have to say. Everything about this car is unappealing. Looks, interior, controls. Just yuck. With a full charge, 260ml range... totally useless for me. Its a bit over 400km on metric scale, that rest of the world luckily uses. I mean.. even in the summer, if I decide to go fishing, its easily ~130-200km one way. Then the car sits there for 3-5 days without any chance to recharge. Even with a real car I take main batterys negative connector off, to b safe. And with that range, to go see my parents would take me more than likely ~2d as its a 1200km drive. Real car, 13h. And then there is Winter. where i live, it can be as cold as -45celsius.. without breaking records. Tesla and Porsche test their toycars here... and they have a diesel powered charging station following the cars. I totally do understand electric cars in big cities and warm weather, naturally.. 5-30 kilometers daily commute, most done in heavy traffic. Go electric cars! :) But even then, to really amount the "green" factor of electric cars... here in finland id3 is being marketed as "first carbon footprint free car in the world". That apparently means that the batteries, tires, plastics etc just appeared from thin air more than likely delivered by angels and fairies. And what is the lifespan of electric car batteries these days? 3-5 years max? then they become hazard waste.

    • Fred Bloggs
      Fred Bloggs

      "Even with a real car I take main batterys negative connector off...." If your car drains a battery in 5 days then there is something wrong with it. You could of course buy a portable jump starter for little money like I keep in my boot, it has USB outlets to charge your mobile phone while fishing too!

    • Jonathan Bird
      Jonathan Bird

      I have to agree with you, as your situation is a tough rare case, but long range EVs have many benefits and could work for you if you did your research, but your final comment on battery life of 3 to 5 years is pure bollocks!

  • Dawa Tsering
    Dawa Tsering

    soooooo many trucks around 🙄

  • mmanda515

    @22:00 lol... has a 'push button start/stop..... for old times sake'. Funny, considering.... I've never even driven a car with a push button to start, let alone owned one. Have only had those w/ an actual KEY. =/ I feel old. (and.. need a new car, obviously) LOL

    • Toby Jackson
      Toby Jackson

      To be fair, it does actually have a purpose. If your car key battery dies the proximity sensor doesn't work. You have to wave the key in front of that button and then press it to start the car in instances where the wireless key features aren't working. Don't feel too old though. Push button start has been a thing for a long time, but it never truly took off. There are still quite a lot of cars that still use physical keys even today, so it's not as old fashioned as you may first think.

  • William Arrington
    William Arrington

    Wait until VW group actually starts trying in this segment. The ID3R is incredible and was over 3 minutes faster up pikes peak then the model 3 racecar. For people that say they cant catch telsa... 7,600 patents were filed on its behalf in 2019... thats 7600 patents for VW in 2019 alone. They spent 14.3 billion euros in R&D. Thats 16.75 billion dollars a year. Amazing how many of telsa's top performers would drop everything for a million dollar a year salary to bring them up to speed.

  • Fred Pinczuk
    Fred Pinczuk

    Sounds like VW needs to re-assigned the same brilliant engineers used to cheat on the Diesel emissions and a give them the task of fixing the IE3 Software. They did a brilliant job before. Sarcasm aside, but this is the current software performance after 4 months of additional delays?! Hate to see what it was like back in June?!

  • Immortalmindz

    If car manufacturers want people to switch to electric cars make them look like the normal car, that car looks hideous,.

  • D. Trump
    D. Trump

    Nazi car

  • Abraxas Tulammo
    Abraxas Tulammo

    VW ID.3 Tour with 82 kWh battery and "full house" equipment now even cheaper (sub 40,000 quid) than basic Tesla Mod 3 SR+ GAME OVER! 😁

  • Michal_King

    m8 you should get yo money back. the steering wheel is on the wrong side

    • Fred Bloggs
      Fred Bloggs

      Welcome to the Internet, that joke never gets old.....

  • Scoox

    19:08 Believe it or not, my car has the four switches and some times I accidentally wind down the rear windows when I mean to wind down the front ones. The other day that is exactly what happened and left the car parked with the rear windows open! I think it's intentional.

    • Fred Bloggs
      Fred Bloggs

      Grrrr I do exactly that it my Kia! I would much prefer a button that selects rear windows.

  • Dariune

    you can't lie about emissions if there aren't any, but knowing its still a VW they will find a way to lie about something

    • Fred Bloggs
      Fred Bloggs

      Range on the battery.

  • Zaori

    If it is not a Dacia, i am not interested.

    • Toby Jackson
      Toby Jackson

      Dacia have just announced their upcoming EV actually, and it looks pretty promising.

  • Brian Bridle
    Brian Bridle

    Thought you were going to cruise as normal. IE 70 mph not 55! Realism id probably 75 mph for most folk

  • Brian Bridle
    Brian Bridle

    Good looking car/Golf sister. Range is still the issue for journey's without having a 45 min break (which we don't need in UK!

  • KeyboardsGray

    Will future tests on all petrol and diesel cars from CarWow run with: I ran the in a garage until I DIED! ??


    My grand children will laugh 😂 with this. Definitely not there yet !

  • TVJ Mohan
    TVJ Mohan

    problem with android not with VW

  • Max S
    Max S

    These cars are so quick 0 to 30 mph and silent ! Watch cyclists being knocked off their bikes by old grannies previously used to a 2003 nissan micra !

  • Tripp55

    Throwing the parcel shelf up in the tree! Hahahah!

  • Harry Green
    Harry Green

    Please hold the steering wheel when you’re driving!

  • Is There Anybody Out There?
    Is There Anybody Out There?

    That Tesla model reminds me of a pedalo that I used to hire while on holiday as a kid.

  • Steve Kinungi
    Steve Kinungi

    After Diesel gate, how do we know they didn’t put an extra battery on this one? (To: “Pass the test”)

  • bro !
    bro !


  • Lucky Me3793
    Lucky Me3793

    Proud owner of Tesla Model 3 Performance. Volkswagen went backwards with quality with this , looks like plastic French cars ! Tesla is way ahead of all of them. I got the chance to see this and finition is crap!

  • Bas bzb
    Bas bzb

    kut auto

  • Daniel

    this looks pretty nice

  • Matthijs Leussink
    Matthijs Leussink

    the interior is due to recycle made from different not so luxury feeling materials, not because of Billions lost from the Diesel Scandal..

  • John Smith
    John Smith

    I don’t think electric car makers have sorted out their front to give a decent design. Tesla’s font are all hideous. So the blue Jeep was with you guys.

  • Nino Provini
    Nino Provini

    My parents booked one in the same color;)

  • Clonkersgonebonkers

    I work for vw and please please stay away from these absolute shit box’s, from air bag error, not selecting gear, can’t display speed even tho it is showing, headlights not working on the plus version, wipers braking from getting stuck on each other, key now working at all, red screen display, they take 29 hours to charge from 3 pin plug when only supposed to be 18, I could go on for days about the problems the id has, do yourself a favor and buy something that’s not an id

  • TheSweetVillain

    I'm not pay that much money for a car inter interior that feels like a 2009 Renault Clio built. Put some nice buttons with decent feeling when pressing them, cut this touch everything crap. The only way they are returning to normal button commands is if people don't buy their new tech, otherwise we are doomed.

  • John Crowhurst
    John Crowhurst

    Have you realised that ID3 is using the 3 to cover up the three letters iot so the real name is the VW IDiot ;)

  • Mike Read
    Mike Read

    I love the fact it also suggested the village of High Street near St Austell in Cornwall 🤣