Revealed: RIP-OFF replacement parts on normal cars!
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No one likes shelling out for repairs on their car, right?! But did you know there are some parts out there which are an absolute rip off! From over £4,000 on an infotainment system to rip off radiators, there are certain parts out there that will burn an absolutely HUGE hole in your wallet! But did you know which parts are the most expensive? Well, wonder no more! We've pulled together a list of the 14 most expensive parts. But can you guess what comes in at number 1? Stick with Mat to find out!
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This survey has been calculated using data taken from the extended car warranty data held by Warrantywise and the repairs they have received. A spokesman for Warranty Wise said: “Warrantywise does not release data for cars unless we have a minimum of 100 vehicles as a sample amount. This data relates to claims between 2010 and 2020 and may not represent the reliability of new vehicles as all of the data in the set is for vehicles over 3 years old.”
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  • carwow

    What's the most you've had to spend repairing your car? Let us know below!

    • Tom Evans
      Tom Evans

      Got quoted £1500 pounds to replace an exhaust manifold on a 2010 suzuki alto from a suzuki dealer as it takes 6 hours to replace and have to rip the whole front of the car off to get to it considering the car new was under 9000 quid

    • Freude am Fahren
      Freude am Fahren

      5.000EUR in parts only for the high preasure (fuel) pump in Mercedes C350CGI / E350CGI

    • Robert M
      Robert M

      1100€ for a clutch and flywheel replacement...

    • Nico Mg
      Nico Mg

      Volvo v40 d2 2013 turbo replacing

    • Shakeel

      New engine in 2017 M3 sedan, only paid labor €4250, under warranty engine decided to blow up only at 12.334 km on the odometer

  • Andrew Bass
    Andrew Bass

    If anything on this list goes wrong with these cars on this list then it might as well go to the scrap yard

  • Tuddec

    How the fuck is the differential worth half as much as the entire car?

  • Aref Eshghi
    Aref Eshghi

    I own an Audi A5 and that’s scary! Fortunately, it has only done 60k kms! :) Also, there were too many German cars and especially, cars from VW in this list!

  • Marat V
    Marat V

    Dont misslead the viewers. Buying cheaper car doesnt equal cheaper parts. Well the more car costs the more orginal parts will. It doesnt matter what car you use , its gonna cost a lot

  • theallroundguyLP

    Mat's voicecracks are getting worse XD

  • Keira Metz
    Keira Metz

    I'm pretty sure you can get aftermarket turbos for a quarter of the cost in the video. 😂

    LOVER REX Vw polo classic extended limousine

  • Darren Bell
    Darren Bell

    £2680 for a Nissan micra radiator? Which dealer did he take it to? Cause there is no way the part is over £250 , so that means the remaining £2430 was labour? The job at the very most is an hour and half if your on a go slow, some ones deffo been submitting some dodgy claims on that one

  • iamdmc

    Don't buy a french or korean car, and most american cars are crappy

  • Benedicto Diptasuta
    Benedicto Diptasuta

    Interviewer: "What Inspired you to charge almost half the price of the original car for a differential replacement of VW UP?" VW: "MONEY!!"

  • Chris Healing
    Chris Healing

    Mat i love you

  • Chris Healing
    Chris Healing

    Mat love ya

  • TheHjkkkl

    The battery change on my golf gte is 20000 euros

  • Daniel Sacui
    Daniel Sacui

    This are just not real! You can't expect anyone to belive that a Nissan micra radiator is £3000 And Audi a5 timing chain £5000, if the chain brakes then yes fixing the engine will probably be even more

  • Android Games.
    Android Games.

    Tell me a beget car please

  • Roz Sa
    Roz Sa

    To make this narrative more relevant, you need to mention how often / likely it is for those parts to need replacing. As in the likelihood that they'd actually break and need replacing. That would then put the cost of replacing the parts more into perspective.

  • Mohammed Sayful Ahmed
    Mohammed Sayful Ahmed

    Manufacturers don’t make them to last, they make money on repairs and parts

  • Killert68i

    Modern cars are like a Color Ink Printer. You lucky buy one with discount for 90 $ and are happy to print your color papers. But once one Ink cartridge become empty and You go for a new to order and see that one of four of this little boxes costs about 60$ per each - You become crazy!!! 🙈🙈🙈 And the same with modern cars - automotive manufacturers just get another half of car price during service))

  • TheGrosborn

    How many french cars on this list.....

  • Canal Oval
    Canal Oval

    You can always buy car parts online. No need to pay these ridiculous values

  • Jamie Bridges
    Jamie Bridges

    Where do you pull these numbers from? An asshole? Seat Ibiza turbo for example from Seat Dealer retails approx £1200 Oil feed and return approx £70 Exhaust gasket , new bolts / nuts in total approx £75 Labour to fit - 5 hours. So how do you get those ridiculous figures? As an aside, warranty wise are a big scam, they refuse to pay out on Valid claims (google bmw M5 warranty wise)

  • Ridwaan Hendricks
    Ridwaan Hendricks

    I own a 2013 Kia Optima. New price was just under 16k pounds. Kia wants 220 pounds for 1 new headlamp bulb (xenon). I luv the car for its size and reasonable power, but dread the thought of an enjin or xmission packing in. Oh the horror.

  • Joe Berrant
    Joe Berrant

    Cars used to be cheap when bought new back in the day... Nowadays cars have gotten too expensive 🤬

  • Giancarlo Rodríguez Borrero
    Giancarlo Rodríguez Borrero

    You guys got turbocharged Chrysler 300s??? We in the US only got naturally aspirated engines, a 3.6L V6 a 5.7L V8 and a 6.4L V8

  • Adam

    it means that even the latest up!'s diff costs that much ?

  • Kądrat HaSbRo
    Kądrat HaSbRo

    Mat i got awesome Drag Race. Those 3 cars are under 3 sec to 60 mph Porsche 911 turbo S vs Nissan Gtr Nismo vs Tesla S P100D LUDICROUS Please make it happen

  • Kądrat HaSbRo
    Kądrat HaSbRo

    Mat i got awesome Drag Race. Those 3 cars are under 3 sec to 60 mph Porsche 911 turbo S vs Nissan Gtr Nismo vs Tesla S P100D LUDICROUS Please make it happen

  • Kądrat HaSbRo
    Kądrat HaSbRo

    Mat i got awesome Drag Race. Those 3 cars are under 3 sec to 60 mph Porsche 911 turbo S vs Nissan Gtr Nismo vs Tesla S P100D LUDICROUS Please make it happen

  • Robert Willis
    Robert Willis

    Old news . Haynes Manuals did this years ago. They stripped a Ford Escort. And went to a dealer with a full parts list to build a complete car was something like 8 times the price of a car off the production line. That's where the manufacturer makes the money. That's why the dealers and manufacturers will try anything to squirm out of warranty repairs.

  • Fearlesspancake

    I have an 2011 Audi Q5 2.0t and the time chain guide between the cams broke and the pistons hit the valves i paid $145 for Audi mechanics to look at it and the bill was $11,000 usd and I bought the car for $18,000

  • david Bailey
    david Bailey

    Most people with cars of that age would either use used parts or new and fit it themselves shows how u get ripped off by main dealers and warranty

  • Ross Watt
    Ross Watt

    1.6TDI injectors £350 each

  • patrick771

    Please do a video where you "repair/replace" the whole car (every part of it). A VW Polo would probably cost 100.000 Pounds.

  • patrick771

    I know someone who recently paid 1400 € for updating(!) his BMW infotainment/navigation system.

  • Adam Rady
    Adam Rady

    2600 Pounds for a wiper Motor ? This is a ripoff .. I worked for a European high quality supplier which produced wiper motor systems among other products (Famous one), do you know how much the wiper motor actually cost on average for passenger cars ??? 25 Euros. Yes 25 Euros, and I am sure of this because when we used to send those motors to other company locations overseas for testing or other R&D purpose, we had to make an actual Bill, and the Bill was with the part cost, was 25 Euros every time.

  • Sanidhya K. Patel
    Sanidhya K. Patel

    If single turbo costs that much to repair, I was wondering what if BMW's quad turbo diesel fails 😂😂😂

  • Shahnawaz khan
    Shahnawaz khan


  • Shahnawaz khan
    Shahnawaz khan

    Unbelievable ROBBERS.

  • James B
    James B

    Repairs on Turbo engines are expensive. Always stick with NA port injection engine if possible

  • Quokka Pirquish
    Quokka Pirquish

    That’s why it’s called ‘up’. Every time you get a repair bill, you heat the words ‘shut up!’, followed by ‘up yours!’

  • jamiecra

    Someone is being scammed here and I don’t think it’s Warranty Wise by the dealers. Love Carwow but not this advertising partnership 😷

  • yasser aboamoud
    yasser aboamoud

    lesson here kids is that "avoid turbocharged cars"

  • Satsuma GT
    Satsuma GT

    I’m surprised no BMWs were shown

  • Billy Grahammer
    Billy Grahammer

    What gets me is how some will say you need a new this, or a new that, all of a sudden when you take your car in for a service, that the element just waits for a service to pop its head up

  • vproduction

    Most of the cars are rare car not many around. But I'm suprise about the micra radiator. But for vw. Those price are bullshit. Anyone can buy an used or aftermarket and slap it in urself or from a local mechanic

  • Tuguldur Baatar
    Tuguldur Baatar

    £8500 new mechatronic unit for Audi Q5 2010 S-Tronic model however it was covered under warranty :)

  • Kristiqn Vasilev
    Kristiqn Vasilev

    2680£ for a radiator on a Micra??? These dealer repairs are getting ridiculous. If i don't have a warranty and go to the dealer to fit a new radiator and he tells me this i'll probably smack him in the face. Complete idiots

  • DLP550

    Nice to see Vauxhall is not on this list.

  • Christian Rönn
    Christian Rönn

    Parts guy from Finland here, with some thoughts: - Dual mass flywheels. When your flywheel goes, which it will, it'll set you back around 1.5k€ in parts plus many workshop hours because it isn't a simple job to do. The manual transmission is still the default option in many market segments and I don't get it. Automatics are easier to live with and more reliable, save for some VW group DSG transmissions of course, but yet people keep buying manual transmission cars to sit in traffic with all day. - Every car has that one part that's ridiculously expensive. On my biturbo diesel Insignia it's the turbo assembly, which means I won't be cheaping out out on engine oil services any time soon. If you have a Japanese car that didn't become popular in its day, chances are parts will have to be sourced at the main dealer at ridiculous prices. Brake dust shields for an old beaten Camry will exceed the value of the car, whereas for a normal Golf they're 20€ or so each. - Cam chain issues have been plaguing the VW group and many other manufacturers in the 2000's, at least in the Finnish climate. It's embarrassingly common for the

  • Mario Sambolec
    Mario Sambolec

    what about skoda octavia or superb?

  • Ellis Paulin
    Ellis Paulin

    £6,000 for X2 turbos and park brake module. Range Rover Sport TDV8.

  • Gabriel Oancea
    Gabriel Oancea

    Well, you can get chinese radiators for as little as 200 pounds and have them fit by a local service, it wont cost 4000£ this way :))

  • jeremy hk
    jeremy hk


  • Junaid Kochai
    Junaid Kochai

    Honda civic 2007 IMA hybrid AC compressor costs £1400 the value of the car is £2000😂😂

  • Snikkelbek

    That's how Kia compensates for 7 years warranty I guess. And what a pity that Nissan is essentially a Renault right now.

  • Ftor

    Windscreen wiper motor costs 30$ in Ukrane. I dont believe in any of this prises

  • VluggeJapie


  • ojalainen

    Pretty useless video because this list would be endless. Every car manufacturer has these parts and repairs which are shockingly expensive especially if you take your car to their own branded service.

  • Sophea Thun
    Sophea Thun

    Actually I owned BMW 7serries E66 for more than two yrs and I don't want to talk about repair, its made my tear drop step by step from my eyes...

  • boubacar bano Diallo
    boubacar bano Diallo

    Not surprised vw so unreliable i own one. Crankshaft 1963 us + failed fan 1350 us water pump 1635 us. It’s crappy stay away.

  • Arb 35y
    Arb 35y

    carwow keeping us entertained during this global meltdown,happy boy videos are being knocked out.....

  • ItsMeKriz

    The moment you realise your 2014 208 is currently in for a replacement Cat and lambda sensor and you're wondering why the warrany company (motor easy) aren't responding to your messages... dont think they want to cough uo the dough 😂


    Don't buy a VW Up. Get a Hyundai i10. You get a 5 year warranty & proper 5 star safety.


    The moral of this video seems to be don't buy a French car as the electrics issues will cost a fortune. Matt has forgot to mention Kias have 7 year warranty so these costs will only apply on 8yr old+ cars. At least Renaults now have a 5 year warranty which offer some protection from ridiculous bills.

  • Big Yasar
    Big Yasar

    Who do we blame, manufacturer or their nation 🤣

  • Jeremy Stig
    Jeremy Stig

    The hell are these prices, you can replace a whole engine for some of these prices and they are asking that for a turbocharger, or a throttlebody?

  • Yunus Patel
    Yunus Patel

    Nearly half of them french cars, say no more!

  • Stephen Doherty
    Stephen Doherty

    Nows a good time for owners to inform car dismantlers to inform them when one turns up, and just in case

  • Ari Awan
    Ari Awan

    I call it "cannibalism"

  • Zerofightervi

    I think the thing you need to remember is that these cars have all suffered from the biggest money loss of all, depreciation. Also you'll be able to get parts from breakers yards so these hugely inflated prices are basically irrelevant.

  • SpaceLion87

    Cheers to all Volvo owners! XD Best cars ever (especially pre 2010 models)

  • Reza Motin
    Reza Motin

    Are they Tom Ford specs?

  • Jez Stokes
    Jez Stokes

    Nobody would pay these prices just search online for a breaker’s yard..

  • Chris K
    Chris K

    I call BS on some of the figures, a OE micra rad is £80 posted with a 5yr warranty off eBay, and won’t take £2K+ in labour unless you’re paying a double amputee £60 an hour.

  • CaptianSparkles

    Most of these prices are pure bullshit

  • Szilard Simon
    Szilard Simon

    what wait ? where is BMWWWWWWWWWWWWW ? 520 ? 2010 up to 2014 with the chain ? haha you need to redoo this video Matt mate

  • Si Raff
    Si Raff

    I thought we had laws against this kind of thing.

  • Sherwin bhana
    Sherwin bhana

    Renault Megane iv 1.2 gt line, here in South Africa, got slapped with a R22000 (£1000)bill for the shocks...

  • MarkJoshua David
    MarkJoshua David

    Good thing there are no toyotas, lexus and hondas here

  • Kristian Hermann
    Kristian Hermann

    And that's where you either buy an aftermarket part, head to a scrap yard for a used part, or get rid of your car altogether.

  • giorgos_kalpidis

    What about the r35 with the 20.000 transmission replace?

  • Guillermo Gallego Lora
    Guillermo Gallego Lora

    That can't be right... for the VW Polo, 4k pounds to replace the IFE? HA! you can get a new radio for just 300€...come on!!

  • Johnnyxp64

    and he is comparing them with old original price!! now today imagine that all of those cost like 50%+++ from the today's car price when the part will fail!

  • Robert Ri
    Robert Ri

    5:40 the iniza fr shown in this video has either a 2.0 tdi or 1.6 tdi which are both some of the most common engine in europe right now. The price shown here is probably a mechanic markup on the price

  • hustle ash
    hustle ash

    Just go to your local breakers

  • Maurice Tremblay
    Maurice Tremblay

    In my opinion , car part prices are like patrol prices. Fixed and and bloated to profit manufacturers. Probably done in some dark room. Example: my blind spot indicator on my Audi Q7 went for $200! It is basically a plastic shell with 4 led’s. I can buy a high discharge led flashlight ( torch, forgive the NA slang) with batteries included for $39.95! Such is life.

  • Kenny G
    Kenny G

    What a complete load of scaremongering crap. I replaced the infotainment system in my daughters 2012 Polo for £235. And it was the upgraded version with Apple CarPlay. It was a direct plug and play and took about 20 minutes to do the job. So where the hell to Warrantywise get £4,131

  • Tomas

    Shit cars...

  • raptorheli2

    Be great video if you team up with warranty wise and see denied claims cost versus policy cost. I've only ever tried to claim once and.......well let's just say I won't be buying policy again.

  • w3t80y123

    Really nice you take the time to make this type of videos! best car channel on yt, hands down!

  • Bib The Boulder
    Bib The Boulder

    £3.5k to sort out a head gasket on a Bentley. Or how about £600 to rectify an LED front light fault on an XK Jaguar...

  • Bob808

    So you're telling me that my American (cough: made in Canada) Chrysler 300 with an Italian engine and German gearbox has the most expensive repair on the list for a _turbo..._ and here I was worried about injectors 😅😓

  • Salgandarin

    'Normal cars' - Shows SLK. I wish.

    • Salgandarin

      @A real bisexual petrol-head lmao. Sounds like someone needs a hug. I wouldn't say the video makers are morons as they use normal cars too. Hmmm, is it that u r the moron.

    • A real bisexual petrol-head
      A real bisexual petrol-head

      There not such thing called "normal cars" moron.

  • Rui T
    Rui T

    Really nice content 👌👍😉

  • Jakub Wasik
    Jakub Wasik

    From now on thats how I'm gonna part exchange my car, turbo works +5k Infotainment works +5k And so on...

  • Steve Underwood
    Steve Underwood

    15% to 20% of the new car price sounds bad, but these prices are a much bigger percentage of the car's residual price today. So much so that if many of these relatively modest failures can't be addressed from a breakers yard they are writeoff events. He mentions this for the Up at the end of the video, but with high depreciation rates it seems it should be true for a number of the cars described.

  • abHinAv M
    abHinAv M

    Can you do a race with Ken block

  • Pickle Joe
    Pickle Joe

    G wagon vs Lamborghini urus tug of war I said enough

  • Abdul.kayum Kayumov
    Abdul.kayum Kayumov

    Common fitts better instead of normal