Lamborghini Urus v BMW X6M - DRAG RACE
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It’s Saturday morning, so you know what time it is… Time for another Mat vs Yianni showdown!!
We’ve got a BMW X6M Competition going up against a Lamborghini Urus (no prizes for guessing who’s in which car)! These two SUV heavyweights are going head-to-head over the quarter-mile, and when looking at stats alone, you might think it’ll be an easy win for the Urus!
Under the Lambo’s bonnet, you’ll find a 4-litre twin-turbo V8 which can deliver 650hp and 850Nm. As for the BMW, it may pack a 4.4-litre twin-turbo V8, but it only puts down 625hp & 750Nm! But that’s not all… The Urus is also 200kg lighter than the X6M!
Now, of course, we know the BMW has one trick up its sleeve - an EPIC launch system! The question is, will it be enough to snatch the win on this wet track? There’s only one way to find out… LET’S RACE!
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  • Mat Watson Cars
    Mat Watson Cars

    Hey Mat here: so did we call the drag result correctly?

    • Good_GAM3r_ 2929
      Good_GAM3r_ 2929


    • ultra gamer x
      ultra gamer x

      hey do a 2021 audiq8

    • Justin X
      Justin X

      Hey Matt when you do the drag race can you also give us your 0-60

    • Feldwebel


    • Vihaan Vegas
      Vihaan Vegas


  • Змей Горыныч
    Змей Горыныч

    "strada" mode? not "corsa"..... lol

  • souvik das
    souvik das

    BMW x6m is ugly looking car

  • Manju Appuhamy
    Manju Appuhamy

    I am a BMW fan poor lambo hahahhaahha, 😂

  • abduselam recep
    abduselam recep


  • DH Huynh
    DH Huynh

    why is it in every matter what car he is driving...he always say there is an issue with the delay in the beginning? LOL

  • Leakie Lee
    Leakie Lee

    M life!!!


    You should do track times as well in the future!!

  • RossBayCult

    12 minutes of Yanni making excuses for his inferior Lambo. BMW 🇩🇪

  • Peter Smit
    Peter Smit

    My dad has BMW

  • Jumshad Khan
    Jumshad Khan

    Yanni looked gutted

  • Unathi e30
    Unathi e30

    BMW !!!🔥🔥

  • Faisal khan
    Faisal khan

    That extra weight on the BMW was a magic trick up its sleeve that leveraged good traction in the race, Super performance by the BMW tho.!

  • alluc movie
    alluc movie

    Sad to see that everyone is desperately trying to be the OG Top Gear. 🙄🙄

  • Geremm Basumatary
    Geremm Basumatary

    It's definitely scripted because most of the time the same guy wins the race

  • Steven Andre
    Steven Andre

    It’s the tires that caused the L.

  • Levi Walker
    Levi Walker

    Video starts at 4:18

  • LiL Mighty
    LiL Mighty

    Just kidding

  • LiL Mighty
    LiL Mighty

    Way honest

  • That Cape Town Kid
    That Cape Town Kid

    I want the Lamborghini urus 🤩🤩🤩

  • danish choudhary
    danish choudhary

    You guys should try after switch the car also

  • Deep Toot
    Deep Toot

    Bmw fanboy here.

  • Logan

    BMW Forever !

  • M M
    M M


  • John Proctor
    John Proctor

    £260k to be slower than a car less than half the price. Lol.

  • ORLANDO Gomez
    ORLANDO Gomez

    Janny dont worry man its OK 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂👍🏽

  • ORLANDO Gomez
    ORLANDO Gomez


  • Philly Blackett
    Philly Blackett

    Always really enjoy Yanny when he’s on the channel

  • Yash Chavda
    Yash Chavda

    That stupid wheels. .. urus lost because of those funky wheels

  • soiung toiue
    soiung toiue

    I was expecting Yianni, then I heard "Bob", got sad. Then saw Yianni, made my day.

  • Gustavo DANDOLO
    Gustavo DANDOLO

    ‘German tons are more honest than Italian tons...’. I bet this guy eats overcooked spaghetti with Alfredo sauce and pineapple pizza. And Carbonara with cream. This is the honesty you deserve u English pudding.

  • Djcurtnes With you
    Djcurtnes With you

    So funny 😂 nice drag race

    • soiung toiue
      soiung toiue

      BMW is just so ugly and stupid looking to ever buy.

  • Ted D
    Ted D

    I was hoping the BMW would beat the best looking Audi made

  • Babu Khan
    Babu Khan

    X6 best car

  • Harry Poter
    Harry Poter

    they are basically neck to neck. BMW X6M can offer the same performance number as the Urus at a much lower price, very impressive. But then again the Jeep Trackhawk can beat the Urus too.

  • Vishu FF Gaming
    Vishu FF Gaming

    Urus is world fastest suv

  • ThatBoyNi

    ok ok ok im a bmw fan boy but im not gone lie lambos do look better doe im so supprised that bmw won


    Fake race unsubscribe car wow😡😡

  • ReddyPlays

    imaginne being so dumb to even buy a wmb

  • SwapBlogRU

    I don't understand how the current X6M is so much faster than the old one. The horsepower difference isn't that huge (560 vs 600), but the older models were at least 1-1.5 seconds slower in the 1/4 mile. Is it all down to the gearbox, or are the new ones just underrated?

  • El Chapo Guzmán
    El Chapo Guzmán

    MPower 🔥

  • Ron Hunter
    Ron Hunter

    For once, Yianni didn’t cheat on the first race. He jumped on the second

    • RossBayCult

      And still took an L

  • دموع رقيقة دموع رقيقة
    دموع رقيقة دموع رقيقة

    خايب ما تاكل خره

  • JP L
    JP L

    Even Bimmer are surprised!!

  • القرآن الكريم ماهر المعيقلي
    القرآن الكريم ماهر المعيقلي

    وينكم ياعرب

  • Milan E.
    Milan E.

    BMW einfach die beste Marke auf diesem Planeten ^^ Obwohl ich mir einen Lambo auch gut vorstellen könnte :D !! Leider niemals möglich

  • Tamiya Fan
    Tamiya Fan

    BMW is just so ugly and stupid looking to ever buy.

  • David Santiago Rondón Figueredo
    David Santiago Rondón Figueredo

    Mat always saying he's not a BMW fan, but at the same time always choosing BMW's for the races.

  • Spandan Adhikari
    Spandan Adhikari

    Lambo Bull- *Throws his weight about* BMW X6 *M Competition*- *Yo bull, keep your snort down*

  • Leon Chambers
    Leon Chambers

    Both suvs are asss, the jeep track hawk and Dodge Durango hellcat beat the Lambo in a race by a lot of seconds and they cost way less than both the cars you two driving

  • Jim Mese
    Jim Mese

    I've owned BMW's all my life changed over 20 of them. I used to choose drive-ability performance over anything else. But not anymore! BMW continues to build unreliable cars with all the electric \ electronic issues, stupid oil leaks, carbon buildups, fuel line issues.. JUST NOT WORTH IT anymore! Try building honest cars! Let people enjoy their cars without worrying about that timing chain or turbo problem at the back of their heads! With all the over engineered complications, good luck selling any electric cars! Once a proud BMW owner, now disgusted by.

  • irfan baig
    irfan baig

    chutiyaa sala

  • Me. once again
    Me. once again

    Why is yaani having it in sport and not corsa? I believe it should be manual in corsa


    Urus is definitely quicker but i think it was nero kit or the tyres 🤔

  • Ochion Aarons
    Ochion Aarons

    I'm mercedesbenz fan so I'm not biased this will beat the 2021 gle 63s because it's heavier as well but the bmw x6 doesn't compare to the gle 63s when it comes to looks.

  • beffin wessly
    beffin wessly

    Fucking Fellow Mat

  • Shan Lin
    Shan Lin

    ya bmw gang win

  • 楊文良

    BMW is the best.

  • Mufudzi Tekere
    Mufudzi Tekere

    I am will to buy a bmw

  • Safwan Zarif
    Safwan Zarif

    BMW all day BMW everything

  • Terminal Beaver
    Terminal Beaver

    Yianni jumped the rolling race on the third one

  • Danny Steez
    Danny Steez

    My foot would’ve been through the floor

    • Rock girl
      Rock girl

      Yanni defo plants his foot at 1 in the rolling races 😂

  • Blue Planet
    Blue Planet

    Yani was cheating at rolling race lol he was pulling already at 1 before Mat said Go! both times lol 😂

    • Blue Planet
      Blue Planet

      @Rock girl is it very ugly I agree! The previous generation looked way better.

    • Rock girl
      Rock girl

      Ik the BMW fan boys will find my home address and come and kill me for my opinion but that BMW is kinda ugly it’s great on performance but it’s just an eyesore

  • headbangingzizou

    The x6 is still such a fugly car 😩

  • Diamond Kinloch
    Diamond Kinloch

    I knew it lol

  • Diarmuid Clarke
    Diarmuid Clarke

    The back of the Beamer 🤢

  • Chris king
    Chris king

    yianni face he really wanted to win. great vid guys

  • Pretyush S
    Pretyush S

    Mat : Yesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyes yessssss !!! Yianni : F*** 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Любимая Малайзия Путешествие по Азии
    Любимая Малайзия Путешествие по Азии


  • Ivan74

    Lanborgini trash more expansive, more hp, lighter but still loose i think they lyed

  • Abhis Chucky
    Abhis Chucky

    We can cleary see that the bmw x6 is inspired or copied the Lamborghini urus!🙄

  • David Ellis
    David Ellis

    Video is full of shit. X6M beating a Urus?? Gtfoh with this.

  • ahmad fikry
    ahmad fikry

    the cabin of these 2 suv is very comfortable as you can see when they have an all out drag race, theres no intense feel in the cabin

  • Terrestrial

    This two make me watch with out yanni gets boring as hell.

  • elchamber

    This is depressing. I guess the bull’s name is Ferdinand.

  • Felipe Coupe
    Felipe Coupe


  • ImSupreme_Jayy

    Ik the BMW fan boys will find my home address and come and kill me for my opinion but that BMW is kinda ugly it’s great on performance but it’s just an eyesore

  • qopoy dnon
    qopoy dnon

    Yanni defo plants his foot at 1 in the rolling races 😂

  • Prickel Pickel
    Prickel Pickel

    1:35 I don´t get why the italians lie more than germans about the weight... especially because lamborghini belongs to volkswagen

  • Krabbe

    The porsche engine in the lambo doesnt give full power/ overboost if its not in corsa

    • qopoy dnon
      qopoy dnon

      The volatile club surgically fill because parade intuitively stitch a a evanescent result. absurd, waggish refund

  • Riccardo Delli Colli
    Riccardo Delli Colli

    Drag racing should be done only on dry ground. The BMW is looking rather ordinary, the lambo Urus is a supercar and is pure art on wheels


    We love U BMW

  • juned Solanki
    juned Solanki

    Lamborghini my favourite car

  • Rodrigo Velazquez
    Rodrigo Velazquez

    Desepcionante Lamborghini

  • I love Goddess
    I love Goddess

    What’s funny is not many people talk or know the x6m it’s always been fast as shit it looks cool. It’s always been my fav over an x5m

  • 김지완


  • Greg Ncube
    Greg Ncube


  • SamuraiWolf

    I'm alone in the sm world who like bmw x6 million times more then urus

  • Lyndon Swarts
    Lyndon Swarts

    Say yourus you should say it like that you always say it wrong

  • Ava John
    Ava John

    I love how Mat keep finding perfect moves until he wins the drag race. he's very tactical in his combinations

    • John Smith
      John Smith

      What is this bot nonsense ?

    • scott white
      scott white

      @kelvin brain Thanks for this, gonna contact her right now

    • king walker
      king walker

      It's never too late to realize what you want in your life and it's never wrong to fight for it

    • kelvin brain
      kelvin brain

      Her username is Carolinescott_investment

    • kelvin brain
      kelvin brain

      @harper davis you can message her on telegram

  • Johnny P
    Johnny P

    Yanni: “come on come on come on come on come on come on”

  • LaZaRItOLnObLE M
    LaZaRItOLnObLE M

    The urus got D Laid!! Another BMW fan boys win 💙🤍😁🏁

  • Abi

    I dont like these races they r simply grounding the accelerator and the cat is doing everything .

  • saraju saikia
    saraju saikia

    Bmw Lover not Lambo

  • Brian Segovia
    Brian Segovia

    The volatile club surgically fill because parade intuitively stitch a a evanescent result. absurd, waggish refund

  • Jose Murillo
    Jose Murillo

    Well done BMW

  • It’s Gaming Time
    It’s Gaming Time


  • eioshen boboi
    eioshen boboi

    Yianny out here talking about "there's a delay" homie.... The X6M smoked that Lambo!

    • Longest Stride
      Longest Stride

      totally fake, in reality urus is quicker and got better passing times.

  • The HaDiS
    The HaDiS

    Go Home Lambo Ure Drunk!😋😋😁😁😂😂 ///M Power😈

  • Emvevo 212
    Emvevo 212

    What, BMW x6 is faster than Lamborghini Uhrus? Despite the price of a Lamborghini uhrus? Lol

    • eioshen boboi
      eioshen boboi

      Bmw 👍☝️❤️

225 tis.