Audi R8 vs TT RS-R: Drag Race *V10 vs ABT-tuned 5cyl*
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It's time for an epic Audi Quattro drag race! We have an Audi TT RS-R going up against R8! On the face of it, you might think it'll be an easy walkover for the R8. But not this time! The TT RS-R has been tuned by both ABT & MRC so it'll put down an incredible 610hp - the same as the R8 V10 Plus! What's more, the TT RS-R will put down more torque - 780Nm compared to 560Nm!
So will the naturally-aspirated 5.2-litre V10 pull through for the R8 in these treacherous conditions? Or will the lighter TT RS-R pull through? There's only one way to find out... LET'S RACE!!
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  • carwow

    Which of these AWESOME contenders would you choose? COMMENT with your choice!

    • Charls Henry
      Charls Henry

      @Mohamed Amaadachou loveyougirl

    • Skull's Games
      Skull's Games


    • Inem Ubak
      Inem Ubak


    • Jurmen Verbeek
      Jurmen Verbeek

      Tt RS-R ABT

    • OlleSWE09


  • Mbo Gaba
    Mbo Gaba

    Amazing soundtrack

  • Alfie Thundercliffe
    Alfie Thundercliffe

    Matt please can you do a Toyota supra versus a Toyota prius + hybrid

  • John Mitsokapas
    John Mitsokapas

    he defo jumped it

  • Fallington EMS
    Fallington EMS

    What did they do to that R8 :(

  • Ryan Braganza
    Ryan Braganza

    This TT RS - R is insane!!! Loved it ❤️❤️❤️.......

  • Xavier Praveen
    Xavier Praveen

    These Audi’s will totally smoke the porches

  • Challenger challenger
    Challenger challenger

    The R8 will always the biggest and the most powerful of all Audi models

  • Gailann Steede
    Gailann Steede

    Hello guys b

  • David Telllez
    David Telllez

    The R8 has done 10.6 before I'd say it's still faster🧐

  • Will Park
    Will Park

    But in reality, the tt is just a baby r8. That is why I prefer the tt.

  • MKTZ

    Love the sound of that 5 cylinder

  • adi mugen
    adi mugen

    10.9 in wet? That R8 must be up there with 720s in dry conditions.

  • oppo h
    oppo h

    Two of the best sounding cars ever

  • Francisco Marques
    Francisco Marques

    Can you get an r8 abt??

  • Oruganti Niranjan
    Oruganti Niranjan

    mat is a better driver

  • Sparks_Wolf640

    The TT lost because of it wing

  • Young S
    Young S

    I subscribe

  • Dave's view
    Dave's view

    Why TT with bigger NM lost to R8? Did the torsen vs haldex made the difference?

  • Jitish Mudgal
    Jitish Mudgal

    These cars need t o come back in the dry.

  • Jordan Olsen
    Jordan Olsen

    The owner of that R8 wears OSIRIS shoes 💯

  • WelshWarrior

    They’re both brilliant performing but...god they look horrific

  • Reese Chisholm
    Reese Chisholm

    Best race by far.

  • TheTwoPutt

    Both cars sound awesome....!!

  • Dark ϟ Bomber
    Dark ϟ Bomber

    Nofe TT ASS you got there

  • Igor Ivlev
    Igor Ivlev

    I wonder why such difference in braking distance. R8 heavier.. Do Both have same brakes?

  • meme dream
    meme dream

    oMG a StOCk cAR vS A FullY dECkEd oUt anD TUnEd cAr.

  • Yurii Pan'kiv
    Yurii Pan'kiv

  • Yurii Pan'kiv
    Yurii Pan'kiv

  • Andrew Solomon
    Andrew Solomon

    5:31 what did he sayyyy?

  • lennart krischik
    lennart krischik

    Yes matt definetley jumped the start the 3rd race tho

  • Bilal Samsudeen
    Bilal Samsudeen

    0:06 That's how I feel when there's rain

  • J M
    J M

    All 3 starts from the r8 were poor

  • J M
    J M

    Matt can i get a bag of peanuts and a pillow please

  • Nick Haralampopoulos
    Nick Haralampopoulos

    Before the race: if tt-rs-r’s hp is real we have a winner. After the race: this R8 is mental!

  • محمد باقر
    محمد باقر


  • ojalainen

    Those 2 are dead even.

  • Umar Naeem
    Umar Naeem

    No one Yianni: reaction time baby

  • Wilfred Simpson
    Wilfred Simpson

    V10plus for suer

  • Madridista703 Roberto
    Madridista703 Roberto

    Great race

  • dr.ramesh ganachrya
    dr.ramesh ganachrya

    matt won

  • Ray 832
    Ray 832

    That finish was so close

  • MyBoringLife

    Matt said “have a listen to this” and then I immediately got an ad

    • Seby Floristean
      Seby Floristean


  • WoL

    Audi TtRs. Good taste Audi R8 imagine being that rich and somehow making a super car look ugly

  • abdullah asim
    abdullah asim

    I think a tt rs looks better and sounds better than a r8

  • Shane W
    Shane W

    That has to be the worst looking R8 I’ve seen. Alloys look ugly, wheels are squeezed against the wheel arches and the colour is awful. Now imagine all of this on a Ferrari. Sometimes things are just best left alone. Just goes to show, money cannot buy you style.


    I slow motion its clear that he jumped

  • Chpz 117
    Chpz 117

    R8 drive is such a sore looser

  • mordidela

    That R8 looks kinda shitty, doesn't it? That decal on the windshield and the poor choice of rims.

  • Douglas Watt
    Douglas Watt

    Hey guys please stop recycling the myth that in a one-off panic stop ceramic brakes make a difference in stopping distance. It doesn't. It's all down to your tires, contact patch, weight distribution/weight shift, tire compounding, Etc. In repeated high-speed High G-Force breaking Ceramics make a difference. But that's only because they can handle the heat.

  • Douglas Watt
    Douglas Watt

    Matt jumped the start. He always does that. 😂😂

  • Sumagayan Domato
    Sumagayan Domato

    5:31 was that intended?🤣🤣

  • Ross

    i absolutely loved this one

  • Young Money Vision
    Young Money Vision

    Can we just appreciate Donald Trump for a minute?

  • Shafin Awal
    Shafin Awal

    I liked the grin when he said not even the coronavirus lol

  • devajs FR
    devajs FR

    TT Rs looks 10x better than r8

  • D'Sean Green
    D'Sean Green

    Mat jumped it

  • Mixailovich z
    Mixailovich z

    That v10 sound is awesome


    why you make a fake video abot some one kill you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • harshit sharma
    harshit sharma

    It was all about the reaction time Yani on that Audi R8 would have won all the races trust me.

  • baily mobmay
    baily mobmay

    That Burberry jacket fire tho !!!

  • Angela Brown
    Angela Brown

    3rd race was lost at the startline.

  • A Saga
    A Saga

    Those R8 rims are really ugly

  • Thermal Thicc
    Thermal Thicc

    Y’all should stop flaming the R8 the man put the money into a car he likes let him be

  • Phillip Sterling
    Phillip Sterling

    tt-rs = mini r8

  • sid12345678910

    That has to be the ugliest R8 iv seen in a while

  • wxndile__

    That TT sounds so bad

  • TheLenki4

    People talking smack about the r8's wheels, but can we take a moment to say how phenomenal that air ride is? It's very hard for an aftermarket suspension to be as good as if not better in performance than the stock on a supercar. Puts the power down very good.

  • Antholito

    That poor R8 looks awful

  • Donna Welsh
    Donna Welsh

    That guy that said he didn’t jump sounded delighted not 😠

  • 김민석

    baby R8!!!

  • Artomotive

    What are thoooooose rims

  • David Smith
    David Smith

    Now that was a damm race

  • David Smith
    David Smith

    £130.000 new £1300 now

  • alexis dandurand
    alexis dandurand

    hello can you do corvette c8 vs acura nsx for me and my dad

  • Anthony Adams
    Anthony Adams

    Why not take the fastest quarter time instead?

  • KickAssDave

    Awful start from the R8 on last race...

  • KickAssDave

    The drag coefficient will be much higher on the TT once they get up to speed. Despite being better spec on paper, that was probably a genuine factor once they were getting nearer those high speeds. You could see the R8 just starting to eek further as it went on

  • MXH

    Beaucoup trop courte la ligne droite !! C'est triste c'est triste c'est triste

  • Gaurav Thakur
    Gaurav Thakur

    Can you please drag race 720 and F8 tributo

  • Daniel Roeun
    Daniel Roeun

    That TT-RS looks so beautiful 😭

  • Austen Kala
    Austen Kala

    I still love Audis

  • Luke Star
    Luke Star

    U jumped it

  • Sebastien Slaets
    Sebastien Slaets

    the r8 was raped it looks like shit

  • ARSR

    For the same price, I'd prefer taking the r8

  • Nick Mercado
    Nick Mercado

    R8 are not all that fastest i knew the TT was going to win

  • King Cobra
    King Cobra

    Can someone explain how a car which has the same BHP as another, whilst also being a few hundred kg’s lighter, as well as having more torque… doesn’t accelerate faster than another car with the same BHP, but is also heavier and has less torque? Is it the fact it possesses a smaller engine and turbos?

  • м̃̾σ̃̾ɑ̃̾т̃̾н̃̾ ṩɑ͠l͠ı͠м͠
    м̃̾σ̃̾ɑ̃̾т̃̾н̃̾ ṩɑ͠l͠ı͠м͠

    TTRS-R Awsome 🥰

  • ChipZilla69

    This video is about who can get better traction.

  • Trey Steinberger
    Trey Steinberger

    If it wasnt for those gay wheels and bags the r8 probably would have won

  • Quewin Phooko
    Quewin Phooko

    Bagged R8 😭

  • Pvm Gain
    Pvm Gain

    Damn that TT is sexy.

  • jenson rees
    jenson rees

    anyone recognise that R8 from rover remix lmao

  • tx7my_wa 7
    tx7my_wa 7

    He didn't won the R8 just started later.

  • Darren Deuro
    Darren Deuro

    The r8 driver sucks

  • Parker Vavrick
    Parker Vavrick

    That’s a sick TT

  • Trace Hillian
    Trace Hillian

    Y’all should race the Bugatti with a car and I love your vids...CARWOW team forever

  • Trace Hillian
    Trace Hillian

    You did jump the start

  • Apple林檎

    2:47 「駄目」ダメ

  • The Motor Circuit
    The Motor Circuit

    TTRSR V New Porsche 911 turbo