New SEAT Leon 2020 review - better than a VW Golf?
Introducing the all-new SEAT Leon! It’s effectively a Spanish Golf, given it’s built on the same platform as the German hatchback market leader. So with that in mind, it means you’ll receive some nice new styling updates and tech, but for a slightly cheaper price than the VW! But given the price isn’t that different, should you just dig a little deeper into your pockets and choose the Golf? Stick with Mat and find out!
00:00 Intro
00:30 Price
00:56 Exterior Design
02:24 Engines
03:00 Launch
03:38 Interior Design
04:42 Back Seats
05:32 Boot
06:10 Bad Things
07:13 Good Things
08:25 Chassis
08:59 Driving
11:46 Infotainment
12:55 Practicality
14:39 Equipment
15:45 Verdict
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    Too many adverts gave up watching before the end.

  • Kristián Kopáčik
    Kristián Kopáčik

    I am sorry but calling Leon boring for not offering 3-door version (which was actually one of the last compact cars to offer one) is just pathetic nitpicking. Nobody's buying cheap 3-door cars anymore, that's why they're not made anymore.

  • Ginger Kyriakos
    Ginger Kyriakos

    Can someone explain why do we need a soft touch dashboard? I never get it. I do not care about the softness of my dash. Why would I? I do care more about physical knobs that I can TURN and they give me the FEEL to blindly, thus safely, operate them. The dashoboard of a new Leon is simply ugly and the exterior of the car is just generic. Similar to Focus, Ceed, i30, Skoda Scala etc. The ride is firm and bumpy, so the only reasons to buy are the engine range and spacious cabin. VW makes powerfull turboengines with plenty of power and low rev torque.

  • focus 1
    focus 1

    side view copy from Ford Focus....

  • Emre Abibula
    Emre Abibula

    Most people dont understand but this video is not about the Seat Leon. Its about how poor people go to Sainsbury while Matt goes to Waitrose

  • Josh Tinkler
    Josh Tinkler

    SEAT peaked in 2018

  • Thomas O'Brien
    Thomas O'Brien

    Alan Partridge + Russel Howard = Mat Watson :)

  • vineeth pitta
    vineeth pitta

    Your stick's broken Matt, plan for retirement 😃

  • Achraf Haidi
    Achraf Haidi

    Looks like a Hyundai i30

  • mick21

    A copy of ford focus ....

  • Roman81Roki

    Audi A3, Ford Focus and Skoda Scala had a threesome and new Seat Leon was born :)

  • MrPerry4me

    Look like a ford focus a little bit!Hhmm.. The new Golf=7.9 The new Leon=8.0 Yes is my number😀

  • Abdullah Bal
    Abdullah Bal

    İ really like your videos.too many details in shortets time are definitely a car genius.

  • heyedddie

    shame about the face?? really? I get the feeling he just wanted to say that line, no matter if its actually true in this case.

  • ahmed kijan
    ahmed kijan

    The previous gen seat leon 3 still the top one way much better in terms of look and maybe even inside

  • mert sağlam
    mert sağlam

    You know,when I look all of cars,they look same why should I buy a new car?All of them seriosly are same,especially C classes cars are same.No any differences.

  • Andrei Arama
    Andrei Arama

    I'm the only one that never liked the previous model??? The interior was so awful also !!!

  • 112deeps

    Seat Leon front looks like ford focus?

  • MegaVector2011

    I can't stand this muppet..... Slow down. Don't be a donkey and listen to his advice, think for yourself.

  • Δημήτρης Καραμήτσος
    Δημήτρης Καραμήτσος

    Leon fr or focus st line x 155hp?

  • GodricThe

    Start the gym dude.

  • Vivi Turan
    Vivi Turan

    if i was only allowed to see the back i would buy it. Front design is awfully cheap and dull.

  • MValentin Florian
    MValentin Florian

    the car looks good and to answer your question, yes, both the golf and this Leon look boring from the front. VW was always boring when it comes to design...except the Arteon (I think). They should stop making diesel cars and focus on electric.

  • Shuffler131

    Its funny how garbage cheap cars are nowadays

  • Abuyin ibn Djadir ibn Omar Kalid
    Abuyin ibn Djadir ibn Omar Kalid

    It looks like every other car nowadays. Completety soulless. Please Seat, bring back to life Leon MK1 appearance.

  • The Truth
    The Truth

    Skala is better - simple as that.

  • Sibjm

    What is it with VW group? They’ve managed to make both this and the golf look worse than their predecessors.

  • giannisipp

    Where is the seat? I see a hyundai i30

  • Bluemint

    white color doesn't suit the car, a red, silver , nardo grey or even black should look better on this seat

  • Dani

    what will have to do with purchases in a store with the characteristics of the car

  • Master Diecaster
    Master Diecaster

    This car will become relevant to me in 25 years, when I can import one to the USA

  • KaneLives1981

    This video would be a lot easier to watch if I hadn’t already had FIVE advert breaks before the halfway point, many unskippable.

  • M 6ix
    M 6ix

    Wow them alloys are shit

  • Adam T
    Adam T

    Love my mk3 184 FR Technology, not sure about this new one though, maybe it’s the colour combination in this video but it looks a bit boring for an FR trim level to me. 🤷‍♂️

  • Los tre Lokos
    Los tre Lokos

    I remember when they said "the Seat will be the sport brand for the group Vag" that Leon even my grandma buy ugly and looks like a box on wheels and the interior is crappy and cheap... The mk2 facelift I like better is a car with unique design with lot of fans (and haters) and you can recognize it from afar just on site..

  • Moe Joe
    Moe Joe

    Copy Volvo much ?

  • Alfredo Calzadilla
    Alfredo Calzadilla

    I think I like the outgoing model better

  • Roman Kochkin
    Roman Kochkin

    Well I think this is ugly design

  • Hota Meldin
    Hota Meldin

    Everything is better than VW Golf. Is overrated Golf really that relevant to you? Delete it from title please. SEAT is way better than most of other cars anyway.

  • Dima Gurevich
    Dima Gurevich

    I like my bubble leon mk II most.

  • J H
    J H

    Wow I really don’t like it , think I’ll stick with my 2018 FR thanks , I like my infotainment system set into the dash as opposed to this style.

  • Gamer Faris
    Gamer Faris

    I like the old one better

  • Pheven am
    Pheven am

    Designers have murdered this car

  • Hambo

    I'm guessing the UK doesn't get the Cupra? I always wondered why the León is cheaper than the Golf, when the Golf tends to be less equipped here in Mexico, but I guess that's just cause over in Europe it's supposed to be a tad worse than a Golf.

  • qwerty

    Gesture control has to be the most pointless idea anyone's ever come up with. What an absolute waste of time. It's one of those gimmicky ideas that's implemented terribly, and then it works when you don't want it to, doesn't work when you need it, etc. Seriously car manufacturers, go into your software, find the gesture control functions, and delete them. Nobody needs junk like that.

  • Neil Stait
    Neil Stait

    No mention of park assist and metallic paint as standard

  • berkan atıcı
    berkan atıcı

    Corolla hatch look way better than Leon and Golf

  • John Patton
    John Patton

    FR means absolutely nothing now, MK3 onwards have been soulless

  • Bruno Gajdos
    Bruno Gajdos

    The front is better now then the older 1

  • JVB

    I like your reviews but you are missing a lot of stuff that people are really looking for. I don’t care about a larger door bin. I want to know how the center cup holders hold a can of coke or Red Bull or a small bottle of water. Since they don’t have a good placeholder, it just seems to me that you will have to hold your open can with your hand when you go over speed bumps. I want to know how fast it accelerates to 60 mph (on every review). My current Golf GTE has perfect cupholders for example and does 0-60 in 6.4.

  • Amici String Quartet
    Amici String Quartet

    Side profile and rear looks like a Vauxhall Astra 😅

  • László Kovács
    László Kovács

    I mean if you're fine with worse emissions and a bit wors fuel economy just get a 2004 Leon Cupra it was avaliable with more power and was avaliable with AWD, and thatcar had a shit tonn of tuning potencial.

  • MovieViking

    It's UGLY AF!

  • Max S
    Max S

    imo they nailed the design, int and ext

  • Fabian

    uncomfortable truth : The A3, Golf, and leon all suck frim this generation i'm sorry but the VW group really f'ed up this genration (btw im actually a golf fanboy my family own 2)

  • Hunter Schumann
    Hunter Schumann

    So sad America doesn’t get good European brands like SEAT and Skoda. This looks like such a good hatchback.

  • Luis Olivares Ferre
    Luis Olivares Ferre

    Buying a Seat? Crap! No fucking way!

  • Benjamin Swiderski
    Benjamin Swiderski


  • The Crooked Sword
    The Crooked Sword

    I don’t like it’s design at all honestly, the previous one is way better Even the interior is kind of boring, it’s gonna my next car for sure

  • Pouya Lucky
    Pouya Lucky

    Car makers need to stop making that unibrow at the back of cars 😂😂😂😂

  • Brian Hermans
    Brian Hermans

    Better then the Golf but the older FR model is way better same fr the Ibiza Line!

  • Luke Withey
    Luke Withey

    WTH happened to your water bottle?!

  • Jude Katter Studio
    Jude Katter Studio

    Seat Leon FR 180/190 hp, is so good

  • Flaw3dGenius

    I cannot believe how bad those wheels are!!!

  • Cyrus

    For the first time I disagree with Matt. This car looks beautiful from every angle!❤️ Great video full of usual🔥

  • Ace Rimmer
    Ace Rimmer

    Dacia is like aldi

  • Aaron A
    Aaron A

    The ugly twin sister of the Ford focus

  • Aaron A
    Aaron A

    Just get a bmw 1 series, the new golf and this has put me off cars from the vw group

  • Aaron A
    Aaron A

    The front end needs a redesign it looks completely out of place on this car

  • Bluetimes

    outdoor like bmw 1 old series

  • Mario Evangelou
    Mario Evangelou

    Looks like BMW 1 series

  • Pittig Aardappeltje
    Pittig Aardappeltje

    Looks like shit, used to love the Leon. The new golf isn't an improvement either that's also a driving turd. But yeah, I'm a turd so who am I to judge

  • Ricardo Martínez
    Ricardo Martínez

    I actually like how the front looks

  • Louis C
    Louis C

    Too bad that the one you reviewed hasn't got a nice spec, because it really is a nice car !

  • SalvaW

    please, stop doing balconing, is not good for mental health

  • No more Control
    No more Control

    Question for everyone. Why does this 1.5 150 bhp petrol turbo average 53 mpg yet a Mini Cooper 5 door with a 1.5 petrol 136 bhp engine struggles to get 40 mpg ?

  • Zerger84

    Same shitty interior as the new Golf 8 with the tactile buttons.

  • K1asH3r

    i shop at lidl

  • Popa Marius Daniel
    Popa Marius Daniel

    According to a comparison site the boot of the leon st is bigger than a kia optima sportwagon and the bmw 5 series touring. But how true is that in real life because the kia and bmw seem a lot bigger and wider

  • notime4name

    They copied the Ford Focus!!!


    The stick of truth is a legend 😂

  • お拖把茶

    Not a good review. Dislike

  • nielsvd89

    Cant wait till it has been deliverd, on the 1ste of September i will receive my seat leon ST, And this car is far way nicer than the golf.

  • お拖把茶

    One word : SEXY 🔥🔥🔥

  • Food Drink Fusion *
    Food Drink Fusion *

    Not all heroes wear capes

  • James Hilditch
    James Hilditch

    I hate the font of the model name on the back - don’t call me an idiot, but I am not getting it because of THAT.

    • Sean

      In our country you can order most cars without model name and type. So you can order it without Leon and the FR emblem.

  • Chandra Mohan
    Chandra Mohan

    Very good design 👍👌

  • Mike G
    Mike G

    Looks like an BMW 1 series from 2015,except the Grill...

  • BuildersM8

    The Golf looks dopey.

  • M C
    M C

    Oh how beautiful would be a leon sedan...

  • Ghidel Razvan
    Ghidel Razvan

    Looking at it from the side, it looks like a ford focus

  • Mike Rimmer
    Mike Rimmer

    I’m a dinosaur..... I hate all this touch screen for heating etc ..... I have a new Fiesta and it’s hard enough changing the radio so I use the buttons on the steering wheel. Good review, not for me, oh and get your hair cut Matt, or some clips......😂

  • SobaFina

    Netflix: Are you still watching? Someone's daughter: 13:52

  • Doublethink

    The Leon series looks & dashboard are getting worse with each generation, like reverse evolution.

  • banderas87

    Ford focus face

  • T.A

    Why did it look like a BMW 1-series ?? :P

  • to ron
    to ron

    So much for R&D and cars newer looked so boring unattractive and like all is cloned this is the same vw golf only the name plate said it different... Tehnology wise this cars are build to last few years and than all is starting to break down... At some point is better to buy new one than repair a old one and this before was around on 10 15 years old car now is in 7 year your car is too old...

  • elukok

    Is 86 mm longer really a positive thing? People buy cars like this because they are small and easy to park and manover in cities. If i want a bigger car, i can get Octavia or something like that.

  • Shaun Marshall
    Shaun Marshall

    New cars these days are so disappointing

  • Simeon Selmon
    Simeon Selmon

    I prefer my citroen c4