These types of awesome cars will NEVER be built again!
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It’s no surprise to anyone that cars are constantly evolving and changing. From supercar EVs to small SUV crossovers, cars which you’d never have seen on the road 10 years ago are becoming very familiar these days.
Now of course, change can be a good thing! But on the flip side, the consistent release of new and different cars means some classic car types are now disappearing!
Well here at carwow, we don’t think these cars deserve to be forgotten! From manual supercars to RWD hot hatches, we’ve pulled together a list of car types which are at risk of going extinct to ensure that they are never forgotten!
The question is, if it truly is the end of the line for all these cars types, which will you miss the most? Keep watching, and then drop us a comment on this video to let us know!
00:00 Intro
00:38 Diesel V12
02:11 Manual Supercar
03:44 Rotary Engine
05:39 Air-cooled Sports Car
07:19 Rally-bred Mitsubishi
08:26 RWD Hot Hatch
09:49 Naturally-aspirated Honda Type R
11:27 V6 Hot Hatch
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    • Myti Vlogs
      Myti Vlogs

      NSX Vs Yani's lambo

    • Myti Vlogs
      Myti Vlogs

      NSX Vs Yani's lambo

    • matthew daniels
      matthew daniels

      Hey Matt its matt all the way from South Africa, can you race a mk3 very golf against the mk5 R32 golf

    • Flaming Hedgehog
      Flaming Hedgehog

      @Hamsest ps4 Because of the 5 cyl engine you mean?

    • Hamsest ps4
      Hamsest ps4

      You forgot the Audi Rs2

  • Ads Ral
    Ads Ral

    VW R32 started in the MKIV no MKV

  • big coffe
    big coffe

    Golf w12?

  • NicoGTG40

    New Porsche GT3 RS gonna come out with an optional manual gearbox! :)

  • Lesetja Molefe
    Lesetja Molefe

    No hot hatch will be better than the M140i 😔

  • Mark Morgan
    Mark Morgan

    2:12 really good old man impression

  • Dreamy

    2:11 Manual Supercars 5:39 Aircooled Porsche 7:19 Rally Mitsubishi 8:26 RWD Hatch 9:49 NA Honda Civic Type R 11:27 V6 Hatch

  • SdewXGreat

    Hopefully 20 years later, I can still find an Evo IX and mount a Voltex Kit to it...

  • Oonnyyxx80

    Gotta object to this one. New Yaris GR is basically modern EVO X. When everybody thought such car can not exist anymore.. there we have it!

  • Guilherme Fritsch
    Guilherme Fritsch

    There was a fq 440 evo x

  • Chaka Whyte
    Chaka Whyte

    Anyone else miss the Mazda MPS? I had the 6, brilliant sleeper. So adaptable and convertible,

  • DersNoNem

    I never knew Pagani had manual transmission because it use Mercedes engines and I thought the bought the engine along with the gearbox.

  • Lawrence Jaggari
    Lawrence Jaggari

    Please do a drag comparison of supercar and supra

  • U_Forgot_Poland

    I’ve got an f20m135i and I’ll never part with it. An n55 in small RWD hot hatch, you can’t beat it for the money.

  • Myti Vlogs
    Myti Vlogs

    NSX Vs Yani's lambo

  • Jovii9

    Porsche still produce manual cars

  • Andy Bryant
    Andy Bryant

    This is exactly why I bought my manual M140i as could see that big engined cars were disappearing, especially the manual ones. Absolutely love it, the sound of the straight six, rear wheel drive and the manual box all make for a great driving experience.

    • U_Forgot_Poland

      Can’t agree more. I have an f20 m135i and the sound and power for the money just can’t be beaten. I’d say it’s a future classic but with the inevitable ban on any petrol cars (new and 2nd hand eventually) I’d savour it while you still can.

  • bas_roadkill

    So glad I got my M140i earlier this year. Absolutely love the thing!

  • Aleksa Babic
    Aleksa Babic

    This is sad video ...

  • SJ Automotive Design
    SJ Automotive Design

    They won't go extinct. Wealthy folks will still own them. Just the poor people won't be able to drive any. Plus gasoline will be cheaper than water.

  • JB

    Gave up watching after the third set of adverts.

  • Asir Zawad Kawsar
    Asir Zawad Kawsar

    Powerful Hot Hatches are so underrated

  • S2 Ldn
    S2 Ldn

    I also hate the fact that the 6.2/3L naturally aspirated engine from merc won’t ever come back

  • exoroxx

    I've driven the Civic with VTEC once and it was even noticeable with only 140 PS and 1,8 liter (FN1). It kicked in, yo.

  • exoroxx

    12:47 Who needs a V6 Hot Hatch, if he can have an I6 Hot Hatch?

  • Omar Al kayal
    Omar Al kayal

    I have the normal Lancer not an Evo but am fucking in love the car ! It’s soooooo reliable

  • Unjized JZX
    Unjized JZX

    Clio V6 and Evo ❤

  • dazzaburger

    The best car that will never be made again, the V12 Vantage

  • lazare dvali
    lazare dvali

    oh, so you are from a carwow. name every car!


    U missed Toyota 86 it cums wit a boxR engine Not the fastest but this car has a different soul

  • Savage Prince
    Savage Prince

    I think they should race the v12

  • Dragos Pahontu
    Dragos Pahontu

    I think you need to review the VW Passat vs Mazda 6 vs Peugeot 508

  • Yousif Mashallah
    Yousif Mashallah

    The T.50, Murray’s car is coming to production in Manuel only

  • Nick Katsoulakis
    Nick Katsoulakis

    More 996 videos please!

  • bailey behzadi
    bailey behzadi

    Hope they bring back the evo

    • Sketchy boii
      Sketchy boii

      We still have the Subaru impeza 2006 hawkeye between 5k -20k price, which is built along the evo

  • bailey behzadi
    bailey behzadi

    Wish they would bring back the manual super cars. Those dual clutches will be super expensive to fix

  • Steven Yoo
    Steven Yoo

    Gordon Murray did a MT supercar. Britain got the Evo X FQ-400 with 403bhp although in very limited numbers.

  • Octavian Emanuel
    Octavian Emanuel

    The R32 was VR6,not V6. Is a huge difference between them 😉

  • Simone Moncalvo
    Simone Moncalvo

    The Dallara Stradale has the manual gearbox

  • Femi O
    Femi O

    I was waiting for Matt to call the alternative name for Rotary engines whilst he was talking about RX7 & RX8 engines... 😂 Wankel! Yes, I said it

  • Ivan Jovanović
    Ivan Jovanović

    NSU built the first rotary engine, not Mazda

  • LaCr0

    Hmm... VW is right that they can create similar performance out of a 4 cyl turbo engine but... my VR6 Corrado sounds better, feels better and it's more reliable. Same goes to the R32.

  • ViP3R

    0:05 Dacia❤️

  • themelc

    Gordon Murray's T50 will be a manual supercar.

  • TCG R35
    TCG R35

    Swear mitsubishi did an FQ440 evo 10?

  • Amit Negi
    Amit Negi

    Nice, Experience chandigarh ke Zayke #nativepahadi

  • Veronica Frias
    Veronica Frias

    SSWhy sports car like Chevrolet Camaro SS so yeah

  • Ethan Gunnett
    Ethan Gunnett

    Hot hatches have become soft and boring now, as said in the video, FWD, up to a 2.0 and leave it at that.. piling on more and more power doesn't make the car any better..

  • Atakan Atalay
    Atakan Atalay

    Where is e46

  • only arcade
    only arcade

    Honda Civic looks alike jazz

  • Rahul Jayachandran
    Rahul Jayachandran

    Lancer Evo is one of my all time favorites😀......great content btw-thanQ......

  • Gusseppe 777
    Gusseppe 777

    Porsche 911 turbo s vs Bugatti Chiron

  • Shanjan Usman
    Shanjan Usman

    Every car nowadays is a jacked up SUV but they submerge into deep-water in the countryside. Useless cars. If I want a regular vehicle buy an estate or hatchback, want deep-water performance buy an SUV.

  • owais Rehman
    owais Rehman

    Suv drag race 2020 X5 m competition vs Urus vs Rsq8 vs 2020 Gle 63s vs Bentayga vs porsche cayenne e hybrid

  • Nemanja Marjanovic
    Nemanja Marjanovic

    I love those 72dpi images.

  • Why Dead
    Why Dead

    Why theres not BMW M5 e60?

  • Gaurav B.V
    Gaurav B.V

    Did u act in the movie ford v Ferrari

  • Filly 294
    Filly 294

    Could you race a 911 turbo s and 911 gt2 rs

  • Alp

    You probably ran of the cars. 😅

  • Nizal Evp
    Nizal Evp

    Hey mat can do a half mile drag race instead of quarter mile just one race please

  • Ian Infante
    Ian Infante

    Last manual Super Car? Gordon Murray : "hold my beer...."

  • Sridevi panickker
    Sridevi panickker

    @carwow Plzz make a vid where u race a dodge demon against the new BMW m5 competition drag king. 😀

  • Giovanni Sisti
    Giovanni Sisti

    I'd love to see a drag race involving the model S plaid when it'll be possible 😁😁

  • Erikons 777
    Erikons 777

    OH NO

  • Wuzzup129

    R.I.P Spinning Dorito.

  • Aciimov

    Station Wagon?

  • Has TECH
    Has TECH

    Hey, please make a video on toyota Sienna 2021

  • Mahir Ashhab Ornab
    Mahir Ashhab Ornab

    "horsepower" or "hoespower"?

  • IceDreamer

    Tut tut Mat, #2 is false. GM T.50 wants a word!

  • Edmond Garcia
    Edmond Garcia

    Drag race suggestion: Audi R8 V10 performance - McLaren 720s - Lamborghini Huracan Performante

  • :o

    I was getting excited for the next rotary when I saw Mazda's RX-Vision concept.

  • Baerchenization

    Very shameful :) An English guy of all people ignores the manly-man TVR with manual gearbox and no ABS or airbags...

  • A Wol
    A Wol

    Citroën tried rotary as well.

  • Christian Wheeler
    Christian Wheeler

    Doritos ad came up mid way through the Rotary talk 😆

  • Wayne Simpson
    Wayne Simpson

    Hey Matt are you self isolating, is that why your content has gone low rent?

  • William Oakes
    William Oakes

    Ep3 trumps the fn2 imo but otherwise great video

  • B K
    B K

    This dude is cross eyed

  • Mauricio Oliveira
    Mauricio Oliveira

    Manuals are never gonna make a come back? What about the Gordon Murray's GMA T50?

  • Husain Daginawala
    Husain Daginawala

    Bloody hell 10 advertisements for a 12 to 15 minute video, why don't they just show advertisements

  • sl077766

    From what I heard, Mitsubishi is pulling out of Europe so ....

  • Amine Masror
    Amine Masror

    Matt we need videos of actual new cars

  • Glory Evans-Emmanuel
    Glory Evans-Emmanuel

    I need you to do a review on an alphina car B7 to be exact

  • Adrian Tuiu
    Adrian Tuiu

    Nothing about bmw v10?

  • P M
    P M

    For me, it was the Renault Clio V6 Phase II. Fantastic car.

  • MakeSh00t

    v12 audi tdi had only death problems.. my friend had it 2 times changed engine and new in warranty and he said i want money back i buy and never drive it as i should more months in service and few days of driving... IT is crap car.

  • qwerty

    TDI = Turbo DIRECT Injection

  • Adrián A
    Adrián A

    no mention to 130i...

  • Alexander Steele
    Alexander Steele

    The old RWD M140i.... shows M140i XDrive badge😂 love it!!! 8:51

  • Israr Saleem
    Israr Saleem

    Review the new seat leon cupra???

  • elvine214

    2:52 , that's not true, the porsche 991.2 gt3rs and the 991.2 speedster has an free optional 7 gears manual gearbox, and for me , these cars are super cars

  • Muzzamil Hayat
    Muzzamil Hayat

    Why not make a hybrid drag race like hybrid hatchbacks or something Toyota Yaris hybrid and whatever other ones there are

    • Muzzamil Hayat
      Muzzamil Hayat

      Or maybe all electric hatchbacks drag

  • Elliot Cornwell
    Elliot Cornwell

    Do AUDI TTS Review

  • aaryxn _snm
    aaryxn _snm

    I bet that people still hate the v10 m5 its been my dream car for 4 years and I'm only 12

  • Atarv Hegde
    Atarv Hegde

    Actually Mazda us trying to bring back rotary. At least that is what I have heard about

  • Filin Alexandre
    Filin Alexandre

    Evo's for life

  • Badri Nair
    Badri Nair

    thank you.

  • Herr P.
    Herr P.

    Im Becoming tears watching that m140i and Now Seeing this new m135i Thing 😢 BMW. What the hell ...

  • Thula Radebe
    Thula Radebe

    Dear carwow family car you please do review of kia rio sedan 2021

  • Benjamin Buljevic
    Benjamin Buljevic

    It's really not about heavy clutches... The clutch pedal could be hydraulically assisted just like the brakes, but people want automatics.

  • Brian Kozlowski
    Brian Kozlowski

    Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution. The legend of WRC 🏆❤️